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Guild List: Bands


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
3301643 PAWCR Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. Evil Quantity, not Quality W4st 3+15
2090546 BOOM Terrorists Inc. Good Allahu Akbar Pangpootata 3+16
1459512 ESF Evil Sinful Floppycocks Evil All hail and praise GRUMDRIG! We're not worthy! Sil3nce 12
1419853 Phrygia Phrygian Kingdom Good The streets in Heaven are paved with gold King_Midas 1+10+1
1302790 realDuck realDuck Good To boldly phone where noone has phoned before realDuck 7
1288870 PASS PASS Good To know what's "PASS" first join us! YePhIcK 13
1182552 DROPtables DROP tables Evil Fire in the Hole! Shaedrux 1+15
1175842 Frax Eryfrax Evil Serporgg Frax! Fraxlumd 4
1160678 SWP Sweep The Leg Evil Do you have a problem with that? ruxer 10+1
1122604 na'vi meoauniaea Good Ziva'u niprrte, ayoel ngati kameie. Slantireyu 8+3
1086606 Teh Winnarz Teh Winnarz (OOSIK!) Evil Best MMORPG Gamers Evar Tycho 1+9+5
1038691 Eset Eset Good Eset Yodprep 6
1012955 Root Bear Root Bear Neutral Root-JS|Bear-ML|Fusco-VH|Finch-RP|Shaw-EL|Reese-JD Analog Interface 11
1010418 DatS Doug and the Slug Clan Good Go slug something DougTheSlug 2+9+4
946281 Otter Guild for what Otter be Done Evil Otter evil and bad puns. Tarquol 7+6+1
923413 A.T. Apparently Trying Neutral What's a motto with us? xBLAHMASTERx 4
848151 GLAVIOT Les buveurs de crachats, glaires et glaviots Evil Rigolons, rigolons mais n'enculons pas le dindon. BURNEMOLLE 15
812886 R.E.C.T.U.M. Royal Eternal Cavalry of the Tegmental Uncus Mages Good Damn near killed 'em Pink Tower 1+6
803198 Bashers Biguggys Bashers Good Bash them, bash them all Big Uggy 4+6
773687 Growing Old Growing Old Disgracefully Good We will use our powers for Good and not for Evil!! Ross the Pendulous 1+4
764898 [A27] Alpha27 Evil None in the pink, five in the stink! Raymond Luxury-Yacht 5
711546 Balihoo Devs Balihoo Developers Good We automate stuff. mrog 12
710536 Zotec Zotec Good Get more, do less Rabidmuskrat 12+1
701996 HBL Die Höbbilanthen : friends of the microwave Neutral microwave numquam retro! theWauz 1+14
695864 Finnwarriors The noble warrios of Finland Good We will die before losing our independence! Bommi 10+6
688197 FOP Fellowship of the Progress Bar Good Cast Progress into the fires of Mt. Recession! Hobnobbin 2+5+2
686391 Berzerkers Crazy Einhorn's Berzerkers Good If it moves, kill it. Volksen 5
678391 NoHelmet Wearers of the Invisible Helmet Neutral What you can't see you can't hit. xaos 15
674620 ORIG Official Random Insanity Guildplace Good We like to do stuff and then do more stuff Tomba 2+1+1
669986 Stynks The United Stynks Neutral Anything for the sake of Progress. Stynks 3+7+7
651299 HIIC Hell If I Care Evil Piss off Anfy 17
650870 WOLNRIC Warriors of Letting Nature Run Its Course Neutral You will die! Not by our hand, but eventually.... Mental Bastille 8+9
649806 SWD Sex With Dogs Evil Come over here, Fido.. I've got a "treat" for you! eviltone 2+7
647956 Azz Alrezez Evil :;shrug:: I dunno leachlife4 11
643978 DICE Slicers DICE Slicers Evil To dice is to slice twice Zaphod_Beeblebrox 18
639049 asd asdasdasd Neutral 3V1L 15 G00D! ]:] ilfir 1+11
635127 TDHG The Drunkin Horde Gods Evil NO! earthbornsky 6
629973 DHS Duplex House Sitters Neutral Chrysana 2+5
608204 fresse klump uffs_maul Evil hast du probleme, gibs auf die fresse leachlife4 10+3
608159 MoJOT Minions of JOT Neutral GIR, that's bad! Myrvek 11+1
603320 RSE Lords of Red Storm Neutral more and more huntress, then win Clint R 3+5+7
587399 pants Steve Vader Good Pants? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Pants! Sandman 10+4+5
581432 FPF François Pilote and Friends! Evil C'est jeux la ca me fuck le cerveau FranK Pilo 7
579797 Meedley Spinning Flames Neutral MEEDLEY MEEDLEY MEEDLEY ME!!!!! Head en Fuego 10
576177 Factory of N Factory of Nightmare Neutral How are you gentleman? Chaoskeeper 5
574623 EPR Ebola Paste on Rye Neutral How was your sandwich? Gruenk Squidrunner 5
572272 the double e Evil Evilness Evil Go forth and do thine own evil zinnate 19
556670 LTU Blue Devils Neutral Is this a good way to meet chicks? Ant 6+1
544651 Puff Magic Puffs Good Doku! ^_^ DokuPuffs 1+11
544589 MJS MJ Slayers Neutral leachlife4 6
532896 YLP Osaka Yakuza Love Kesatsu Neutral churitsu no tame ni korosu "Kill for neutrality" Humanoid Typhoon 9+3
531110 h2 HelpHelp Good We need help wizVoz 9
524660 Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Clan of d00m! Evil We're Hella Evil Aeois 1+13+2
523257 TWI That witch is Neutral Role the clover and pass it around Lord of Clovers 2+3
519933 LAN The Lannisters Good A Lannister always pays his debts mehrjn 4
510434 TV-Koal Koalicija Good Osvojit cemo svijeta C'Tebo 6+7+1
505862 AKD Akashatian Dreamers Neutral A shared dream or is it real... blujoker 5+6
504939 WIP Wizards in Pants Evil More magic power? Cotton against your buttcheeks! Melldorain 7+2
503357 IIC Immortality Inc. Neutral So, you want to live forever. Come on in... Mr Ageless 1+3+7
498721 FTIT @ HHS Techniker auf Abwegen Evil Wir können alles außer EiTi oxygenice 10
497893 Ilumina Aurora Defenders Neutral The Sparkle Ignitus 3+1
492296 ¥QFT¥ La Three Amigos Good All for one and one for all! EldryLars 4
490906 ZFOD iZombie'sFishOfDoom Evil Don't be smart. Be questing... iZombie 14
488503 eProduction eProduction Good Strangeness may ensue. â„¢ Arby 4+1
488293 OCReMix OverClocked ReMix Good It's in the mix! Fusion2004 1+9
483015 TFL The Fancy Lads Good leachlife4 4
481133 Dawntt Dawntreaders Good MOG! Don't Suck. Skurge 10+1+1
480058 SW Inc. Stoneway Inc. Neutral Your idle is mine! Brodbar 13
478974 TheseGuys TheseGuys Good These Guys! Dragula 7
477157 Captura Captura Neutral OGC mheard 11+1
470602 EO Ewing Oil Good Muffin gpq 15+1
463006 TPM The Progressive Movement Neutral Progress is Fulfillment. Ryoga 13
462477 CoA-PQ Cult of Awesome Good We worship all things Awesome... Emrys C Pennent 1+4+1
457679 OTB-seekers They who search for the One True Brooch Evil Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur Neherath 14
456777 BoAH Brigade of Ancient Heathens Evil leachlife4 6
454041 REALOC Obfuscated Clarity Neutral If you know you know Mad Mike the Bastard Son 17
452558 The Ninjas The Ninjas Neutral Ninjas are totally awesome and that\'s a fact! leachlife4 11+2
452043 Shoop Rooster Illusion Neutral SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER Blarp 4+1
449895 Strategos Strategos Evil Take that Good Guys! apt142 7
448754 MoH Mountain of Heroism Good I stand alone to oppose the darkness Zeplin 9+4+1
445069 Hell Raiders Hell Raiders From Texas Tech Neutral SOYLENT GREEN IS... JStrider 10+6
443632 oui ca va Raging Wenises of Oja Evil wenises wenises he he he leachlife4 4
425074 BRJ Mets Rock Neutral Puk air nair na Puk air nair na kade2910 5
420032 ]LoL[ Legion of Lions Good spyder913 8+2
418221 TMCS Corporate Slackers Neutral We don't make things worse. Juan Kenobi 19
417297 D'Zen D'Zen Good mikedo 11
412046 SQ SandwichQuest Good Oh man! I'm sorry sandwich! Brak the Dodge Omni 4+1
411442 Zlippers Champions of Zlippers Neutral Who needs a motto?! Grobber 3+9
407664 DEOO Dark Elves of Orange Evil Who needs a fucking motto? Sandiria 13
406925 RF1859 Realistforeningen Neutral Frydenlund er gull igrunn. fabel 4
405640 Lolland Lolland Neutral We do it for the People Lordfinesse 18
404350 DuhForum DuhForumClan Good From the ashes of DRLFF we rise. Duh102 9+4
402940 AME! Ame no ruroushi Good Be quick or be dead! SHANNARO 14
396923 RH Retard Haters Neutral Elite Progress Only Zoson 11+4+2
395248 NNs NumbNuts Good Long live the inter-web! Axillion 5
395182 Sliders The Sliders Order Neutral Thou shalt not vända mi 10+3
390731 unolux unolux Neutral One lux, and no more RockGrumbler 3+1
390546 Deathkings Deathkings of the Dark Citadel Evil Frag Life Itself the hellridden Baron 13
390425 BSoD Blue Screens of Death Evil Kill this System ! Asclepios 10
389312 Zoolander Ridiculously, ridiculously good looking coders. Evil BigNTasty shouldn't be used as an artificial heart Dr. Sidewinder 6+2+2
388735 Cubeland Cubeland Good Ship it Cubeland 1+10
387754 Gobblination Gobblination Evil Gobblinating The Countryside Big Bad 7+1
385326 right The Order of Self-righteousness Good We're not hypocrites, we're just better than you. Mos_Gerila 9
383940 SSJin Super Saiya-jin Evil Power Leveling with yellow hair Vegeta 15
383448 Kiss Kiss of Deaf Good d-_-b Udzim 10
379562 WOMBAT The Wombat of Wanton Destruction Neutral Followers of the Blue Marsupial JPD 4
377944 Tuscans Counts of Tuscany Good TomatoJim 1+6
372306 KiAnon Killers Anonymous Good Tremble in fear mortal scum! PsychoKiller 8
370981 De_Ad Delusions of Adequacy Good Keeping the bar low to maximize success. OMG Im Me 4
370607 Keane Keane Neutral We should be working right now! Dewie 15
367834 BGBBS Battlestar Galactica BBS Good 300/1200 baud, 24 hours, 5 meg hard drive. Pentomino 4+1
367527 HAYT #arrakis Evil You have arrived at the wrong location. xn1ckn4m3x 4
366388 VCPpro Vegetable cook pot Good Eating what no other players will eat fish potato 2+12+1
357099 FPD Festering Pit of Despair Neutral I Said Good Day Sir! Beeker the III 15
356422 RuefulRabbit Roger Rabbit Good Woe is luck Roger_Rabbit 4
354860 AUR #aurora Evil #aurora of Yay for us! lizaoreo 4
354783 MPC Club Atomic Evil All hail Lord Slappybag! Cabbage 19
353389 UTF United Front Neutral We are One! Cyberpsychosis 15
352589 whnfrweo we have no formal relationship with each other Good folding is for pussies. pg ftw! darin schlark 9
348943 MVK Maardvark Neutral Grunthos is lord disghd 8
347170 Dorks Scuba Dorks Evil We Slay Allin Oobag! Kamendol 14
345019 zard z-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa Neutral Wir sind hart, aber zard! schoppekloppe 13+2
344833 Evocati Evocati Good We slack IRL Eyn 15
343229 :butt: Butter Evil Butter in each pocket Plastic Butter 7
343109 CRUZLA Cruzlee's lesser guild of guilt Neutral There is no fork cruzlee 4
341169 FinchSquad Finch Squad Neutral Fear the massive onslaught of the finches! korroz 4
338441 BWEYFWYS Bears Will Eat Your Face While You Sleep Neutral Keep the caffeine handy. Kodiak 1+3
337248 [OdS] Orden des Sturms Evil Power through friendship osim 11
334577 TW! Time Wasters Neutral We am teh l33t! leachlife4 5
333264 3FF-833 Fortuous Bevvy Good Cover up that happy with some ASS KICK Mighty Bump 18
327190 FurredLizard Followers of the Great Furred Lizard Neutral Though fierce, none can resist his cuddly belly! Thapa 4+1
326970 TS/E The Seraphim Neutral Raidur 1+5+3
326191 crajsux craj sucks Evil craj sucks ianthe 7
324972 Mrow Felis Malice Neutral Needs more Cats Chezne Wildyon 7
324812 RMChampions Rolemaster Champions Good Get Real, Get Rolemaster Epanema 5+10+1
323686 S-Cartesians Selenites Cartesians Good QUÆSTIO et PROGRESSIO ivan xi 12
321990 The Fritzls The Fritzls Union Of Basement Dwellers Evil Do you like your eyebrows? Drakoer 9
315972 CoCth ++Cult of Cthulhu++ Evil Fight against religion!!! Liege of Inveracity 14
315755 NTC NTC Neutral miep 6
315468 [ss_prog] SSProgrammers Neutral Bright Light, Bright Light arwab 15+1
315398 hoodkidz [D$M]hoodKidzen Neutral We live in da hood... we ARE the real hoodkidzen [D$M]CDB 7
314499 LODM2 Lords of Dark Mastercraft II Evil While crafting, make evil pose. leachlife4 10
314419 CuloSem Cult of Sempai Good Notice us! Duh102 8
311283 S.P.O.O.N. Superlative People of Oobag Nations Good 'Pounding Two Fisted Justice' leachlife4 14
309547 Sendist The Bure Sendist Neutral Coming from ↓, Going to ↑ ILikeFlowers 1+3
305493 Torment+ The Order of Ravaging Mentals Evil If it moves, kill it. If it doesn't kill it anyway Metabolized+ 4+5
305206 LDL Lame Danes on LSD Evil Man maa ikke bedrive hor for laante penge Svenne 14+1
305197 FF's Ferret Fanatics Evil Do not underestimate the fury of the ferret! MegaBrain 4
303517 Tunguus Tunguusi Pöördsulg Tuvid Evil leachlife4 7
303184 INF+ Ad Infinitum Good Mantissa = 11111111; Sign,Fraction = 0 Aerinon 11
299847 /\ŏ/\ Dancing Spiders Good Preacher 1+3
299555 fnord1138 fnord1138 Neutral fnord1138 gev1138 6
299224 D3TM Test Monkeys Good Test Monkey like Fritos,Test Monkey like Tab/MtnDw Arislan 12
298927 ELDON Eldon Neutral Citron 4
297953 ohcrap Oh, Crap Neutral You said that, when you saw us comming your way... cmelgarejo 19
294847 RoLT Raiders of the Lost Tavern Neutral Esse quam videri Miehas 4+12
292999 MiECz MiECz Good For the King, for the Land, for the Mountains... leachlife4 5
291241 4H The Four Horsemen Neutral Bös to the Bös! berglin 4
291052 D W Divine Wrath Evil What was that ? ... No matter, it's no more. Kazanabo 3+2
289523 PtyR Panty Raiders Good We take pantyhose too! Phoser 15+3
288993 hashcats HashCats Evil The good, the bad, and the sexy. Drarok 13+4
288598 FrozenNorth The Frozen North Good I•AM•CANADIAN Gunslinger 3+14
286775 HOBOFH Honorable Order of Bastard Operators from Hell Evil More voltage is good for you. n3tmnky 9
285858 MBCoV Meathelix's Burning Crusaders of Vengeance Neutral We burningly avenge the crusade against evil. Meathelix 15
284127 LZB Lazy Bastards Neutral Et Tu, Lay-Z? leachlife4 1+5+1
283180 Xenu Church of Scientology Evil Unleash the lawyers! Let no one go unserved. Ednar 7+2
282409 Torontreal Torontreal Evil You kill'em, We bag'em! Nephillim 1+16
277502 Core Core Fighters Evil Gore! Mika 5+3
277381 Kali Raving Kali Fanatics Neutral Play Harder! RedOmen 14+2
276612 konosuba Axel ~ Adventurer Guild Neutral To defeat the Devil King! TwinTails 12
276055 CaB Choke a Bitch Evil Is this guild gonna have to...? (BadLuck smells) MooseyMayhem 4+1
273868 Awesomers The Awesomers Evil HA HA! WE'RE USING THE INTERWEB! DeathByBagels 11+4
273811 MKGJ Monkey Knights of Great Justice Good LAUNCH ALL ZIG! FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Skippy the Justice Monkey 3+10
270267 VdNT VoidNET Clan Neutral For all members and friends of the VoidNET server! Fuguman 11
269666 ANC Alternative Names Neutral [FAG] (Get it?) Blizbiggy 4+2
268884 Fishmen A fishman stole my cookie Good No arms, no cookies Nikkoz 6+1
267092 TwasBrillig TwasBrillig&theSlithyToves did gire and gimble! Good All mimsey were the borogroves! FrumiousBandersnatch 1+8+1
265978 Blood Horde Blood Horde Neutral One Blood, One Horde, All are Equal! Eckdrax 4
264886 Collective The Collective Evil We've got more idle CPU cycles than you!! Silchar 5
264613 Feynman Physicists R Us Neutral We will eigenvector your Hamiltonian LeoDaVinci 9
264550 KSers Kill Stealers Evil we dont care who attacked first, this kill is ours robaato 1+4
264193 BW Black Widows Neutral The Web is our Net... or whatever... biltilie 5
262411 SuperFriends The Super Friends Society of Continental America Good And Stabity Death for All! leachlife4 11
261933 SH ER Sabbat Hospital Evil Flavor taste sensation. Dr Sabbat 14
261566 Al Bearda Al Bearda Evil Tremble before the power of our beards Captain Oldbeard 4
260273 Pr0k Godly Knights of the Pr0kForce Good May The Pr0k Be With You leachlife4 11
260021 Nollapiste Progress Nollapiste Evil örörör zangor 13+1
259829 GT_Guild GT Guild Neutral May The Progress Be With You! Thoronso 1+8
258939 NoFart Thou Shalt Not Fart In Thy Presence Evil I tried to fart and a little shit came out! Wolfman88 5+1
257607 ZomboLine ZomboLine Fine Jewelry Good Pnin 9
257477 LGPP LAZERS GO PEW PEW Neutral |==' ---- ---- ----- ----- * PEW * PEW * eqlso 8
256443 SpoonCult The Upright But Mischievous Cult of the Spoon Neutral I have seen God. He's a Spoon. Xaios 5
255889 cca c0n3cti0ds Good still here, still doin' nuthin' Ipeehelldesk 1+11
254062 lray Landala Strålspårning Good To trace rays where no man has traced rays before MultiMediaMats the Conqueror 3+1
253417 thepirates The pirate guild Good Yarr! incidence 7
252750 -ff- FragFactory Evil hi!! we do games! Becoming 2+12
252522 UCPMR Ur-Crusaders of Pastday Modern Romance Good Crusading for the promised hand since 1981. Valann 7+1
252263 MaTSE Mathematisch-Teschniche Software-Entwickler Evil Goerster 5
252019 TDAMNC Those Damn Cats Neutral I swear, if I see that cat one more time... Ivan Idea 5+5
251434 PACFest PACFest Evil PTFOB Daargoth 5
251100 IISoF Ingenious Ingenjöör students of Finland Evil Equilan 5+1
250553 NISB Netops_Is_Serious_Business Evil TITS or GTFO Kaylermora 9
249032 don't I don't know! Evil I told you, I don't know!!! MrX 15
249025 GEBI The Guild of Engaging & Boisterous Intent Evil Murder hobos unite! Thadeus Buttons 11
248671 Staropa Staropa Computer Entertainment Evil We're a milk company. ilikebreadtoomuch 1+5+1
248159 cybertron Cybertronus cybertronii Neutral til all are 100% kæch 8
248114 One One Guild Good To be One!!! Ronsonol the Beast 12
248039 t1 Team 1 Evil omnes canis exprimanmus vernando 10
246453 BST Beast Stompers Good Kill em all BobfromIT 5
246235 JHEIK Jag har en inbyggd kompass! Evil I came, I saw, I came. Falcula 9
245916 FS1 Fluffy Saber 1337s Neutral Kill it! Kill it! It's Squeeking! Kill it! Gatiel 4
244838 BVG-X Knights of Hasselhoff Evil Don't hassle the Hoff. Zuryn 10+3
244539 Baatezu Baatezu Evil Kill em All!!! Virik 11
244333 WORLD Whimsical Order of Really Likable Demigods Good We are GOOD demigods Chaos Lunatic 18+1
244175 Perc Percussion Support Neutral "PROGRESS QUEST!" 00000100 8+1
244043 MAStupid Mutually Assured Stupidity Good We Believe in the Right to be Stupid Alaracon 2+2
243527 MTK Matrikon Evil Specialized in Progress for Process Control SyrusCan 4+14+1
243166 sydgoons Sydney Rapists and Pillagers Anonymous Neutral more goons than ausgooncon Unit92 12
241938 NOW National Organization of War-badgers Good There's no time like tomorrow. psyhofreak 1+7+1
241759 H.O.R.H. House Of the Radioactivated Heads Evil There is no better home than the belly of Cthulhu! Hobe 1+6+6
241559 Um..Yea. The Slightly Inconvienced Apathetic. Neutral I Supose so. leachlife4 5+1
241287 Beeches Beeches Barmy Boinkers Good we delacrate the jellies then eat the spoon! Mookie 3+1
241212 Altar Altar Neutral Join Altar or be sacrificed on altar! Medart 6
240348 Blindmen The Blindmen Neutral 'Tis better to be seen than to see Amro 11
240112 CDragons Chaos Dragons Good The Brave Do Not Fear the Grave ChaosKnight127 10+3
239825 B of L Border of Life Neutral Bloom nobly! Sherkel 9+4
239480 VVIJ Vi Vill Inte Jobba Evil Vi Vill Inte Jobba Wezz 9
238521 Pyromancers Pyromancers Good Thank you, thank you, and good night. Achernar 1+9
238199 -stidog- stinky dogs Good luke, i am ur father jib 2+2
236354 NJP No Jeff Parks Evil Site up is NOT our #1 priority Barbra Streisand 7
235773 TBB Tiik Boys Blue Evil Tere hommikust, Lits metsast! cdg 8
234777 -TC- Team China Good -CHN-M6629 4
234728 Alucination Alucination Neutral He who moves not forward, goes backward. Alucinor 6
234510 Telperion Knights of the Order of Telperion Good Silver flowers of the moon.. Sir Derrick Lyndon Pallas 9
234184 EFOFF EFOFF Evil F OFF!!! DO NOT JOIN!!! surreal1942 6
233876 T.K. Torture Killers Evil We have room of Gays Erno 7+5+1
233659 H.O.T.A. Horsemen of the Apocalypse Evil Dodgyfred 17
233354 BoHM Book of Heavy Metal Evil No widescreen TV's here. Pronjob 5
233098 Kukmen Kukmen Research Labs Neutral Du kan dricka! koitsu 5+2
232023 We Lack Lackers of Confidence Neutral I don't think he can handle that! MrGallbladder 16
230427 LAWL Strawberry SnowBubble Evil Yay_doom 5
230105 Rebiatos Rebiatos Evil Smaugiu ir zhudau... Senis 13
229982 Firesign Friends of Nick Danger! Good He walks again by night! Doctechnical 1+4
229556 CAE Ctrl Alt Elites Neutral You're not leet enough for Molten Core! AltRhombus 16
229208 TheSkye Hand of The Skye Good Praise the Panda Movement! ChillySkye 5+1
229094 DTS Dead Testers Society Evil Ship it! Union Carbide 17
226462 Do it up Destructive Force Evil Assimilation is inevitable Demonized 6
225835 AIDumbo Artificial Stupidity Neutral h(x) = 1 / (goal - x); Burnsidious 1+18
225671 G.L.O.P. Guilde des Lamas Oubliés et Pathétiques Neutral Gouzi ? Kettch 3+5
225620 HOMO Honorable Order of Magnificient Owners Neutral |246b1+53s @r3 |_3é7 banale 2+3
224799 LStMH Lobster Sticks to Magnet Haroo Evil Left Claw North, Right Claw South Gaiwan 8
224786 Tweet Twitter Quest Neutral Hello! Mostcus 5+3
224443 divxmonkey DivX Monkey Guild Neutral Be neutral. Robert Bogdon 12
224058 For dooming otterdoom Good We like fish. doomotter 9+3+1
223269 Guild GuildyGuild Evil Woo...? Megaa 1+4+9
223205 ACMF Arcane Center of Misinformation Solutions Neutral Divide by zero, conquer and eat the rest Diskis 4
222735 CBBits Canadian Bacon Bits Good Babe Tasted good!! Norin Oakenmirth 9
222279 .LS. Lost Souls Evil Kill 'em all. Zuriel 14+1
221961 UI-TEAM Les rassembleurs des Feedback Fantômes Neutral Design or Design not, but there is no provisional Phiphoux 10+5
221122 The Void The Void of Gods! Neutral We rise above the clouds! Tux 2+7
220750 ROOMB The Royal Order of Magnificent Bastards Good Herp Derp! Hereticked 12
220572 Whackers Rodent Smashers Evil If it can fit in a sack give it a whack Swanny 3+5
219970 [K4E] Kamikaze 4 Ever Neutral we'D LikE 2 try uR pRn ElemntAl sTyle =oP Sti9nsky 13
219862 BMMS Boobies Make Me Smile Good You know they do RhinoDump 3+9
219139 xTTTx Terrible Terry Tate Good Welcome to Terry\'s Pantomime box of PAIN! Kryten 4
219104 theguild The Knights of Good Good We do what we must, because we can. Zerkest 4
218718 GT Golden Tornadoes Good This is my motto ramblinwreck 4
218285 Aluehallinto Aluehallintovirasto Evil Hyperbulimist 11
218155 CHC ChubbyHardcore Neutral We are getting all the fluffs! Redfighter 9
218007 Hyperborea Hyperborea Neutral Hyperborea Hyperborea 6
217180 Immunity Immunity Neutral Over-specialize and you breed in weakness. Kashae 13
216895 VanBurenGang The Van Buren Gang Neutral VII gatchamark 3+1
216292 Navigators Navigator Dragons Good Navigator Dragons flying high! DrGrizz 6
216094 Vodoo Sex Voodoo Sex Children Neutral Livin the good life with a little black magic fun! Kamuih8 11+2
216016 t-fuct totallyfuct Neutral It's all in the name Token ENtry 3+1
214850 LIZARD Legion Incurring Zeal And Ruthless Destruction Evil kill!! and kill more!!! leachlife4 14
214826 Godless Godless Evil Kill god, at all costs satsui 1+5
213478 HFS Slaves to Armok Evil Losing is fun! ff2 11
212372 =A= Alliance Good Fight With Honour, Die With Valour. Synapsed 9+2
212203 BtoD BornToDie Good Only in Hardcore you can die like a real thingie Pimpifax 4
211573 TEAM BOB Bob's Merry Men of Valour Neutral In Bob We Trust SivO 1+8
211163 ISD Indempotent Sardonic Demigods Good If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt. Aalny 9
211068 3W The Maps of Hawaii Neutral Nyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa Sasso 13
210834 CCP Crazed Cavemen Pirates Evil We love lace. Cucinator 3+1
210434 Ara Ara Agrippina Evil unten ist oben Keng 7
209088 fgi FGI Warlords Evil r0x0r arrowed 12
208527 ID10T's! Traumatized Programmers Evil It's turltes, all the way down! Mylak 6
207757 AoSG Agents of Self-Gratification Evil No I wasn't, I was cleaning it and it went off Karajabola 7
207649 =]ULS[= UofL-Speed Good We SUCK! (no, we don't) Machtyn 13
207506 TLL The Lazy Lads Neutral Who goes there?? Dysken 6
206390 Bzzzt OMGLAZERGUNSPEWPEWPEW Evil Rollin with my Gnomies Azariah 12
206380 ☼HT☼ Hypnotoad Neutral Dooooom! Chimerael 10
206376 Madrigan's Madrigan's Team Evil Why this damn Alignment could not be set as Mad ? Dooble Booble The Big 1+7
206267 SAMfo Stoned Ass Mofos Neutral its fo twenny! leachlife4 2+1+1
206215 The Cottage The Cottage Good I'd rather have a beer at The Cottage. leachlife4 7
205668 NSFT Neversoft Evil Hardcore! Rein Rache 1+13
205449 WE rock Thunderdragons Good The best is yet to come, come join now! Demonzbreed 5
205210 vTSg A Very Top Secret Guild Neutral Kill, Rape, Mutilate, Decapitate Morgurth 15
204549 oilpTG Obscure Irrelevant Latin Phrase, THE GUILD! Good Quod Subigo Farinam Yoockjod 4
203924 E-E Ewoks for the Empire Evil Yub Yub! Admiral Kettch 1+3
203810 Uplink The Most Silly Guild of Veterans Good Meh MegaDeth 1+18
203786 BSBW Battle Slayers of Bathwater West Neutral Where's the Any Key? Uncle Vinny 4
203303 Toms Temple of Microsoft Evil In Bill We Trust Gudrun 13+4
202897 Nott Voror Nott Voror Evil Can we hurry?! wlm2048 5
202599 CGF Catgofire Evil OMG CAT! Catgofire 16
202494 CignaleBianc Compagnia del Cignale bianco Evil Vai col girarrosto, e dacci di ghiotta! IgGory 3+1
202079 Medius Knights of Medius Good Always caught in the middle. Calras 4
202061 JagAll Jagged Alliance: Assoc. of Int'l Mercenaries Neutral River burials free. Ask about other benefits. GusTarballs 1+3
201926 Average Guys Average Guys Neutral Be just kind of, well, um, average! Bob the Average 10+6
201645 MMCafe MMCafe Good Fresh! Igniz 7
199980 Cold Fire Reborn From The Ashes Of The Fallen Phoenix Neutral The Hammer Strikes With The Fury Of Its Wielder jhon 14+1
199664 X X Evil We Are X. Simply X. FaBiAn 2+4+1
199297 zRites Ziblerites Neutral A horse is a horse of course of course. Bryce MacDonald 4
198149 FFB Fluffy-Fluffy and Bouncy Neutral Buddha 6
198003 P-OFF Purveyors of Freedom Good Free to Free Freedom schizosid 11
197705 TTEWDCFINIT The Truly Evil WorldDomination CORP, Formerly INIT Evil Power of SCIENCE destroy you! Sebbeleu 4
197142 RMG Repetitive Mindless Grinders Neutral Submission! Okkita 1+4
196920 IMOFOC Illuminated Masonic Odd Fellows Of Cthulhu Neutral Huh? SquidPuppy 1+9
196852 WRRAM Whatman Reel-Riders of the Ancient Mana Good Wipe thy runk Hempo 3+4
195756 Lemminghood Brotherhood of the Lemming Good They're just over that rise! charge!!!! leachlife4 3+3+1
194805 KART Knights of the alt.roundtable Neutral alt.roundtable The Corch 8+5
194078 Foogs Inc Foogs Inc. Good Foogs'll snog ya! Dyliess 1+4
192936 +CGM+ Clan of the Gorilla Mask Neutral 0 Fucks given! Xieziz 2+7
192711 1337IT Team 1337 IT Evil r0xx0rs ur b0xx0rs Silberkralle 1+7
192642 zc's CoupDeGrace Neutral go exp! Bdij! 6
192607 gibberish Epis of Gibberish Neutral What's a motto with you? Luneward 16
192205 PAL PorkAngels Lair Evil Porky Pork Angels. Join the collective! Bysse 7
192066 Sona RheingoldRiver's Guild Good Sona <3 Rheingold 5+5
191727 DSDC Survivors of Data Sharing with Daughter Companies! Neutral Return of the DSDC! Orkish Horde 1+5
191635 CB-PQ Chicken Bucket Good Lawn party at Road's! Ze Blob 9
191238 qc_crew quetzalcoatl Evil Stop submitting! DangerMouse128 7
191024 IGEWS Ich glaub es wirkt schon Evil Naanaanaaaanaaaa Huhnbeauftragter 7
190315 TAO The Azashian Order Neutral All Hail Azash, Our Lord and Creator Azash 11
189784 Ropers Ropers Neutral We like cheese sqeeble 4
189006 b1z4rR3 b1z4rR3 Evil Pain is temporary! Glory is eternal! UrbaN 15
188881 TAP Tappa Neutral TappaTappaTappa BrickRoadDX 5+1
187617 Runes Runeseeker Good To seek out the runes of the world. Cherokee Kid 2+3
186936 TWR420 White Russians Neutral Serefan 7+1
186846 GOTAPEX The Got | Apex? Deal Finders Good Shop smart... Shop S-Mart. Sir Leon 8+3
186353 G-C Grammaton Clerics Good Not without incident Cleric Preston 4+2
186207 darkwalk The Walkers of Darkness Neutral Those who walk in darkness are destined to be gods ShdwWalkr 3+4
185815 OGG Order of the Grunting Groundhog Good Grolsch Grolsch Grolsch Hoxy 10
185759 Qord The Questionable Order of Ravishing Donkies Evil Unicorns touch us.... A lot. Boopie 15
185346 Rayonnegz Rayonnegz Evil semki est?a 5 rebley? a meloch? V kepke - welcome! Nischebrod 4
185095 :hat :hat Neutral Fuck it dry. Kyleactus 10
184702 OGC Odfrin Gnome Choppers Evil Gnome Chopping Odfrin 1+6
184312 [KK] Knark Evil in the start everyone is n00b Rotten_Onion 11
184216 -KotR- Knights of the Raven Good We clearly are awesome. Cymsdale 14
184090 LP Lard Pirates Neutral Grog Me Captain! Vinic 14
183934 Pioutes! Pioutes United Of The World. Evil Auxerre est une charmante bourgade médiévale. Planetary 11
183902 23x Zandalar Expedition Neutral Stay away from the hoodoo, mon. jkab 5
183443 KWSN The Knights Who Say, "Ni!" Neutral Bring me a shrubbery! Serious Man 4+2
182588 BD Black Dragons Evil You die serving multiple papercuts. waNdrer 6+12
182300 mfkrs mtrfkrs Evil hohu srg 4
182119 Glade The Glade Neutral ... leachlife4 7
181850 CzH Czech Heroes Good Stormer 8+2
181230 Peanut Army Peanut Army Evil Defeat is not an option! Vroom Vroom! Deliriousfish 7
180698 [ATM] Anime Tenticle Monsters Evil Hey little girl, nice school uniform.... Death Mage v3 2+6+1
180679 Roar Roar of the Lion Good Making more progress than Jim and Toon combined Grendalf 1+10
180251 OPS Warriors Of the OPS Way Neutral You make it, we don't break it. Melkir 7
179560 DV.Uppsala DV.Uppsala Neutral Computer Science at Uppsala University Sedrik 1+6
178780 sot4all sudoku allstars Good don't panic! lordyoda 7
178693 ZNC Zjednoczeni na Cygnusie Neutral Zawsze Na pomoC Asalm 12
178494 FatM Fatmedia Good The default ofr cheese is "Cheddar" tonyenkiducx 4
177831 S-S-S Soul Sworn Seven Evil When we don't progress, we farm Gogeta 4
177656 Jul's guild Ultra Jul Evil Good is dumb. [ ] Xkeeper 5+2
176681 KJGPLS Kovien Jätkien GPL Sarja Evil Kuka lopettaa ensin? Tiku 5
