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Progress Quest is an antic and fantastical computer role-playing game, well worth the time you'll spend playing it. And it won't cost you a farthing! By all means, download the client or play it right in your browser.


Is Progress Quest to blame for Cookie Clicker?
According to this Gamasutra article, "idle games" are the "youngest and most interesting video game genre".
[March 3, 2015]

Advice for completing Spite of Gromth quest
As any player who has participated in a Spite of Gromth instance will no doubt have discovered, once Aco Rogbath is down in health a ways he will cast Big Sister. At that point, if any player moves before the effect decays it will chain geometrically, as both Curse Family and Acrid Hands will most likely be already active. This will blow up the raid, causing multiple base kilodamage with significant overdamage lingering. (This is particularly true on Spoltog and Pemptus, where trilobite familiars are disadvantageous in mountain marsh biomes.)

So as a public service I've put together this reminder to keep still until Big Sister winds down. I recommend all party members light some incense and give it a listen before each raid.
[February 5, 2015]

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why is it when someone ask a question about playing the game you just act ignorant and go around the question. i know your hideing something, so spill it... is your so called "game" spyware, does it actually do anything. also it apears your makeing fake forum accounts so it apears ppl are playing the game but there really not. also, my hat goes off to you for doing it, you actually have ppl think that you can play the game...... i know i was one of them. i doubt this thread will get answerd but atleast i tried, im sick and tired of getting my questions ignored, and im sure alot of other ppl do to, and dont say "what are you talking about, i have no clue what your saying" because you do.

again well done fooling everyone, not everbody can do what you have done

-acrylic, PQ "Unbridled Praise" forum

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