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Progress Quest is an antic and fantastical computer role-playing game, well worth the time you'll spend playing it. And it won't cost you a farthing! By all means, download the client or play it right in your browser.


Even More Simple
In the interest of historical preservation and in support of quality gaming, I've resurrected Haanz's SimpleRPG from the Internet Archive.
[November 30, 2011]

Days of the Week of the Weeks of the Realms
Did you ever wrap your head around the Calendar of the Realms? I never have really. But a discussion of the days of the week was absent; it's there now.
[Slake 1, 2011]

Progress Is Not Just Fun and Games
My Progress Bar shows your progress towards the end of your work day. It's inferior to Progress Quest because it doesn't actually do the work, whereas Progress Quest actually does the play for you. But it still has some value, perhaps.
[August 23, 2011]

Chrome Web Store
Users of the Google Chrome browser will find Progress Quest available in the Chrome Web Store. (For free, naturally!)
[June 21, 2011]

News archive...

"The epitome of RPGs"
This game is the logical conclusion to computer RPGs, and is a must-play for any fans of Diablo, EverQuest, or Rogue. I downgraded the features score because some things (like PvP) still must be implemented in a coming patch. It is also ideal for sufferers of carpal tunnel or other repetitive stress injuries, as its fire-and-forget nature will not aggravate those problems.

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