176608 TMS Teh Munkey Spankerz Evil We spank the monkeys! Profett 5+1+1
176385 FRAG F.R.A.G. Evil We aim low. Shoklar 3+3+1
176283 Boobs!!! Navigator Bastards Evil Kill Krush'n'Destroy Sinist0r 1+17
175676 Blorgrar The Second Coming of Blorgrar Evil BLORGRAR GRRRAWWWRR Bain 7+2
175288 CPC-PQ Comfy Pranks Committee PQ Guild Good Xlegna 2+3
175282 GalahTech Good We like dirt! Thej Ew 6+6
174690 P.P.F. Paragon Pie Fighters Good Genocide or Pie! Denamic 1+4
174610 InfToast Infinite Toast Evil If killing wasn't illegal I'd do it every day Daemon X 11
173693 LABMTG Loosely Affiliated Band of Mercenary Type Guys Neutral Let's try not to get hurt! Bedgar 5
173068 DRB Dragon Blades Evil Cut like a Dragon's Fang Sabram 1+4
172468 MourningTeam MourningTeam Evil Scam and conquer! MourningTeam 1+3
172043 AET Aeterni Evil Zaaaaaaap! Fanatik 11
172019 SVVS SAVVIS Evil Mordimer 1+14
171894 Über The Überslugs Good Death by Booga Fragpuppy 3+4
171528 Slay UltraMaimDeathKillSlaughter Evil Kill Pockets 11
171285 pwnerers pwner of the whole world Evil burn burn bur !!! miollu 5+6
171163 BoB..... Band of Botchers Neutral I think you heard me just fine, punchy. knunkel 8
170924 Transclude Transclude Neutral We transcend and include both good and evil. Elenia 13+1
169816 Bo! West Staines Massive Neutral Ride De Punani BineJ 14+1
169396 MicD Micron-data Good We Fix IT Grannden 15
169172 EESEE Evil Enclave of Super Evil Evilness Evil Super Evil Stuff Pupnums 1+11
169126 le Zerg le Zerg Evil Vincere est totum Leimus 8
168612 P4L PALS FOR LIFE Evil MEN. ctide 17
168468 YOUR MOM Divine Practitioners of SEX WITH YOUR MOM Evil Oh, man, your mom is hot. karmaflux 4+13+2
167897 Neutral Suomipelit kunniaan! Toni 4+5
167831 TPVP The Peoples valley pwnerers Neutral respect voor de ik factor Kabang 15
167795 M-O Mighty officiers Evil Patch everything until the end! Megres Von Alberik 3+5
167794 BFME2_360 BFME2_360 Neutral NEVER A SUNDAY!!! Janky 13
167285 MtG Magic the Gathering Evil Magic ROXXX Adam Weishaupt 2+2
167267 Ghrae Ghrae Wolves Neutral Chakarine Nagasaki Ghrae 4
164066 CEMS CEMS system peeps Good Something is wrong... Have a nice day! Senor Gomez 13+1
163215 3.14159 Pi Studios Good Use more skill. Salvos 7
163214 .Q Q Continuum Neutral karashishi 1+5
162847 roms.trusted roms.trusted Good Muh Muhkuh 9
162190 TC The Crusaders Good I don't need no stinkin motto! Hellbender 2+9+1
162073 Squid-C Squid Council Neutral Flippity, Flippity, Floppity! httpdotcom 1+1+2
161876 ShakingFist The Shaking Fist Evil The Fist what Shakes! Lemon Curry 4+10
161515 TheGame TheGame Good We have little hats. miotatsu 5+6
161335 Guinness Guinness Neutral Brilliant!!! JackDeth 1+3+1
161310 [chu^2] ChuChuRockets Evil BAD IS GOOD, BABY! BAD IS GOOD! Serbinator 6
160346 RMBLPCK RumblePack Neutral Are you ready to rumble? Yozcrot 2+5
160345 BFOI Backflip over item clan Good Backflip over item to avoid collection Dekethedog 14
159679 HPZ Hit Points Zero Neutral Let's hope the other guy hits zero HP first. Heinous 12+2
159601 WWFSMD Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Good WWFSMD? Asemoknyo 7+1+3
159587 Gold Farmers International Gold Farmers INC Evil Farming gold for fun and profit! Well... profit. Ron_Jomero 2+8
159492 Jupefr Judean People's Front Good All your base are belong to us! Vorga 3+1
159257 Keksdose Keksdose Neutral herrmueller 9
158927 getAIDS getAIDS Evil get AIDS and DIE snex 5
158826 NFC NO FAT CHICKS! Good Absolutely no fat chicks! Qpopper 11
158749 ToE Tentacles of Eeeevil Evil We slaughter, so you don't have to. Chewdy Fu 4
158658 OT Off Topic Neutral O_o TheWiGgLr 6
158293 DTTM Desperation tempers the true man Good Cao-hong and The Golden helmet bless us! RogueKim 11
158184 aLDi aLDi Süd Neutral Billiger gehts nich! aLDiTuETe 6
157998 Wyzzardz Wyzzardz of ZOMG Evil "OMG lazerz pewpewpew" Topher 8
157483 Dormnet #Dormnet Neutral Where Idlers Lurk. uur-Fenix 13
157275 LLJK Something Awful Evil The Internet Makes You Stupid LSTB 1+14+2
157044 QUE Questors Evil Raspu 8+5
156873 Monkey Men Simian Contretemps Neutral I didn't do it. colanut 5
156469 GAGU Gamblers Guild Evil Här kommer stridsfinken!! erl 13
156177 ><)))))):> LAX Evil Join LAX -> Ctrl + G -> LAX (ºçº) 1+15
155832 jingleton Jingleton's Posse Evil beat la Pridcrag 11
155638 08/15 08/15 Good 08/15 6
153696 DJedi Digital Jedi Good Without Honor, there is Nothing. moop[DJedi] 10
153097 Cult of Cod Cult of Cod Neutral Worship the Fish!!!! ProphetOfCod 9
152848 --VMT-- Vainglorious Misanthropic Tetragrammaton Good "It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... DARY!" Trees 8
152366 Sweden Sweden Good Ctrl+G "Sweden" #Stolt.Svensk @ Quakenet stolt.svensk 10
152306 EPQ Edge PQ Neutral +27 Legendary Guild of Hobos Hammer Bro. 14
151725 Pointy Triangle Tree Neutral They are more durable compared to a box formation. Waterfall 3+10
151503 CHACK Chalmers netHACK förening. Neutral så in hetn, för helvete, resten av ditt liv!!!! NordenJolt 11
150619 5MeO 5MeO Evil ...utainagara mitsukeraresou da ne FoetusFajitas 2+10
150068 ELSAC Ecumenical Land Squids of Agglutinate Coalescence Neutral We are the land squid, the land squid are we k0zzmick_deemmin 3+2
150063 PRDamned People's Republic of the Damned Evil Sometimes insanity is the only alternative Zweihander 11
149389 IVOIRE La tour d'ivoire Good Nobody knows what's happening in there... DonVincenzo 7
149224 Evil Best Nerds ever frankenstein91 6
148408 JProgress javax.swing.JProgressBar Neutral For great justice mpa 4
147556 Thunderbolts Agean Thunderbolts Good We're Gonna Get You Albertus 4
147159 LEO League of the Extraordinary Oxymorons Good A creative source of absolute destruction curator 6+1
145902 Danistan The Country Of Danistan Neutral No Sex In Danistan Unless Your Name Is Dan! Alanon 4
145666 Mr. Moonrise Neutral Our world is origin from the atoms. Moonrise 15
145632 TSCG The Stonecutters Guild Good We do, WE DO!! Luftwaffe 13+1
145592 PFP Pyros for Porno Neutral BYOM (Bring your own Midget) Boneyard Spleeneater 3+15
145407 faf The Defenders of Fafblog Neutral So many Christians, so few lions... Skinny DeVille 1+3
144425 dnet Cows with Guns! Neutral Divide and conquer! Decibel 4+1
144180 Oooh matron! Monkeyspunk Moped Missionarys Evil Always keep your moped topped up with simian spoff Blokeymon 14
144101 EOF Erroneously Overloaded Functions Evil Breaking your kill(enemy) since aught four. EndymionLove 9
144002 T.W.A.T. T.W.A.T.'s Weird Acid Toffee Neutral You don't mess with a man whose arms are on fire. Trevoke 3+1+2
143885 SNC Super Newbie Crew Neutral Effortlessly growing stronger every day! Antievo 1+8
143808 Sanctuary.PQ Sanctuary.PQ Neutral Need More Exp t11ker1 1+17
143434 UR HO URBAN HOBBIT Evil No fat chicks. Cat Pie Hurts 5
143062 ScKn Scarlet Evil The RU Screw strikes again leachlife4 7
142776 Agent Elrond The best hero/villian: Hugo Weaving's Agent Elrond Neutral Give the ring to Frodo, Mr. Anderson Vannidar 7+10
142749 fnu fnu Evil bajs delete 4
142418 r5lh l33t h4x0rs Neutral unga! Red Phive 13
142408 Micro Tha Microelectricians Evil Feil studie? Keeg 5
142398 Synn The Eighth Deadly Synn Evil If the good die young, we must be immortal pseudoidiot 4
142270 Spacebattles Evil Leave your sanity at the door ERTW 4+1
141997 stuffnstuff stuffnstuff Evil STUFF N THINGS goreguts 5
141644 DPS Dead Parrot Society Good This... is an ex-guild! Kaletam 13
141151 Niemit Quelli della Magni Evil Un gommone non si rifiuta mai... Gladiak 12
141033 audioscrobblers teh pwn! Good sign up and get yourself a nice shiny pony. urje 8+1
140784 SADCHUB SADCHUB Evil Shut up and go away. Drake Mallard 11+1
140637 Champ Team Champ Team Good taco_fox 4
140632 {EDF} Earth Defense Force Evil - Built with BUILD! leachlife4 3+5
139868 Seekers Thunderseekers Neutral The secret ways of MIN/MAX lay open before us. Jarihn 7+2
139686 oknp Moradin's hammer Good 0mfg stfu n00bz! leachlife4 9
139476 gaci Renegaci Neutral LIVE LONG AND SUCK IT glootech 10+1
139409 CERN Second Hand Evil The best part of a twinkie is the shape. Dr. Peter Venkman 16+2
138871 DigiPen Coders of DigiPen Good DigiPen! Captain Bob 9
138829 &#9829;SWC WeTrustStrangersWithCandy Good Shaded figures holding sweets? We're there leachlife4 1+12
138633 [-IoT-] Inglourious Testers Evil error126 4
138579 ZeFiR ZeFiR Good Visitez nous sur keenderh 7
138213 JUP Jugoslavenska Udruga Progresivaca Neutral Od Vardara pa do Triglava... Lovcius 10
137830 KSP K'arrrh ShadowPassers Neutral Ar N' Duthcha CIFR 2+14
137316 F.U.B.A.R. Fairly Upscale Bachelors At the Ready Neutral Oh yeah, we're F.U.B.A.R.'ed. Squega 3+4+1
136662 FKLites Fresh Kills Landfill Knights of Spamada Good For Spamada! Yoodwhag 7
136630 Kafrila Guild of Kafrila Neutral Skopos ths zwhs mas einai h xamerpeia Meldokios 3+8
136596 T*O*A*D Sons of the eyes that stare Neutral Obey the Hypnotoad Munchkin 3+2
136227 EGN Eish Gaming Network Evil For the Horde Seth-Rah 11
136034 T666 Team-666 Evil Fuck the shit psye 7
135873 tUA3 The Unholy Alliance III Evil Dö och brinn i helvetet, helst på samma gång! Lord Smegma 8
135849 Corpset AcademiMusicCorpset Bleckhornen Evil Fjång! El Rindo 19
135636 DPT Diplomats Good WE'LL BEAST ON YOU Huyy 4
135581 SBCG4AP Strong Bad's Cool Guild 4 Attractive People Good We Are Cool! Javaguy78 1+3
135049 WCPU Wasted CPU Neutral Hack The Planet Uri Keller 9
134808 RTRT Runeterra Good Stay positive! GuitarGuy 8+1+4
134654 IDDQD It is a good day to die Evil fume 4+2
134491 HFH Hunter stanglers For Hire Good yup its that good pwnzor775 6
134474 LNX Linux Warriors Neutral Derath 6+1
134344 TRC Team Red Cone Neutral Monkey, son of Monkey 8+2
134230 nintendo ! l'armée de nintendo Evil groupe regroupant seulement les fans de nintendo FireRyu 1+13
134207 FCz Funcommies Evil For glory! Jayde Stargunner 16
134123 DKH Drop Kick Hooligans Evil Its better to burn in hell than to fade away thornnd 8
134031 GGM8 Get Gud M8 Neutral GG Bro DeSigna 5
134003 Deep Ones Hands of Cthulhu Evil Cthulhu waits dreaming... JackyChang 9+2
133779 AnusBetrayal Anal Betrayers Evil Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decelexivi 16
133211 BDCG Blackdeath-Cult Good Relentless Evil leachlife4 10
133078 Cheese-Eater Those That Eat Cheese Neutral Tap into the awesome power of cheese! DizzyBum 2+1+1
132901 TO The Order Evil Testiculos habet et bene pendentes Tsjuder 4+3
132548 Over The Top Never made it to the top Neutral forward!! bummelum 4+1
132296 Elixir Elixir Seekers Good ChrisMDP 8
132190 Pleb Pleb Lords of the Universe Neutral 1 pleb c'est bien mais 42 c'est mieux dragonmost 3+10
132066 Lush Lush Good Drink, Drank, Drunk. Grumfiel 5
132034 3dmm The Mczee and 3dmm Crew! Evil He He! I'm a cheesecake! Klownie 14
131995 GVCB Guerriers vindicatifs du cheval brumeux Neutral Par la gloire chevaline, que se répande la brume Sidastor 13
131458 Spaglords The Spaglords Neutral Cramulus 5+1
131223 ECOPS Working as designed Neutral Good, good. Let the jimmies rustle through you... Nyancat 6
130973 TGPOL The great power of Lobsters! Evil Uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii!!! Lamex 2+2
130873 Dragon Pants Dragon Pants! Evil There's a dragon in our pants! :O Laz 3+1
130211 Sputnikers Sputnik Neutral Resolvers of peace for the masses! Horney Rabbit 4
130181 CMP Carbonated Meat Paste Neutral Plop plop fiz fiz oh what a tasty meat it is. monkey13 15
129662 SMNP Super Master Ninja Pirates of the Internet Good Yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Frackid 8
129260 Hail Pirates All Hail Pirates Evil Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr Darkmush 13
129242 AWESoME? Atomic Wedgie Empirical Salmon of Merit Each? Neutral Free pie in the breakroom. Bylo Band 6+3
129172 F.O.T.S. Fly Of The Soul Good Çäåñü ìîãëà áûòü âàøà ðåëëàìà.... fros 19
129158 Pain Train Da House of Pain Neutral Bringing the pain to those who need it Smoka 4+1
128710 MidnightSun MidnightSun Good Watch don't touch Grividerea 1+6
128676 TBT The_Blacktower Evil Ka'plah TheSpaceMan 4
128646 KotCB Knights of the Chunky Bacon Evil Seriously, dude. Chunky. Bacon. Spoontang 2+2
128295 BDF Bambini della fiuma Good Adesso vado a farmi una birra!!! Benva 3+4
128292 TDO The Deal's Off Neutral Chief among our weapons are... Sticks the Wiki 11
127815 ShadowFist The Guild of Shadow Fist Good All for one, and one for me! Shadow Fist 11
127781 SibHorrors Siberian Horrors Evil Die Right Now! BuTbKA 10
127028 WSS Workshop Subversion Squad Good Invade the base, take Pyra's booty. Bikkusu 11+2
127020 INA Indonesia Good Indonesia Raya Merdeka Merdeka Budi Prasetyo 1+5
126975 tRW San Fran The Real World San Francisco Neutral Bitches don't know about my jenkum Boronx 7
126918 1k/ Brotherhood of a Thousand Cuts Neutral No less from us could bring them down! John Gabriel 12+1
126742 PWRD Perfect World Evil Client Version Too Low Kantorek 1+10
126650 DFF Die For Fun Evil There can be only NONE! Ouromov the Destroyer 8
126502 PRET Prognostic Resilient Enigma Team Evil Hear no evil, see no evil, smell the evil. mBrojol 4+5
126471 TQHEOUO The Quasi-Holy Eirisan Order of the Unseen Ocelot Neutral Hail Eris! Hail Discord! (x5) Doctor Device 9+3+1
126447 A,D.D all d0gb0y death Evil It's good to be BAD!!! d0gb0y 12
126257 ISENGARD All your Isengard are belong to us Neutral All your base your base, base, base ... BlueHelmet 18
126018 MESA Mesanites Evil Set those Monsters to Nothing drhatcher2002 12
125746 K.o.D Knightriders Of Doom Evil Give them nothing! But take from them everything! Flaming Dragons 10
125500 Flat Sul Sac Yeah Yeah Un Flat Sul Sac Evil That's gonna hurt like a moda focka. Konichiwa 4
125497 MC Monk's Cathedral Good If you are a monk come to my guild... Petro 3+1
125292 4DBG 4D Bad guys Evil Better bad than dead. Soni 7
125089 ARGONOTH Argonoth Good Fighting The Good Fight yoloswag 3+2
125014 VoI Vectors of the Internet Good We read your email. naganator 7
124775 ARGH Argus Reaktor Evil Eat leaden death! Chewbacca 1+4
124056 BC BC BC Bonecrush Evil Bonecrush Bonecrush Bonecrush Slaine 1+7
123906 GITE GT680 is too expensive Evil Hichako[KAI] 6
123557 StGFC The Radiated Society Good Placating the wasteland. Phauxe Kitsune 9
123508 Igrayne The House of Igrayne Neutral Balance in all things. EanNiteblood 3+1
123428 SoRD Shadows of rubberducks Evil Aim for the chest and let the recoil do the rest TAOS 8+1
123379 ½OMP ½Olingaard's Mysterious Presence Neutral The neat meet to eat their favorite frozen treat Olingaard 4
123379 .!. ('-') .! .!. ('-') .!. Evil .!. 6+2
123255 KSB Kama Sutra Boyz Evil Pain is Good Malchance 7
122548 McSieninen Clan McSieninen Good For the Clan! Panda san 4+1
122188 AMBoD A Merry Band of Do-Gooders Good Sure, I'll fetch you a rock! dannydevito 6
122058 baby steps BC Coalition of Baby Steppers Evil Baby steps to the bar. leachlife4 2+14
121701 23ME Mnemonic Entropy Neutral Kallisti Chaoboy 5
121648 Stopwatch The Magnificent Stopwatch Guild Neutral Grind is good Waaagh 5
121267 kloneets Klonēto aitu cilts Good Mēs esam aitiņas kloneets 3+3
121251 MY Kol Peeps RageQuit Neutral BLARGH Heki 6
121245 VDK Sheppards Neutral the quick and the drunk lunnyus 13
120800 divzero Division by Zero Evil All your base are belong to us Pwner 1+15+1
120623 Median Adun Tori Laz! Evil Play more D 2! Leviatuna 6
120490 -WeB- We Eat Babies Evil Dead Baby's go best with Pudding! Fruit-Loop 6+9
120150 AdmDrew AdmDrew Good Striving for Mediocrity Lthoth 15
119946 DWF Dwarf Fortress Neutral Slaves to Armok Extar 1+5
118952 Stuff Doers The doers of Stuff Neutral Do stuff, or don't. It's up to you. Dantopia 1+5
118902 Stoners Stoned bashers Neutral Who Jah knows, Jah likes Lemriga 6+3
118656 do9m dooooooooom!! Evil You're dooooooooomed!! Dezz 3+1
118509 ---,--'-@ pupuja ja kukkia Good psycotimi 14
118273 [GS] Gaelic Storm Good Strength in Unity! Donavyn 11
118182 Waffle Haüs Nalrom's Waffle Haüs Evil Waffles for everyone! scroner 5+2
118177 Wako Anjinsan's Wako Neutral Board 'em, Kill 'em anjinsan 3+12
117999 RUR Rankup Republic Neutral ┌П┐( -___- )┌П┐ UMAD? StalinError 11
117874 Raatoklaani Raatoklaani Neutral Antero 4+1
117355 Foodle'sArmy Foodle's Army Evil I have no fscking clue LuciferSam 7
117335 [FUCK] Functional Unit Calibrated for Killing Evil eat it Diesel Jesus 6
117277 /g/ /g/ - Technology Neutral For discussion of technology and related topics Silhelmus 2+3
116761 ReGPQ Reapers elite Guard Progess Quest Evil If it´s red, it´s dead Lairekzan 6
116592 Enableague Enableague of Extraordinary Progress Good We're serious about our progress! mpa 5
116417 Mursut Eternal kostajat of Kthulhutus Evil kovaa menoa ivalossa Iki-Turso 4
116417 Animelegacy Animelegacy Good #Animelegacy @ Quakenet Blanc 14
116184 ILP I Love Penguins Neutral Love thy fellow penguinman Leviathan Mist 1+1+2
116171 Burden Burden Good We appreciate our goats! Thegoose 6
116149 Leego Legioona Good puuppa 12
115941 Dickbutt Allegiance of Sunderers Neutral We like everything in between. DirtyUncleClifton 9
115781 bling Blingbling Neutral The other red meat Harabooflexor 9
115698 PM DE PM Team Good MarkC 4
115236 AOL AOL Evil So easy, no wonder it's #1! mrkz 4
115049 TCMC TCMC Good SpamStrong 8
114871 C-T #Completely-Tasteless Neutral If you can't beat them, eat them out. Fear My Damn Organ 3+8
114793 GIMP GIMP Neutral Så kan I lær det Eberhard 1+12
114594 BloodGuard The BloodGuard Good To kill whoever we want Naughtington 1+1+2
114586 TLOLB The LOLgical Bunch Neutral The doing of stuff backwards for logicistics RedHerring 2+2
114235 Awesome The House of Awesomeness Evil If you're not awesome, get the hell out. Bobmuhthol 3+2+3
114235 CRN Cheap's RoughNecks Evil Mess with the best and die like us! CheapTrix 5+1
114225 CIATT Create Ideas Across The Truth Neutral mi hanno regalato 4 giochi del cazzo MadnessMike 11
114188 Fleet Fleeting Glimpse Good You know, stuff. BlackStrain 4
112976 compartment Good 12
112925 WAGTHLOLKBIF Wearegoingtohurtlotsoflittlekidsbecauseitsfun Evil Baby Bashing and Toddler Taming since '99 gbuchold 4+3
112764 T.K.O. The Known Ones Good they run, we knock Joshuarix 13
112764 FS FEAR US Evil Jesus fucker TC Katishu 17
112474 SMTH SMTH Good fly and fly down and high qyx 9
112183 pe0n smelly pe0ns Good ZOMG NICE Alvy 11
111824 StH-Slayers Sonic the Hedgehog Slayers Evil We serve the mother of all creation and chaos LoN GTW 4
111771 Who? Edible Rocks Evil Even murder has it's ugly side. DARK^SOUL 3+1
111768 OotT! Order of the Triad Good If it bleeds, we can kill it Warrick 4
111459 Q.E.D. Quod Erat Demonstrandum Good To promply vanish in a puff of logic. MdStudio5 4
111298 AnLegion Andorbal's Legions Good If you're me, you're the man! andorbal 1+4
111289 Dark Army Warriors of Ash Good This is my BOOM stick!!!! Flatchulance 11+1
111164 ShadowsIll Shadows Of Illusion Good We are the Shadows of the Illusion. UsYr Illus 8
111048 AFK² Arts Forester Kellar Evil feared by darkness? Art 10
111010 F'Shniz Shnizzle Captors Neutral Eat Cake Aliexabeth 4
110747 CAIL CAIL dudes Good Progressing towards unprogress castles 6
110583 SoPm Secret of Progressmore Evil only evil progressors are good progressors samurai turrican 4D 3+1
110580 gamedev.ger gamedev.ger Evil don't fuck with us mcdeck 1+9
110468 NecroDoom The Necromancers of Eternal Doom Evil "NecroDoom - Giving Spoltog the big bony finger." Kage 2+2
110180 Amber The Royal Guild of Amber Neutral Life's a bitch, then we kill you Talen of Amber 5+3
110085 RPG-club Rolemancer Neutral Roll the dice and let It be! Givi Zurabovich 11
110033 SharkSucks SharkSucks Good SharkSucks Taz002 7
109894 P0G Porn Addicts Good WE <3 PORN! PORN ABOVE ALL! PORN TO THE PEOPLE! Flame 16
109862 m00fish Fish Who Go M00 Evil Let slip the frogs of war Rogue1 8+1
109525 avlete Avalanche Level Team Evil Gain or be gained leachlife4 10
109493 Shamblez Fellowship Of The Shamblez Good we're mad as a bag of spiders Nineshi 10
109469 SRTFU Minions of Souzou Good Worship Souzou in his Silence and Peace... OR DIE! IRFNA 11+2
109214 ROFL ATTACK OMFG TEAM Neutral Holy shit ninjas! Tetradex 5
108686 YUM Shemale Yet another Unusual Manporn guild (Shemale) Good It's not gay if you don't touch the peen! Dash Riprock 2+2+1
108579 ULA Uber Loulouze Assembly Good Join the Uber Loulouze party! Styks 13
107895 CrazyEvil Crazy Evil Guys Evil ??? SaidShowBob 1+3
107587 Mal-I-H Malohin's Indiscriminate Hedonists Neutral We'll try anything twice. Malohin 4
107568 TeamU TeamU Evil Most Likely it is just U Mosho da Klown 10
107467 PEELOT PEELOT Good Ollaa peeloi ja ylpeit siit! akro 18
107381 RLD 4 short Real Life Demicanadians Good We fight the fight for the fight silverwyvern151 4
107100 Peng! Kaniggits of the Peng Challenge Thread Neutral Ni-Peng! Sloppy F Tantrum 5
107054 HiB Högskolan i Borås Good Assumption is the mother of all fuckups Frepneb 5+1
107021 =RD= Rising Darkness Evil ... and the darkness will rise. Tiz 4
106997 DaNet The Grand Crusaders of DaNet Neutral Leech, Leech, Leech, Forever Leech leachlife4 13
106735 clams The clams people seek to be as happy as. Neutral uh... Fiesty Clam 1+3
106688 Cominslag Concordance of Mindless Slaughter Good I would stop killing, but I don't know how. Fleeglematross 3+1
106680 A4A Adventurers for Adventuring Good "Going where no progress bars have gone before!" Hestind 16
106605 [T-HeDs] The Turtle Heads Evil We're Poking Out! JerkAssFace 12
106462 Mac & Cheese Ohh Boy, I Love To Have Macarroni And Cheese Evil We Eat It Every Day, And It Tastes Real Good/Great RugMuncher 8+4
106009 Rock Choy Rock Choy Evil Is this good for the company? Skull Crusher 6
105971 brot bouldering remedies of turquiose-land Good lebkuchen 18
105732 MmmBeer Beer Guzzling Gully Whompers Good Beer beer beer beer, it's all about the beer. Brivvib the Stupendous 3+1
105497 HOCW House of Cheese War Good Micromanagement All the way leachlife4 11
105259 xLs exless Neutral Tanjatron 8
105135 Denmark Danish_PoWaH Neutral Og det var danmark og det var danmark KillerFritten 5+1
105009 NU Ninjas United Evil WE R TEH N1NJ4S, U R TEH SUCKS!!! TEH N1NJ4 1+3
104972 vnydt Viernes Noche Y Domingo Tarde Neutral El horror... el horror... Fenris 4
104722 Fish Kingdom of the Aquatic Vertebrates Good 'eaden up nort' to da fishin' 'ole, don't ya kno Walleyeking 3+1
104555 SEX Sex-Fu Evil We Redefine 1337 HellishAngel 2+3+2
104377 BalRulz Balashikha Rulezzz Good Balashikha Town Is Best !!! W_MoHaX 4
104163 ETT Even the Trees Neutral Let us waste our electricity, to no end! Alerek 7
104102 OAoFD Ormolu Alliance of Festooned Domination Good Whats an Ormolu? Stinky McPantsalot 5+2
104016 BDB The Backdoor Bandits Neutral Always take the back, the front is well guarded. Strathaven 8
103841 AEG Auto-erotic Gnomenclature Evil WoW iz Teh GayZorz!!!!1111one leachlife4 10
103811 LDD The Lost Desk Department Good Bastard Children of CCS 7+1
103666 Love! Guild of Love and Hugs! Good We love you! talax the terrible 4+4
103628 ushadows Shadow's Good AK-47's for everyone UndyingShadow 6
103581 FOR PONY! FOR PONY! Evil FOR PONY! Rhym 7
103317 Axis Of Evil Axis of Evil Evil It sounded like a good idea at the time... George W. Bush 8+1
102888 LPI League of the Partially Insane Neutral Zomg! Haxxs! Mid90sMatt 14
102866 ODrg Old Dragoniers Good Over the hill but using a spear Warscott 4+10+2
102628 20x6!!!!1 Rodeo Punks Evil Think fast. Live Fast. Awwwwwww.....SNAP! Smeagle 12+1
102522 RC+B Rosicrucian Babbelnathy Good Blood on our cross or music on our iPod... Amdusias 1+8
102466 SSCG Schaildi Soft Clan Guild Neutral We are Schaildi Soft. Resistance is futile. Bischibosch 6
102442 dEd de Eldsprutande drak Evil tic tac cameltoe -hehu- leachlife4 11
102436 wWTF wooberWTF Evil MottoGP randomEMF 15
102377 Hunt CASH Search for Caring, Altruistic, Selfless Humanity Neutral Who cares? Just kill 'em. Lilewyn 12
102262 Flame Haze Shakugan no Shana Neutral Hai Iondera 6
102254 2GNT Neutral We're here for the exorbitant amount of clicking. TwoGNT 6
102167 Max's Jaw Max's Jaw Evil Where my lasers at? Widgie 4
102133 Clorox Cult of Clorox Evil Breadbird 10
101980 joyful Sonata Galatica Evil deadly heavy [R]uStYm0on 5
101773 psylords The Psychedelic Continium Good Evolution is the discipline of personality ~ bna 3+1
101470 Nemesis The Guards of Nemesis Good Live long and prosper Alean 11
101279 NsMH Not so Mostly Harmless Good Really not all that harmless Hoderi 1+11
100966 ProjectBoB Project Bob Good Bobites Unite! Grock 10
100878 Code Dungeon The Code Dungeon Neutral If you can't code ... danerik 3+6+1
100771 Furry Spoltog Band of Furries Good Yiff the cook leachlife4 12+5
100749 WoI Wardens of Isildor Neutral Protip: Don't Die. Marlboro Lights 5
100697 That Guild That Guild with the People that do the the Stuff Neutral Kick the Duck! Duct-tape 4 your soul 5+1
100172 DONGX2 Double Dong Sidecar Evil Help is on its way bubandbob 4
100046 The b The b Good Gotta be b leachlife4 1+10
99648 N.Luck Napalm Luck Neutral No soul unclaimed. Iron of Building 12 1+12
99497 CAKE Deliverers of Cake Neutral I've got the Cake! Byrn 1+10
99469 Septicore Septicore Evil AHH MY SPLEEN ! bong 4
99452 DP Datapoint Evil Kill Today Ask Tomorrow Cruel 2+3
99441 GGotWU GyroGnomes of the World Unite Neutral All are welcome on the Mega Gyrognome Giant Team Atma Chronos 5+6
99269 lol LuzerZ Evil GNUS 1+7+10
98946 Grapemen Arguably Grapemenschen Good Don't pop my head! Eulogic 8
98849 PQuest POLO QUEST Evil En aru'din polo Brezkxik 8
98659 Master The Death Masters Evil Destroy all universe and good thing... Lord Lucifero 17
98507 lolGertz weloveGertz Neutral "I found out how to create a guild, unlike Gertz." Not-a-Jew 16
98171 QED Quantum Electro Dynamos Good "Wall is Infinitely High! Like...1000 hundreds!" Zamboni 4
97788 xUPSx Team UPS Neutral What can brown do for you? Wildil 4
97605 MOTR Munchkins of the realm Neutral Игра для ленивых манчкинов. Indrigis-XIII 8
97479 DiceTemplars Dice Templars Neutral Arcanis Rules!...? Perdue 4
97216 [SmD] Slaying mighty Dragons Evil So much Death, so little Time Sirglen Stromgald 14
97041 Satyrs The Brotherhood of Satyrs Neutral We're here. We're Weird. Get used to it SatyrScotty 5
96871 don't fight. the grapists Neutral we're gonna grape you so hard thoughtpolice 6
96870 fhbd Brandon Brigade Neutral q? Flaming 4
96810 Shiny Shiny Guild of Shininess Good We're shiny! KProject 2+3
96734 CCs Clown Crackers Good Kill all the damn clowns .. evil bastages N2OJunkie 1+3
96427 Guild.0001 Guild.0001 Good Q Zunar 4+1
96190 ECHOSIA Echosia Good To boldly go where no (mumble) has gone before! leachlife4 3+1
95960 Geeksoc The righteous and manly brotherhood of Geeksoc Neutral Taigrrr 7+1
95937 #FFighters Mad Gear Good Experiencing bij Joxam 5
95921 EC Eternal Crest Good For Midgard! Buttnose 2+1+2
95831 Wardog Wardog Squadron Good The cake is a lie Razgriz2020 11
95687 BBSF The BBS Fellowship Evil We're Berry Berry Sneaky Tavor 9
95432 Loeddsc Legendary One-Eyed DemonDragonSlayers of the Cold Evil Dark Forgotten Slayer Island Ermos 5
95423 EVIL Purest Evil Evil Don't mess with the evil gang EvilB 2+3+1
94704 [FK]-Sweden! Fallen Knigts of Skövde Sweden! Evil Idle leachlife4 4
94612 Java Nuts Java Nuts Evil We're the Nutter in your Butter Zen Xan 8
93822 Melon Guild Melons Of The Revenant Neutral In melons we trust! Joshua66252 4
93792 AHORF Ancient & Honourable Order of Reindeer Frighteners Evil We've got your christmas bonus right here! Dankwart 1+10
93717 OMG One Man Guild Evil OMG WTF LOL!!??!111111one Krunk The Destroyer 3+3
93578 PCLDC Progressive Church of the Latter Day Cheezburger Good I accidentally the whole cheezburger! Sir Patalot 4
93518 GST Guild of Shiney Things Good We stand for what is...oh lookit...shiiinnney Brightman 6
93420 YOMI Yomi Neutral OUR MOTTO IS TOO LON Gundam 1+6
93316 Gimps Gimps R Us Neutral porn elemental lube??? Tiwaz 1+10
93218 RBJS Rebel Biker JavaScripters Neutral and Python too Mortchek 1+5
93185 Ibanans Ibanan Royal Knights Neutral For the supreme Ibanan LirusM 5+2
93131 FUCK Friendly United Christian Kids Good God has a sense of humor. Geckobros 1+3+2
92752 ENG ENG Radio Evil oh my god my cock is stuck akpn 3+1
92427 KTDMFD Ketsueki's Trans-Dimensional Mu-Fu Dojo Evil #pq Zen Zen 17
92374 Ingi Infogimps Evil pimp my vl! mento_O's 7
92363 EeeCee Explicit Content Evil Mosh 10+1
91924 CovGuild Covertguildnotarealguild Neutral Yarr, it be legal, ye landlubber. Shastao 10+5
91837 LavTin Lavendar Tinted Neutral Caution, lest a frog devour your soul. stripey 1+7
91572 SotAO Shrine of the Anime Otaku Neutral If its not anime its not worth watching. Lord Krisman 8+6
91467 moon keepers Keepers of the three moons Good Only beautiful people are allowed...... Trois Lunes 12
91406 Buttpie Buttpie Evil Do unto thy butt as thou shall do unto their pie dangerousdug 14
91354 ZYWIEC Dark Cult of Beer Elementals Good Albiorix 1+12
90873 ]4[ Four Horsemen Evil Apocalypse is coming. Timaeus 1+3
90870 -SiN- Safety in Numbers Neutral All SiN, All Day InitHello 3+1
90779 AzTeCk TSC - AzTeCk Neutral AzTeCk - Your last sight will be our GREATNESS TSC SKIPPER 6+10
90698 Arrgs Minion Arrgrunk's Minions Good Run away! Run away Arrgrunk 5
90685 spoön Ninja’s of Spoön Neutral drop the spoön and you will die. afro ninja 11
