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Q: Everybody on the forums is talking about 3D mode, but I can't seem to activate it. Is it all bunk?
A: The shading around the progress bars and buttons and so on gives them sort of a 3D feel.

Q: My character isn't updating in the Hall of Fame! He's level x on my computer, but the Hall of fame shows him as level x-3, and I can't change my motto. What gives?
A: There's a bug related to long mottoes in older versions. Download version 6.2 (or later), or just pick a shorter motto. State your point concisely, in other words.

Q: What's with the rankings? Why am I below this clown A55 /\/\0NKEY who is lower level?
A: The Hall of Fame rankings are based on the voting of the Council of Roilwachhs. This council meets only every so often (15 minutes, typically), so it may take some time before the rankings change.

Q: I started my character offline, and now I regret it. Is there a way to turn him/her into an online character, listed on the Hall of Fame?
A: Unfortunately, no, there is not.

Q: I started my character online, and now I regret it. Is there a way to delete my character?
A: No. The laws of the realms, in their wisdom and double-humanity, forbid so heartless an act.

Q: Something bad happened, and now it says "Invalid Stream Format" when I try to load my saved game. Is there any hope?
A: Sorry; there is not. Your character is a goner. At least you've learned the importance of regular backups...

Q: Aw, I lost my save file, and the backups. Can you recreate him from the server somehow?
A: Nope, that would be impossible. Would if I could. Sorry!

Q: I've been running PQ for years now, and my character is eighty-somethingth level, and now the game crashes or I've been thrown into the Hall of Infamy or some other random badness is going on. What can I do?
A: You are witnessing a form of senility and/or corruption and/or loss of bladder control brought on by the decrepit age of so ancient a character. (Equivalently, this is a limitation of the program which has no remedy.) It's time to make way for a new generation of adventurers!

Q: Is there any chance of a version for CP/M, NextStep, BeOS, GEM, TI-84 or other platform?
A: Nothing is in the works to natively support any other platform, but you can just play it in your browser, or see the download page for a couple options for a couple emulation possibilities on Linux and Mac. And if that's not good enough, here's the source code. Port it yourself!

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