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Guild rules

Guild rules

  • You must have a user account and be logged in (and have chosen a public name) in order to create or manage a guild.
  • You automatically become chief of any guild you create.
  • You may be chief of up to 4 guilds.
  • There is (at this time) no way to abdicate chieftainship of a guild.
  • You may not be chief of both a good guild and an evil guild simultaneously (this is known as Mudslinger's Law).
  • The names and alignment of a guild may not be changed once it has any members.
  • Only characters in realms that support guilds may join guilds (natch!). Hit Ctrl-G within the game to join a guild.
  • Guild squatting is prohibited.
  • All of this is subject to change at the developer's whim.
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