90285 Spoon The Spoons Good We are all spoons! Merrick 6
90096 [ aec ] Asian Entertainment Club Evil is where its at!!!!! Temujin 4+5
89954 VORG V.ORG - home of grog gurgeling pirates Neutral GROG! GROG! GROG! Wronic 4
89896 /b/o/b/ Brotherhood of Bob Neutral Enjoy your fall... TheRealBob 12
89686 ArbInd Arbitrary Industries Evil leachlife4 5
89597 Geek Power Geeks Without Hats Evil Tu stultus es FeebleMind 13
89390 C o D Cake or Death Good CAKE OR DEATH!!! Quadra 1+3
88996 Shadowfire Fire in the Shadow Good By Will Alone! perendengue 1+11
88873 QDJ Quad Damage DJ's Neutral C'mon And Ride It (The Poleax) QDJ-McDeath 4
88864 gaumina gaumina Evil YOzaz 5
88818 SCAR Scarred adventurers Good The more wounds, the better! scar985 3+8
88805 ThMC The Middle Chamber Good Deadpool809 4
88687 d4l Datamatiker4life Evil ROFLCOPTER bQttger 13+1
88636 Acmlm! Acmlm's progressing guild Good Live the fun progressing experience! Acmlm 13
88556 NIROS NIROS Evil "Liberate tuteme ex cunicli" Teclis 6
88538 LemonCurry Lemon curry? Evil Lemon curry? mowglji 1+9
88042 YARRR Pirate Time Neutral It's drivin' me nuts! Yarrgh 7+1
87603 L2S Good I will dev your face off xDexter 4
86978 GE Golden Ear Good belekas belekaip Seichelis 4+3
86661 DskWmp Deskwimp Good Pasty white skin and arms that aren't used much!!! G34R3D 1+4
86527 Booters! The Fabulous Frostfell Freebooters Good We're just making Buffbots! Beaujiir Blackwolf 7
86391 TT2.0 TomTom Evil Power of COMMUNITY FTW! Bigos 2+5
86301 Drunken Drunken Masters Neutral neutral is better than evil or good Mark Neumann 6
86230 DdB Deusarum de Bellum Good gods of war Sephiros 16
85998 SU:BAM Sub Underground: Beyond Anti-Mainstream Neutral Derailing threads since December 2004! SpaciousPiano 7
85619 NQ NeverQuest Evil TrIpLe 11
85566 HRR Hansen's Roughriders Evil Mercs do it for money. Mute Girthblade 9
85494 Lickrs Licking Intensely Champion Knights Royal Society Evil Lick first, questions later. Licktorium 11
85459 TRN The Rush68 Network Neutral Go Ahead, Destroy yourself. Rush68 9+1
85394 Btown Blazetown Neutral Hej KromadFram 7+3
85184 I don't know *shrugs* I Don't Know Neutral Uh... yes? Leot 6
85175 M&M Magic & Might Good Masters only no nobheads Master Kane 15
85051 M2S Married to the Sea Neutral Out of my way, I've got pavement to smear. StephenR 3+2
85042 PoS Pets of Satan Neutral Le GANG de Boucherville frappe encore! Billy-Saccageur 17+2
84915 kZ Knights Of Zeratul Evil Conquer the world, one website at a time. Firewall[kZ] 3+3+1
84864 sudeki Sudeki Testers Evil We test you don't have to Chlamydia 16
84861 Kacs Kacaps Good SSIJCIE PALKE WooBoo 8
84361 TLDS The Legendary Dragon Slayers Good Here resides legendary dragon slayers! tropz 5
84354 FSinc Floydian Sincronization Evil Get in my belly! Ashton Sinclaire 5
84251 {SPQR} Senatus Populusque Romanus Good For the Glory of Rome {SPQR}Julius Caesar 5
84207 TMK The Midnight Kitties Neutral Whats a Motto? Rawr! Rukar 5+1
83909 ANAL Ass Nipping Anal Lickers Neutral ~(WIP) OF YOUTH~ Wallabe 6
83454 [SF] Synergy Factor Evil fap fap fap clownshoes 9
83337 WeekWar Weekend Warriors Good We suck at WoW too. Zarniwoop 1+8
83278 \(x_o)^ mutant alien flesh eating hellbound zombie nazis Evil weh huGZzel$ thou!11 TaR de Zyx 9
83032 Iron Chef Iron Chef France Evil Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme ? CornHoli0 14
82983 TCent The Centurions Neutral We like candy! Azuwrath 7+4
82938 SDP Super Donkey Punch! Good Hit her over the head with a brick KevynGiL 2+4
82922 Dragon Dragon's Castle Good We serve the dragon! Jae 9+1+2
82489 ECO Eco's Coolness Order Good Wicked eco master 5
82249 Kitten-D Kitten Defender's Guild Good Defenders of all that is cute, fuzzy and purrs! Manax 10+3+1
82141 KHPN KÄÄPIÖHOMOPORNONÄYTTELIJÄT Evil Suonenveto wc-pöntöllä - Priceless garillo 5
82071 DoI Disicples of Innoruuk Evil Your hatred is a gift. Vamael 2+2+2
81986 BoS Bastards of Science Good Better killing through technology Grendel 6+5
81931 ODTT Onward Defrosted Tuna Team Good All your tuna are defrosted to us! Rhapture 2+4
81844 pBD project BEATDOWN Neutral Making all your dreams come true BuddhaPest 17
81804 PELCO Porn Elemental Lube, Co. Ltd. Evil "Anything else gets you the raw end of the deal!" Screwball The Maladjusted 4
81770 theFUCKS Fighters Under Chiang Kai-Shek Good FOR CHIANG KAI-SHEK Cygnal 1+4
81759 DM's Drunken-Midgets Good Little people unite against the thread of big evil Johnson the Half-Size 9
81736 tehCDN The Excessively Polite Canadians Good ALL YOUR KOBOLD PENIS ARE BELONG TO US! leachlife4 19
81584 Golden Boys Students of Life Good Life is Study Yioto 4
81534 :DHD Korpisoturit Evil :E leachlife4 3+3
81449 Z.E.R.G. Zolm's Empire of Royal Guards Neutral We feel your presenc.. ops Zolm 10
81290 NPCs The Non-Player Characters Neutral What We Lack in Charisma We Make Up for in Numbers d-m 6
81276 Durka Durka Durka Durka Evil Durka Durka... Mohammad Jihad! jkt 4
81211 RMP Robot Monkey Persons Evil It doesn't take a robot to know you're gay. Torgon 13+2
80956 Rautapata Rautapata Evil USKOVAISET EI SYO MAKKARAA!!! KriegsWolf 1+3
80942 Pandas Rule! The Honourable and Respectful Society of Panda Good Bigger and Fatter is Better. Nat Dlareg 5
80904 urapnes urapnes Evil eetpuanddy frostbyte 5
80788 Whistlers The Enlightened and Tuneful Order of Tin Whistlers Neutral Six holes are better than three. Therac the Whistler 4
80673 SSSB SilverLake Neutral Wheres the pay? Draga 14+2
80302 FSCLPQG Foreningen Skjern Computer Loge ProgressQuest Guid Neutral All your Quests are belong to us ! Chip 11
80280 Hacked Hacked Evil phyxxer v1 18
80237 Alien13 Army The Alien13 Army Neutral Alien alien alien Alien13z 2+4
79928 rfs Royal Fishing Society Good Birthplace of Heroes! Belkador 16
79346 Seducer Promiscuous Circle of Affable Porn Elementars Evil Porn Elementars are our Best Friends Hesh-Had 3+1
79153 TGT The Guild of Two Good Because... ya know... there's two of us. Xen 2+2
79122 Beaters Beaters Evil orwaovgfjoi 15
79056 MrsDots Mrs. Dot's Cafeteria Raiders Good Insert Motto A into Slot B Adeilt 1+6
78939 TKOP! tkopdotcom Neutral raif 19
78788 Avatopia Avatopian Army Evil What's a motto with you? Legolicious 4
78527 Holy Crusade Warriors of Light Good Execute the sinners! Warrior of Light 6+1
78399 FK Frost Knights Good Honor and Respect DocTwisted 2+12
78313 Foot Barefooters of the League of Uncommon Excursions Good To boldly go barefoot where no one has gone before Mausumi 3+1
78136 Chaos Kingdom of Chaos Neutral Chaos rules all. Demento 7+2
78079 Wrath Blades of Wrath Evil The legendary Blades of Wrath! Join! Wrath 3+1
77889 #SP666 #SaatananPalvaus Evil Where's your God now? Gorgoronthis 13+2
77827 RAHOWA Rack Ack Hack Oack Wack Ack Evil RAHOWA! Treecarfrog 10
77789 RCP Reform Church of Progress Neutral Splitters. Funky Cold Medina 5
77743 DVLS DeViLSlayers Neutral Ladies and Gentleman, this is Mambo #5 PeEll 1+8
77574 T.R.G. T.R.G. Good It's all Lauren's fault... tthatfreak 6
77472 [LC] Legendary Covenant Evil Zeloran 11
77111 R.O.E. Ruler of the Ens Neutral Just being. Eugene Lover 1+4
77059 Evissionists Progressively Progressing Evil Progressivists Evil Progress for the Progression of Progressive Evil. Eckhart 1+5
76947 LBJHS The School of Pwnage Evil English sux. Astrophizz 4+7
76923 MASV Massively Neutral Home for MMO's, Sparkle Ponies and Double Rainbows Sun357 10
76185 HRAT Hoodrats Evil Go away or we kill you! kuanoni 1+14
76052 DWAGGY DWaggins Are Good GuYs Good Sure we slay 'em... but we don't enjoy doing it. Luxatos 6
75929 TeBa Tera Bad Good "We Shall Prevail" Vifs 9
75595 WYRD Wyrdwood Neutral Slappy the Ringthief 2+2
75590 cYm Clan Your Mom Evil Your Mom Is Showing Progress In Her Quests MillerTime 8
75427 Stein Seekers of the Stein Neutral We'll drink till you ain't ugly-That'll be a while Horkin 4
75147 JohnB jB lamzors Evil Kill and destory everything out side of John bauer Lyckan 12+2
75100 DuC Dungeon Crawler Neutral Tebeda Wusha 5
74902 The Hoard The Hoard of Australian Drunkards Good Real Men Drink Beer [PnP]MadMike 6+1
74839 Evil Hosts The Clan of the Evil Game Host Evil All your hosts are belong to us! GM Elbrion 1+11
74787 ಠ_ಠ Sengie Good In lulz we believe, for lulz we fight. durrrrrr 1+3
74708 #ffo Vault-Lab Evil L'abri avant tout, citoyen! xixel 6
74628 Hail NC Man o War Evil Hail and Kill. Everyone Everywhere Everytime Bongholee 1+5
74506 nVidia nVidia Good The way it's ment to be played. Dedos 4
74471 CWSlayers The Killing Machines, Cybernetic Wonderful Slayers Good We treat rabbits with respect. unknownhybrid 5
74438 P&F Piggy & Fisher Neutral SoggyPiggy 6
74373 WASTE We Await Silently Tristero's Empire Good There is only one God, and Frankel is his prophet. Aariel 4
74349 DORC The Dorcish Horde Good Beware the wraith of the mighty dorcish horde. spleengrammy 2+2
74234 DomainTools DomainTools Good Domain's Rock Ickock 5
73894 Moberstein Moberstein Warriors from the realm of Ggggnnarrzor Good Moustaches are our greatest weapon fight evil Gilgor the Unshaven 8
73767 BOBO BonniesBoys Evil We Rock! Mekill-A-Lot 11
73606 Lunatics Lunatic Killers Evil KainLok 4
73074 Kurzyki Kurzyki Evil Not enough mayoneese! Kull 19
73051 jbs JBSlaves Evil 3 shifts in a row and 1 shift off leachlife4 5
73004 CGN Clever Guild Name Evil ... now with a clever motto! Jibbler Jack 3+2
72916 [SL] Shadow Legion Evil Othree 9
72888 CNL Chuck Norris Lovers Neutral Chuck Norris Rules! Erlisch 4
72832 Technology Surgery with Lasers from Space Neutral What have you done to my noooose?! kinkood 5
72615 HCPoann The High Court of Poann Evil GOSH. rhiannface 5
72544 [LMAC] La Main Au Cul-Te Good Trans sex is fun come with us ! Ceinwen 8
72398 Poopsoup Pooper Scoopers Neutral smell that? mmmmm... Acranon 9+6+3
72390 New Era Order of the New Era of Progress Good Outclass your predecessors. Leviathan Mist 1+2+5
72354 Deadheads Deadheads of the Lysergic Dimension Neutral Why are they following me? Techromancer 4
72350 MK Mercykillers Neutral To Err is Human, to Punish is Divine KobraKiller 4+2
72247 BEATDOWN Temple of the Beatendown Brothers and Sisters Neutral thou shalt not ask Buddha-Quest 16+2
72224 IHTFP Incantational Heralds Through Feverish Pleathous Neutral Progressing towards eternity! Tomachen_1 6
72195 BDC Black Dragon Clan Neutral Phear the Black Dragon & his clan! Muertero 5+1+1
72057 JD Krew John Deere Krew Neutral John Deere Krew 4 life, yo! Straight up! Gibbler 3+3
71935 EnGouled EnGouled the Partly Swallowed Good leachlife4 4
71829 Bored Guld Of The Bored Neutral fuckem Ratso 1+1+2
71826 tstan Terrorstan Evil All Your Base Are Blown Up By Us Uselessness 4+4
71663 ueguild United Empire Guild Neutral Screenshot or It Didn't Happen Bloodcinder 10+1
71606 TehMoe TehMoe Good Omniux 14
71584 I-I Insanity-Inc Good Veni, Vidi, Vitae! Mekle 2+2
71582 GYBS Graveyard Babies Evil Get yer dickon. Mr. Stone 5
71420 Discord Discord Neutral It says little, means less, does nothing. devega 12+1
71393 PERA Pera Evil What do we do again? Koomi 2+2
71277 M-Inc. Mumpitz Inc. Neutral GOING POSTAL !!! Completly Bursar !!! Anghammerad 7
71252 GPGuild Gamer's Pouch Guild Good Stick it in your pouch Moe Deps 6
70954 A4H Assassins 4 Hire Evil If you get paid , Kill em... Tigerclaw 4+1
70943 TRD The Red Dragons Neutral Long Live The Red Dragons!!! Scumra 4
70943 Spirals The Spirals Neutral A bunch of buffoons in one room. m0gman 4
70936 Mee! It's a whole guild of me! Evil Why the hell would I want a motto? Whovencroft 10
70795 Crackers Crackers Evil Best git outta my grill, bizzitch melvinator 12
70712 HoC House of Cosby's Good Y'Seee, Theeeooo, the thing is, RUUUUDDDDYYY! The One True Cosby 5
70682 ScofB Scumriders of Blargh Evil Once the oozing pan gets the chocolate... Cyberfoxz 4
70568 BATB2TPQ Our Enchanted Motorcycle Robot Monk Milkshake Evil That's right we're better than you. Doomfrost 5+9
70542 War & peace Imano Ervisaë Neutral Vive la paix pendant la guerre Torion Den Dervar 8
70306 HOFON Horribly Oppressed Freaks of Nature Evil Beware the small quite ones... CainSF 4
70217 FROG% The Order of the Frog Neutral WHY CAN'T FROG DUCK Aweglib 6
70204 nekkid hot naked people Evil gaze upon our nakedness and die. all are welcome! michelle 7+6
70002 LocE Loc the Evil Evil Kill in Locs name Gruukret 8
69991 CED Codies Empires of the Dragon Neutral Go forth and get the ph@t l00t and 0wns0r Qazedski 6+2
69971 Raritan Raritan Neutral When you're ready to take control. bkellner 17
69969 Dragoons The Dragoons Evil Dragoons will rule all! Darville 6
69320 Hepcats Drooling Hepcats Neutral Hey! Something really IS burning in here! daggetto 14
69190 8-D Paisti Evil Slowest pirates of the universe tratok 7
69120 VPNLacky's VPNLacky's Evil We do Nothing so you have to! WowWhore 5
68895 Killer Foon Clan of the Killer Utinsels Good LordSpork 2+4
68787 TPPQ The Protectorate Good Protecting the Realm from Evil Kastigir 4+1
68731 chooseyou The Royal Legion of Those Who Idle in #chooseyou Neutral chocolate rain Romer 6
68684 IoM Islands of Myth Neutral Grasfer 7
68546 [BC] Bodycount Neutral soon Victimizer 13
68466 MoSPAM Masters of SPAM! Good Only with SPAM will the world be united! DarkOsyluth 11
68297 NJITBaggers NJITeabaggers Neutral Veditet 7+1
68243 AUST Australian Neutral GDay Mate Koshatul 4
68198 YUTAR YUTAR Good ^^ Yeomin, Choi 7
68159 TheCoKe Coke-Paradise Studios Evil We hate you! Jacky Cola 8
68093 OhCanada! Crazy Canadian Jacks Neutral Time to chug maple syrup while riding a moose, eh? Doktor Sputnik 1+9
68060 TWATM The Wanderers of Antenora and The Malebolge Neutral Come, spend a day in Hell CalcwarePeregrine 4
68054 [4$g] Asghard! Evil Asghard's Chivarliers! we'll conquer all Alas! 18
67996 333333333333 Butts Evil Butts or gtfo, no ladybutts allowed. Benguin 4
67985 Blah Guild The Blah Guild Good; AJ_Letson 11
67708 Tasty Tasty, Inc. Neutral SteveoDood 1+2+14
67617 TWIWII That Which Is What It Is Neutral Why Be Something You're Not? Niclai 1+3
67596 obadgers The Order of Righteous Badgers Neutral Release your inner badger. TheBunyip 4
67547 Dragonz Dragons2 Evil Hopefully we`re better than Dragons 1 Dragon Master 5
67491 CLOWNFART Don't Stop Tickling My Left Rib Neutral AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Korodullin 13
67296 Pepper Pepper Evil Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper Too? Jypsy 11
67158 SpongeMonkey SpongMonkeys Evil We like tha moon! haly 2+7
67150 Phoenix Phoenix Reborn Neutral Death just means a new begining Aquifn 3+12+2
67146 Seti The First Church of Seti Good There is life out there! Zandramas 3+3
67068 Rotratt Die Roten Ratten Neutral Gut geschmiert ist halb gewonnen. Schmierwurst 6
67025 URK URKRAFT Neutral >:j This is a product of Urkraft >:j Deathmaster 3+6
66973 snucse snucse Neutral It's pretty easy, isn't it? Digitz 10
66601 Edged Those who make their enemy bleed Good Slow death longbow 7
66563 DA Dark Alliance Evil Once you killed him kill him again just for fun! Grablin 2+6
66557 MI03 Military Intelligence Division 003 Neutral Uh What? Bamnf 9
66453 TATL The Anti Tuan League Evil Really Kill Tuan pithhead 5
66416 FACEPUNCH Facepunch Studios Evil Punchy and to the face leachlife4 19
66316 ana Anarchos Neutral Road Rage is Not a Crime Auggie 2+2
66194 FX FXellence Neutral PC Load Letter Zangula 11
66177 NB:OS Nutella Bande Evil Guck mal Gerd was du da siehst Dr.Love 4
66176 MID M.I.D Royale - "Bloody Liberty" Good 이런 한전에 돈을바치는 ê²Œìž„ê°™ìœ¼ë‹ˆï¿ ê³ ë¹„ 9
65979 NETNEUTRAL Network of Neutrality Neutral Head full of Indifference Heart full of Neutrality Maikeroppi 1+8
65816 [P_Child] Pentacle Children Evil Play fast, play punkrock FRedDy LOSERKID 12
65788 ANSH AntiShadow Neutral We are the droids you're looking for Ghent Starshadow 7
65672 UGU Useless Guild is Useless Neutral The final station is trashcan Lua 4
65655 YOJPCOD Ye Olde Java Programmers Consortium of DEWM Neutral CAFEBABE? WTF?! Sardogrand 5
65611 Really Big The Really Big Group of alot of Nasty Tough Guys Neutral Hey look over there! RUN!! George of the Fish 5
65523 COFR Crusty Old Fossil Rockers Good Git offa my lawn! leachlife4 8
65476 P.O.S. P.O. Squidders! Evil We'll Jig Ya, mutha! Vince Y. 9+1+1
65280 EHP Evil Hanky Panky Evil If it's hanky panky, it's evil Greyed 2+2
65161 Evil When in death's embrace, you will find peace. DarkWings 10
65153 Spungoes The Spungoes Neutral SPUNGOES Doctor Fatty 10
65106 IVV In Vino Veritaas Evil DIAF ratzmaru 5
65015 yrg Yarrrg Good Gog mog tog Gurrrg 4
64954 sakass Sa Kass Good sakass koermees 3+1
64947 KM Killer Monkeys Evil Kill .. Sell... Eat... Sleep... Darkmush 7+1
64917 DB Drunken Bastards(tm) Evil More beer and wenches! olio 3+3
64892 PALGN #PALGNchat Evil PALGN chatters on SixLabRats... CorruptDropbear 8
64777 RRRR Resist Refuse Remove Replace Neutral Memory Overdrive KeffoSteffo 3+3
64770 DiE I'll Kill You!!! Evil Biatch, You know what I want! StealthLogic 12+1
64712 Amtgard Neutral Hit each other with padded sticks! LucasTheLost 6+9
64607 TinyPi Tiny Purple Izy Good Its My Purple Izy tinypurplizy 7
64543 DDKoDHDoO DivineDarkKnightsOfTheDivineHolyDivinityOfOobag Evil Apjoun 8
64444 uh noobville Noobzor Faction Evil "We are the noobs" Noobzor 2+7
64370 FRUITBASKET Fruitbasket Evil Always look on the bright side of life. Gruwelijk 7
64333 SoRK Servants of the Raven King Evil Like dots on the bar, so are the days of our lives Ive 9+4
64257 WWKYITB We Will Kick You In The Back Good "No we won't- hey, what's that behind you?" Spazzo 10
64230 RWaC Rables Without a Clause Good Jake and Elwood are GODS!!! Rubber Biscuit 6
64186 BoH Brotherhood of Helixe Good Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes! valg3 10
64168 Vigor Vigor Evil WAR is coming! Vilunen 6
64157 Veracity Order of Veracity Neutral Must be the hax Camrhyne 4
64152 ATF Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Neutral sardiax 1+8
64057 [P208] Phalanx 208 Neutral Angry fish. Squishies 6
63916 Templar K's The Sicilian Church Good Kill Everything Evil! Padre Templar 6
63851 #tc Templerclan Good progressing... Kry 8
63816 1-800- steamed hams Neutral WE LIEK STEAMED HAMS s4dp4nd4 5
63779 Persistent The Persistent Knights Evil Often restarted, never lost WillerZ 1+8+1
63776 Tnmt i Tenmetsu inu Good Nihongo de randamu chinpunkanpun Mukiryoku 11
63773 F.I.S.T. Fraternity of Independent Sea Tyrants Evil Tyranny will rule the world!!!! RedGoatee 14
63754 IMPERIA Last Imperia Evil Last Imperia in whole f.. world! Nileriver 5
63641 G Grumdrig Evil girdmurG SleepingEye 2+3
63552 VLD Vicious Lemmings of DOOM Evil JUMP or we eat your face off! BaconIsMiDog 9
63536 H2O H2OLan - Lan capital of the world Neutral Kowabunga? KetchHoel 1+6
63404 GALS GALS Good Welcome to the wired Angel13th 8+2
63355 BeBaBa Belligerent Battle Band Good Battle for the beat! Hogarth the Rockstar 8
62868 Chambers Formal Mesquite Hallowing Chamber-guards Neutral Oizys guide fourth-fruits from love to my neck Hollow Leviathan 1+5
62852 birdtrees neversleep Good sunclock 8+1
62836 Fallout Fallout Good War. War never changes. Mitos 3+2
62811 Affinity Affinity For Death Neutral All your base are belong to us! leachlife4 14
62781 ICH Iron Chef Hobbitish Good Today's theme ingredient -- Gelatinous Cube Jam! KarmaKid 3+1
62742 FFW Full Frontal Warriors Good Tactical wookiee-stripper action at its finest! Azfalion 6
62689 WeakWar Weakened Warriors Neutral Unarmed by day, poorly armed by night. Compass 12+1
62642 M. Harmless Mostly Harmless Good Don't Panic Serrin 4+4
62589 TIQ The Incessant Questors Evil It will all end in tears. VoyRising 8
62573 Dinamo BBB Dinamo! Evil Jebote, kolko nas ima ! L-C-F-R 3+1
62391 Meh KillinBandWidth Evil Wow U must B bored Laviathon 2+2
62370 find the end finding the end Neutral we will find the end to the game waya 11
62275 JuGGaLO SKz JuGGaLO SeRiAL KiLLAz Good We spreadin' across the world like peanut butter! SpEcTrE Ya' DeaD KiLLA 13
62257 EFA El Foqate Anso Evil To destroy all is our quest Nehovsrah 6
62152 Neons Neutral Ions Neutral Charge! Kill the Bug DoneWithClicks 7
61739 T-üborgs T-üborgs beer drinking association, Inc. Evil Brings out the T-üborg in you! Messermann 9
61725 MUS Mouseians Evil Moueians rule all UberMouse 7
61689 eeeh extrem elite exp hunters Good exp is all we need leachlife4 4
61453 CotaN Conquerors of the Alternate Netherworld Evil The victory belongs to the Otter. Ameevlest 5
61438 bgsns black gospel Evil sinners and saints dark_preacher 11
61434 Biscuit Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels Neutral Only Freaks of Natute need apply. Freak of Nature 4+3+1
61378 Al Roker Chambraigne Neutral I'm already smart enough to know this is working. sabin1001 7
61373 FBGM Find Birches Get Mulch Good EzPzFuckinEz Airhawk9 8
61285 UZ Unreal Zoggers Good All You Can Eat!!! Apu 13
61272 MYTH Forgotten Myth Neutral leachlife4 4+1
61222 -{SDG}- SnapDragonGames Neutral snap them all darknesz 15
61217 (Ctrl-G) Guild (Ctrl-G) Neutral Motto Kentus 1+2+1
61134 Hobo Force Hobo Force Evil We can kill you in so many hits! Turtle'core 7
61091 Yeah, baby! Stormbringers Evil To kill the princess and save the dragon! Meorn 6
61020 Foehammer Foehammer Intergalactic Neutral Steve's Gay banana_fish 6
60915 TIP The Infinitely Prolonged Neutral Thoth42 3+2
60572 PQ-Playa's Quakenet PQ-Playa's Good There is no greater thing than life. So be it. Defree 3+4
60539 WUTG Warsaw University of Technology Guild Evil Americans are nasty bastards! Grundir 6
60505 [TeaM] Team Madison Evil Fighting For Fun XLarge 4
60493 Garkar Guild of Garkar Evil Garkar 19
60401 ARDK AnimeReactorDK Evil DEATH TO CARTOONS! G4S 4+1
60087 wtferz WTFers! Evil Every time you masturbate, we kill a kitten. Superban 5
59583 we drink! Lords of Beer Evil AdelScott or Du Demon ? That's the question! Sisko 14
59583 ¿ Spliddle Spludifuros Neutral Scorddle Fipple Duggle Dort!! leachlife4 1+3
59554 [=-NS-=] Nomad Soul Neutral Wherever you may land. djavulkai 6
59494 M.O.E. The Mysterious Order of the Eternal Flame Good Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis. Banshee 13
59433 StoEX The Honest Merchantmen's Guild of Stoink Neutral Image is nothing, profits are everything! Raydelf of Stoink 4+2+1
59060 CajNF Neaux Fear Neutral What makes the green grass grow?BRIGHT RED BLOOD! MacGyver 8
59058 LUND Warriors of Littlelund Good DO NOT TICKLE US!!! littlelum 12
59047 ItnaRO In the name of ROKH Neutral ItnaRO!!!!! Kanning 19
59040 Gauthus Guildus Gauthus Neutral Gauth 7+1
58961 LSW Legendary Suit Wearers Evil We stop being sad and be awesome instead. pneum0re 5
58732 MMCPCFM MELISSA’S MAGICAL CHOCOLATE POCKY CLUB FOR MENS Evil By "for Mens" we mean + Melissa... leachlife4 12
58690 nin10doh nin10doh Neutral uhh. hi LinkTetra 5
58687 Local 107 Thieves Guild: L:ocal 107 Neutral We'll steal the pants right off you! Tievx0r-Died In Battle 1+8
58686 OoG Order of Goatse Evil Ahh! My Eyes! da chicken 10
58671 ADL The Army of the Dark Lord of Progress Evil Nothing can stand in the way of Progress. Guy 1+2+1
58579 KotOR II The Sith Lords_KotOR Evil Do you has a flavor? Yes, I has a flavor. ExaltedPower 4
58538 Headless The Headless Dungeoneers Evil Evil - Because it's just more fun. leachlife4 1+7
58528 dihydro Dihydromonoxide Neutral it really does taste like chicken. Animal1313 4
58495 DieKuhe Ratkaisijat Neutral Völler, Klinsmann Zwei, Riedle, Brehme! Bergerac 10
58480 DHCN Darktooth Horses of the Coming Necropolis Neutral What he said. Wr3cktangle 2+2
58308 UniGa Universe's gatherers Neutral Travel, see, hear, learn. Alderi Tokori 5
58205 Illuminati Illuminati Evil We already rule the world and you don't know! Hacker X 3+2+5
57902 Makid Makid Tabu'shui Good Why not? makid 4+2
57701 Destroyer X5 Evil Kal Vas Flam o@Legolas@o 5
57627 RCC Residenial Computing Connection Neutral Rho Chi Chi is to the limit! Et Cetera 3+5
57591 Massassi The Massassi Neutral Place souls in the donation box Veger 10+1+1
57487 centOS Team Central Evil We pwn work orderz UnafraidSage 8
57242 quasi quasi Neutral pas tant snid 7
57042 Resuld Resuld Magger Good Work Hard Work Long leachlife4 10
56604 Zod The Guild of Kneel Before Zod Evil So this is planet Houston shanzer 1+3
56591 LSA Land Squids of America Neutral Destory Calimari-eaters everywhere. menimienai 9+1
56581 8===D Double Penetration Neutral fissional 5
56561 THHHHoTPC The Half-Half(Half)-Halflings of The Prancing Goat Evil Hard work never killed anyone, but why risk it? Mariutn 9
56535 <./\.> Catacombs of Ancient Computers Good Your found it in your loft? Yeah, I'll have it... Techno-Stick 1+4
56469 flipmode [FLIPMODE] Evil a good pair of shoes is almost always cheaper xolotl 6
56459 Bk-Z BunKer-Z Evil Toi aussi aide la police Fait pousser ton CaNaBiS Kodha 11
56397 [ToF] The Old Firm Evil Nuisances Obliterated, Obstacles Removed. Skurvash 7+4
56347 Silence! Silence! Neutral shhhhhhhh! leachlife4 16
56245 PQForge Progress Quest Forge Good Incurro cum Forfex Seven 3+2
56171 =*1337*= The 1337 crew Good OMG were 1337 LOLOLOL STARSBarry 8
56155 OuT OuTLaW Evil Ya betta ask somebody BlahGoD 9
56115 [Geno] Genocide Good Get it on, and on and on [Geno]Ping 3+1
56113 POLICE CUNTstables Evil Grab the Spoon, Give him a smack!11 mangravey Senor 3+13+1
55862 Do0m Dead organic 0xide monkeies Evil Don\'t make the orange monkey mad leachlife4 2+16
55753 TGA SP11 The Game Assembly Neutral Yes, we have one! Jomshox 7
55744 Snow Epic Snow Storm Good Swifter, Higher, Stronger Jadeykins 6
55717 Lyr Lyrania 2.0 Evil When does magic come out TrixieLulamoon 4+4
55692 azn inv azn invasion Neutral evil, good, all bow down to the azns zangshan 8
55630 Lyzards Guild of the Ancient Order of Lyzards Good A human! Eat it! Drazyl 10+2
55571 Asshats!@ Asshats!@ Good Join or be brutally taunted until whimpering Notacrook 4
55514 PY Good or bust PY Dave 13
55463 M-lan M-lan Neutral forza m-lan L1zard 1+7
55408 Magic Mages Guild Neutral Cast the spell! leachlife4 2+16
55387 Stringy Stringys Legion Evil Stringy = Stringy + input Quinda 2+2
55236 AngM Angry Muffins Evil Do you know the muffin man? DO YOU? TALK! Drewcifer3939 2+1+3
55208 KotED Knights of the Elliptical Desk Good A hollow star descends. p-hop 13
55090 TRIMEX #Trimethylxanthine Neutral Auron is a faggot. Skinner8 4
55081 ax²+bx+c=0 THE QUADRATIC EQUATIONS Neutral mww 2+5
54983 D7 D7 Evil d7urnk! wakingrufus 7+1
54895 LemonFlavor LemonFlavored Good Where the Lemons hang out! AnubisTheGreat 5
54807 Quendi Menel Sanga Good Finwes 4
54758 ObChaos Oblique Chaosium Neutral Wango please for my sandwich yes no? Smitelight 3+8
54702 PoT Princes of Time Neutral Beebo: The Cat What Has Facial Hair. Dessloch 6
54549 PWN Pwners Good For Good Or For Awesome PhantomXL 4
54537 TOSD Tanks of SelfDoom Evil Come to the dark side, for we have cookies... AiroNG 5
54441 HQisPro Highquality's Chars ftw Neutral Characters of Highquality UNNIIIITTTEEE!!!!! Highquality 5
54229 tech maximum tmax Neutral world best 3! fight against world! 6
54176 GDF Global Delivery Framework Neutral Delivery of best in class service Pacard 5
53744 WFPP WifflePlaster Neutral Nickles are the three of the baking giants! Yster 4+4
53658 ecqRO ecqRO Neutral Frustrer de pas pouvoir botter sur ecqRO?? Finntroll 2+11
53643 VeViVi Veni Vidi Vici Good We Came, We Saw, We Conquered Iron 4
53451 T. FC The Filecabinet Evil i like your house. can i come in? Marlcabinet 7+1
53331 SeaShell SeaShell Evil bah...motto?! kill everything that moves ffs!! DaHawk 11
53319 |OUF| Obese Undulating Frogmen Evil Time's fun when you're having flies. Col. Mustard 13
53280 TRfaITGMiB Terrasque Riders for a ITG Machine in Bham Evil Hands, triples, gallops, spins! Ayenaphre 4
53039 A[OCZ] Anti-Over Caffeinated Zombies Evil we iz sad peoplez Knight 16
53014 TRF The Rouptraex Foundation Good A Shumbrup for Every Occasion Celes Tadjinar 3+9
52896 -[SR]- Shadow Runner Evil Der Feind wird umgemoscht !!! cYcLoNe 3+1+1
52863 DracEmp Draconian Empire Good VallaDe 4
52850 Teh ebil BaldursGate guild'eh' Evil Where evil is, we are at work! Vilhelm 5+5+1
52793 CoM Chaoswarriors of Milliways Neutral The answer is 42 leachlife4 5
52714 FSC v2.0 Fucking Stupid Company Evil Bringing You Yesterdays Technology Tomorrow eVil Integer 14
52686 billy!!!1!!1 Billlllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy!!!11!!!!one Evil sylinzs!!!!!! i m h33r 4 reveenj!!!! hausmaster 13
52485 Unleashed Unleashed Neutral Now with 20% more lesbians! ryofu 1+7
52429 42 Forty-Two Neutral The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything! Eric42 7+5
52238 haqs h4xopolis Neutral Also, new items have been added. Zolra 14
52232 out of order Evil ... Aldaron 3+1
52062 MotU Masters of the Universe Neutral LOVE IS OVER. Zazikerng 7
51879 [RO Team] RO, la guilde des héros Neutral youpi youpi yah bweps 1+4
51836 4:20 Ganja Lords Good A friend with weed is a friend indeed! Chunks 4+1
51775 PRIATEs PRIATEs Evil We are the Scurviest PRIATEs GuybrushThreepwood 2+14
51560 EoT End of Time Evil The return of solitude, a side you will never know Iyo 1+4
51520 RurB r0xx0rz uR b0xx0rz Evil Conceited 9
51254 Anime FGC Anime FGC Neutral We'll finish the game before Ultimax 2.0 releases. SlothFacts 3+2
51157 OGN Oceanic Gamers Network Good Where friends meet to kill one another! sKumbag70 1+7
51138 crit The Critical Hits Good We make critical failures look bad in comparison. Ace Mercury 6
51083 LoLSkis LoLer Skaters Good So I herd U Lyke Mudkipz WhysTheXGotToBeY 6
51049 Oom Diabolic Ice Neutral No bar too far! Wrathchild-K 11
51041 -GK- Griffon Knights Good Never put a finger where you wouldnt put your knob Mangetout 6
50967 TFCD TFC Dragons Evil Admiral Kettch 4+7
50902 BR Baby Rapers Evil It may be evil, but look at the XP bonus! krez 5
50901 Synth Gods The New Dark Wave of Half Orc Toungeblades of DOOM Evil We are Glass Gary Numan 5
50848 4F Cult The Fabulous and Fanatical Following of Faileas Good Faithful Freaks for Faileas Flood Forth! Forsooth Faileas 2+3
50559 Milk Lords of the Milk Good One Milk To Rule Them All KeyZer256 1+9+2
50556 .fOo. Fuggity fOo Evil We like bOobies. Slint 4+2
50512 LCSUI Lazy College Students United Incorporated Good When going gets tough, I go home cblum 11+6
50454 lego Legendary Good Medicia 1+4
50406 SHVL Shovel Neutral Bow down, you pathetic worms! leachlife4 5
50175 SHSS The Silly Slap-Happy Salamanders Evil Get Slap-Happy! leachlife4 10
50097 T"IPYF!"G The "I Punch Your Face!" Guild Good I Punch Your Face! Rixter 10
49910 Ninja Gaijin Ninja Gaijin Evil Stop looking at our Bawls leachlife4 5
49789 ROLL Royal Order of Lasting Light Good May the light always be your guide. Lord Griffon 2+4
49682 IDC Incontinental Drip Neutral Oh Lord, what have I done now? Girdlefanny 4
49642 Flater Flater Evil Burn! Fret 5
49542 Kitty Klub Kitty Klub Evil Hurry up MEOW! Freet 6
49466 OdeB Ordo de Brassica Neutral Cabbage is leafy kayos 6
49457 KP2 Klestrup interne timer Evil Kunden betaler ps2 12
49373 RnD Lf Render Evil Buy our damn software :-D SniperX0 1+5
49286 GoF Guardians of Fate Good Stratomaster 12
49203 Pirates R Us Pirate for the right to Party Neutral thar be rum in me glass or thar be planks to walk! Danira Hornblow 5
49038 Lunar Guard Lunar Guardians Neutral The moon is our ally, our deity, our salvation. Kimo 5
48926 RT RollingThunder Good With your shield, or on it! Ksero 9
48870 [TS] Tetris-Squad Good Can I Have a line ? Matrice 3+8
48857 SB Statusbälger Good Wir balgen den Status The_Grumdrig 18
48799 LeCastor La Guilde du Castor Good Viendez tous ! LeCastor2001 3+2
48694 SAPACH Slacker's Auxilliary Pansy Shooting Club of Harrow Neutral A Good Time is a Waste of Time Sammy 6
48615 Lucid Dreams Lucid Dreams Neutral butterflies and sex drives. Mada 8+1
48485 PriNo Primae Noctis Evil You are not prepared! Jokce 5+1
48426 CIA Centralized Intelligent Automatons Evil In Bertil-kuk we thrust! Bertil-kuk 4
48419 HAGLLS The Hairy Good Looking Ladies Good WE NEED RAZOR BLADES The Hairy Good Looking Ladies 6
48330 The BG The Breakfasters Guild Evil Eat breakfast or DIE Budd Fuchhead 9
48246 Avrum The Avrums Good We are the Avrums Avrum 4
48232 proc Procrastinators Good Procrastinators unite.... tomorrow Paladin_Jamm 4
48029 ARTOo Artih Good Oo Homex 1+8
48028 Utu Utu Good Revenge will be ours!! Greggo! 11
47904 UAC Union Aerospace Corporation Good If it moves... Kill it again. UAC Flynn Taggart 11
47869 BoJH Brothers of Jacobs Hall Evil BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Swamp Tang 11
47859 Braves Atlanta Braves Good Keep Getting Better! BigRDawg18 11
47837 Sock Lint Sock Lint is good. Can I have some more sock lint? Neutral Yay for sock lint!!!! heeheehee 5+1
47716 Quicksilver Quicksilver~* Neutral of Verzerker Speed! Jazzy Sama 9+1
47709 LPWA LP Corporal Weezy's Army Evil Listening to a Hip Hop Song lowers your IQ by 10. Weezcake 14
47669 [SoL] Seekers of life Good We protect, we preserve, we prevail! Mazeter 3+3
47635 Sac Sacrifice Good Dx 6
47626 C4 C4 Guild Evil Destroy everything that moves Prukib 1+15
47546 lazy lazy Neutral lazy bunneh 6
47470 KOL2 Kingdom of Loathing Good Evie2883 2+1+1
47441 MonBut Monkey Butlers Evil Fetch me some pie! Negzon 4
47425 UFO UFO Good Hood 11
47323 smtng.Inc Something Incorporated Neutral We do Stuff!!!!!!!!!! Nosredna 9
47261 FiG Food is Good Evil If you like food, join me! Zathras 7+1
47185 We AFK AFK bay Neutral Never thought I would afk on a boat... Singularity 5
46934 tLoL The League of Losers Good Our ongoing failure is never complete! Dayv 13+1
46856 Gota Guild of the Avatars Good :o Mongol.DK 10
46829 CiH Cats in Hats Evil Parade Brigade Hvitserk 16
46828 XIV Fungi from Yuggoth, XIV. Star-Winds Neutral I'm not joining a guild that would have me. Drazid 8+5
46720 UGC United Geeks Good Kill it with fire. Fire kills everything. Selrach 5+1
46676 Golden Ladle Order of the Golden Soup Ladle Neutral Forget the rest; chicken and mushroom is best! SouperJim 10+1
46613 JSC Just Super Crits Evil Long-term, honest knowledge Lemprok 5
46523 HF-Progress Hongfire United Neutral We will pervify you! Sayun 8
46475 [gl] The Gentleman Losers Good To the pain! Miridel 2+2
46404 ASS HAT Assassins of Sahara & Saratoga Helping All Texans Neutral At EDS, progress is our middle name! Mjolnir Stone 9
46401 Mugoi Mimizu Mugoi Mimizu Neutral free orgasm for octosquids Kudlaty 5
46356 rover rover Neutral Follow one's inclinations howardhgz 5+4
46280 Farm Gentlemen Farmers Neutral Farming 4 life !! platio 11
46235 -SkN- Sokoni Evil leachlife4 10
46019 Brothers Brothers in arms Neutral We're brothers leachlife4 6
45855 {EV} Excessive Violence Neutral Ain't nothin' like a gory scorefest! Nexus 6
45720 XyQ!?! Xenophobic Yeti Qillers!?! Neutral Die Yeties!!! How do you spell Yeties? Aaugh! egrudzin 12
45713 Vellv Vellv Evil Click, clack. jds 1+8
45663 Dog Downside of Goodness Good Things are upside down and I like 'em that way joe white 3+1
45601 asdf asdf! Evil asdf h1pls codechino 14+2+1
45471 Mine Always Running Neutral At your service servotron 1+3
45430 AYAT Are You A Tree? Good Are You A Tree? I THOUGHT NOT!!! jonthejackhammer 5
45419 Guilds Guild's Guild Neutral There is no Guild! Lefeu 4
45376 T.F.G. The Felonious Guild Good Felons that go straight !!---" NEW MEMBERS WANTED" FEAR "The Felon" 7
45340 Moose The Flying Space Møøse Hunters Evil In space no one can hear your Skoter PaeDie 5+3
45333 Kt Grays Kill the Grays Neutral We kill everything, as long as it's gray Willbo 6+1
45252 PotRN Paladins of the Runny Noses Good Our noses shall never be clean! Deathwalk28 7
45145 MMB Moo Moo Buckaroos Good The cow goes moo. Pozer 13+5
45006 HGDC Hattiesburg Global Development Center Evil an Unholy Union of Power Bert Naquin 4
44991 Claymore Claymore Good kill em all Jerome 6
44979 Aardvark Aardvark Good All for the Aardvarks! irxc 1+6
44975 SplodC 'Sploded Collective Neutral 'Splosions make you POPULAR! Ynteiro 7
44966 GCS The Great Chinpoko Spankers Evil Have you spanked your Chinpoko today? Fyrates 2+3
44894 Pattonphilia Pattonphilia Neutral 'cause it's TUESDAY MrDelvan 9
44785 3k Players of 3kingdoms Evil telnet 3000, Munelear 9+1
44723 EVAL Evals family Good my friends are part of my family Eval_Cupid 1+4
44593 TAINT Talismen Awkwardly Ingesting Nuclear Tangerines Neutral We rule the land between the hills and the cavern! SmokePuppet 5
44589 PBS Plok's Bardic Society Neutral And the Trogdor comes in the niiiIIIIiiiIIIgh! Plok 10+7
44568 Afterlife Afterlife Evil Its the afterlife Momok 4+1
44551 _\\// Critical Fumble Miss Evil 00010001110010010001 iamninja 4
44454 OSYS1000 Osys is the Best-ys Evil Deleting your system32 since 2010 Inkjet 6
44325 Valerians Puppetmasters of the Multiverse Neutral From the Shadows we rule... Valgreon 2+2
44308 GGWG The Girls Gone Wild Guild Evil Naked Naked Naked! Nudity! 4
44165 135bpm Techno Evil mindfucker 6+1
43962 [PA] Progressive Anarchy Evil Anarchy Shall Progress... leachlife4 6+4
43848 UI The Undead Infantry Good OMG! So thats what a crosshair is for? omfg toast 10
43840 Xanth Xanth Good Need healers so we can raid and stuff xcx 10
43732 rune runescape Good we kill all who are not of pure heart light 3+4+1
43721 A-TEAM A-TEAM Evil Kill'em all! Clone731 4
43706 quakecon quakecon Neutral wiper 1+3
43632 EIP Ellesmere Island Party Evil Come visit the Hypno-labs on Ellesmere Island... alex_reno 6
43632 B o t B Band of the Band Neutral It'll do... lopalop2 5
43619 vERMin Eternal order of Rat like vermin Evil All developers whince at our coming Yosho74 8
43589 KafuPuru Kafu Puru Good We put the Kafu back in the Puru tetsubo 4
43549 EAT EAT Evil I Dunno, Dude! SLH 2+2
43512 JFM John Free Man Good I have to go there to do the things to be done. Jooby 7
43468 LPM Little Ponies that are Mine Good Friendship is Magic Pjoo 1+4
43325 shelob Shelob Neutral dennis motto smh 4
43297 ABCKP Axiomatically Boorish Connoisseurs of Kobold Penis Evil we tickle the butts of those who oppose us tortabeecat 13+2
43258 RZAF Robot Zeppelin Attack Formation Neutral Our tools are uber, our souls are pure! JDIAZ 4+1
43242 TLOTG The League of Technical Gawds Evil bubbarowley 5
43071 ShoujoAi ShoujoAi MUSH - For shoujo-ai roleplay and more! Neutral Tanaku 3+6
43041 DDT Damn Dirty Trolls Evil Better than the Drunken Monkeys! Toilet Duk 11
43012 MRW Mighty Rabbit Warriors Neutral if it isent moving shoot till it moves then kil it eXect 6
42989 C Co Comrades Company Neutral Comrades above all! Victor Bearwolf 1+5
42858 DRLFF Data Realms Fan Forumers Good Welcome to the internet, keep a gun in your pillow Jaybud4 5+1
42816 We are EVIL Corporate Evil Evil If it's evil, it's us Cecenu 4
42792 ICA The Ben Wu Best Buddies Club Neutral ben wu has a new frenemy Tentacruel 14
42747 TCY The Cankee Yunts Neutral We will rule the world, one domino at a time. Saiph 6+6
42736 M-A Mental Atrophy Neutral Hack! Slash! Maim! Sohl 17
42734 KKTK The Keepers of Keeping Things Kept Evil Lord Kilt 2+10
42682 adk Anime-DK Good Infophreak 5
42482 OSF Outlaws of Sherwood Forest Good likuidlightning 11
42455 SAD Shizophrenic Anteaters of Doom Evil Let's sing the Doom-Song! leachlife4 4
42430 Legendat Legendat Evil Parempi 10 legendaa taskussa kuin 7 kainalossa. leachlife4 14
42426 SMOKIN mmm mmm Paul's sister Neutral Boy would I hit that. Paul's sister 15
42370 4wIT 4wIT Evil If u move, we'll kill u SvessoN^ 4
42260 MarAlLan MarAlLan Good Let not the tides stop you, for you are the chosen Paladin Mar 5
42250 CHI Chimera Evil FUCKING N00BS GODDAMNIT!!111!!1!1!1!1!! Gragt 10
42248 SAL Shirtless Angel Land Neutral Aviation screws the function of shirts. NeoRay 1+7
42245 DCS Dodecaheinrous Cola Sluggers Neutral Remember the Colons! Psychomech 10
42244 HTSS Hawtt Sawss Good We will stab you in the spine. Nick teh Hammer 9
42242 Darkness The Royal Nights Evil Kiru Notameni Kaimei - "Kill for Darkness" TRC 6+2
42230 GEEK The Geek Club Neutral Fear us, for you have nothing better to do! The Corch 10
42148 TOA GUILD OF TOAST Evil Toast fucking ruuuules BlueFyre 12
42135 MCS Lads Mind Control Fancy lads Good You like our games Hunterprime 7
42110 MacIreland Clan MacIreland Good The Highlands we ride. To be radical we strive. SubmarinerTheo 4+1
42084 [SFS] Swearing Friends Neutral We collect gay fuck for cock, ass magician. ThreeHams 5
42083 [ORK] Black Axe Slayers Evil WAAARGH!!! Gholuk 4
42052 LEWW The League of Extraordinary Womb Warriors Evil Up and in 'em!! Aelfwald 3+8
42005 PETA Professional Eradicators of Terrible Abominations Good If a treent falls in a forest, we killed it. FlayerSlayer 6
41984 WotP Warriors of the Progress Evil Violence solves Everything! Zorezoroth 7
41970 fuk fuktards! Evil we're uberfuktarded! yay! :D sinozis tofaan 6
41943 RIO Random Insanity Online Progressive Questing Evil SHOOP DA WHOOP Joe O'Wood 8
41814 LOEG The League Of Execratory Genitalmen Neutral HONK Hackbarf The Chokeable 7
41751 Foehammers The Grand Madmen of the Foestrung Hammer Good "I'd hit it like the fist of an Angry God!" Wyngard 6+1
41559 PrimeMeat4U PrimeMeat4U Neutral The last drop goes in the shorts. leachlife4 4
41523 YaoiGlory Yaoi Glory Castle Neutral FOR THE HONOR AND GLORY OF YAOI!!! Quastor 1+13
41477 PrgBar Progress Bar Good Drink all the time while in progress... BuzaL 14
41466 KentCraft KentCraft Game Club Neutral The Club which contains more than just games hamsterkingo 2+2
41415 o/ Elite Shock Troopers Good fuck it, own everything Eamzel 10
41381 AIL Ancarim Iron Legion Good Work in progress Mordeo 2+11
41297 JFD Jolly but Fucking Dangerous Evil Eat THIS! Yajung the Yellow 4
41250 ODF Order of the Dark Flame Neutral - ShadowRex 7
41183 HARBL t3h band of btards Evil zOMFG!!!!!!oneone!!!one! leachlife4 6
41171 [CG] Chicago Gamers Neutral Ping Is King Puttz 1+7
41159 Holy ~~Holy~~ Good rawr tenky 3+1
41144 PASTURE Ponies Against Silly Trolls Under Rural Enclosures Good Yes, it's a stupid name. Now give us mint. Calbeck 4
41105 Nurdz Nerdery Good Oh hi! I upgraded your RAM Toxygene 5
41098 MOD's Master of Disasters Good VARieme 4
41059 PPS Portland Public Schools Neutral Checks in the mail. Mazamuda 4+1
41034 :P Massive Licking Corperation Neutral When In Doubt, Just Lick It Sheriff Gor 2+2
41030 dpMC MalignedCows Good ><)))))'> <'(((((>< dx256 13
40991 HFM Warriors of Metal Evil Metal Will Conquer All Metal_Warrior 4+5+1
40911 Red Rooster Red Rooster Evil Live long and SUCK IT Fat Gonzo 15
40818 WENCH Cute Little Ninja Guild Neutral Will Trade Sex For Bandwidth ! Myrddyn 6
40743 SPANK Sociopathic Punishment And Naughty Kink Neutral Where da wenches? Who stole my mittens? 10
40685 Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Good Chelyabinsk, Ural, Russia Webcelerator 13+6
40657 Team ( Good Polish players 7+2
40598 =FF= FragFeast Neutral Keep fraggin' that thing Kvisle 4
40597 Fat ugly kid Spaztards of the Universe Neutral Live, die, game, whatever! TwistedSyx 5
40596 SEP Software Engineering Professionals Good Document twice, code once rcuhl 5
40562 SQC The System Of The Quick And Confused Good It shines like my befuddletude! leachlife4 4
40437 Manos Manos The hands of fate Evil We take care of the place while the master is away Torgo: THOF 6
40437 NiteRiders The Night Riders Evil We are the knights who say Ni! jbrannan 6
40435 NES Nightmare on Elf Street Evil NE PALADIN Grinkers 7
40387 Raptor Raptor Hideout Good lol raptor hunters lol Dmon 5
40379 P.A.B. Punk Ass Bitches Good We hang out in malls and ruin your shopping Essix 1+4
40303 SIMBA SIMBA Evil "Simba!" Skiedragon 8
40289 JEA Jealhimet Elite Army Evil Chisel 15
40233 TSLOLGI The Sacred Librarians of Lul Gijak-Ishi Neutral We've got books and we know how to use them! Bacrof 4
39950 [-DDS-] Dopes Dopey Stoners Neutral Yeah man, good shit! Dope 10
39936 XBLA XBLA Team Evil P@wned Arcade Wolfie 1+9
39888 LotFB League of the FlartyBlasters Evil In to the cookpot with you! Junzo 6
39835 Heal & Cure WhiteWind Neutral Heal & Cure WhiteWind 10+1
39826 AZR Aozora Good Blue sky Akikojam 7+3
39819 T F K The Fremen Knights Good As for us, we shall take the high road. Hitokiri Battousai 5
39809 iscsi Dubious Knights of iSCSI Neutral Jherek 7
39671 tassles Tassle Twizzlers Good A good way to keep cool, or hot. Grimwiz 1+5
39456 wutang The Wu-Tang Clan Neutral Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm! offrock 9
39425 WeB Wintersebb Boredom Good TURBINE SUCKS Quin 17
39388 FUCKUP Post-Traumatic Fuckup Evil Vomit up your ass! Kootz 4
39347 A-K Anime-Keep Evil The Ultimate Keep for Anime DeathWolf 9
39341 TAC The Ancients Corp Neutral Yaabaa Dabaaaa Dooooo! C9 4
39236 ITARDs Those who dwell in the locked smelly room. Neutral Makin' Love for Two.... Minutes. Business Socks 4
39172 Yerba Yerba of the Green Neutral If ya aint yerba, ya aint livin Nook and Cranny 3+3
39120 8///D Galactic Transempire of Wobb Neutral Red goes faster Evil-Ville 5
39028 RAWR RAWRS INCORPERATED Evil rawr!!!! Mikki-chan 3+9
38980 NI! the Knights who say Ni Good Bring us ... a shrubbery! Arttu 3+1+2
38944 AXA United United Progressors of AXA Good We are the Champions my friends... leachlife4 7+5
38811 ATVI ATVI Good Nunc est bibendum Jingoistic1 5
38716 RAAWR Feral Neutral In number we stand.... Lero 4
38714 Masons Ministry and Sorority of the New Savior Good The Followers of the Great Mason shall be rewarded Mason 4+12
38714 AVAFF7 ~Avalanche~ Neutral Welcoming all FF7 fans and others! Esper of Darkness 1+3
38694 Ferret Stinking Ferret Neutral Squirrelly Wrath Unegv_Waya1 10
38621 IPA Idle Pentesters Anonymous Good Hack the Planet durbinator 4+1
38609 M3eth Ye Olde Robotte Masters Evil Weeooeooeooeooeoo... Doc Wily 18
38604 AdGear AdGear Evil AdGear has joined Samsung Electronics Xapbrood 4
38584 bdk Bruderschaft der Drachenklaue Good Pagrum 19
38483 Pen15 Pen15 Pirate Evil Anal Bum Cover 8
38462 OoE Order Of Erebus Evil They're Coming To Take Me Away Wargod 1+5
38357 SIIS Orville Redenbacher's Kernel Hackers Good My code's compiling! Sycrim 4
38302 [=TR=] Augusta Treverorum Neutral ANTE ROMAM TREVERIS STETIT ANNIS MILLE TRECENTIS Borzogh 4
38301 MM's Moon Men Neutral We Moon Men may be small, but we pack a good lunch Jerm 13
38251 SCCV Super Combustible Chaos Vigilantes Neutral Surrender or die in obscurity Jacer 2+2
38210 Punchin' Gs Grundle Punch Good Reproduction Hardware's Finest Diff 5
38209 VP Vlampsted Evil Jou Tynvuy Vlampsted Fu Hifpsute!! Boyo 4+1
38189 Nutsy The Nutsy Linkshell Good Altana has failed me... Necronopticous 4
38158 WE ROX ROX Evil TO ROX DA NEWBS Mischa 18
38128 Blueai Blueai Neutral #Blueai Mooha 4
38082 cRaZy CrAzY gUiLd!!!! Good EvErYbOdY iS a CrAzY pErSoN1!1!1!1!1! oHiGuY 3+3+1
38041 S-D-C Seiken Densetsu Community Evil Killing Pogopuschel since '94. Masterflow 5+6
38019 Only Me Only Me is The Best Me? Neutral I'm so pitiful... :( Elmer-Glue 7
37954 #syf syf syfu Evil lalala kurwa mac dziadekkleofas 7
37952 [SB] Sokk Bandits Good Its like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain! Blappa 1+6
37921 :( SadSmile Evil So emo, so sad. Sakabatou 7
37911 grey area The neutral gang of neutral neutralness Neutral Meh... whatever pupumonkey 6
37789 TFMb Tetris Flash Mob Evil Tessellating from the nest (to your face) Ed Black 10
37640 Peacekeepers The Peacekeepers Good We are the Guardians of Peace and Love. Mentao 2+2
37485 The O to the Oraculi Neutral All for the oracle Moshea 5
37430 PSonU Prairie Squid Unight Neutral You will not debeak us. Jay Hova 4+1
37348 Evangelists Evangelists Evil Love is nothing but a slumber from reality of life Killing Blow 7
37317 MB+ Migthy Bloods Plus Evil All blood is our! Goldarus Fazius 4
37255 TechHouse Tech House Good Sodomy and Gamera Mixolyde 1+13+1
37236 Sorbz Ubersorbotzen Dildobeamers Evil In Sorbos we trust... and dildoes Charles the Raver 12
37124 TB™ Trogdors Burnatorium Good Consummate! I said consummate V's! leachlife4 4
37122 [DA] Divine Fallen Good Rhymes with Bigotto...oh Omegamiko 3+1
37018 Epic Epic Guild Neutral Go Epic or go bust Foobzz 8+1
37012 Shen Zhou The Scholars and Warriors of Shen Zhou Neutral For wisdom and for honor! Sparklecloud 9+7
36994 Circus The Circus Neutral In Eris we trust. Maybe. Mapp 11+1
36956 Lolicon Lolicon is the best! Evil every child 9 and down Rikkuu 1+10
36944 ProFe Prosperity Of Freedom Good Let's smash some evil creatures KluMbA 4
36780 GoMA Guild of Manic Adventurers Good Go get 'em Snapdragon 5
36771 rap Raptor Fighters Neutral Please be welcome yeolcoatl 2+3
36733 -[H2]- -[H2]- Evil Evil sounds nice Demoreg 6
36631 HyK Hyrulian Knights Good To save the land. Link Hylia 3+5+1
36604 RoboPony My Little Robot Pony Good Love 'em and squeeze 'em and call them 'George'! Erisabeth 1+5
36603 TCAB The Cantilever Beams Evil Suport Us TreGe 6
36545 Fatmen The Immortal Fatmen of the Blasted Heath Evil Fear the Fatmen! S'qoo-Tahr 9
36436 WoRWE World of Real World Education Neutral Well thats culture! leachlife4 6
36408 HoV Hand of Valor Good We don't have one! wsock32.dll 4
36406 The YCAM The Yogurt Chips of Awsome and Mightiness Good Well we are awsome and mighty... Rohiznol 7
36390 redteam red team Good Aww yeah! redaxe 2+2
36366 TrogdrKnt Trogdor's Knights Good BURNINATE! Schmick 6
36301 UberLewt Defenders of the Uber Lewt Neutral The Uberness Of Phat Lewt is L33t zucharn 9+5
36241 SIF Sif Progress Quest Random Neutral We'll bless it all untill we get fershnickered! Uber McLeet 5+1
36183 ULG Useless Gamers Neutral Do nothing is not impossible. Mister Hennet 8
36126 G3 Dau Decisiu Good Ser els Mes Wapos del Mon Ajantis 1+5
36020 [m3d] mp3death Good raunch monster party ranch! aRagStain 5
35960 TRREG True red guild Neutral Life is good. Stbolcman 11
35950 WNTK We're Not The Koreans Neutral WNTK, therefore, we get PKed. chronarion 13
35948 NTAC No Tallent Asds Clowns Neutral Um, yeah! MashRinx 4
35937 TGIF ThoseGuysInc Neutral OMGBYOBBBQ!!!! IT Ninja!!! leachlife4 5+1
35852 SRunes Shattered Runes Good We shall shatter ALL EVIL SGT Wall 2+1+1
35836 WiD? Where is David? Neutral FFS Darzle 14
35743 FCUK !!FCUK!! Good Eat, sleep, and fcuk. Brando 1+10
35741 Pastey Paste Slingers Good I glued myself to...myself ShadowChaser 4
35721 Homsars Homsars Good WooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOO Moth 1+5
35702 S.O.T.S. Scourge O' the Seas Evil Drink up, me Hearties; Yo Ho! Shipwreck 7
35676 MotDA Masters of the Dark Arts Evil Never play leap frog with a unicorn... Damaclin 5
35545 #elpys elpy's revenge Evil only elpys are true enemys Jasmine 12+2
35513 BF1 Bear Force One Good MM4MM include JPEG Mouthful 6
35506 Kia Kill all! Neutral kill all, money is all... David Herudek 2+2
35478 shrug shrug Neutral ....meh. palp 7
35448 CrownHouse CrownHouse Neutral Grey Biege is the new Black DarkSoul 5
35324 AKTlingits AK Tlingits Good Those who die with the most toys win! wjohnnieAK 6
35317 GBS GheyButtSecks Good Rump 4 lyf! Grift 12+1
35240 ST Sorrow Tempest Evil Death and dispair lay in our wake Sayun 4+3
35199 Elba Elbanaughts Neutral Learn by doing! Shadrus 9+2
35147 ip idioticus pronicus Good racer ... since 11/11/04 Ploforoncio 6
35140 TBC The Bastards Conspiracy Evil Eat dust Ignore-Me 2+14
35138 McL McLatin Evil Speak McLatin or You McSuck Glock 4
35120 Hawkadrim The Hawking Order of Intelligence Neutral Semper Coniunctus Contra Stupiditatem leachlife4 14
35037 VeriTards VeriTards Evil I love ringtones! leachlife4 7
35009 2kers Supreme Order of the 2kers Evil Kill stuff! DoesNotExist 1+10
34979 .:DK:. Debele Kite Evil Sto deblje - to bolje!!! Stagger Lee 9+1
34978 DLB Die Loligen Brüder Good We will defete the Evil!! Findas 7
34915 WheelB Wheelchair Bandits Evil Keeping your money rolling Rattnalle 9
34875 TJ4N Knowns Neutral 654984616168184681 5
34865 WoT Wheel of Time Good Know thy world. Know WoT? Aginor 14
34847 StBT Stroke the Big Tree Evil Viven, los Guitarriors! Longing Desperation 10
34778 #D&D3e #D&D3e Good Reykemias 1+11
34772 PATAPONS PATAPONS Neutral be cool. be patapon. nullend_void 13
34766 Antthrtcl Antitheoretical Good Oh YEAH! Antitheory 16
34646 CHEBS Third Dynasty of the Chebsters Alliance Evil We're chebly chebsters. cheb cheb cheb. and stuff blueshift 6
34608 #cafeen Havelaagen Neutral FOLK ER USLE TÅBER Adamski 6
34595 _mSm Mighty Stick Men Evil we pwn n00bs with our mighty sticks Spellzar 6
34513 Taco Roberts Taco Roberts Evil Taco Roberts and the Ketchup Miracle Thrombone 15
34457 Wraith The Shadowlands Neutral Death is a new beginning Taimu 5+4
34451 Commandos The Commando Elite Evil Everything else is just a toy! Major Chip Hazard 7
34433 Fascists Fascists Neutral We are the Fascists! We don't like you! Beastmouth 3+2
34407 Ultramaze Ultramaze Good I want to get out of Ultramaze Chreden 6
34282 Hex Hex Neutral Velocity219e 5
34280 The Legion The Legion of the Bouncy Castle Neutral We can't get enough progress. Narthus 2+13
34180 Stabbits The Proverbial Stabbity Bacon Bits Good You can put us in Sour Cream Remlog the ROCK 7
34175 WPO Wolfpack Order Good For progress, and for the quest!!! Blacknova 6
34062 SpL Spectre Llamas Evil m00 venny|^_^| 4
34001 );DROP *;-- Drop table guilds Good TABLES?! We don't need no stinkin' tables!! Krimdrack 11+3
33950 The Purge The Purge Evil LAWL IT'S TEH PURGE!! Waelogar 14
33926 R'n'Rs Reigning Raine's Good The reign of Raine reins in the rain! David Raine 3+6
33919 Fisters Lethal Fisters Evil Killin shit and kickin puppies since 1999! Kalamaf 2+3
33899 STWD Stixsworld Good All You Need! Stixsmaster 1+4
33889 Fluffsticks Fluffy Sticks Good Winning Battles with HARMONY Marzz 4
33881 Ascension PQ Ascension FFXIV Good Strength in Unity Stionel 2+2
33858 KDF Keepers of the Dragon Fire Good May the Dragon Fire guide and protect thee. Kaelin 5
33856 pnx padonax Neutral Tuco the Ugly 9
33841 TSRealm Realm of the Three Sisters Neutral Rhinoceruses don't were shirts. boneman 10
33789 fobabulon Lads with good muscle tone who aren't gay Evil Avast! Behold the impending wrath! Zoarcoon The Shadower 4
33785 DN Damage Networks Evil penis Jizzmo Jazzle 17
33765 *TEG* TH3 1337 G4M3R5 Good 1+3+3=7 Thats us! Highquality 7
33754 -=]N[=- Naughty Clan Neutral Is this naughty enough? Crackmaster 4+7
33738 PHYGRS The Physicist Guild Evil An object at rest CAN NOT BE STOPPED!!! fishman241 5+11
33710 Yaztromo Les Fils de Yaztromo Good Orphis 6
33705 DUCC DieUltraCoolenChecker Good You are already pwnzed you dont know yet! XiCaS 7
33505 P.P.G The Puny Pecks of Gorgonzola Neutral We ride ponies and bite! Madmartigan 1+3
33437 MNQP Mutant Ninja Quantum Physicists Neutral Freedom From Tyranny! Chob 6
33437 Lilian Lilian Neutral 9 Minis 8
33432 -MAL- Minions Against Life Evil Join us! Meetings Aren't Long. DrDark 4
33415 Padox Exacerbated Peace Good Paradoxical Leadership Reigns Supreme! Tohno 5
33400 Gogneurs Les gogneurs Good On est vraiment des goooooogneuuuuurs !! Thoune 4
33338 UNIVTOOL Tools of Universe Good All hail the hypnotoad!!! Lothorsrd 4+1
33274 Bitch Bitchpit Good if you're not a bitch you're not welcome leachlife4 12
33274 For lulz :D Guild for lulz Neutral Just for lulz. durrrrrr 12
33273 GMTS J'aime Ton String Neutral Loose et Prestige Stringounet 18
33198 Spack Guild of Noble Spack Badger Slayers Evil Mors Mortis Dulcis Est Gord 6
33169 G_G Golden_Guild Good You only wish you were Golden. Jeff Golden 4
33146 Wangshire Heroes of Wangshire Good Protect the Wang! JacobyMonkey 7
33074 Slingers The Poo Slingers Neutral Ball it up and let it fly! Fey Hung 2+4
33054 Snoodites The High Order of Snood Neutral RoWr. Tuzgai 2+3
33015 PD Pink Death Evil Because Death Is More Pleasant In Pink KratosAurion 10+1
32971 D-C Dragon-Clan Neutral Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Die, Die, Die Gevatter Tod 4
32901 T&F Tarred & Feathered Neutral "Meh..." Zatojin 1+6
32785 CCD Clan CCD Clan Good Mad Skrills Glumshic 5
32744 All Praise! Agents Of Fortune Neutral Smoke Crack!...Worship Satan! Vym Kodex 6
32621 -KdM- Kinder der Morgendämmerung Good Ohne Sinn ist das Leben sinnlos! Bernd 9
32617 NAWS The Neon Association of Weird Freaks N Stuff Good We get there faster Leadfoot 6
32617 mroww Kitten Strike Force Evil meow Poekie 5
32526 Yawbus Yawbus Neutral We will fight for food! Illiosos 8
32449 Cazzu Testa di Cazzu Evil Join us, just for fun ! Ashraam Ex-Feydien 7
32400 ToC Toast on Crack Evil Always Gourmet, and never on fire Loex 7
32230 LOA-TM Legion Of Apocalypse - TechnoMages Good Visit Us @ LOA Dart 3+1+6
32226 SuS Suicide Squad Evil Wher do you want to die today? MirMo 4+8
32200 muass Mute Assasins Evil Kill them to death Deathe 5
32072 U DUN GOOF'D CYBER POLICE Neutral Consequences will never be the same! Lord Sieg, the Obliterator 7
32041 BWFC Brave Warriors From Chrochtland Neutral Nedloubej slona do oka, vrazí ti chobot do řiti. Jayal 5
31988 Pardus Pardus Neutral :wub: Obalong 9
31981 Le Med Le Mediocrity Good We like falafel sandwiches! Haanz 1+4
31979 [C.C.C.] Carlos Calabresa Cnights Good Gostamos de mulheres. Smithso 6
31947 x/0 LostOnes Neutral who am I? LunarSong 1+4
31935 Sumpf Students under massive progression forces Neutral We´ll fight for nothing!!! Yrastion 2+10
31895 Team #DSF Team #DSF Evil Öl pke 6
31729 TehWicVngrs The Wiccan Avengers Neutral It don't matter. None of this matters. a_Tick 5
31689 PAC Pacult Evil We do it for the cock camsteh 11+1
31655 RPFC Roof Patrollers of the Fair City Good CITY, O CITY, YOUR TOAST WILL NEVER GO BARE AGAIN! Pear Marmalade 3+5
31638 TASA The ArenaScape Avengers Good We strike first, and we're unrehearsed! TheGrayWiz 1+9
31608 Canadia The Axis of Evil Evil Today only, half-price on Studded Bearskins Eggplant Wizard 8
31598 Canucks Canucks of the Killing Fields Good Exterminate the Vampiric Moose. Fetch me a toque. Semprini 5
31585 flyff fly4fun Evil :3 rawr >:3 5
31571 CoMo CookieMonsters Neutral We wanna eat girl scout cookies Ã…nd305 9
31561 AU Always Ultra Neutral Vulvatron 2+2
31526 SKH SKhit Neutral Smoking Kills gasman 7
31499 SpiderQuesto The Spidermonk Group of Weary Travelers Neutral KaneTHP 5
31493 SSC ShimSham Consortium Neutral We don't need no stinking motto! DaveyK 6+1
31458 DBA Dust Bunny Avengers Neutral All is grey Rennata 5
31421 [COS] Circle of Souls Neutral Medar 10
31397 -NS- Night Shadows Neutral Shadows among the shadows Keyn Thror 4
31378 _-*HUNT*-_ The Hunters Neutral Live for the hunt. Angolodh 4
31263 Free Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom Good Shock and awe or AWE-shucks? Eagleman 1+9
31262 : : HSA : : Horny Sex Addicts Neutral ¤-[NiGhTm@rE]-¤ 2+3
31245 BFM A bucket for monsieur Evil Contichi 5
31227 ATST Anencéphale Tricéphale Sans Tête Neutral I know, I know, don't FOOL Harry TukMaster666 1+4+1
31162 Star Knights Rebel Alliance Secret Faction of Star Knights Good May the gravitational force be with you! Flamegrilled Star Knight 1+5+1
31126 Boo Boo Good Seto sucks muwhahahaha Seph 3+1
31045 SR_D Followers of Shadowrunnin Good we fight ever and anywhere KHAM 1+13
31012 UUM Union of Underappreciated Minions Evil Protecting the rights of those who violate others' MagnificentTheBearded 9
30994 CoMem Council Member Neutral Garlois 4
30966 T.RB Team Rope Burn Good Get it good. superjer 6
30945 spcoi supper procrastinating cl4n of iddlers Evil games chicks and procrastination! .. and chicks! ibito 4
30905 SENTID Six Essential Nutrients Take In Daily Evil Dance The Dance Of Life Rezevil 5+1
30892 Killers Jawsome Evil Utinam coniurati te in foro interficiant! intricat 4+1+2
30818 YOINK #rajatapaukset Evil we're just admiring the cuteness ^_^ HmX 6+5
30740 BT A C BrewTech Adventurers Club Evil When all else fails, drink more beer! lorditchy 6
30670 Wangs Big Wangs Good The Wang is indeed stronger than the sword MeAndMyBIGWANG 2+2
30655 RPS Radioactive Pickle Software Good MasterOdin 4
30605 MSOE Malicious Soldiers of Entropy Good Process Ghost FTW Cromat 8
30602 NIH The knights who only say NIH Evil NIH NIH NIH NIH NIH Inziladun 6
30572 trebor treboring trebors Good nocking knees anilok trebor 6+2
30527 BRUG BRUG Evil Headsman 4
30502 ExPj Extreme Prejustice Evil TheCor4D 19
30375 bigbadabum bigbadabum! Evil Life's A Bitch And Then You Die. 2slow4u 5
30370 boob The dark boob enlarging llusionnists of the hill Good Enlarge your boobs for FREE!!! Galinette 7+1
30332 Clan PEE People Eating Ethernopians Evil All hail to the hypnotoad ElQueffo 5
30312 House of Ya House of Ya Good The Family that Slays Together Stays Together pbrim 4
30297 xL2 Ex Lineage II players Neutral .!. 13
30284 GloBas Glorious Bastards Neutral These bastards are glorious. ansesutaa 9+9
30278 TSoM The Seekers of Mishakal Neutral We seek Mishakal. Where is Mishakal? Baka Gaijin 3+2
30165 a-b Atom!c-Broth@s Good We're here to rock ur world!!!11one UNA 4
30162 BLOT Bastard Legions Of Turkunesis Evil The more you party, the more you party Sai- 6
30143 RE Relentless Executioners Evil CDN FOREVER! MookeyJoe 4
30118 Honorable The Shogunate Good With honor there are no bounds. Legalith 1+8
30067 Worst The Worst Guild Ever! Evil Always striving to be the worst Romshed 5
30047 UCG Ultra Cool Guys Good We have all the achieve-gets! Glider 7
30034 Solo United Soloers Who Refuse To Unite Good Improve gaming by refusing to raid Sharkbite 2+3
29992 DH Diablos de Hispannia Neutral La mayor cofradia española Northosh 18
29937 PB_ The Pink Bunnies Good We're Gonna Hop All Over Yo Ass craisin_old 9
29928 Grave Beyond Ze Grave Good Bob-a-pound Max! Splink 10
29871 Hidden Truth Hidden Truth Neutral Free your mind The Ghost 4
29824 Fuckin Cheap Cheap Evil No Eleven 1+13
29818 WTF What The F^%$ Good Read the Fu%^ing manual cessna172m 5+3+1
29806 TFE The Force Neutral Live to see another die! Riftrunner 1+5
29694 TGrtGy The Greatest Guys Neutral Everybody gothic dance! Dos Huevos 9
29659 Icey Blues Icebound's Slayers Neutral If it bleeds we can kill it Icebound 12+2
29589 FDC Frolicking Dragon Company Evil The gaiety will be your demise. CurlyBrackets 10
29579 OTNG One True Nerf Guid Neutral Progress is king. leftyscissors 8
29533 omghax {Moo} Evil For the good of the herd! azyw 1+1+2
29528 Nakashi Followers of Nakashi Good For hope smoke dope , but for fun play Bomberman Schatus 6
29518 FSGD Full Sail Game Dev Evil We're not slacking, our code is compiling. Tabu34 13
29517 babyfurs Babyfur's Guild Good Coz you don't have to stop playing with diapers! Torne 2+6
29433 KnoMcS Knights of McSpaddia Neutral We ride together, so fuck you all! OMGZOMBIES 5
29416 skp skp ruler Evil slå eller få slag... spurdk 8
29408 STD's Super Team Don's socks Evil Fritos...They\'re not free and they\'re not tos Xopkrooz 18
29332 R.K. Riznarian Knights Good Life is the only thing that can kill you. Tiril 11+2
29301 Busses Bass Under Super-Sonorous Ensorcelling Sounds Neutral See where we take you! Blake 1+16
29298 LotH Legion of the Horde Good They pelted me with rocks and garbage. dethlock 11
29289 DVS Dirty Voodoo Squad Good All you can eat or your money back free! Dirty Merlin 7
29285 STD Crew The STD Crew Neutral Good, Bad, I'm the one with the STD leachlife4 10
29267 Nazgul The Nine Nazgul Evil Come not between the Nazgul and his prey! Witch-king of Angmar 3+13+3
29179 Me Unique Hall Good Hmmmm Unique 2+2
29139 HFC House of the Flaming Colon Good Not in the face! DoodooPi 5
29091 OnRi Onion Ring Good No-one can eat all the onions Kese 14
28971 More Acid ! Psychedelic Trance Evil Dumb's From Doom Parasense 5
28967 MIM My Idle Minions Good Idling is peace Daiko 3+1
28960 SANZ Sacoma Nutz Evil Sacoma Called Sacoma Nutz 10
28934 PA-Guilds Penny-Arcade Alliance Good Don't be a dick! Niryk 3+2
28895 The Mighty Novans Guild of the Mighty Good we've done the impossible and that makes us mighty Novan 2+2
28860 TQP LeTempsQuiPasse Neutral Faut passer du bon temps, avant que le temps passe Corwin83 4
28832 GGW GGW - Gnome Gone Wild ! Good Ripe and right out of basic training GGWs show all Calumren 14
28806 TSRULE Tunnel Snakes Evil TUNNEL SNAKES RULE! Mastrix 2+5
28718 Pants Opt Pants Optional Good Pants Are Just A Suggestion! Wind Bunny 1+4
28700 TALON The Adventuring League Of Nobility Good pl me plz im begin u lol Upsen Downs 11
28684 [KE] Knights of Eternity Good Force et Honneur Cacao 15
28623 DKoT Dragon Knights of Toran Neutral Slay the beast and still have time for dinner Varanthis 3+1
28550 TEOL The Evil OverLords Evil Um... we're evil... oh yeah PreacherMan 7
28542 EpiGuild {Epitech-Lyon.} Evil RTFM que diable! (man progressquest) XD kassgul 4
28538 GGE GGE-Online Good Not all broken windows are made of glass! SabaLord 5
28498 +Orkok Mito Evil Megtoljuk, kifaszazzuk... B.FlaSh 6
28411 SaberNet SaberNet Internet Services Good You can has Internets Grg 9
28392 SMG San Miguel Neutral skeittaillaan Danielle 8
28341 Bob! The Guild of Bob! Neutral In Bob! we trust. JohnnyRico 7
28334 Stinkeroos Musky Marsupials Neutral You can smell us coming a mile away. jbt 3+1
28319 BoDK Brotherhood of Dragon Knights Neutral OMG WTF?! Bajter 3+8
28303 FirstOnes First Daughters' Guild Neutral First things come first. Eóa 4
28233 le Troupe K'Nook le Immorta's Troupe Neutral Para la Troupe! Semiazai 5
28233 H&D H&D Enterprises Good Raising hate and discontent since 1981 Ille Pugil 5
28212 YCS Your Character Sucks Evil we belive he suicided irl giZm 1+3
28210 CRU Cheese 'R Us Neutral Bring sacrifice to the great Cheese! Mythinite 6
28157 <E> Elementals Good For the Continuation of Order Parabet 5
28156 what winners Good to win all stiffie 3+1
28081 YAR 3 Guys Guild Neutral Ship it. RhiAnon 4+4
28059 Vegemite Vegetarian Mobile Infantry (Rutabaga Roughnecks) Good How much INT does it take to sneak up on a leaf? Rutabaga 1+1+4
28028 -RC- Regimented Chaos Neutral Fuck you I'm eating flamingpac 13
27989 1.21Jw One Point Twenty One Jiggawatts of Fury Evil Ready, Fire, Aim! Harry Balzac 6
27984 Denazorz Denazorz Neutral Denazorz HOOooooo! Donkey The Bard 13
27863 Zazz Zazzafrazz Good Do we have room for any more Zazz? G. Lucifer 1+10
27856 TCoARW The College of Arm-Related Wizardry Neutral I cast invisible hands! dannydevito 5
27840 24x7 24x7 Guild Good Because shutting PC down is for newbies! AndrePhMCR 13
27831 R.L.F. Ratchet Liberation Front Good Zurkon Kill Little Fishy Man! Mister Zurkon 9
27716 PPBurn It burns when I pee Neutral Oh god why!?!?! It burns when I pee 10
27682 VRSNSOC VRSN-SOC Neutral SOC! sadku 4
27658 S. E. S. Serbian Execution Squad Neutral You can run, but you can`t hide from EXECUTION ! MacMilan 15+3
27625 lifesux Life is a rotten piece of junk Neutral We bring the kobolt penises to the party! drzero 13
27622 TDA's The Desolation Angels Good Bringing death to people near you! Killean 11
27556 Muffies The Muffanites of the Hooded Furnace Neutral Accept your confectionary fate The Muffin 9+1
27535 HoM Heirs of Mortality Evil MeowMix For The Win! Suicidal_SNiper 6
27526 LMD Lamerz Must Die Evil Morikone ROL666 6+3
27447 SWCE Diamond Guild Good Death Before Dismemberment Eric Jackson 4+1
27439 TFS - 42! The Flying Stuffage - 42nd Squadron Neutral If it's flying, and it's stuff, then it's for us! Trellan 4
27438 Kenz Kenz Evil Don't get mad, get even! Palomino 1+3
27432 PtS-Ftw Placate the Succubi Evil What's this button do? Xeralkal 14
27400 BG-BIB BiB Bergisch Gladbach Good leachlife4 4
27380 W-B Weebl and Bob Neutral When come back, bring pie. Pyrotechgod 5+6
27366 SoLS Scriptors of Logical Scripts. Good We put the Def in HiDef Silimike 4
27342 CHIAMI Chi-Gung Masters of AMI Evil We believe in nutting Lebowski! Gamadin 4+3
27335 WJ? WHO'S JOE? Neutral STILL DON'T KNOW Xardo 4
27333 Dave Dave Allen Evil none mudshulve 4
27294 FrUK Free Radio UK Good Becasue progress can only be tracked by using bars Muddle 4
27277 repo The Reposotory Neutral Thou Shalt Check In boolong the uncomplex 17
27203 CHOF CHOF Evil Billing people to death jefke 4+1
27135 SMITEHO Smite Miesters Good Dedicated to the smiting of evil - Smite Ho! Outpost 3+1
27092 Deci Decipher Good SPQR Cly 4
27080 DungPony Dung Pony Security Evil leachlife4 5
27049 The Mafia German Mafia Neutral Wenn es bewegt, schießen Sie tötet es. Diggs 15
26980 TRPG Tired RPGers Evil Everything must be done in the name of progress Kid 6
26950 TripleA Ammo&Arrows Good making progress quest great again Lasok 5+2
26909 True Path The Path to True Neutrality Neutral We know no good or evil! Mutumba 3+1
26903 m3d The sharks Good we sure bite elstoragito 11
26847 P/E Pansen-Express Evil leachlife4 7
26829 Tirol FTW Tirol Evil putzn ma die oan oi weg! J0s3f 6
26827 ArV Arctic Vikings Good Beer is good Majo 5
26806 zboard ZSNES Board Losers Evil ZSNES > your momma Noxious Ninja 7
26793 Llamas! Llamas! Evil Behold! The great Llama interloper 5
26670 Bringers Bringers Neutral Bringer 4
26667 CoE Church of Elric Neutral Destroying fandom since 2005 anax imperator 6
26650 Engenio The Official Engenio Guild Evil I hate Squeak! ThunderDonkey 9
26632 KVITASOFT KVITASOFT Good reFUCKtoring zohan 8
26531 DaSa Dark Savants Evil Rip it out Parcelsius 8+2
26530 Kain Cainite Victi Lillith Evil Drunken off the Blood of the weak Demoniak 1+2+1
26490 FLNJ Front de Libération des Nains de Jardin ! Neutral Libérez les tous !! :-D ben,..,menz 1+3
26441 WING WING is not a Guild Neutral Straddle the fence like a champ!!!!! Leonitis 8+1
26429 CrackMonster The Crack Monsters Evil w3 0nZz u!!! Artaius 6
26397 RFP Razor Fang Pack Evil Of no regret Diacon 2+2
26351 LED Lanterns LED Lantern Corps Good Fear my hobbies, LED Lantern's Light Ioachim 4+5
26338 Gland Les Gland Evil In the ass, for the good ! Heiny 4
26309 Amorsus Amorsus Evil Life of PIRATE! (Arr!) Caelestis 12+2+1
26300 falloffasofa ehlikefalloffasofaorwut?! Good fakalikedie?! rock1525 4
26274 BLoP Best Losers of ProgressQuest Evil got too bored with WoW, so we're playing PQ again! asmo 4+3+1
26252 bob The Nobodys Evil If you can do something, don't. Usaki 2+2+1
26174 SHEV Stephen Hawking's Electronic Voicebox Neutral Speaking the Truth in a Deadeningly Loud Monotone. Scooter McCootersnatch 10
26161 cwotc Clandestine Ways of the Choco Evil take the long way home. chocokitti 4
26128 HT Hattrick Neutral Anyone with experience... Studs 4+1
26093 MT 4 ever The Midnight Thorns Good aka_dre 6
26084 OBBUSH The Official Bush Bashers Club Good I like prezels, I can't eat em though might choke stimepy 1+5
26044 ILOW In Lieu Of Wit Evil There Is No Wit Kaheynu 6
26003 Paws Paw Clan! Evil Where the paws are at! Pawslut 10
26002 SEEDUnite Progressians of Gundam SEED, Unite! Good Coorudinaataa... DoubleWookie the Great 4
25975 BBG Bastard Birds For Good Good To Battle Upon Thee Evil Forces Of Not Good! Nytmare 4
25954 FuDa Dance Polka! Yum Yum! Neutral /we dance furiously Cokol 7
25935 px PhalanX Good px 4 life Mysticus 5
25869 whateverdude The Whatevers kicking ass all the time and stuff.. Evil whatever DUDE! Gabouw 3+2
25803 ewww Broken Lizard Evil you like to suck balls h0bbles 10
25800 BCM BCmanga Good Med lite våld löser man allt. Tomas 14
25729 {Wanger} Team Wanger! Evil You like it. Arkul Snarkul 6+6
25724 Ghee Ghee-Men Neutral I can't believe it's not ghee! Slartoff 1+4
25677 DAT Defense and Trade Good Catyoul 10
25646 R-U-Bready? BreadBikers Good BreadBikers ride hard SandiestBoy 13
25644 bertox bertox Good come in and join to kill noahfirth 4+1
25634 AEGroup AEGRoup Good AEG BABEEE!!! Mongoz 7
25617 SOME Something Else Good Something Else! Morik 12
25607 Thats us DISabled Evil Buksevand i frikva Herholdt 4
25580 C-infinity C-infinity Good Smoother than you'd expect WonderCinz 13
25509 Mild Mildley Neutral Neutral I hope you feel neutral about our neutrallity Evil Robot Man Queen 4
25409 CHS Chs HACKERS Evil unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; fsck; umount; pountaar 14+1
25363 TGST The Great Southern Trendkill Evil Give Your Soul To The Great Southern Trendkill! Phil Anselmo 1+5
25291 WZ WZ Evil No one is going to hire a people juice eater! zrrgin 5+2
25270 Daemonicus Legions of Daemonicus Evil A Spiritu Dominatus, Domine Liber Nos Maior 8
25270 WotU Wookies of the Underdark Evil Meatball 6+1
25259 s X s Slaughter of the Soul Evil We feed off your pain, feed off your life. shAzb0t 18
25233 iDG Idlegamers Neutral And then the Goat-Man sayeth.... Method Loser 4
25189 EKRD Evil Kard Evil Boia chi molla Hulir 11
25173 Unforgiving Unforgiving Evil Mutiny 6
25168 T3h BA Barmy Army Evil Vakko 9
25146 **WSS** Wandering Squid Sanctuary Neutral Zmobies, Cyber and Squids! Xonlip 5
25139 Ninja Squad Ninja Squad Neutral As seen on TV. Fatesclown 9+1
25117 UK Ultimate Knäckebröd Evil Ett knäckebröd att härska av dem alla. leachlife4 19
25079 beff beff Evil bröööl Gorgoer 5
25035 \o/\o/\o/ Britney Spears Fanclub Evil Nothing is more worthless then *your* life leachlife4 7
25009 Soviet Union Soviet Union Neutral Mother Russia CaptainNemo 2+5
24936 HoofShots HoofShots Evil Looks like everyone had a blast Rellix 10
24877 AAWS Anal Avenging Wankers Society Neutral Avenging anuses everywhere! Street Prophet 9
24834 4TS The Total Techs Of Tech Support Good To confuse and put on hold TotalTech 7
24824 SeXo Exorcist Evil My bot will P0WN Grif 6
24758 Jurks Jurks Good You can derelique your own balls! leachlife4 6
24640 SNOOB Smashers of Noob Evil We Smash all that is Noob. :P NoobSmasher 3+1
24601 Fin Finland Good With the power of Sauna, we march onwards! Rithiur 2+1+1
24557 QGL Digruntled Gamers Evil trim Obes 4
24554 SurlyPinks Surly Pink Elephants Evil If you can't drink it, flatten it! Carabas 10
24551 HardLiquor Hard Liquor Evil Getting trashed...Efficiently WhiskeyDaddy 4+1
24525 LEH League of the Eternal Hangnail Neutral Yargh! Grr 1+3
24409 Weirdo Weirdo Duckies Good Who likes the little, little duckies in the pond? Frood 4
24396 DFQ Das Forum's Quest Good You can solve everything with Violence Tomas 10+1
24301 CHR Cedar Hill Raiders Neutral Tryin' to catch us raidin' dirty. Silencer 18
24272 FaAr Fallen Archangels Neutral insert coin ponk 5
24260 MagNum Magic Number Evil we are the win MattyWilson 9
24256 HeadH Head Hunters Neutral Hunting head FatLoser 4+4
24199 Guild Guild Guilded Guild Of Guilds Evil Were a Guild.... Get Over It... jhon 7
24191 CHB CHB Neutral Stealin' your cookies! Semperverus 4+1
24182 {CoD} The Crusaders of Darkness Evil For out of Darkness we come and Darkness we bring Lim-Dul{CoD} 4
24180 DT2 Deeper Trouble Neutral In reign of Deeper Trouble MUD... Zordiac 15
24169 WY Wasted Youth Evil Your momma... Ocean 11
24155 DX Delta Chi Neutral Born Proud. Raised Proud. Echecs 4
24143 Fuck u & die Fyad Crew Neutral Only #1 pvpers allowed Zloog Disney 1+9
24103 LOGO Legacy of the Griffon Oracle Good May the Legacy of the Oracle protect us. Lord Griffon 4
24088 ARMD Armada Good Ooo! Right in the mean-bean machine! Zanth99 3+1
24079 Club V Club Vandersexxx Evil where all your sexual fantasies will be fulfilled club vandersexxx 10
24077 TNN Nethernet Crossovers Evil Pardon us while we Maintain. Vorkan 1+4
24026 Tautology Tautology Good all conclusions true Catulla 3+3
24025 PDF Pepito Domination Force Evil Pepito owns j00 FinalDivineDragoon 4
23986 OotRB Orcs of the Red Blade Neutral For da Matriarch! Decado 1+6+1+1
23945 SPNBRNGRS The Spoonbringers Neutral Pedestrians have the right of way! Minimus Magnus 2+2
23938 IGA Claniga Good Live Long And Prosper OMEGABYR 3+1
23935 LoM Lords of Makult Neutral And then some!!!! Tallian 1+4
23928 /panic Panicmotion Good /panic Talis2 8
23894 GAMELOAD Game Loading.... Good Forward, not backward and always twirling Mr. Sepoy 6
23891 Foo Yo foo foo yo foo foo Good Yo foo foo yo foo foo Jer 7+10
23831 anals Anal Intruders Good Are we good?? No we'r just not bad :) ingwar 7
23815 Asahi Asahi Good Nya! Koneko 2+7
23810 Black Angels The Black Angels of the Hell Evil Destroy all universe and good thing... Lord Lucifero 13
23797 SexualArmy SexualArmy Evil sexual harrasment.... Panda! hidethespice 1+7
23772 Resistance Resistance of the New Order Evil Speedfreak 2+2
23742 Oobag The Grey Guild Neutral black and white their is a shade of grey go there Xiano 1+6+1
23732 Augen Auf Dark Tranquillity Good Brennende Liebe bamjaaX1 6
23722 KOSTROMA [RUS] Kostroma Evil !!! >>> WAZUP <<< !!! 2rist 5
23690 DH PA DreamhackPressArea Evil Hur ser kaffet ut? Zurotzis 7
23683 im thorrbo im thorrbo Neutral im thorrbo Thorrbo 4+1
23616 DrTe Draconis Tenebrae Neutral all small people welcome! Heretikeen 4
23557 ish IsH Good Wtf is an ish? Goodjobchris 7+1
23550 Rabies Rabid Furries Good We're all here, 'cuz we're not all there. DireWolf505 7
23542 REAK Alliance of Reakers Good They call us the Reakers because we reak havok! GeminiSong 4
23533 Panda Panda Nyasar Good Modal sekecil-kecilnya untung sebesar-besarnya Pandanyasar 2+4
23522 GODZILLA FUN Order of many things Good WE WORK HARD WE KILL HARDER wimply 10
23517 MATPG Middle-Aged Tenacious Pirate Geeks Neutral f(x)g(x) ô€€€ Z df(x) = Entropy /Exothermy Aiden Boreas 4
23503 nyup! The Extraneous Hoobajoobs Neutral NOW whatchoo got ta say fa yo sef?! Fragwhax 5
23479 Kapow! Kapow Evil Kapow! Amzep 12
23390 WHORES Wholesome Heros of Resolute Eccentric Solitude Good Which is the biggest whore of all? KittCandi 4
23348 [ 0100 ] Band of Coders Neutral Taldor 5
23324 ACK. ACKspace Neutral Connection terminated. Prodigity 14
23294 TvW Tweed vs the World Neutral "DON'T YOU WISH YOU COULD JOIN?"=) Tweed 3+1+2
23276 [FDA] [FDA] Evil We Ain't Talking no Food & Drug Administration Ractar Maxilin 4
23235 KFBR392 The Royal Dingos Good Fuck You Asshole Bl00dP00dle 5
23229 Prophecy Prophecy Neutral We are on the border between Heaven and Hell...... Huntar 2+4
23228 Brai'fubs Brain Fucklers Neutral We fuckle the shit out of everybody. Rockad 8
23216 Beef Beefos Good Pull my finger, Hey! Its like a doorbell! Tin 1+5
23191 CMns Clan Moonshade Good Damn the Twinkies! Full Speed Ahead! Epsilon Moonshade 4
23174 Jabberwock Jabberwock's Realm Good If it moves, kill it. Construct 17
23159 TriO TriOptimum Neutral TriOptimum Corp., Military, Science, Consumer chaosphere 5
23138 J'sJs Jib's Jabbers Neutral If it moves, Jab it. JibJib 9+6
23122 Zort All Day Zortters Neutral Zort, Narf, Troz & Others, SHEZIFEK it ALL MercuryLA 5
23092 Emoparadise Emoparadise Evil LIFE IS PAIN *CUT* Fate. 11
23083 AAAwesome Awesome Awesomes of Awesome Neutral We are awesome! Wilco 14
23012 EtnD Esarius Thar no Darador Good Illandriel 13
23004 DOTD Down of the Dead Evil Pain Is Life!! Römondur 4
23003 Chucks The Atomic Chuck Taylors Blessing of Righteousness Evil If they ain't Chuck Taylors, then they ain't shoes BaconLePew 6
22993 Kennel Kennel-lahkolaiset Evil In kennel (& 7.62mm) we trust --One size fits all Kuningas_Ajatus 10
22909 *GB* Gaybar Evil Let's start a war, start a nuclear war... Karyl 9
22900 Sith The Temple of the Dark Side of the Force Evil You will pay the price for your lack of vision. Jirk 3+3
22886 CWTH Celestial Wrath Good One guild.. TO RULE THEM ALL! Leonassan 1+7
22879 PIPT PrairiewoodIPT Evil Turner Is Watching... DreamCatcher 12+1
22873 Werwolf Millennium Letztes Bataillon Evil Punish all without distinction! The Captain, Buroku 6
22872 BotRH the Band of the Red Hand Good Time to throw the Dice Keyys 2+5
22837 GGI's GigidyGi's Good Rigidy Right On Bitch PigidyPatton 7
22809 Smetak Koste v rosti Evil Kus pici na tyci BoneDancer 1+3
22739 DrnknMnkys Drunken Monkeys Good It's all rum and games until someone gets drunk! Verble 14+1
22683 A-US Team Anime-US Team Evil Anime-US forums, anime, gaming, and beyond! Seto 15+1
22651 [FotOA] Fellowship of the Obrnena Andulka Evil Two camels in a tiny car! Seafood 11
22640 POTGBG Protectorate of the Grandiose Beer Golems Neutral Drinkin beer killin orcs, killin orcs drinkin beer The Red Falcon 7
22585 ncp NETCAMP Neutral we all suck so bad... Clerks_Jay 13
22557 aa Abbot's Allstars Evil DEATH TO ALL THOSE WHO WISH DEATH TO MONKEYS!!! th0mas 4+1+2
22489 Belve Amici???Belve assetate di sangue!!! Evil Tonno per il signore!!! legione 6
22488 KMFDM Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid Neutral What do you know, Deutschland? Skurk 17
22460 -CK- Ceral Killers Evil Let Thy Breakfast Kill -CK- Roadkill The Lich 4+14
22449 9b nightbreed Good Snail har en lille penis eskalation 13
22435 FAE The Fae Good The Will And The Word Damondred 4
22420 PW Power Whiners Evil Feel the power of extreme whining !! atrox 7+5
22370 Gamad Gamad (ex. WOW-Kor'gall, WAR-Karak Norn) Neutral Remeber: KING KONG Died For Your Sins trulija 6
22356 Fu Phokin it over Evil Screw it all!!!!!! K 6+4
22323 24 Twenty Four Good I like that energy, use it! leachlife4 1+4
22236 TDG The Dark Guild Evil Dalzar 2+2+3
22223 C-F Citrus Fury Good LemonJuice Rocks!!! Ozryn 6
22188 Scabs th3 m3rr13 4dv3ntur3r5 Evil fucken socer and stuff WAxl 6
22162 futureevil Future Evil Overlords and their Underlings Evil Someday, we will rule the realm!! Empress Em 1+5
22146 BDSDN black Darkness of the Shadows in the dark Night Evil We are darker as black Shadows Cronkrit 6
22125 Amicus Amicus Good we r teh r0x0r ubber guild for dem0g0r0n r@!ds AAAWalrus 5+4
22124 LibOFF LibOFF Evil Life is better off! Nodjo 5
22116 FuFi Fu Fighters Evil Fu! Flint 4
22038 CoA Conclave of Auberean Good Who knew! Dawgeth 9
22028 B(THC) Brno The HardCore Neutral GO to your destiny (joint) squad 10+2
21990 ~CC~ Church of Chaos Neutral Where we are is CHAOS Chaos Jester 2+7
21963 MooPat Moon Patrol Good Patrol the moon, if it needs it or not PaigeOliver 18
21963 Quest Questrians Good The Quest For A Life m0gman 4
21958 TForArm The Forfallen Army Evil jvincion 8
21923 PenMaf Penguin Mafia Neutral For the Don tpcooper 7
21915 xSIGHx Sacred Order of Sigh Evil SIGH sighbot 11+2
21868 PoB The Neutral Party of Balance Neutral Wherever there is Life will be Death Drizzit Dudden 11+2
21858 Defiance Defiance Evil We follow only ourselves Maldavius 5+1
21853 Lidless Lidless Neutral We will never blink Grendl 6
21808 406 FOUR-O-SIX Evil Stoners of the world unite! The Professor 5
21794 SingleMalt Single Malt Society Good Mmmmmm. Whisky. Skeev 5
21763 GFAQS Game_FAQS Evil OMGWTFLOLBBQ Omni-Cloud 10
21740 -Ml- Moonlight Evil Like em all like tall small black and brown Phugu 4+2
21629 ThoT Thieves of Time Good Individualists, unite! Almik 8
21621 DreiZills DreiZills Evil Let the blood shed! SnakZilla 1+3
21610 IRL Cult of Kjdfkjdfsdfdfskhkhfsd Good Fuck you. Aelinon 19
21594 AlphaQ AlphaQ Neutral AlphaQ kagesama 4
21586 TGSoul The Gypsies Soul Neutral n45800 5
21562 Sputniks Satellites of Justice Good Bleep bloop bleep bleep Duwanis 8
21549 Monty And Now for Something Completely Different! Neutral Why go questing when you can stack things! Iwakura 8+1
21533 HTTP Hairy Toes and Tiny Persons Neutral 404 NOT FOUND Felafel 4
21531 TFShip Team Friendship Neutral TEAM FRIENDSHIP!!! dirkraft 16
21531 ZBB ZeBigBits Evil We like bits. :D JoeBlow 4
21508 [FA] Fallen Angels Evil La premiere regle des Fallen Angels est : Scorpi0 6+2
21477 VII The Seven Evil Mumbo 4+2
21419 Scurvy The Scurvy Knaves Evil aut vincere aut mori I_DIE 5
21370 BPM Best PM Neutral Bets PM Cause everyone else sucks Sicario 10+7
21301 3FDA Third Floor Diablo Addicts Evil Throw up from a 3rd floor balcony? Join us! achiim 8
21260 Death Evil will rule Evil Kill all who steps in way Golo 1+3
21259 Neutral Kampf und Sieg für Wotan! Netron 1+6
21258 Fuck Shit destruction shall fall from the heavens... Evil in the form of pain and sorrow, ushering my wrath, grovesancho 3+4
21190 Pilfobro The Brotherhood of Pillow-Forters Neutral Veni, Vidi, Balmoram Diripui. Alaerin Goat-Master 2+4
21189 1MA One Man Army Evil Semper Singularis Subterrane 1+3
21187 BBY BigBlueBox Good InviteTreatMeet Fridcrom 5
21152 @IG @igner Evil Chicken! ...ääh Schicken!!!! Adorem 5
21135 SL RVRS Soul Reavers Neutral Carpe Noctem Sanoctis 4
21118 IGToolsTeam ToolsTeam Evil Work harder amazon fury 8
21115 DK The Dark Knights Neutral Hope is for the weak... Falrei 4+1
21062 MFE Merry Face Eaters Neutral I caught a glimpse of invisible pudding Sevoran 6
21051 TDA The Dark Alliance Neutral 4 Tah Win Noin 1+5
21037 CKOMDLN Chaotic Knights of most disturbingly long names Evil Yes. PunkAbility 1+3
21004 GNFC Guild of No Fat Chicks Good Our main export IS rock. Aezjeck 4
20964 TERRA-X Terra-X Neutral We never die. Nextrix 2+8+1
20948 TAOD The Armada Of Dalguun Good To Live Is To Vanquish Evil! Scuba Steve 1+5
20942 StormSpirits Storm Spirits Evil Tier 8 and rising! Kryq 1+9
20940 Grbsmock Grabblesmock Evil Cakes and pies! Twiminy 5
20939 MGMM Ming Mom Evil i hit mgmm up the butt Mwamondwe 10
20923 AMELE Amele Brotherhood Evil Torture and Pain Psyhlick 4
20892 Wulfies Greuelsheimer Schergen Neutral Öh, was hat der Hauptmann grad gebrüllt? Firethorn 12
20890 Pux Paternal Umbilicus Neutral Pux to Allmouth, noncyclic divinity in action. Flaccrum 6
20880 songbirds Songbirds of Alpenburg Good o/^ Ricotte 9+3
20878 TSA The Silent Assassins Good Lurk in the shadows, and kill your target swiftly Shadowdemon 1+6
20862 Not Tasty NOT Tasty, Inc. Neutral Gross TW 5
20848 SFOA Society For Organized Anarchy Evil Kill or be killed. H'rulghin 5
20823 KTS Kaliningrad Territorial Setka Evil For The Shakhmatoff! VorteX28 17
20812 P3rk3l33t P3rk3l33t Neutral omg lol wtf Perkele 1+3
20802 Penis Penis Mightier Good If The Penis Mightier works, I'll order a dozen. SilverPony2001 1+2+14
20764 [GoP] Gods of Piss Evil Piss on all klet 5
20753 MPP Matholes Power Players Evil Hurrr 2 steeeel yeeer beeetch Radihimi 8+2
20706 Game Castle Game Castle Crew Neutral Lets do this right! Jypsy 8+1
20703 B7nC Byte This & Co Neutral Byte This! Gigabyte 6+2+4
20686 -(DB)- Deathbringers Evil "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Falmadonis 4
20670 Delphine Followers of the Great Cult Delphine Good Nutritious Hack Bananas covered in Dust. Ardelith Starbreeze 8
20659 Mos Isca Mos Isca Marauders Evil Utini! Criegxick 14
20633 GNUC GNUCrew Neutral I always'd a repulsive need 2b somthng + thn Human VinjatoviX 15
20599 waf Warriors of fantasy Neutral We survive in the bad world/ Cahar04 3+8
20553 OEM Order of Energy Manipulators Good *boom* Liokae 5
20552 Blue Ball Machine for the Blind Evil Stupyheed 11
20550 PR_Sucks PR Sucks Neutral Programming really REALLY sucks!!! garywind 8
20477 LX A RIBBON AND A PROGRESS AND A NATION!!!!!!!! Evil It's never too late to travel to Spogfroth Catalyst88 1+5
20468 JKHY JackBerg Group Evil Take over Monett Neoen 5
20465 PWND Pimps with Nerdy Desires Evil We shall . . . do. . . things. WolfStar76 7
20433 LBC Lamers By Choice Neutral To lame, or not to lame, thats NOT a question Bizzarro The bizzare 5
20419 4-M Mundane Masters of Maximum Monotony Neutral Mumbling monks make mincemeat of mindless monsters Wuzzat 5
20342 KSD Korea Securities Depository Good Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah mrtroll 5
20309 FoR Fists of Ra Neutral Fisting our way to number 1 Danaan 6+8
20305 GDT Glandeurs Du Taf Good Ki ki veut un café ? BatmanFR 3+2
20300 Viper Shadow Viper Good Make Friends and Complete game ToGther :P Shadow Viper 4+8
20226 AAGD Armageddon Neutral An eye 4 eye ends up making the whole world blind Meer Mortal 1+5
20222 DAMN Dark Assassins of the Malevolent Night Evil I can See what you see not! Elbereth 2+9+3
20191 hot fucking! Hot Fucking! Evil It's Business Time Lame-Blazer 7
20178 Nearly There Are we there yet? Evil Huffi-Muffi-Guffi geggakloss 7
20168 Zan Zandra Evil Xica 5
20166 LWOPD Lazy Warriors Of Perceived Doom Evil Oops! That blood belongs to me! LuciferosX 4
20166 DPi Datapath Good Our team is passionate about being more than just Ciemny 4
20166 WoAl Witness of Al'ar Good In memory of Kael'thas Sunstrider Zosul 4
20135 Megatokyo Megatokyo Neutral Relax, we understand j00 Marv 4
20106 -wT- Withering Testicles Evil Thy testicles shall wither! BetaNano 5+2
20099 OOP Order of Platypi Neutral We don't know nothin about no goddamn beastiality. Bali 6
20083 R'lyeh Cthulhu Mythos Evil AI! AI! CTHULHU FHTAGN! Cthulhu Fhtagn 4+4+1
20046 Serf Galactic Serfs Evil Take that, eh! BigBadBoss 6
20042 UABJ Uber alliance or the bronze jelly Good Good to the last stinging Chance762 4
20033 HoX House of X'zzt Evil . Sica 8
19994 GHC Good Whatever the game,we are your Hero! Starhero 7+5
19971 EGBerT Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow Evil You exist so I have someone to oppress! Lambo 4
19961 FOG Fellowship Of Glory Good moonmagic 5
19865 KoD-Pole Keepers of the Damned Poleaxe Evil Damn that Poleaxe! Known 10
19853 TDPOS The Greater Abernacky of The Realm of POS Neutral Krem 9
19849 RDK RaDiKewl Evil Only the strong survive... ZashaZ 9
19827 GoD Givers of Death Evil Veni Vidi Vici genoma 14+1+2
19824 Duskshadows The Fellowship of the Long Duskshadows Good The watchful eyes over the world's progress... Denthrinn 6
19805 RUSSIA RUSSIA 4-EVER Good Vsem Loham Pizdec Ed 1+2+3
19792 TKT Tapa(ta)n Kaikki Taas! Good Tapa(ta)n Kaikki Taas! Juki 5
19790 Iso Isolation Evil Today is an EVIL day to DIE !!! Zyriax 12
19771 FppF Flippedie Flopper Evil Flip Flap Anonymous548 9
19753 Sicky Sicktwists Neutral Buying up porn lube, I'll match any selling price. Casty McLongdong 5
19746 madness The Shaving Evil mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfridaysaturdaysunday Give_Item 9
19718 FleshFlayers Flesh Flayers Neutral DeathFlame131 4
19703 Yatta! Yatta! Good Yatta! Buzan 6
19685 Sanctuary Sanctuary Neutral Thank you, from the Heart's of our Bottom's Sonera 7
19660 TOLL The Order of Lasting Light Good The side of darkness shall never prevail. Sir Griffon 5+11
19658 LGKS Let's Go Kill Stuff Evil Time to kill!!!! =JJ= 6
19631 PHQ Pollo Hombre Quest Neutral "El time machine de muy bueno" airdeck 1+9
19615 CSONBG CSONBG Evil eisenandi 5
19593 The Knight's The knight's who say NI Good NI NI NI NI NI NI knight denoli 14
19567 TDK2017 The Dungeon Keepers Good Delving to the Deepest of Dungeons Notething 6
19566 TBM The Black Market Evil Pwn you in the nooblets Recidivus 1+8
19556 HGK Hagakure Good Caché derrière les feuillages Haghendorf 17
19554 Longcat Longcat Good (\(^___^) Ryuzaki 1+11
19509 Robbie! The Robbies. Good All Robbie, all the time. leachlife4 4
19487 TFP The Fuzzy Pickles Evil For cheese and happiness! Marimba 6+1
19471 DMP DartMudders Progress! Good Botting.. For Goodness! Shadyman 11
19469 BNXT Bionext Neutral In medics we trust Ankhterus 4
19410 S 'n W Spray 'n Wash Neutral New Stronger Formula! CKent 14
19260 hugs hugs Neutral *hugs* leviathan 13
19257 JIOFA JIOFA Neutral Piispa in my mind! Jiofa 3+1
19237 ~TGS~ The Good Side Good Bombing the baddies with love and rainbows! Ersh 5
19222 AoF Alliance of Faith Neutral No enforced Specs or Gear! Laid back HC-Raiding! Assassinette 16
19119 ghst Ghost Clan Evil Through the night we slide, never heard or seen... anonomou-x8dik6 1+9
19115 ALPA Adelaide LAN Party Association Evil Muppatz 2+7
19028 DiddlyCrew Imperial Members Protecting Lower Earth Good Protector of Lame Nomes, Killers of Slime Diddly 1+4
19024 DOH Deliverers of Harm Good Bring harm to those who deserve it! Kahlyla 4+1
18998 -AD- Angry Dwarfs Good 200 Solemn faces a year -AD-Coldplayer 3+1
18960 Russians Russians Good Russia Forever *Grand* 3+1
18860 Dummy Bakka! Evil Bakka! Bakka! Bakka! Gundmr 12
18854 Blueplex Forsaken Clansmen of Blueplex Evil You've been zusammened Meat Burglar 5
18839 Mung Mung Neutral Mung pelao 9
18811 Hahahaa! Turmion Sotilaat Neutral Maybe tomorrow. Sirius Turnipsi Von Hernelfd 10
18785 Z.F.F.L. Zombie Foreskin For Life Evil Zombie foreskins are good eats! Bobberroo the Timid 4
18756 Rouleroule Happy Cursed Goromirs' Club Evil Préparez vous pour la course ultime.. Majora 2+8
18715 OBLIX OBLIX Neutral Daaaaaaale unite OBLIX 5
18699 Jumby Planet Jumby Evil My frog has piles HonkyLips 4
18686 WISPS Wisp the Good Wisp Good Righteous butt-kicking Wisps are welcome! Smil3e 5
18661 GM Green Mojo Neutral Feel the Mojo. The Green Mojo. Comosan 1+10
18661 TNT23 Terrible Nightmareknights Tunnel23 Evil !"§$%& !xobile 5+1
18661 TKFM The Kings Forty Miners Neutral Gems, Gems and... more Gems Haegor 4+2
18658 ImoutoZ Imoutos with a "Z" Good ‚¢‚â‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ```` mrrrx 7
18601 S U Sunday Union Evil Penis! Frimmlin 15
18588 Tapouééééééé Tapoué Evil It's a tapoué way of life... Danamir 6
18547 L-o-B Legend of Buran Neutral The Trifecta from Hell. Bran, Josh, and Michael. Bran 25
18543 uhh Sucker Pleases Neutral Poo Trucka180 4
18526 CCOVA Cosmic Crusaders of Vengeancic Avengeation Good Cosmic Avengeating Protectors of Justice and stuff Tolgorgoroth 6
18427 Fart Heroes Fartacus' Heroes Neutral Fartacus the Mighty rules all! Fartacus 4
18412 PWNIES My Happy Little Cheerful Loving Cuddly Pwnies Good The rage of the talking-pony race will destroy all Sunhawk 1+3
18381 tiberia Tiberia Evil OH TEH NOS!!!1 Pill 6
18377 EnG LAN End Game LAN Neutral LAN Party 4 every1 !!!! dsamlk 5
18344 [BS] The Boondock Saints Neutral What if it was one guy with six guns? leachlife4 5
18331 F4IL Fail Gaming Evil Fail to Win Kibbelz 5
18315 -PP- Praetorians of Pemptus Neutral And let the games....begin! Mattius_Zero 17
18248 rok The Vicious JaanaKillers Good Jaanas must die! DIEDIEDIEDIE!! Hesus The Killer Of Jaanas 7
18238 Ratfest Ratfest Neutral Tonight We Dine On Rat Ratman 9+2
18231 Fixedsys Fixedsys Consortium Neutral Vidrik 12
18214 Spicy Ultimate Spice Harvester Neutral Spice up your life! Ultimate Chilli 10
18210 IHNLs I has no lifeses... Good Gots none... l337phoenix 4
18195 Set Set Own Guild Evil setxxiii 1+8
18170 NPP NPP_Alliance Good Silly Hats Only. Richard 1+4
18129 donggogog Delicate Ornate NoseGay Guild Of Guilds O Guilding Good Nosegay sux big nosegay dong 7
18124 JandCs jimmy and the chameleons Evil Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy's a chameleon ryan the barbarian 6
18108 Supa SupaLand Good If it aint supa you aint got poopa! Supa 2+4
18079 AHBO Air Hobo's Neutral If it ain't air hobo's it ain't flying. tomb332 5
18072 SOPGRF System.out.println("GetRektFgt"); Evil Blaze it xXGucciMasta420Xx 4
18040 Nut Gobblers Nut Gobblers Evil Gobble gobble! scipionus 10
18019 CKPQ Conglomerated Killers of Progress Quest Good "If it's out there, we'll kill 'em" Adun 1+6
17981 TCoBN The Clan of Bored Ninjas Evil Boredom is a motive to flip out and kill... anyone AyrenTBN 6
17952 PlatWitCheez Platinum Platypotomuses Neutral We do not eat people. Honest. Jazar 5
17894 TGRT Rouge Traders Neutral Neutrality for the Neutral God! Koei Fuhen 6+2
17858 -=>BARMY<=- Blessed Assemblage of Retired Master Yakhandlers Good Come discover the healing power of yak dung Vos Spero 15
17848 fur Furious Evil You suck. DirtROBOT 2+2
17847 BlackSheep The_Black_Sheep Evil Time To Thin the Herd! KellyBurton 8
17846 p3 Power of 3 Good Hack n' slash dirtydawg 1+3
17842 @(O_o)@ Evil Monkeys for Righteous Apathy Neutral Throw poo for apathy, if you feel like it. Lanigironu 8
17835 YHTPTQ You Have To Progress The Quest Neutral A Quest for Progress! Colino 16
17817 Seefood Seefood Good Early bird, catch worm, it will! Seeweed 4
17784 CU Catrainian Union Neutral Protect your fish... No landsquids allowed. Adinias 3+3
17758 THoFTD The Heroes of FTD Neutral Lets leech Tha_Reaper 4
17748 Khal The Khalasar Evil Pwn intended Zalmon 7
17713 Fish Miners The Fish Miners Evil HOW I MINE FOR FISH??? SamJ 8
17699 ]FBoC[ The Furry Bunnies of Chaos Evil Rock. Its what were all about. Saradin 7
17681 MKV Malkavians Good The Blood of our enemies will flow like a river. R34L17Y 8
17670 Slit Cradle of Filth Evil all good will be perished satsui 6
17649 B.E. Bangladesh Express Good When in Rome. Dmoogle 4
17619 Smack Inc. Smack's Incorporated Souls of the Bored Evil Hack and slash cpu cycles in the name of boredom! Smack 7+1
17575 NoHeroes No-Heroes Neutral Oh yeah.... Valdimar 6
17566 Lord Helmet Spaceballs: The Progress Quest Guild Evil Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb. Eruditious 5
17546 BAH FRABCIANS Evil Fear our robot-ninja-zombie-camel spider army frabc e 7
17539 Mu-Shu Pork Monastery of the Panda Brethren Evil Defeat is only momentary! Revenir 8
17536 Belgium Bankai Neutral French Guild Perfect 4
17536 St.Souls Stray Souls Neutral Do whatever you want and live freely... Gobolt 4
17511 IMPACT IMPACT Good Guilde Francaise :p luth 13+2
17497 AUF Amalgamated Union of Fishmongers - local 132 Good Fishcakes are the best cakes! Happy Hank, the mule who loved 4
17424 C-SEMM Conquest Steely Eyed Missile Men Neutral It's time to slay the dragon! Zavy 13
17414 SOUR Sauerbraten Evil Fukken yeah! shizo-kun 9
17362 SFy Sacred Fyre Good Vanquisher of Ignorance 5
17348 Gilde Die Gilde Evil we're the evil german tourists leachlife4 2+1+1
17344 PENISMIGHT The Penis Mightier Neutral There is no spoon. Jaye 2+2
17286 U.P. Unreal Progressors Neutral YoungLan spiffwalker 4
17270 |::| Brethren of DoubleStuf Neutral C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me. Sixbits 5
17254 Our Guild Our Great Guild of Guildiness Neutral United in Progress Lorgothae 9
17173 NPGR! No Pants Guild Neutral No Pants Guild Rules! Yud 5
17141 -MK- Mystical Knights of A Very Ancient Kingdom Good Thou shall only ride thy own donkeys Justize 6+2
17091 CUNT Chivalrous Unified Notorious Templars Good Get wreck'd KCINOWAI 11
17080 FI Fuel Injector Evil Screw Ya'll fuel injectors 4
17058 WWID What Would I Do? Neutral Me First! datguy 9
17050 forlungfish! The Freedom Fighters of Lungfishopolis Good Stay out of the moonlight and blue moustache! Machahiko 5
17046 F-U!!1!1!!1! FATAL ERROR! Evil CRTL+ALT+DELETE Lucis Domino 5
17004 SMZ SupeMegaZadrotus Neutral BCEX HA KOL! B0P0H 5
16994 .GMN GreyMen Neutral Why be good or evil when you can be neutral. leachlife4 13
16964 NeverNoMore Association of Starving Artists Evil We kill because we starve . We kill and we win. Hardocre 5
16959 Gelf U. Gelflings United Evil "if a tree gets in your way... turn" TogashiSoka 9
16942 *TL Team Landis Evil Don't waste valuable math minutes. viccyran 19+1
16940 DrunkSlayers Drunken Dragonslayers Neutral Give me beer or give me death Darkapostle 26+2
16874 WWBS Words of Wisdom Beyond the Stars Neutral Pursuing knowledge down whatever path it takes us. Silfahlhil 9+1+4
16805 =CF= Cannon Fodder Neutral Ammunition was made to be ingested! leachlife4 2+3
16796 DDE! Designated Dark Entity Evil Doom! The Zeranamu 4
16790 (AD) Atomic Divisions Neutral leachlife4 6
16784 Awwwwesome TeamAwesome Good Really Good Guild Westie 4
16777 PMS Political Misfits Good Political Progress not Congress Da Spliters Kids 3+7+7
16754 Famous VIPs Famous people - A** hole VIP's Neutral Home to famous assholes:CharlieSheen MelGipson etc clausisme 10
16716 ORG The Organization Evil You know, the competent one. PaperDuck 6
16684 BE Bash0r Elite Evil all your base are belong to us minot 1+4
16635 SlGd Suffer, like G did. Evil Suffer, like G did. SufferLikeGDid 4
16618 PPP Progressers Progressing Progressively Good Progressor 8+4
16575 waityet waityet Evil query 5
16575 Silverstorm Silverstorm Fellowship Good Kairennos 5
16575 1337P 1337Pugilists Evil "My life for Aiur" Pugilist 5
16563 SoaG System of a Guild Evil This is a System, System of a Guild ! Mr. Jack Soad 5
16533 Rastafari Rastafari Good It's all good. Boot 8+1
16505 Dangerpants Dangerpants Neutral We LOVE your breeches Peachpie 4
16492 GDM Guild of the Dark Messiahs Evil Darkon Azgur 3+3
16483 PHUC People Having Unordinary Crotches Good The bane of average crotches! Zebulon of Smeg 4
16473 NoLife We Have No Life Evil "No Life Since 07" Collin 27
16467 Yankee Carpetbaggers Neutral It's like taking cheese from the devil. Shamshire 20
16467 IOS Instruments of Slaughter Evil Basspunker 4
16447 TLB The Loony Bin Evil if your not crazy feck off QuuX 1+6
16390 DL Dark Legion Evil Kill then sex0r Cazor 22
16389 SKPOTS Skolepratik Odense Tekniske Skole Evil Mein Panzer ist kaput! Wookachar Von Oogamoog 12
16379 [DI] Death Incarnate Evil Is it in your blood to betra the ones you love? [DI]ender 3+6
16370 Bear Masters Naked Bear Masters Good Too hot for robot. DJuxtapose 4+5
16364 EVUL EVUL Evil We are EVUL froobfood 6
16324 [COFFEE] The Knights of Maxwell House Neutral Questing in search of Gold Blend! Lifson Kofie 5
16316 Birdies Bird Lovers Good We Love Birds =) Razul 4
16268 ASG Les Adorateurs de Saint Gouzer Evil Dans ton cul ! Amiral Yaourth 6
16249 #D&D Dungeons & Dragons @ Rizon Evil "If it's offensive, we've probably done it." Lord-Frost 2+3
16239 Lamp Curators of the Lamp Neutral The Lamp shall guide you. Unless it's turned off. Phades 5
16229 CultaSyrae CultaSyrae Neutral She's your Goddess, too! Syrae 4
16227 SuperDickery Neutral THIS IS NOT AN IMAGINARY FIGHT SCENE! Vergilius 7
16210 All U R Base All Your Base Are Belong to Us Neutral All Your Base Are Belong to Us Thermonuke 4+3
16175 ^ 8===D ^ bonertown Evil won't you take me to bonertown leachlife4 6+1
16167 EAF Fusion Good You can't spell Fusion without an "FU" leachlife4 7
16148 Moonreachers Pemptus Moonreachers Neutral Progress is one way ticket to the moon Trutvav 4
16146 AWW Abraxaz's Wicked Whisper Evil No one ever became extremely wicked suddenly. Abraxaz 9
16128 HailDuchess The Devout Protectors of Her Majesty Duchess of B Good All hail the One True God, the Duchess of Bertram! Ohrlworngd, The Believer 3+8
16087 dotc The defenders of the cheese Evil caution of the wibble beast Dejenol 3+2
16085 [BMA] Brownian Motion Activists Neutral And that's why things are going the way they are leachlife4 4
16085 Duggy The Doug Goldberg Guild Good full name: Douglas Goldenberg Krakko 4
16051 NSMB Nigga Stole My Bike Good We will catch that black man and beat him. TinyGnome 5
16041 Proton Protonquest Evil Sex met mannen voor geld! Sorth 4
16035 Tagrats Tagrats Evil Get learnt! rdr 5
15998 Queso Tigres El Gatos De Basura Neutral Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Argho 5
15974 PS Jamma Phi Slamma Jamma Evil You cant phone home if you dont have a home phone. Tarvoke 4
15957 J Murr's Kin The Legendary Kin of the Savior and Pooper J Murr Good Setting Pooping Records Since '01 J Murr 35+1
15883 [-_-] [-_-] Neutral \o/ DBob 4
15865 DRNK DRUNKSLA Good We're the best around DoogTheMushroom 7+2
15859 FotC Fellowship of the Candelabra Good One Candelabra to rule them all MSchmahl 9
15848 DKP Aerist Neutral Party all the time. Semyaz 4
15818 SPKP Sally Pug Kingdom of Pugdom Good I eat - therefore I poop. blarney168 4
15805 LoD Legion of Doom Neutral We dont really care.... Sheltem 4+1
15748 - UK chat on the deviantART IRC network. Good We rule. You don't. Step aside. (apparently) disastrophe 7
15656 XyuHaHbI XyuHaHbI Evil midnight 11
15589 DARKSIDE the darkside Evil love to be evil mush336 1+6+1
15578 F-D Facistdemokraterna Evil vi är fascistiska gankers leachlife4 17
15516 -tG- team Grasset Neutral antiacid 2+3
15506 Meats Evil Meats Evil numnums Bratwurst 10
15484 666 satans troopers Evil And The Evil Satan Lives For Ever!!! SuperGod 5+1
15483 Bcc158 For Bcc158 !! and Sparta !! Hahaha Evil Damn ! ! and what ?? Myself 10
15477 DICKS Dark InCarnated KnightS Good DICKS rule! Negerpony 6
15448 AFK~ Absolute Failing Klan Evil We try, we fail, were the Absolute Failing Klan! tanarchy 7
15447 L&D Life & Death Neutral So much to live for... So much to die for... Greenya 11
15436 The Izzet The Izzet Neutral The clouds grew thick, and then they grew teeth... Leith Germain 19
15430 Sierra Sierra Heroes Neutral Warriors of Sierra, Assemble! (Dynamix Accepted) The Sorcerer 7+1
15402 reddit reddit Neutral the voice of the internet -- news before it happen Tizen 4+5
15397 NewD New Dawn Good Walk with honor, have fun, be tolerant of others. Qarnak 10
15383 STALKER S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Good qwfgrqdeqfrvrqcdwqc Stereo Doctor 1+4
15367 TARMS Trimming And Reformatting Modular System Neutral TARMS re-tarms! kindofawesome 4
15349 TCoB Taking Care Of Business Evil Sethola 8
15344 BORE Brotherhood of Redneck Engineers Evil Futere Stercum Acclivitas! Mr. Evisceration 9
15334 TeamD Team Discovery Channel Neutral meh. Tmilly 5
15328 The Wall The Wall Neutral we are neutral ZweiFieJeo 6
15306 Sleet somethingleet Neutral Designing a better community Affcot the Meadler 9+2
15306 Achiever inc Lebowski achievers guild Evil And proud we are of all of them Whinebox 2+3
15303 Utopia Owns Utopia Owns! Evil Utopia is teh ownage :) Olafski 8
15290 -=[LBD]=- Le Bone Dragons Evil lil jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan leachlife4 2+4
15248 SmirnPQ If Smirnoff made PQ... Neutral Up with Miniskirts! ijcrwk 21+8
15238 Fenix Heliopolis Good Burn! RisingFenix 3+1
15237 KKKS King Kahueuehauheyha's Killer Sneeps Good killing sneeps for king Kahueuehauheyha! mortaine 39
15233 ANGRY America's Next Great Romantic Yuppies Good What else are you supposed to do at work? AngryZac 1+5
15212 heta hetaeria Evil kill 'em all! hyprit 7
15198 B-team The B-beam Evil copperbrow 2+8
15125 S M Svensk Mafia Neutral Most dangerous? Dumb people with smart faces ! FooFoo Träben 6
15118 = 0wnage = = 0wnage = Evil better kill all those lamerz Wieshaq 8+2
15105 ENV Envious Good Jimster480 6
15061 w00t 1337 w00t 1337 Neutral w00t Ancyker 11
15019 Tech Head The Holy Order of the Counterpane Good The Next Best Thing is the Proverbial Spangle! GlugMan 7+3
14984 Jugz Juggalo Homies Good Kick em in the Jimmy Joe Camel 1+4
14975 LoB The Legion of Burnination Evil Enemies subject to Burnination. CrazyJohn 4
14965 tHoH The Horde of Hagget Evil Knock knock knock, knock knock Ukavu 1+7
14958 random Shaun_the_pickle Good pickles rule!!!!!! Internet_Bound20 2+5+3
14931 Inbred Inbred Neutral Kill everything that casts a shadow Glauff 5
14885 AusOtaku AusOtaku Good GETS!~ Dareth 9
14881 Navy Moles Navy Moles Evil Dig long and go bald Ryven 6
14878 GADADD Great Asteral Division of Ages of Doom of Death +3 Evil Fireballs of greater destruction for All SuperSnail 12
14843 RWU Rokkers of the World United Good We slay mallcore! Kip Diamond 32+60
14839 DCINSIDE DCINSIDE Evil You spin me right round, baby winzart 40
14834 -=SB=- Sketch Battle Good We do battle, with sketches. JasterW 12
14826 Onions Knights of the Sacred Onion Good Brother Onion 4
14826 TCoP Principia Praegressa Evil Let there be Progress! De Narm 4+1
14825 advinc Adventurers INC Neutral Kill it and take its stuff leachlife4 3+3
14819 APu TheAPu Evil Your Mother, She sucks cocks in hell Rash 7
14797 KiwiHobbits New Zealand band of IT Hobbits Good Go fer the kneecaps and work your way up... Talden 8
14775 GFAB! GEL'S FAT ASS BAKERY Evil We'll effing make you a fatty sandwich. Seriously. Cake Baker 13
14772 Arcana Mist-shrouded siblinghood of those who sojourn Neutral ...the mists part before you, welcoming you in... Ayradyss 4+6
14761 Nommo Nommolicious Evil Calamari will rule you all! AeternitasXIII 6
14754 crapromedia Good So hilarious I just kicked my mom in the face. Poo Ping 4
14731 Dril's Roses Dril's Dangerous Roses Neutral Make it hurt. Just don't EVER make it look bad. Grunt Grillfocks 4
14729 NKs Noble Kindred's Neutral In friends we trust Grrak 9
14727 Olin Franklin W. Olin's Army of Massive Destruction Neutral You want a motto? We'll give you a motto... brodlin 6+1
14715 FMU Futuremark/Madonion UNTIED AS ONE! Evil .... Something Goes here? Evil_Strider 9
14684 B-A-D Being a Dinosaur Evil Laurie 4
14666 VODKA The VODKA Guild Good VODKA is Good! Versant 9
14664 WCS West Coast Slayers Evil Keepin it real on the WEST SIDE Ebgar 4
14647 sa lj Good tiedle 1+9+4
14627 [TH] Teh Horde Evil leachlife4 9
14617 WeaInc Weanies Incorporated Neutral Buy today!! Sassinak 5
14611 Aso Asomachos Neutral in progress Drumond 6
14610 dBoot Das Boot Good Cuz we're free Yamen 5
14600 SUNT Sunterra Good Well reposess your ass! BroomFondle! 4
14589 BOBS Brotherhood of Bobs Evil Bobs for Bob! Surly Bob 4
14558 eeg emil er gud Neutral det var ikke mig GUD 17
14538 !pks Pr0Killers Evil Reygen 2+3
14502 Cheese Lover Cheese Inc. Neutral We do what we do best,,,,,eat cheese. Kyren 3+2
14489 DXW NGA´óäöÎÐ Neutral µ°Ì۵Ľø¶ÈÌõ timon 14
14409 pn psykern Neutral Kobold penises. Maelst 1+11
14383 CWz ColdWarz Neutral Game 4 Life Sweno 5
14358 WBD Whobedat Evil "Oh, thats who you were." Whodat 5
14348 MoE Mashers of Evil Good We Mash 'em good! DarkDancer17 1+3
14344 PMOH Pregnant Manwhores Out Hunting Good Biggie 10
14335 Blue Moon Blue Moon Neutral Yea, its blue... naros 6
14276 Transcension Transcension Good The serious guild. Isaac 6
14257 Porvarit The Groups official Porvarit-regiment Evil Why should you walk? Get a taxi instead. Minttu 16+3
14250 rtfmpqg rtf minecraft progress Quest Guild Evil progress quest questing while minecraft farming Killerbear 4
14236 Tool The Order of Lemons Neutral Lemons sure are tasty! Lezlan 6+10
14221 RapistBears Bears that Rape Neutral Bears forcefully copulating with women is art! Mangina 19
14220 MGD MyGuildDamnit Neutral The cow goes... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Vez 9
14171 CAKETOWN Caketown Boys Evil Rape, Pillage, and Plunder Zant 4
14148 KDF1337 KDF 1337 Evil Design their grave! Zenless 4+1
14130 De e nice Southend Slayers Good Sweet schjak 5
14129 HPE Honey Pony Eye Neutral Our eye in honey Paranoid Elf 23
14119 Thieves! The Worst Thievery Organization there is! Evil so... you came to kill who? pheel 4
14115 B-B BremenByters Evil No arms, no cookies! Eike 22
14076 Munchkins Munchkins of the world Neutral Who cares what side its on? Its got shinys! Neko Kaoru 2+2+1
14073 DEOD Dung Elves of Doom Evil Dung is good, it makes us strong d1551d3nt 8
14043 TFO The Fallen Ones Neutral If u can't beat 'em, fall down and play 'possum! Ooph the Fallen 12
14016 TGMETS The Guild More Evilest Than Skeletor Evil WigglesTD says, YOUZ A HO!!! WigglesTD 5
13980 Srrrch Search Dragons Evil Show us your query string Clues 5
13979 IchF? I can haz FAIL? Evil ALL YOUR FAIL ARE BELONG TO US! Fail Cat 5
13947 GRK Golden Rat Killers Neutral No 3-peat for the rats!! Woohoo!! werelord 1+6
13937 Gamers-net eye humpers of mongolia Evil just hump it! Budtske 4
13927 asddd korea Neutral make greatest guild jjw00022 2+11
13922 3\/1L Pithed Off Evil We\\\'re like...evil...and stuff.. leachlife4 16
13919 LISMDAE Lunatics In Sailor Moon's Dark Alter Ego Good Crazy Up My Scrambled Brain Sailor Grendel ;) 8+18
13918 VCF Valhalla's Chosen Few Good Nelson will never make it to Valhalla! Jusprime 6+2
13917 On oone Space Pingoo Neutral pwet Fouleck 6
13917 3.14 The Clan of Pi Neutral 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 Pelen 1+4
13874 ltt less than three Neutral eh, whatever. xiantira 1+3
13869 世界征服 Sekai Seifuku Evil Sekai seifuku-o mezashite! Lej 4+1
13854 CUK ClanUK Neutral Krupt 11
13834 p00d The Chiefs Good We, the guardian chiefs, to protect and to serve Brone 2+4
13831 Skeetunit ~!! SKeeTuNiT !!~ Evil SKEET SKEET SKEET Mr.Criminal 28
13817 Glow Glowstick Tribunal Good Shiny... Illisuun 9
13797 ev Eat Vegans Neutral Creeps 4
13779 merk merk Good ٩‎(͡๏̯͡๏)‎۶ Causticbox 1+6
13757 s k stalk and kill Good My hypocracy knows no bounds nerick 4
13738 legioni I demoni di legione Evil Il mio nome è legione perchè siamo tanti legione 2+5
13731 [ReVend] Reagent Vendor Evil We Sell Reagents bohborly 1+3
13682 H.N.S. Hot N Spicy Evil We're hot, you're spicy! Lisbeth 1+9
13669 =TDP= The Dark Path Evil Pay or Die! Destrin 7
13669 Netjak Good Video game reviews done right 32_Footsteps 2+3
13661 BRUp Bar Runner Uppers Neutral Run that bar! Harpy Ratback 5
13647 HAC Hamilton Anime Club Good Gin_Quaker 7
13647 C.o.T.A. Cowboys of The Apocalypse Good Ushering in 'The End' through animal husbandry! Zee 5
13620 /scv/ /scv/ Neutral /scv/ Toadie 2+5
13615 Reavers Reavers of the Sacred Rainbow of Ang'nor Agash Good To reave a rainbow, one must sow a stormcloud. Lamsheck 7
13610 WraCha Wrathful Chaos Neutral For Chaos! ansesutaa 10+8
13609 Tmpst Tempest Neutral hinhinhin. keen > * ! #Tempest-prq @quakenet Aween` 11
13605 DotCS Devotees of the Chaos Star Evil Don't just be evil; be evil with style. Silfahlhil 7+3+4
13591 USSF FDR of USM nka USSF Evil Durka Durka, Muhammed Jihad! Durka Durka 5
13586 Aurora Aurora Good AFK farming since 1965 Vegetable 13+1
13579 GLASS The Glasseyes Evil What you looking at boi?! Deahfel 11
13550 IBDS International Brotherhood of Dwarf Sniffers Neutral Bottoms up! Rounsham 6
13550 WLPH WHAR LEWTS PLZ HALp Neutral sup cr4zyd 5
13522 Undivided Chaos Undivided Evil We are Chaos, Chaos is strong! Devastatus 5
13496 LOTR Les amis d'Elessar Good Pour que la verité soit !!! JAADTOLY 6
13475 CUNTRASH Country Trash! Neutral Some people like it, some people hate it. Porkchop Lingerie 4
13468 POK Planar Obstructionists of Karnage Neutral Visit POK the portal to everywhere! Arentol 19
13467 CRLJ COLLANAUD Evil The-Beef 12+1
13416 [MyV] MyValhall Evil Valhall awaits you! Aubragron 7
13391 ChurchMBP Church of the ManBearPig Neutral I'm being super serial! Batshitecrazymanbearpig 5
13364 Guildless Guildless Good Guild for the UnGuilded! Down with Guilds!! Blasgna K'Raka'Raka 1+3+6
13353 Ponies My Little Ponies Good Wilbur! Valspar Valthraxian 2+2
13350 Gomel Gomel Neutral Gorad nad Sozham :) erema 6
13346 DLoC Dark Legion of Chaos Good Spreading fluff across the world! Vinh 1+58+94
13338 BlueKnights The Blue Knights Good Ulamog 6
13333 SLAGG Sarasota Linux and Gaming Group Evil Wasting your CPU cycles in an entirely new way! NullSoldier 5+2
13310 JPMaz The JPMaz Studios Neutral Progressing on games till the end JPiolho 5
13301 xsv excessive Neutral rm 3th 7
13286 /\/\@©|-;|2@ machra Good mottos suck snrps 4
13260 Geosciences Guild of Earth Sciences Good We all stand on earth Blekenet 4
13221 Otaku Otaku Neutral Otaku's through and through Organa 4+1
13220 Impervious Impervious Good Impervious to boredom, oh wait. SnareDuder 9
13191 SPrAMahut The Holy Church of :) SPrAMa :( (with sushi hut) Good The last god you will ever need! cx2i3 11
13135 -=Tanelorn} The Society of Tanelorn Neutral Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience! Akinos 7
13124 Captian PEZ Neutral We're so neutral it hurts Sdogunlucky 4
13105 Nyctea Nyctea Scandiaca Evil May the Owl lead our way! Ozkher 4
13099 BLO Bianche Lucide Ossa Neutral Bionde Levigate Olandesi Federico Blo 20
13027 arPulDg Some Name Evil It moves: Kill it. It doesn´t move: Loot it. Etherianus 4+4
13021 Barbarians Drunken Barbarians Evil All I need is a beer golem and a vorpal mace og_makefire 5
12981 ENGAYGED More Like ENGAAAAAAYGED Neutral Our love for you is like a truck... Arkanoid2520 5
12971 YS Yiff Squad Neutral What? Is_Jt 7+1
12969 The Union Union of the 1000 Blades Neutral We have a 401k Plan to die for... InQuIsItOr 3+1
12952 TAROK earthward tarok bomb Neutral here's a pound, fuck off treblekicked 6
12944 eemusic The Double-E Musical Ensemble Good Mixing electrical engineering and music since 2001 eepiccolo 2+1+1
12914 Oz Oswald State Penitentiary Neutral Redilin 7
12909 P_A_O Post Alien Octopussys Evil Have a break you get paid leachlife4 1+9
12902 GNAA Gay Nigger Association of America Evil Gay Nigger Pride Hersha 10
12879 Tavern Tavern Neutral CinciBengals 6
12875 GS1091 The Squad 1091 Evil Cura Et Celeritas Geek Squad 1091 6
12803 Frullatore Frullatore Imperituro Evil tanto va la larva al lardo ke ci lascia lo zampino Larva 6
12794 ECF The ECF(easter chicken fish) Evil We Come From The North Carok Hoerub III 6
12779 sauna Ison Pepen saunaklubi Evil jes pr0ffa 6
12776 GAWSP Group of aimless wondering SMART people. Evil <Official sounding Motto of Evil bidding> Sicarian Pyre 5
12765 Unknown Baldur's Heroes Good Live and die by the sword. Polde 2+17
12739 AFK Away From Keyboard Evil AFK (sry)! brb asap thx ok. *LFG PLZ* Censored 11+1
12698 SPuma Smoking Puma's Neutral Rock,Rock, On Natman 6
12697 mdk its a small world so shoot and reload quickly Good good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun mr. president 10
12682 CoED Cupcakes of Eternal Damnation Evil Death to girlscouts. Hornfel 3+2
12680 KTAMK KTAMK Neutral The rebellion against Boylestad has begun... nobbie 8
12673 GAB Gnomish Alcohol Brigade Neutral What every functional society requires leachlife4 3+1
12672 LADOO LADO Evil You aint nuffin but a hound dog LADoMAN 4
12622 EVF Ever Flow Evil We're not anti-pirate, we're anti-you AlzShado 15
12613 Team Dongle The Honorable and Mighty Great Team Dongle Evil You're a crazy kid Andre the Mighty 6
12592 Lolicore Lolicore Nation Neutral We are the Lolicore Nation! Sherkel 4+3
12582 TMV Temple of Manly Virtue Good Manly virtue is virtue indeed Zworflag 5
12572 G~O~D The Templarate Good Heretics be damned! Zero Vang 8
12571 PPG Power Puff Girls Good Saving the day, before bedtime! Aegerr 6
12566 guofgu Guild of Guilt Evil Nostra culpa Svenstaro 4
12546 13BF 13 Blue Flames Neutral 13 is cool, blue is cool, and flames.... are hot Yetti 3+3
12531 LoBE league of the black emperor Neutral Godspeed You, Black Emperor gsybe 8
12522 TBE The Best Ever Neutral WE WILL BECOME THE BEST!!!!!! surfinbro 4+3
12504 hot-progress hot-progress Evil "Hello, progress hotline, how may I help you? jilly 1+3
12460 Delu Naith Albertian Order of Leibowitz Neutral Sic Transit Mundus Canticle 4
12460 SAMU Samu Passa Tempo Good yeah Baniel 4
12459 CUPF Cubbyhole Picklefest Evil A pickle in a cubbyhole can save an orphan. leachlife4 8
12443 LCC Les Chevaliers Cuivrés Neutral On peut même tuer le monde Fingle-Fin 1+3
12432 GriM DemonS GriM DemonS Evil We are GriM DemonS ]:-> we are from Poland~~ ^DeMoN 10
12395 ^TT^ Tushino Evil Join ALL ( EVIL POWER) Stomb 4
12364 TSttW Three Sheets to the Wind Good Algreat 4
12350 UPCE A122 UPCE CZ Good Žiju, tak si nenaříkám ententeak 5
12342 VwB Void Which Binds Good Digital pants... ACTIVATE! ZaTcH 2+6
12338 Lecky Lecky Evil Fuck if I know lolercaust 4
12284 CofF Culture of Fear Evil Never afk Punito 9
12274 OrdMal Ordo Malleus Neutral I AM THE HAMMER ansesutaa 4+3
12206 We B Cute The Royal Order of Bunny-Eared Slayers of Life Neutral If it's dead, kill it again. Saydur 4+1
12201 BPSILY Bloody Pants say "I Love You" Neutral Double make bloody pants Ubertodd 5
12186 #spectre #spectre Good lolpatrol Thorti 5
12171 ECOTER The Eco-Terrorists Neutral No SUV too large.... SpazzDawg 1+3
12153 SNERTs Sexually Needy Emotionally Retarded Trolls Neutral Hey! Who's the new girl? Sexus 6
12144 ChickenButt Combusken Buttfuckers Good Who's up for a hot chicken sandwich? Doktor Sputnik 1+3
12104 EvEa Eve Addicts Evil Need sleep, but i must play OmberWookie 4+1
12101 Stay RED Sacred CCCP Good Death is only the begining! Ner-zul 12+1
12098 Team Ubuntu Team Ubuntu Good Linux for Human Beings Ubuntu 3+3
12094 PurHndSan Purell Hand Sanitizer Good LOL BARD! GrandMasterTrent 16
12090 SPR JumpRiverTogether Evil Jump River Please JRP 8
12071 vR V-Radio Evil We Pwn j00! vR 9
12065 GLOWSTICK Great Legged Ones With STrong ICKiness! Evil We have legs! Whiny The Elder 7
12064 Heroes The Heroes Guild Good All are welcome leachlife4 11
12063 LXG League of Xtra Gentlemen Neutral Bow Down Bfore The Xtraz L3pR3cAuN 9
12026 Ratbag Ratbag Evil Home of Brown Love Lucky Luke 14
11997 TFH Team FoxHound Good I got two words for ya! Lucifer3167 1+5
11996 RKotHCGC Royal Knights of the Holy Crimson God Claw Evil Slaying people through righteous infernal justice godek 7+3
11982 -=*G^U*=- GODZ UNITED Good we will ownz j00 Keizer 20
11963 s o s Sin of Silence Evil emo cut cut Stoner 4
11961 Pow! Studded Lace Fetishists Evil When a problem comes along, you must whip it. Ungor 8
11949 Twitter Digital Knights of Twitter Neutral i Tweet, therefore i am LupisYonderboy 4
11927 orly? Nooblol Evil Me? nonononono!! Hologram 5
11927 JHP Jolly Horse Rapists Good We ride it, kill it, then eat it why not. SwishyRebooted 3+1
11906 ARDA ARDA Evil Chiwawaa HED 15
11906 MMPR Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Good Go go power rangers capnb0b 4
11904 kUNT Evil better obey the kUNT 64!7 7
11895 Ta mayre Rick roll Evil We will always rick roll around the world Neurtos 5
11867 ODI Omg Did Insane Neutral Simply Awesome Insanity Hakulyte 2+2
11844 tram-law tram-law pihsrow Neutral tram-law pihsrow Szarah 4
11825 hst' Hustlers Evil Life is a game, play to win! Torgrim Finehair 9
11817 PMG [PMG] Clan Evil fr33 stoff? mod. LADY! AncientToaster 4
11805 GAG Golden Apple Guild Good Keeping doctors away by beating them with a stick. Arcelebor 4
11794 GalaxyHikers Galactic Hitchhikers Neutral Don't Panic! Cyrian Agoroth 5+5
11794 D'oH Disciples of Homer Neutral mmm...donuts AvatarOfTiamat 1+4
11776 SN Satanistic Noobs Good Name says all, doesn´t it? The satanistic paladin 5
11765 TeQ Evil ... StunOperator 7
11750 LegionOLight Legion of Light Good Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Excellence leachlife4 6
11740 Loholt Loholt's Hand Neutral Why would Loholt have sex, he has Loholt's Hand... liquidboss 5
11718 pie! mmmpie! Neutral mmm pie? Thanatoz 4
11684 Scagoso Scapegoat Soup Neutral A merry band of fuckups, aye... Baublenaught 7+9
11660 HoPeD HoP exiles Evil When daggerspine is down whodathunkit 14
11633 GyPo GyroPonies Neutral In Balanced Bull we trust! Krietriz 5
11632 FOW Formal Wear Neutral Lay off the suit. KaptenKman 2+4
11629 DTW Darktide Wanderers Good Mullets Forever! Baldisimo - Hairless Crusader 7
11629 epicutioner The Epicutioners Neutral Food is good! Funkypudding 8
11619 Tripfags Tripfags Good my back hurts Jdbye 1+10
11597 Dragon Kabal Dragon Kabal Neutral Bitch, please. leachlife4 1+6
11586 imso. imso Neutral Ding! Youve got lycanthropy! McD 7
11581 PC Plexiglass condom Evil Dont open your window or well rape you! Satatik 10
11551 wee Wrix Enterprises Expanded Good mosar 4
11547 Squishface Knights of Mars Evil Your quest is to find ass! And beat it! Sir Fobos, Beater of ass 16
11531 C.O.A. Citizens of the Asylum Neutral Be one with the mind Sias 5
11516 Trogdor Those who worship Trog Dor! Good We worship Trog Dor, the almighty! Sprutnik 5
11483 Burn Burn Evil Kill Kill Kill!!!!! brow27 10
11477 Apothecaries The New Apothecaries Good Expand Your Mind Daily... Twice On Weekends! Prince Toma 7+1
11470 M. M. G. Mystic Mountain Guild Good Defenders of the Mountain Castle Atrayu the Mage 16+22+5
11468 COPS Coalition of Pathetic Sperglords Neutral WEEBLES WOBBLE BUT THEY DON'T SUCK DICK. Tricycle Rider 4
11447 #gfaqs Guild Error Evil We are the explody corps. BioStorm 1+5
11419 pubemachine Pubic Hair Slot Machine Evil Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap WumpusKing 6
11404 The TTT The Threshold Trio Evil Yey! I am the burrito!!!!11111ouno Poik007 1+3
11392 TRG TheRealGuild Good what a nice guild wihja 5+3
11390 Altes Eisen Altes Eisen Neutral Gaming since 1985. Jeck Pixelbrei 7
11387 Laktons Laktons Evil Laktons shall drink milk. Juajejo 4
11371 FAT FAT Good Noobs Eat sht and die Shenron 1+4
11345 eelmongers The Noble Order of Eelmongers Good My hovercraft is full of Eels Garyon the Glib 2+4
11337 darkkid darkkid Good darkkid me.KID 8
11332 CWF Crossed-Worlds' Fans Good Here we are, there you go WildCerebrus 2+3
11328 Ehh Not Caring Neutral Why bother? Emanon 5
11321 SSSU Stealth and Shadow - Silent and Unseen Neutral Move in Stealth by day, in Shadow by night. Dracore 14
11319 The Undead The Undead of Spoltog Evil We're barely alive Fezzer 6
11311 JRL JRL Enterprises, Inc. Neutral :) Squatchman 17
11280 CareBears carebears Evil Let's get it HoN Robby 5
11250 Bukus Bukus Good Fighting!!! SBYman 4
11248 Exc Exceptions Evil We will dominate you! Rouby 4+1
11221 [OO] The Turks Good Hibs are suck! Impresario 10
11216 Adrian Monk Adrian Monk Neutral I could be wrong now, but I don't think so. Piercy 9
11193 MPB Marshmallow Peeps Bunnies Neutral Pick a pack of peeps! Faltru 1+2+7
11167 G o D Guild of Doom Evil DOOM shall Rule! OMEGA 4
11162 Nurmelium Modulaatiosukka Good If you can\'t kill \'em, join \'em [FenriZ] 4
11159 GSRS GridSquare Removal Service Good Everything is useful Bink Sayres 3+3
11153 AFI A Fire Inside Evil Ashes fall as we all arise. Adema 13
11149 VLI Vinyl Lickers Inc Evil The carpet makes my tongue all furry Chiro Ben 5
11123 Ikea Chips Ikea Chips Evil You can get potato chips in Ikea. And get lost. Noodleneck 2+18
11121 Gqmdc La guilde des gens qui mangent des cailloux Good On aime bien les cailloux Lumos ! 9
11102 Do'Urden Eighth house of Menzoberranzan Evil superpunch 4
11092 SWCGE Galactic Empire Neutral All bow to lord emperor Vodo Lazarus Metzen 6
11087 -=][UNA][=- United Nightmare Assassin's Good Speckbaer 14
11086 Astarians Insidious Agents Infiltrating from Astaria Evil Deities of Non-Sequitur and Pie Gwenhidwe 6
11082 PVPAoM The Pvp Alliance of Mediocrity Neutral KIAH! Captainapathy 18
11019 Team Parets Paret Evil In parets we trust Von_Kavalier 7+2
11018 Halo Halo Neutral Press Ctrl-G in game to join. And put Halo in box. Marrok 1+3+1
11013 The Game The Game Evil You Just Lost Dastard 2+3
11002 Barba Barbapapas Evil C'est nous les barbapapas! Isidore 5+2
10993 mRg mRg Good olli 4
10987 Gram Siegfried's Gram Good Infinity Challenge rlagudtn 6+9
10985 Dys Dystopia Evil Jack in. Kick arse. MarvintheParanoidAndroid 1+13
10963 JSB-KG Johann Sebastian Bach - Killer Guild Neutral Uccidiamo in modo classico... niente di personale Johann Sebastian 14+5
10955 RLH Run Like Hell Evil PKs in the mines! leachlife4 4
10955 Derailed D e r a i l e d Good From WoW Vaughn Willenberger 4
10944 ACA Axapta Crazy Admins Neutral Do u know what Axapta is? Then u must join us! //shred 4+3
10927 Heroic Few Heroic Few Good Guardians of the Claws of Veeshan Valkyris Valhalla 5
10898 AoSW Alliance of Silly Wiseasses Good Why try, you only die. leachlife4 5
10888 Nazi National Socialist German Workers Party Evil Death to the JEWS! Adolf_Hitler 3+1
10878 C.U.M. Carnal United Mafia Neutral Come unto merriment! Llewoj 6
10860 OCP The Platinum Data Spikes Evil Friends call me Murphy, You call me ROBOCOP,funboy barooboodoox 2+2
10822 Mouhahahahah IUTB Evil In Caplain we trust ! Supermomo 1+9
10812 THB Teh Honeh Bunnehs Evil Phear Teh Bunneh Teh KillerBunneh 7+1
10808 UlFaCrew Ultimate Fantasy Crew Good Protecting girls from virginity since we can!!! Miziou 6
10794 BBBB BierBarBarenBund Neutral Will kill for money OkiKuma 5
10786 IDKLAWL Saggin Evil Shit On Kidz duKe_- 9
10782 L I> Lost Disciples Neutral CHOPPITTYCHOP!!!!!!!!!! Somnus 14
10781 DCP Dragon Coast Players Neutral We brake for no one! Hardwired 8
10748 Throntag Throntag Alliance Good We know progress when we see it! Stormhound 12
10736 NRP Nomarks of the River Plains Good Nomarks, what else?.. Magon 4
10734 Lun Lunacy Evil LOL disembodied 4
10641 SOS-dan SEKAIWOOOINIMORIAGERUTAMENOSUZUMIYAHARUHINODAN Neutral naindattara jibun de tsukureba ii no yo KyubiFox 4+1
10636 #oujeeee #oujeeee Evil JEEE NUSSITTIIN PANOMIES 3+1
10614 Patryns Patryns Evil We will rule the world! Dark Haplo 4+1
10613 rfle roofle Neutral Lock up your gibsons, for we == l33t! gomer 2+2
10592 ItFSoL It's the Foul Stench of Lunacy Evil Fordi vi kan! Razark 6+2
10574 PWN! My Little Pwny Good See above. Gorto 3+1+2
10569 LGFOD Legion of Guilded Flying Orange Dragons Neutral Recycling is for douchbags! Elocater 4
10543 Sovernet Sovernet Good I'm gonna get you get you drunk GnomeToucher 7
10531 TMcBC The McBeat Clan Evil Bastard Canadians, are there any other kinds? Beatie McBeat 6
10526 S.G. Shire Guild Good "Hobbits are Amazing creatures!" Gandalf the White 13+12+5
10517 BoWW Blades of WestWind Good Blades of WestWind RISE! The One Who Does Not Die 5
10517 The FK The Faremonian Knights Good Passion. Strength. Power. Victory. Radai 4
10495 GQC Grind Quest Crew Neutral They see us grinding... We questing! S0up4l1n34n 10
10491 totems Imba totems of d00m Evil Use frost shock! Zcalot 10
10469 OCR OCRANA Evil Choooosh these are evil fingers! :| Meat0r 10
10466 KittenFister The Kitten Fisters Evil Some kittens explode easier than others EviLCorey 7
10455 -=^mX*=- --::=>Thy Holy Church of Mixx<=::-- Good Verus Sapientia An Tibi //true wisdom is in you\\ Mixx 4
10444 Eggsuckers Eggsuckers Good Eggcellent Smithers Most humble Hooha 1+14
10418 PSP Priory of the Silver Phoenix Neutral All new members live tax free for a whole year! Grellin 3+1
10413 Poland Pepon Neutral not rules ..... Pepon 2+2
10410 Artail Team Artail Good y helo thar Artie 6
10406 O.I. Order Of Indecisiveness Neutral Live Your Life To The Fullest, Or Not Da SkoolBwoy 4+1
10402 XnMr XnMr Team Evil Bhou! MoRph_XeNo 4
10396 ALF Armadillo Liberation Front Neutral Helping armadillo's run free once again. LANkrypt0x 7
10380 D B Dunkle Brigade Good Come in and find out Delor 5
10348 Meow Litterbox Gang Evil For Beer and Litterbox! Mreooww!! Purrrball 3+1
10318 gluna Gildia Lunatykow Good rżniemy raindog 5
10317 KiMi KimiMishi Good YATTA! White Light 3+1
10308 SC The Skull Crushers! Neutral We Crush Skulls!!!! Krag SkullCrusher 1+14
10296 RL-PQ RL-ProgressQuest Evil The lazy will rule teh world wongoone 4
10293 Sigh Sighbase Good Art immitating life immitating art.. with cheese. Jahshwau 1+8
10277 Ooh Shiny! Ooh Shiny! Good Ooh Shiny! sjfw 5
10232 seramen Seraphym's Children Good For the Emperor! seraphym 4
10215 -SEXY- Teh Sexy Evil You where to put us... Lester Dean 6
10205 S C SoulCrushers Neutral Ctrl-M Tyronica 3+7
10189 PUNOP Pagan Union of Neutral Oppression of the Peoples Neutral Oppressing the people, one people at a time. Grizzius 8
10183 DNote DeathNote Evil The person whose name is written on this note die! Shiori 5
10144 ASIT ASI_troopers Neutral the geekiest way Slivercid 6
10143 Cy-Evo Cyboork-Evolved Evil Do you love to hate? Hate us Kildohr 8
10139 {DX} Digital Xtreme Neutral Trust Honor Restect KHammer 14
10137 THSWA The Hobbit School of Whoop Ass Good Don't make me open a can, bitch! Ty Bishop 7
10132 BT-AHS The Anti-Hippiecop Squadron Good The only good hippiecop... is Steven. Rob Mason 8
10127 cQs CupQuake Superior Evil Home of the Boss-Pack and Fish-Rocket Biznaldy Jenkins 3+2
10124 DeathS Death Sentence Good Yelayon 2+2
10124 PP! Pure Pwnage Good We pwn Noobs PPFanNr1337 4
10111 Pony Disciples of Poniosity Neutral For the Pony! Higurashi 4+2
10100 ANALZ ANAL BANDITS Evil We turn it into a pink sock after we're done >=D Ass Smoothie 7
10098 IM@S IDOLM@STER Neutral do you know IM@S? lol. Arisu Tachibana 6
10091 IR Inverse Reality Good Pirate booty is the best type of booty! Nz 1+4
10089 BotGT Brotherhood of the Golden Tankard Good interaction through winning... thezor 2+2
10086 Mofos Mofo Gamers United Evil Hounding newbs for generations Edison Talley 4
10083 HC42 Heavenly Choir Good Just keep singing, just keep singing Iena 4
10072 The Horsemen The Horsemen of Meghido Evil The Malevolent will march on your charred bones. The Nameless Malevolence 10
10046 [.:U.G:.] The Underground Evil Were Going Down Under! Undertone 16
10021 Shepherds Shepherds Good shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee harrisoN 5
10003 L'zA Lmao'z Annon Good We love to Lmao Trouvav 6
9984 He's dead We Killed Jesus! Evil {TH} Jesus 4+2
9982 carpenter Carpetner Lab Evil We really need drinks. Chez of Oobag 6+1
9959 LBB Lunchbox Bandits Evil Potato Cabooselol 2+2
9944 THC The Holy Constellation of Mighty Heroes Neutral Super!! Falvar Hetsone 4+3
9942 HxC Indie/HxC/Emo Good Indie kids, hardcore kids, and emo kids are lovers leachlife4 1+4+2
9908 BOOTY Bow-Legged Noobholders Evil Show me your booty hole OOOOOOOOOOOOO sneezweasel 1+6+1
9908 9H4Z3R Guild of the Phazer Neutral Home of R4ND0M N4M3! Phazer25 3+4
9897 D.T.A. Destruction Time Again Evil make war not love bulseye 6
9843 HODU Holy Order of the Disciples of Uwe Neutral FGSFDS >_> Horstmistress 9
9795 my guilde Perewallace's guilde Good leachlife4 1+43
9795 Parkland Parkland Good Reven 10
9747 C3PK Cert3ProgressKnights Good Progressin' all Day & all Knight! Burlz 11
9736 FEK FEK Alliance Evil Free Every Kitten... FEK FOREVER!!! Fekenator 4
9705 IHNI IHaveNoIdea Evil Not In The Face ArtemisEntreri 5
9677 mostacho Mostacho, the movie, the guild Neutral We do shit right. benbeltran 14
9675 TANK TANK Good If the cabbage of the mind fails, never trust it leachlife4 1+3
9651 FUW Fat-Ugly Women Neutral Not huge, just bigger and better Sredna 15
9640 ANBN Anime Evil SUDDENLY! Lebannehn 13
9605 Z G A Zombie God Advocates Good To Infinity and Beyond The Immersio 4
9574 ffh ferrets from hell Neutral steal everything... hide it under the couch waya 8
9538 Tatami Tatami 4 Evar! Good Tatami 4 Evar! Tatami 5
9530 TradeTower Mille21 Evil We create Arts and Culture testarossa 4
9523 dSn Dark side of the Noob Evil We suck and we're here to prove it! DrStoopid 4
9505 S2D Something2Do Neutral hUMPH jeremiah 1+5
9497 IPoW Intercontinental Progressors of Win Evil We love lamp! Asator 8
9475 SU Square Ultima Neutral Sewing the SeeD of a new beginning... Deus Ex Machina 5
9473 SMERG Sardaukar Merc Guild Evil Overconfidence Increases XP Brusanan 1+6
9471 KAC Keeping All Connections Good Aim For The Top!!! Progress Master 6+1
9457 WRW Guild of the White-Robed Warriors Good Killing evil one life at a time! DreamSlayer 3+1
9439 ARDNKH Aegis Rectum Damn Near Killed Him Evil Aegis Rectum, assemble! Chivalry Isn't Dead 4
9431 Fantastishae The Fantastishae Neutral Delivering Chickens since 2003 Xiahuan 1+4
9421 JAW Just Add Water Neutral Death to all non dehydrated foods! Grizzled Fat 4
9407 SWF Shiny Wooden Floor Good I can see my face in it. leachlife4 5
9387 BOMDAS Big Orange Monsters Dancing And Singing Evil Cheesemasters for the 21st Century! Fat Boy Yellow 15+10+1
9384 [=MPKI=] Medical Posterior Kicking Incorporated Good Keeping track of your prescribed dosage of pain. Spigglebort 8
9372 PFL Players For Life! Good Welcome to the stable, BIATCH Jedi-Pimp 13
9372 AGOG The Amazing Grey Ooze Guild Neutral Let's Placate Something! Bladon the Balding 4
9357 [UPoS] Ur-Paladins of Spoltog Good Let righteousness spread across the land Galendor 3+3
9349 RSFTD Royal Society for Total Dorks Evil Sometimes we kick stuff. NinjaKickface 4
9346 [CSD] Culte de Sang et D'ombres Evil Malpt! Griffer 8
9340 ASAGN Archetypical Self-Aggrandizing Guild Name Good Superlative by definition TheBigC 5
9339 kjj kjj Neutral leachlife4 8
9329 no0bz no0bz Neutral durr... shiney! flogmelog 4
9301 OAFS Order of Almighty Fishingrods Neutral Fish is more important then anything The Bounty Fisher 2+2
9282 yoda ultmiate sith lords of ultimate death Evil kill all rebelkillz 10+1
9258 Asshats The Asshats Evil Jedidja 3+1
9249 Doomed Skull Doomed Doom Skulls of Doom Neutral Doom onto others. Funky Fresh Walrus 4+2
9215 FAH Who'd wanna be such an asshole? Neutral We don't give a crap. We hate you too. Seianna 3+3
9210 Wist -= WIST Bashers =- Neutral Way to progress! bg 5+3
9181 Hyjoo Good Alakazam Bouda 1+8+6
9151 CDZ Les_glandeurs Good BASTON !! Shakkah 4+8
9108 PoG Pride of Gayland Evil Don't hassle the hof Exud 8+1+1
9072 Miskatonic â Miskatonic University Arkham Evil Please join Miskatonic instead....... Henry Armitage 4
9068 UoD Unicorns of Death Good We have become Death Destroyer of Worlds Trmptplyr07 2+6
9055 Stoners420 Stoners420 Evil I'm gonna smoke weed for the rest of my life! BeLuGa 420 11+1
9051 srn snipers redemption network Neutral To hell with Diablo and Everquest Høme £ess 7
9050 DnD Dungeons and Dragons Neutral "Dungeons and Dragons. Satan's Game." Kyre Rellim 8+3+1
9049 '::[TG]::' Twilight Guardians Evil You only get one life to live. Lord of Abyss 3+1+2
9039 Inuyasha Inuyasha no Team Good Osuwari!! Yashira 1+5
9038 DoM Dance of the Macabre Evil All men die... Disciple 1+7
9030 -=C-B=- Cowbow BeBop Evil Whatever Happens.... Happens. Spike Spiegel 14
9011 XSN The XSN guild of Doom Evil We hate the consumer. Fagotaur The Bold 5
9002 Le Tabouret Le Culte du Grand Tabouret Neutral Les Bébou UwU vivent pour le Grand Tabouret Astate_PNG 5
8999 BBP Blue Ball Productions, LTD. Evil Piss off. l1_wulf 5
8997 BackUPS Sir Gprotector and his Electrifying Companions Neutral We stand together to defeat the evil Spike! Jhufsduey 4
8971 PWNED Teh pwnage Good Gotta pwn 'em all Highquality 6
8969 Satan Ascendance of Satan Evil Fuled by Satan - Join Him or be immolated by Him panthrax 12+1
8968 BYX Bringers of Your eXecution Evil THIS IS THE MESSAGE OF THE DAY .. PUNK mdmbkr 6+3
8966 HPT hoptech Good you break it we fix it...... hopdog 9
8962 s304a GUILD OF AWESOMENESS Evil super evilness and awesomelike Lopno 6
8957 RSM RolledSock Muppets Good Music, Madness, and Mustard for all AirRock 2+2
8932 Bastard Band of Bastards Evil Who's your daddy? Osten 1+3
8929 Ranma Ranma 1/2: Anything Goes Martial Arts Neutral AGMA Final Attack: Crouch of the Wild Tiger! Ranma Saotome 7
8917 KGobble Knob Gobblers Neutral Gobble all the Knobs BagofKnobs 4+1
8898 zomgpancakes zomg pancakes Neutral We love the pancakes :o Nevek 14
8848 Nunz Get in There Good Get in There Nildain 7
8843 HWDP FirmaKRK Evil JPna100% hcwdikk 5
8809 EdP Edgab Pirates Evil Grendel fears us. Qorlite 13
8776 LAVA Delicious Lava Good Not a significant source of saturated fat. Mindlava 13
8773 *** Arsestars Evil Alea jacta est leachlife4 9
8771 UOLP The Unrighteous Order of Lost Pants Neutral This is out of our jurisdiction, Bob Haryon 2+5
8749 Thunderclap Thunderclap Good Slaying evildoers since the dawn of evil Mattholomew 6+13+9
8739 208 Marcy 208 Neutral No Fat Chix0rz KStingRays 5
8729 TWAC The Order of Those Who Are Capable Neutral Piasharn 9
8724 1337mangos 1337M4NG05 Neutral 1337ing teh mangos since 1998 Pyromonkey 8
8723 BFC Battle-Finch Consortium Good We like pie too! Graff 9+2+1
8718 Du Dubitchu Neutral Roulé à la main sous les aisselles ;) InVinoVeritas 4
8717 Moronsoft Moronsoft Neutral Make everything boring! martc 1+4
8706 RFI Royal Family of Illutia Good In honor of the crazy monkeys!!!! Konig Boomer 7
8703 N-GmbH Normbrunnen-Gilde mit beschränkter Haftung Neutral Steter Tropfen fällt selbst hinein. Hathox 6
8679 Zyan Zyankalianischer Orden Evil Leben und Sterben Lassen Gargish Dragon 2+2
8676 T-T Team TrouserBeast Neutral Die with you're pants off! praxter 9
8670 Acura Acura, la meilleure guilde du siecle... ;-) Good acuramatata 5
8663 F3 Fist Fucking Fairys Evil RyeBread 5
8635 OotFPC Order of the Flying Pink Cupcake Evil Pink pigs don't fly! Pink Cupcakes do! Fallstar 3+2
8607 BAF Birks and Friends Evil Never be Good Kholan 7
8601 MotB Masters of the Blade Evil Darkness has you ..... and he wants his money! Migasha 10
8592 NUTS! LUST! The College Psychotics Evil Sanity? What's that? Iknax 8
8589 Epic Fail Epic Fail Neutral I'm gonna poke you ina hole you never knew existed Laurie Moon 4
8572 T&A Accidental Brilliance Neutral Clean, Drink, & Fuck Bitches Edwin Mana 9
8569 we hate you neopets Neutral dumbo mutumbo daddykingtut 6+1
8552 bgtwt bgtwt Neutral for when your thoughts exceed 140 characters Kraki 4
8549 Pokemon Pokemon Evil Pi Pikachu! leachlife4 7
8543 Borg The Borg Evil We Are Borg! Loqutis 1+3+1
8540 a.n.b A New Beginning Neutral DO YOU LIKE THE SMELL OF PROGRESS? Wobin 3+1
8512 over there duhhhhhhh Good kill,eat,sleep life good ugggh nose picker supreme 11
8509 Kehk Kehk Clan Evil Keeeeeehk Andamarth 4
8489 Slackers Slackers Evil A solitary killer, the firetruck stalks its prey. Damaged Industries 3+1
8460 CO Crystal Oracle Good Honor above all Thik 3+1
8350 [OCZ] Over Caffeinated Zombies Neutral Drink Caffine, stare at progress bars all night Jedislight 12
8348 Slackpot Slackers of The Eternal Thing That Is Evil What? Teleolurian 4
8332 USTFU United Standard of Tracking Federation Underpants Good Step 1, collect underpants, step 2 ... Ringuist 5+1
8328 FoS The Fellowship of the String Evil If you can wear less, do it! Jarmuth 2+3
8323 NOKO Noah Korrpa Good Wenches, We like em, alot! ronsu 15
8322 Mysidians Mysidians of Progress Quest Good leachlife4 9
8322 Dobbston Dobbston Neutral F*ck 'em if they can't take a joke. NostrilBob 9
8317 D`oh D`oh Evil Ey caramba leachlife4 4+1
8317 I.D. Imperial Descendants Neutral Luck or Skill, a Kill is a Kill.... Thalikoth 4+2
8310 LiSl Licht Slayers Neutral We slay the light! Or... For the light. Gatblake 4
8282 [LA] Lucifer's Army Evil kill em' all Gargulg 5
8271 WAA weAreAmok Neutral dont be lotto, john otto jep- 4
8266 WFT Wolpiro Fight Team Neutral Se incontriamo Nosferatu lo stendiamo con un rutto Natan Aileron 4+4
8196 VenG Vengeance Good the ending of wrath, the beginning of peace Peepie 23
8194 L2P PQGREATERTHANWOW Evil Who needs a new WoW server when you have PQ? NmiTy 4
8166 TIS TOPdesk Evil Buy our software, it Pwns! RobH 7
8152 MMmmm Munchie munchies Good MMmmm good like a chicken wing Mimpihantu 12
8142 HUJ Heterosexual Undead Jebakas Evil We'll finally find the Clitoris! Yosdu d'Afata 4
8124 Bla ---Michael--- Good Frag or Die Immortalis 5+1
8118 TAT Trypa's Account Tracking Evil Evil for the hell of it? Trypa 20
8107 Spoltog The Disease Lords Evil "To live is to die but to die is just plain retard Lord Kuru 3+4
8104 FSRMATUKL The More Or Less Almighty Council Of M. Of K-Town Evil There Are Not Enough Letters For Our Guild's Forma Whipmad 6
8087 VASTA VASTA Internet Group Evil Talking Pony Takes You to The Darkness Lustmored 4
8080 dst Destructomatic4000 Good Destroy all. DestructoMan 1+4
8061 Turha Turha Evil People weeps. Turha kills. discopeptic 5
8058 MKPL Mystic Kingdom PL Neutral Mystic Kingdom PL UO Shard TEAM Callanor 5
8056 -=KotR=- Knights Of The Round Good All for One and One for All Alisha D 1+12
8048 RAGE Raging Alcoholics Neutral Drink and drink and drink and drink and fight. Resce 3+1
8048 Good warrior Order of the light Good for any day that stings two better days it brings Anirind 5
8038 MOMCORP Mom's Friendly Robot Company Evil Back for a fifth season, you say? Broseidon, King of the Brocean 7
8027 CCCP2 People's Republic of the Soviet Union II Neutral Do unto others, then run. Platanov 4
8024 LGA Little Green Apples Good If they only had the sense ... Koimichra 6
8023 I-L In-Love Evil Finger in Po,Mexico! Hansi 16
8020 Role one up! Team Rolinbud Neutral Sit back and relax Rolinbud 4
8002 SFSSS Seven Foot Sharon's Salty Sandwiches Good Whos yo name? Undine 5
8000 [GC] Goshen College Neutral All of this has happened before... cong06 5
7991 Gordor Gordor Good Join Gordor SpawnerMaxer 40+2
7979 -=ZO=- Zombie Outbreak Evil Infect them all! NinjaLoota 4
7966 SS The Smiters of Smite! Evil We smite the stupid, and then rock out! Paladine Rubeus, Banana God 2+6
7965 AChaos Approaching Chaos Evil Death and Corruption to all!! Slipmage 1+9
7956 BMyt Bhlasphe Mythar Neutral Sim, nós jogamos Progress Quest!!! Dhaephan Dhynoighar 7
7931 GES Evil Salad Evil leachlife4 5+1
7921 aethiria Aethiria Neutral WE SCREW EVERYONE IN THE GOATARSE leachlife4 6
7915 YIFF Young Incredibly Formal Furries Evil Fear the Fluff! Arthurion 1+4
7912 ISG Imperial Straw Graspers Evil the Few, the Proud, the Straw Graspers Orcane 5
7897 AVE ACE Avenger's Academy Good We Deliver j a s o n 6 1+3
7896 hch hchkrdtn Evil bflmpsvz Licho 16
7889 RedRocks Red Rock Rangers Neutral Living in the Red Rock. robin523790 4
7865 UDCLR United Domains of Centrism, Logic, and Reason Neutral Nothing done without careful deliberation. leachlife4 1+3
7865 K-F Kaizoku Guild Good Give me liberty, or give me a bran muffin! Benign 1+24
7863 -GUD- Guild of the United Demicanadians Good I am Canadian Pwnage 5+1+1
7854 TroSaG The rise of Sodom and Gomora Evil Wir bringen eure Eier zum Kochen daspman 1+7
7836 HPM Hunters of the Paranoid Midget Neutral He's out there waiting... aww he crapd on my lawn! Zeko 4
7827 DefSB Defenders of Strongbadia Good Strongbadia shall never fall Flashfire 1+5
7826 Room The Roomdom Good Conquer the Room and Other Spaces Foolish 5
7825 RoEH Remnants of Ascalon Good I have no Idea gizard 16
7811 MiTe Mighty Tentacles Evil Rispect Teh Power Of TENTACLES! Aavikkomyyra 2+3
7809 Exodus Exodus Evil Á guild of friends! Xidaz 12
7805 Abyss Abyss Gazers Evil Shut up, Sh33p! Tracer 3+1
7767 4th Order The Fourth Order of the Semiwellian Borglefloths Neutral Don't Figgle with the Jop, y0. InfinityReactor 4+3
7762 BFK Bum Fight Kru Evil Bum Fight Kru for life! DeastDX1 1+3
7739 Bean Beanpoles Neutral To Bean Poles nollster 9
7728 mwc Metal Wolf Chaos Good And the reason is... Striderdan 2+5
7727 [MPG] MPG Good What? BunnyX 4
7715 Horde For the horde Evil For the wow horde player's! those 2+3
7703 SNUG Snuggle Bunnies Evil Give us snuggles or give us death! nocash 2+2
7696 FlyingPotato Flying Potatoes Neutral God Save The Gouine nico 4
7692 CVI The Church of the Vaguely Irritated Neutral eeeeh. shut up. spider pie 4
7692 SMK Slagsmålsklubben Evil ... and there was Slagsmålsklubben. Für Alles! imponerad 5
7679 Old Robots Ancient Robots Good We are old because aliens created us long ago Otis1903 23
7666 Aden Rules Aden Hall Boys Neutral When it comes to games...dont ask SunShineGang 5
7649 Volcano Volcano High Good No matter how far, Run for all you're worth...RUN Rakin 8
7613 DDH Dirty Dirty Horde Evil darkmyst 5
7607 The wicked! Guild of the wicked Evil Come and spank us if you dare! Tizzmann 2+3
7596 Boot Boot to the Head Good You fail to grasp the meaning of Tae Qwon Leap leachlife4 5
7581 BAA Cult of Baa Good Gates to Another World Jager Tharn 4
7570 SLers Second Lifers Neutral RL v2 Krisjohn Twin 4
7561 BBB3 Bonded By Blood Good BBB FTW One Guild To Rule Them All bbbvatoloco 10
7555 CCCP Concealed Covert Conservative Party Evil More Right Wing than you! SMASH COMMUNISM! DIE DIE Peter Hitchens 6+5+2
7551 fofa force of farting Evil to fart or not to fart spargel 14
7550 Kateria Kateria Good Motto? Who needs a motto! Lina 4
7544 Manus Nigrum Manus Nigrum Neutral The Black Hand of Albion Sprintari 4
7520 WSFH Winchester and Squee's Feral Horde Good Pray for the strength to endure a difficult life! KELOS3 8
7514 CoCa The Seventh Turning Hour Good Ironnegro Yuckjog 10
7450 '][''][' T-Town Foo's Good We be Dutch hunks. Ethan 12
7437 [SEK] Schinder Einsatz Kommando Good Schinder an die Macht! Supermissy[SEK] 5+1
7430 CFA Cookies For All Good Delgaditas De Jengibre Leonald Da Splitter 1+1+5
7425 #graal #graal Neutral Fryy 3+1
7403 W~T~F War-Torn-Faith Good Watch your back~ treefrog 7
7352 mitzunge mitzunge *THE NAME IS PROGRAM* (epic fail) Good Do what your tongue tells mitzunge 4+7
7342 T.R.S.P The RAt Spider Monkeys Good Can't be fucked any more, PQ is too HARD!!!!!!!!!! LiveUNdead 2+5
7335 SKETCH Sketchy Progress Guild Neutral Quaedam honesta et legitima esse omnino Tefmon 5
7328 PQM Progress Quest Mobile Good Treo FTW! PQMDev 6
7312 [TKT] The Killa Team Neutral Gait Pensi. Switch 11
7300 Hp-death Hp-Crash Neutral If you're not busy killing, you're busy dying! Hp-Freeze 1+3
7268 NASSA Negro American Space Society of Astronauts Evil Got laid that very night. Posarius 4
7262 Kiwii Kiwii Good Mangez des kiwis !!! Lycander 4
7253 Hellfire The fires of Hell hath no fury like my sword! Neutral What say you to bathe in eternal glory? leachlife4 2+3
7242 {[BK]} Byranten Knights Good Fight hard, drink harder. Fyadd 4
7240 TDS The Dark Sinisters Evil The Masters of Masters and MegaMasters Krille_MegaMaster 4
7236 Noir Noir Neutral Love and Darkness Soriko 1+3
7218 Luchas Los Luchas Del Grande Martillo Evil We will steal your women with our SANTO POWERS! ElPolloLucha 7
7214 Joda Joda's Jedi Good The only one-eyed guild on Oobag leachlife4 32
7212 CHNGM Chinese Gamers Good Chinese Gamers <QQ Group:63788590> LinHongJun 4
7192 BoTD Brothern of the Dragon Evil Mess with the best and die like the rest Hell Raiser 11
7181 TGTIBTOG The Guild that is better than other Guilds Evil Victory and Sandviches The Exorcist 4
7177 Spartans Spartans Evil Do unto others before they do unto you. Wavesonics 2+2
7161 MBI MBI Evil Let's copy it!! Tigre 4
7143 BB Blabla's Evil Elle vous aura tous ! Camars 5
7141 Mad Mad Neutral Madness is a virtue Scientist 4
7083 YBD2 YongBae Evil No mercy for the weak Eafa 7
7072 MoP Masters of Puppets Evil Hop i dammen og sug den brede tak. Klumpen 10+1
7048 HPSF High Plains Strike Force Good Take one for the team... Duece 1+7
7040 D&D Death and Destruction Neutral Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat gregx55 4
7028 Yiffur The Furry Progress of Yiff Evil In yiff we trust. Cc2iscooL 3+1
7025 MML Memories Good Memories are everything. Tzolak 23
6993 ⑨ Hakurei Shrine Neutral Take it easy. HakureiReimu 5+1
6985 High Rule High Rule Evil It is written: Only Gannon can defeat Link. jabbedxorz 4
6979 PwaRS Papa was a Rolling Stone! Evil Let´s rock&roll Onkel Zorn 5
6959 BOTDS Brothers of the Dark Sword Neutral Together we fight, & are victorious with brothers Black_Dragoon 5
6944 PRGRSSRS Progressers Good The Progress will lead us to victory! ragefire 7
6938 T-C-P TheCanoePirates Neutral JoroxTheAncient 8+3
6926 DEVO Dung Elves of Voodoo Overwatch Evil Dung elf voodoo princesses, unite! leachlife4 5
6916 Punc Ataris Good Girls are fucking evil. energystar 10
6908 MSPA The Ectobiologists Good Cloned Beef. Kandace Poppins 2+5
6905 BEoN Brainless Elves of Nymph Good YellowOrange 14
6900 Shrub THE SHRUBBER Good Shrubberies are my trade. Shrubby 3+1
6883 VdB Verteidiger des Blödsinns Evil It's not easy beeing greeeennn ! Oliver Weber 2+6
6881 Goodman Goodman Good Cave canem Sir bond 5
6880 iitD iitDungeon Evil Wall of Heroes IIT DM 1+5
6874 IS Gakuen Infinite Stratos Academy Good Stardom 1+3
6862 Hentai Boost Hentai Boost Neutral Suck dick or go home... Zeeslag 4
6858 SCW Scramble Wars Good HOW FAR CAN YOU INVADE OUR SCRAMBLE SYSTEM ? Mr. Ed Oscuro 8
6855 [CSG] Crushed Skulls Guild Evil Gotta Crush Dem Skulls Revelant 3+2
6853 BOLLOCKS! The Flappy Bollocks Neutral If it flaps, and has bollocks... WE FLAPPY! Psidebby 4
6851 OBN Orny Baron Neutral The king is dead long live the king Gueorn 5
6846 W-O-W Warriors of Wurst Neutral WURST Rheinhauer 5+1
6813 Knu(r)t In Memoriam of Knu(r)t Neutral If you lose your savefiles all progress is gone... Knu(r)t 7+3
6780 LL Light Legion Good Life is unfair !x!oN 4
6770 Nice guys Villainous, Murderous Mongrels of Evil Incarnate Good Hey, what wiseass changed our name!? Valce 4
6767 Nobody Nobody's Masters Evil "...." Duality 5
6765 DLR Dark Land Rulers Evil Hope? where you need it for if you're going to die Lappa 1+5
6764 KdW Kraft des Waldes Good Niat 8
6755 CWS2.0 The All-New CWS Neutral Catapult Walrus Sales Sir Siege 1+3
6734 Ignis IgnisGames Evil KCT! Barbado 22
6721 dcfg Demons Doom of Goodness Good Um, yeah. demonscarnage 4
6719 B o S Brotherhood of Subtlety Neutral Someone You Know Is One Of Us Flaming Lizard 12
6704 {HEA} Heaven And Earth Evil Seek and Kill Klizzer 9
6685 banana the banana guild Evil "Using bananas for evil purposes" b4n4n4m4n 1+7
6685 MGs Method's Guild Evil Kill or be killed. DiMethod 14
6662 mmm...Paste Guild of Paste Good Paste is yummy mrurth 5
6662 Vogons Vogons Evil Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, ..... smart 4
6661 The EL The Emerald Legion Neutral Justice and Paaancakes, for everyone! leachlife4 10
6640 AO1 Army Of 1 Evil Me, Myself, and I blackjack2000 5
6629 Limedden Knights of the Lime Evil I've seen the Lime! Bakaken 4
6615 KoO Knights of Oobag Neutral If you can't beat them, beat harder. Kyroshiro 13+1
6615 UEA United Equestrian Army Neutral For Celestia and all of Equestria! Shepard301 1+1+3
6609 PandazZz Pandamonium Evil Get punished! Brakebeyn 7
6595 TwnAdv Townhouse Adventurerers Neutral We're never home... Lordship 6
6592 Shorties The Shortie Rebellion Good FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE! leachlife4 4
6592 S.P.O.R.K. Knights of the Silver Spork Neutral Srsly...sporks are the shit... Zerosanity 2+2
6589 FUYA Fuyergha Neutral Draquair 3+1
6570 GO_CHEESE The evil cheesey cheese cheesers Evil Don't look now, there's nothing to look at... Zabin King 3+2
6570 KotN Knights of the Nine Good Chrysana 1+5
6569 [PB] [PB] Anime Downloaders Good RANMA ½ !!!ROCKS!!! BIG TIME [PB]Ranma 8
6561 Toplessness Topless Gamers Good Berzerker Bellydancers Raskalnickoff 13
6548 Frungy Interstellar Frungy Championship League Good Seven baptharts and then you're furloined! Noesis 4
6542 NEOR Divine New Order Neutral Fight to win or go home BGSilver 4
6527 C.D.I Camel Diarrhea Inspectors Evil Fortinbras 4
6526 ARGoCMD A Random Group of Crazy Magic Dwarves Neutral AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mathster 10
6492 MSMsuper minsomae's super guild Neutral we'll be the best guild! minsomae1029 14+1
6457 GofReclAs Guild of Reclusive Assassins Neutral Don't worry! It will be swift and painless. Guild Lord 4
6443 The Fall Darkness Fall Evil You will be found. Tomais 4+6
6442 L3 League of Languid Lamers Neutral You come here often? leachlife4 3+2
6441 Nergets Nergets Evil Kill some shit up yo!!! Bogarts 5+3
6434 5punk 5punk Evil WILLIES! Baliame 5
6431 Team Viral TeamViral Good Entertaining Europe Mage Tox 5
6427 AWG CJD-BS Evil Wasting CPU cycles since 2008 Fl1ck 5
6426 PCC Polar Bear Computer Club Neutral There is no polar bear like a GEEK polar bear! TheLugal 1+5
6393 Nuu! Niiii! Knights who say Eekke ekke ekke Ptang Zoo boing! Good We want ... a shrubbery!!! PeHter, the not so bright 5
6380 Desert Tower The Ones of the Desert Tower Good A desert rises from the dust... Ezra 26
6372 Cthulhu The Call of Cthulhu Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Flare_x 1+5
6340 ZOMBO ZOMBO COMmunists Evil The unattainable is unknown at ZOMBO COM... Station 5
6325 Ozz Ozzwoiks Good is wayne brady going to have to choke a bitch? ozzieet 9
6313 Potato realm Realm of potatians Neutral We live for pie! BlackCircle 4
6308 AMF All Man Farao Evil For great justice! ............ Bullshit! Analias 5+2
6307 chaksander chaksander's guild Good chaksander 4
6282 Presidents The mightiest men of the world Evil President 1+6
6281 TBG The big guild Evil All will Die 387339001 6
6273 Y2G Y2G-Team Good Vi bider ikke! Jauhan 4
6269 Thrice superduperfunfantasticcoolgrotesquedaintyGroup Good to awake and avenge the dead IrritatedPotato 11
6269 Chevap Jedaci Chevapa Evil To eat some chevaps Pomahnitalo krme 3+2
6269 LN LolNet Evil Lol at all good Megalomaniaco 5
6254 LaraC Lara FREAKIN' Croft Neutral Why, BECAUSE SHE'S LARA FREAKIN' CROFT Errgle 6
6253 PLOOP Ploop Neutral Whats a motto with you? fleagh 1+6
6248 GuildChronic Guild of Chronicles Good Lots of Fun, Why Not stenirrpg 8
6246 Dofus & Co. Dofus & Co. Neutral -Orko- 7
6236 DDA Dark Disciples Agamaggan Evil Fish DON'T go moo (all the time...) Gerb 9
6235 #amp3s #Animemp3s Evil Representin' DAL forever! SUCK IT DOWN DDoSERS! Masaki Andou 7
6231 TSCB The Steak and Cheese Bandits Neutral No one shall survive our Wraith Bokkun 5
6217 Gostinzy Gostinzy Neutral Gotta pawn'em all! Adver 9
6215 Danes Danes of Doom Evil DOOM! Lanababz 5
6202 FFFTG Frogs Friends and Feels the Guild Good Frogress Quest Moralazar 5
6190 HoE Hell on Earth Evil Evil is in our blood, our blood is our bond. Trabok 1+3
6184 SNCF Sweedish Ninja Cow Floggers Evil If it's a cow, flog it. sescry 2+2+1
6180 Evildoers Evil Men in Tights Evil When the going gets good, KILL IT! UPC747 4
6170 WaW Watdapak's Whatevers Neutral Whatever... Wat 4
6170 QFM Quest for Maloop Good We will find you. VileKaizer 8+2
6168 DAE Daedalicians Neutral Work, Work! LunaticHierophant 6
6155 P.E Paladin Executers Good Being Good has never felt so Bad Q-Deus 6
6153 GD Green Dragon Good The progress must go on! Trixxy 4
6148 PEx The Congregation of PExers Neutral Chraak the Unhindered 15+2
6147 LotU Legion of the Underfiend Evil We'll get eviller! Korkatrom 1+6
6137 GSS Get Some Skill Evil You're either noob or you're pro, that's life. KillDozer 5
6124 ok Team Bahamutt Neutral Don\'t fuck with the Jedi masters son! Kebel 1+1+4
6107 RECTUM Regional Evil Cadre of Torturous Ugly Murderers Evil Rectum? We damn near killed em! Captain Prostate 5
6098 IFG Infinity Gaming Guild Evil Owned. Abdul 11
6077 nütts Ubernütters Neutral Yoü müst be nütts! UberNütts 4
6077 Nanomanos Nanomanos Neutral Discipulos da programação MOPEDiana, uni-vos! Little John 1+3
6041 DORP Divine Order of the Rabbit Punch Neutral Magic-users unite! The Divine Order - all you need Yotuk the Dung Elf Runloremstr 2+1+2
6034 LFB Loyal Fanatics Battalion Good Everything is possible! PotatoMan 10+4
6024 ZD Zombie Dildos Evil We love undead dongs CronoMage 5
6017 Praise Odin! Warriors of the World Good HAIL AND KILL!!! Death to false ones! Warrior of Metal 2+5
6010 knights knights of the realm Good sword in hand brothers together we defend the land galrog 4+1
5991 Spr'B Spring Brother Good = =!!` Archaeo 7
5986 MarxDoc Marxist Doctrine Neutral Killing and looting for the people! EmpDragon 3+1
5983 Spleec Spleen Crushers Evil Spleens go well with katsup !!! >_< hiroyuki 3+4
5979 SKAP The Skanky Pirates Good We are the skankiest pirates around. ARG! abseeley 6+2
5976 \|/ F3NRIS Evil Tis but a Scratch F3NRIS 4
5963 GoTH General of the Heavens EE Good thx for carry kAPPA nrootn 1+9
5961 vH verdammte Helden Good verdammt! axelofevil 6
5951 ES Easternsun Neutral 1+1=3 ? Jindujun 3+1
5949 Phantasy Progressive Phantasy Star Good Heaven's Punishers WafflecakeBoy 10
5923 PoliTo PoliTo Good EPIC FAIL FTW SqualLyuk 7
5912 Templar The Knights Templar Good Warriors of the Light...Enemies of the Dark Taurnil Celebrindal 8+3
5894 SwedishConsp The Swedish Conspiracy Neutral There is no Swedish conspiracy. leachlife4 4
5891 Oblivion Oracles of Oblivion Evil Into Oblivion you shall be cursed. Gremhilda 1+6
5889 FiSi FiSi im Blutrausch Evil Kill everything bdc 8
5883 HotO Heralds of the Other Neutral It's alpha and omega's kingdom come regmes 9
5880 G4 Mods Lawbringers of G4 Evil Don't make us ban you. That's too much paperwork. Blackwolf 4+1
5879 OMBUDSMEN Heros and Treasure Seekers for the good of mankind Good Our foes will die! The treasure will be ours! Ubergnosh 1+1+2
5875 HO Happy Ordnance Neutral 60% of maximum evil! Ascarel 5
5873 Aesir Aesir Good All are equal, we're just more equal than others Slitharein 1+5
5863 |>|< The Dead Kennedys Evil Soup is good food. Maniac-X86 2+2
5854 KK KalosKlan Good Kris Kalos 4
5852 Bagel Butter ate goo's epic lettuce Evil We make no sence MuffinRobot 1+3
5839 SOX Sockers Evil I've another pair of pants to deal with today. Aaron Nixon 5
5830 JUBS Jacks Ultimate Bounty Slayers Neutral We rape the willing, and steal from the poor. leachlife4 7
5829 [AF] Angry Flower Neutral Ostracize 7
5813 Imook Illiterate Mook Neutral Teach'n stupid bitches how to read, everyday! Ultra 7
5803 RBA Relicforums Tasty Snowmen Evil Gettin Souls for Dyn kek SquidDNA 7
5801 [Mb] MueL Bee Good Go To Sleep MueL 4
5795 [DoD] Dwellers of Darkness Neutral One does not choose the darkness, one is chosen Daedalous 7
5794 Radio Now! Radio Now! Neutral If it's not happening now, who cares? M. Malcanus 7
5735 ZBG Zero Baka Gaming Evil in memory of derek the enchanted motorcycle SolacingTor 9
5725 ETB Enter The Bearcat Good Quick like the Cat, Strong like the Bear. halcyon 7
5721 GH GHETTO LEETS Evil HALLO? Diophant 4
5721 &#1256;Squad Theta Squad Neutral ayy... lmao Areeo 7
5717 §o( Saints of Chaos Neutral Don't step to us! Saya_Satu 1+11
5716 XLT XLT Evil get the bucket !! leachlife4 5
5707 ERKMP Cryptographica Pharmaceutics Neutral We got a pill for all your ill's Super Divine Lobster Of Doom 9
5701 xkcd The adventurers of xkcdia Neutral SCIENCE: it works, bitches. McBruce 5
5680 [/.] Slash-Dot Knights Good Flash like daybreak to the fray. Reverend Steve von Bojangles 5
5679 {Reunion} Siberian tribe Neutral Rulers of the Fate, you are wellcome. SWarmEN III 4+1
5676 The Guild The Guild of Guildsmen Neutral We are a Guild! Geist 1+2+2
5655 JHU JHU Good Not for oneself Johns Hopkins University 1+8
5654 RaGa Rarodilian Gambit Good This better work. leachlife4 6
5618 KofT Knights of Tanelorn Good Search for Peace, Kill for Justice! Roland Aseph 2+3
5596 hmm... -Gods- Good MaaD 5
5591 Chocolate Chocolatines Evil MaitreChoco, notre dieu à tous MaitreChoco 5
5582 MBAS McBride All-Stars Good RMB Work Avoidance Scheme Karr 5+1
5578 Baby Killers Baby Killers Evil Death to all babys! GoodVillain 2+1+2
5574 No Affer Good Should we never drink ?? Affer 1+1+3
5574 ASS A$$A$$IN$ Evil if a blue does a crime, kill that swine EvoQ 6+2
5549 Puu Niin hyvää puuta Evil For the Alliance minapamina 5
5541 Bicom Bicom Good - forum section binaire 8+1
5509 ^-^ ovo Evil 7ingbai 5
5508 LH Leet Hax Good We hax leet haxors. Dungelf 2+3+1
5498 hquaf HQUAF Evil H is justice! Yurr 10
5480 FT Filmtotaal Guild Evil Run Away! Megalo 6
5477 M.U.D. Man Up Dude Evil WE LIKE TO MAN UP mukkelfukkel 6
5453 NOID Nekos of Impending Doom Neutral Meow Now no rewo leachlife4 6
5451 WGSC WGSC Neutral Wanterwolf 6
5444 CPP Communist Progressive Party Good Making Spoltog a safer place for Reds. seaidan 3+1
5441 StarWeb StarWeb fans. Go Flying Buffalo! Good Yeah we're a band! Starweb 1+4
5420 BBQ Barbequers, The Evil GRILL TO HELL orange tang 6
5412 zbz zebes guild of enchanted EnormisPNS Good We are Enormis so you dont have to be Nihalb 6
5409 HoFo HousE ForsakeN Evil WTF, over. Dorath 6
5408 @sexy's @sexy Ruho's Evil Ruho for sex god, anyone who agrees can come Picka 3+1
5404 GofE Guards Of Elements Good Yeye... whatever o.O Arazjal 5
5395 Pheniiiiiiix les anglais débarquent ;) Evil pheniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix leachlife4 5
5381 FLCL Fooly Cooly Clan Good ~~FLCL~~ROCKS~~ NaTuRaL CaUsEs 1+5+1
5380 EDF Elite Dragon Followers Neutral Dark Panzer 6+2
5373 Deusmotus Deus Motus Evil We'll take your things now. Wriath 5
5364 ClanMcLan Clan McLan Evil Our hub supports 8 Grover 16
5359 1MP One Man Posse Evil One for.. Me and Me for all! bearacade 4
5349 Chuck Norris The Ultimate Showdown Good [BB]Mike 4+1
5342 TraW TraW Power Guild Evil We're gonna be the most brutal guild Maikels 3+1
5340 BtC Best Time Crew Neutral In macperfect we believe Drath 20
5337 Rats The Rat's Backpack Evil Only say things that can be heard! Hrazmit 1+3
5332 rockout rockout Neutral bitches get stitches sheldon 7
5316 Finlandia Finlandia Good Finland For The Win - FFTW Esa 35
5314 Zeta Zeta Warriors Good We are from Dragon Ball Zeta Hagane 4+1
5311 D-A Deadly Alliance Good Bob Hcneo 2+2
5308 KONi Knights Of Ni Good Ni ! Greumlins 4+1+1
5307 EZE Evil Zak's Evilguild Evil All guilds above this one are gay. Evil Zak 11
5301 00b3r Stormlords Evil Wronging rightdoings everywhere! Smackmonkey 2+3
5296 KILLER Killing In Law - Let's Eradicate the Rest Evil 'We'll be the last creatures on the world' Feerial 3+1
5270 SPK Spolek pratel konopi Good Paaajin 4
5264 D-R Dustomax Rejects Good Sagon 5
5247 RS Raving Squirrels Neutral And WEEEEEE MoKurr 4
5244 CBB Clan BlackBlade Neutral We are who are - beware the blade. Dakkon BlackBlade 5
5237 MSFN Microsoft Software Forum Network Good Where People Go To Fight! AaronXP 1+4
5234 ZT Zakon Thorvena Good Fiadus 6
5203 Bumbly Bumblyites Good Go West!!! Charge! Kunitsugu 4
5198 TWABTO Two Wookies are Better the One Evil Rise of the Wookies!!!(Can there be more the one?) MikeyDee 18
5196 AFS Flying Squad Neutral insertnamehere 28+3
5187 LeLe Legendary Legends Evil Evil is ok, as long as it's legendary! Frullo 11+1
5184 CSHS_KKK The KKK of CSHS Good all the good guys in the world Singe7113 2+15
5174 SunBros Brothers of The Sun Good Praise The Sun! Hobroski 4
5163 HAHA ASHLEY nek_'s name is Ashley. Evil nek_'s name is Ashley. True story. Skinner8 4
5158 FLG Flagg Scourge Good Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! flaggellum 8
5135 CGS Come Get Some Good Come get some Ciraeon 5
5084 FotGF Fighters of the Good Fight Good FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT DAMMIT! FuzzyWonder 6
5083 DEWM DEWMBRINGERS Neutral Your DEWM is at hand! Whitesquall 11
5079 R'lyeh! dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Xuanda 3+1
5064 <BWF> <BW Forumites> Evil ph33r teh sp4mz0r!!!!!11111!!11 Limper 9
5063 Demon The Demon of the Night Evil Destroy all good thing in the world..... Lord Lucyfer 3+1
5043 STFU Super Talented Fighting Unit Evil STFU, we ownz j00 Ayamitsu 17+1
5040 VGBM Viksberg Ghetto Bass Mafffia Evil Bass in your motherfunkin' face... Dasjonna 2+3
5025 [IG] Ingame Evil Ohne Mampf kein Kampf Lord Helmchen 4
5019 BSH Bohb Sez Hi Neutral Bohb's Characters bohborly 2+2
5018 HI Höllische Inquisition Evil run if you see us ! Avilan 4+1+3
5018 3)==- Spork Neutral Justin is a homo Rephin 6
5013 T-Bar The Barrins of Greatness Good All for one, and one for me. Barrin the Great 4
5007 -FFR- FlashFlashRevolution Evil Kenzya 6
5005 <I> Imajica Neutral For Reconciliation !!! Maestro Sartori 4
5002 Guild! Guild! Good Motto! Garf 3+1+2
4994 Boss Bosstrade Neutral Just Because cooldanman22 5
4990 ABC aliens and bi-sexual creatures Good abc - fuck my knee spidey 3+1+3
4946 noRus New Order Evil Who is not with us - that beneath us dEFLASH 2+2
4936 TMBJ TMBJ Happyland Good Buckets are nice, when flavored strawberry Eri 9+2
4913 Cookie The noble guild of Chocolate Chip Cookies Good Best Cookie-bakers in the World! Availle 6
4905 [FG] Faction Goonigoogoo Neutral Guild of Mongospastardics Sombre 2+7
4900 Cheese Y's Neutral Death is not as bad as you think it is........ Y10 2+2
4898 AFC The Arsenal Good Victoria Concordia Crescit The Arsenal 1+3
4896 spbd The Squad of Pure Bliss and Doom Evil Arrrr Peter 5
4893 WP The Wulfpack Neutral We thirst for blood, and hunger for victory! Dyrewulf 5
4884 IceDra Ice Dragons Neutral Who dares wins disz 8
4876 SCM Swedish Chainsmoking Meatballs Good We will kill for a smoke!!! frad71 25
4860 LV Lost Vikings Evil Mostly nasty stuff ZitZo 16
4857 nixloshier Nix los Hier! Good Mach man was los hier! Burnstreet 5
4836 SP1988 Sable Pride Evil Meow! Septumus Dio 4
4833 GGB Games and Gummi Bears Evil No pain no game GoD-[RuN] 6
4833 Krida GoKridan Neutral Respite from Dream leachlife4 4+1
4825 VS Vinton School Neutral Watch for broken glass! DJ Phil T. B. Collins 4
4816 DFM Die Freibeuter der Mösenmeere Neutral Wir trinken auch aus dem roten Kelch! Arschpirat 8
4805 Syn Syn Fest Evil synners in the hands of an angry god SatanicBastard 9
4804 SpritingSong To Sprites' Lullabies We Listen Neutral when others fall asleep we dance Litizia 4
4795 LOSK Legion of Spork Knights Good LOSK - The next generaion of non-cow related humor Ryel Miru 7+1
4782 ATX The Knights of Awesome Neutral Not the bees ahhh my eyes! Nosmir 4
4777 BouHun Bounty Hunters Neutral You can run, but you can't hide. ansesutaa 3+4
4774 Sabbat The Sabbat Evil K405 4
4774 HMONG Hmong Clan Neutral Hmong Tuas Thi SUPRMan 4+1
4774 Atangari Atangari - The Fathers of Iron Good No, we're NOT blacksmiths! Praeldin 5
4759 S8 SectionEight Evil We're like a candy bar, full o' nuts! BlackSpathi 1+4
4750 StoSq Stoopid Squad Neutral W3 CRush3S EV3ryThinG!!! Lejaky 9
4749 BBW Beach Baskets Neutral Make EM Make EM Pheznik 4
4728 ERK Erk Bubbles Neutral Erk Hanbo Megablukk 8+1
4718 Ownage OwNerZ Evil Its Good To Be Bad {Faint} 3+2
4712 Vampiri Conclave vampirica Evil Nulla splende piu di un'angelo caduto Lord_Maxtor 5
4706 KSS Karmic Science Studies Neutral Let the angels do battle and let the soldiers danhtao 2+2
4696 THOZ The Herald of Zingbuster Good Ziiiiiiiiing goes your face. Omnimanium 4
4695 NoL Thy Nubys Of Lyte Evil Only Haxers Need Apply F8k8 8
4684 Moxie Masters of Moxie Good Knob goblins fear our moxie! triconda 2+10+1
4681 HoPh House of Phoenix Neutral “From the ashes, a fire shall be woken" Azpect 4
4665 HiRez Hi-Rez Studios Evil n30g3n3s1s 6
4664 VF Vive les Femmes Neutral Des Femmes, rien que des Femmes !!! Pauline 3+1
4662 SHARU Sexual Harrassment R Us Evil Want to be harrassed? Sex us. Sexual Harrassment Panda 1+8
4662 1337K 1337 Krew Good We live to progress Progressive Person 4
4636 Perf D Perfect Dominance Good Lillejohn 4
4623 Theaf Theafers Neutral We theaf. DakPowers 4
4623 YTK YTK Evil youtubekacke - mein Sack tut mir weh NrDesign 8
4620 I <3 O.O we <3 owl gogs Good drgnpns barrythesexoffender 2+3
4618 ThGrHo The Great Houses Neutral One for all, all for one theoth 14
4611 IMS Imperialistic Missionaries Evil Procrastinate to advance. Saginofaga 19
4605 [CS] Clan Svesker Neutral We Fight for SVESKER Rappo 11
4600 QST Questosteron Neutral And the quest goes on... purple acid 5
4570 Carted Carted Evil cARTED4LIFE sunshit 4
4564 SKN The SleepLess Knights Good Soia 6
4553 Extraordinar Legion Of Extraordinary Assassins Evil Kill Jeremy Soucy 4
4539 SoCo Solum Contego Evil you don't win friends with salad Toav 4+2
4530 True Heroes The True Heroes of the Universe Good It's a kind of magic. Stalwart Steve 6
4523 3HD The Three Headed Dogs Good Giant eel monkeys! w00t! Melmel 3+1
4520 dodp Der Orden des Phoenix Good Hail to the King Baby! Minitrim 4
4515 apblack Horsemen Of Apocalypse Evil They ride to destroy the world. Vivian James 7
4501 GOGGER Goggeren Good vi vasker penge nicholai 4
4498 MODoom Monkeys of Doom Evil Nothing worse than getting wailed on by a monkey. leachlife4 8+1
4497 Tre Bloods Tre Bloods from the streets of New Haven, CT Evil We ain't bloods, we gangstas. kc 4
4497 C.C.C. Coca Cobana Cartel Evil letraC anaboC acoC Zargsch 1+3
4496 Pinoy Pinoy Neutral Gutom na ako leachlife4 1+4+1
4494 STB Strange Brew Evil Drink till she looks good! Jobber 11
4494 H.A.M. The Line of Ham Neutral Ham Sammich Hamz 4
4485 SloPa Slobodni Parketari Evil *bom bom* mi smo prikaze... la boi,an 1+3
4479 Seminar 7 Seminar 7 Good Life in NTU yijinsei 9
4478 FBG The FireBunGang Evil A hot crumpet will steam your cheeks... Kamurai 5
4471 GWCoA Conscripts of Ascalon Good Divac 4
4471 GPR De GPR guild Good We wint! Frockwhiet 7
4461 HEL Husefagg Engineering Ltd. Evil I am Cornholio! RaggaNiczu 6
4455 [KKK] Komputer Klub Kivatch Good Vo Imya Dobra! Zegot 8
4441 diarrhea diarrhea ballers Evil i have to poop bodb 5
4441 BluD Blue Dragon Neutral Dragons Rock! Solatra 4
4428 SDA Sailor Destroyers Alliance Evil Look at our skirts and DIE! Sailor Luth 6+1
4421 Alp Alp Neutral Quakeworld Never Dies GrYmmT 6+1
4374 JMoo Jademoon Good For the Star Boobies! Eltanin 1+4
4370 Subluminal Neutral Where IRC is to be had, There's progress to quest! Shouzdrov 6
4358 WCPES Wanabe Canadian Panda Extermination Squad Evil The Panda-Man Must Die Nam 2+2
4356 PBTSS The Pretty Bad Thugs of Second Street Evil Thuggery! It's cookin' in yo FACE! Mringasa 4
4349 AGG Adult Gamers Guild Neutral ervoldT 1+39
4331 10111011 Digital Broadband Militia Evil You can't handle this binary! deepfrz 6
4326 TWYBGAY Twyb's faggots Evil If it goes in the bum then it'll be good fun Twyb 4
4317 AIA Apathy in Abundance Evil If we cared less we would have to acknowledge you Vibilo 5
4301 KOST Great Korsteamers Good Korsteamers guild for goodness MDKAPPA 4
4285 aaa Pouli Evil Evil Pouli 1+16
4285 Phunlovers The Lovers of Phun Good Girls just wanna have it . . . . leachlife4 8
4284 SARNAF Super Atomic Robo Ninja Action Force Good \/\/3 p\/\//\/50r J00r pR0gRR355!!!!!11111oneone juggaloninja757 5
4280 ReM Real M. Good May the Progress be with you. 07.08.2010 Eonito 4
4260 PKL Purple Koala Legion Good Purple Koalas...more l3wt then you might think Xenigma 4
4259 Lotos 5 Lotos 5 Neutral Pkill 16 1 tarrant 5
4255 AMSz Appalachian Mud Squidz Evil Squid Eggz For World Domination! Fumb Duck 6+1
4249 ANIMALS Guild ANIMALS Neutral We are animals! animarl 4
4235 TKZ Trans-Kobolds of Zurich Neutral Kill the Gnomes! Take the Gold! Omada 8
4235 moo2 The moo guild Evil Moo Blacken 4
4233 WESB We Eat Small Babies Evil Look at the g name 1Lancelot1 4
4231 KOU KOU Evil Just Do maximwy 5
4217 Guts Gut Stompers Neutral We stomp guts Sudeden 5
4211 TGLOL Evil TG la vieille ! Tchix 4
4203 gmclan Gmclan Ownzors Evil twoja stara je szatana dziadekkleofas 9
4190 SWEAT Sandal Wearing Enormously Aroused Troglodytes Neutral Feeling a little toey? Mr Ed Reefer 5
4190 #YOLO HASHTAG YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Good Doing stupid stuff since 2012 Crunyied 4
4174 CTJ CoolerThanJames Evil kill yourself amp200123 6+6
4173 NINJA! The Neurotic Infiltrators of Niagra Jinpei Assault Neutral We are N, I, N, J, A! Dwaje 1+3
4164 //S7 Sacred Seven Neutral S7 AtrumX 2+3
4163 CTU Counter Terrorist Unit Good Kicking In Doors And Stopping Nukes Is What We Do TwilightWolf87 1+3
4153 VuP Vex Ubiquity Project Neutral Let them hate, provided they fear... Axehilt 6
4151 comfywoman C O M F O R T W O M A N Evil DIE YUPPIE SCUM NWOiscoming 5
4147 [BF] Broote Force Evil Lets do this! Shikon 6
4146 [FEAR] Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Evil KAWASAKIIIII Right Testicle 7
4144 GRENK Grenkins Association Neutral Grenkins decided to do his own damn quests Old Man Grenkins 5
4141 no u The Guild of 1000 Truths Neutral With us you don't know where we stand. UltraMallow 5
4123 S*C*S Syndicate of Crude Spiders Evil primum inter pares Rivian 4
4120 -CB- Cattlebruisers Evil It's Bacon! Ezphares 1+3
4107 pieheads International Association of Pie Eaters Neutral Mmm. Pie. Iria 10
4089 necros asylumMortuis Evil memento quia pulvis es nihilith 5+1
4078 peniz peniz Good peniz Kaeptniglo 4
4077 hell Helly Good Hell is the good place helleina 5+1
4074 GCLC Girls Coming Like Clouds Neutral MageEagle 1+6
4063 CHID498 498 Cannibal Hunters in Disguise Neutral Questing for progress...critically Ironmaus 4+2
4052 GoAL GUILD OF ARNIE LOVERS Evil God damn minivan. THE GOVENATOR 1+5
4026 Red Moon Akatsuki Good Kill them all ! leachlife4 1+3
4024 Meth MotherFuckers Eganst the Heroin Evil Smoke A Bag of Meth SomePlaceInTheMall 1+6
4021 TeamDMG TeamDMG Neutral We'll Knock You Down to China Town TeamDMG 4
4019 BBGuild Big Bad Guild Evil AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Deharn 6
4015 <<{{FML}}>> Friendly Marinade Lemmings Neutral You smell funny! Coop 1+3
4013 OotHL Order of the Holy Light Neutral For the Light! theoth 5+5
4010 we cum! Cummers Evil Mortal cum bath! Narganath 5
4010 pro-g Pro-G Evil We're over 9000! Nysasi 6
3997 Dudes Dudes from hell and from other place more evil too Good Power gaming!!! Izentoll 4+1
3990 TFS The Fro Squadren Evil Herman has a mini fro Rondic 7
3989 24H We play 24 hours Neutral My computer is never shut down. FreezingN90 11
3974 Xoped Xoped Evil Xoped is a lie DeBeNoPrMa 5
3959 PandasPants Pandas in Pants Good We're pandas. and we wear pants! ~SilentKnight~ 5
3947 HNAS Hyper Ninja Abortion Squad Good Down with Fetal Tyranny, Mutilate the Unborn! m0rtisman 3+2
3938 TinyChat Greetings from the TC Guild, the TC Guild, the TC Evil Stay away from my sister. tinytiger 3+1
3937 AKE Akelarre Evil The good paladin is the dead paladin. Marevaar 5
3927 cc-gr Calvin College Good John Calvin Lead Us On! l337dexter 6+6
3923 PG Poolick's Guild Neutral Yum Poolick 17
3921 |Lawl| Lawl Upon Arrival Neutral We dont forget and forgive, were over 9000 levels. Neeso 6+1
3914 ProLea Progress League Neutral For progress! theoth 7
3913 Ash The Ashlanders Good We find harmony in solitude. Kharay 5
3911 [OtF] Order of the Fox Neutral leachlife4 4
3911 /yawn Team Lazy Neutral i'll get to it later Akiakaiu 4
3909 HoL Hate on Legs Neutral Much like anal sex, role-playing is not for every1 Aestro 5
3905 [BoI] A Bunch of Incompetents Good Whoops. (O_o) dying 3+2
3893 lima Etooppiset alkulimat Good Tempoe 4
3890 Puffi Puffi Neutral I want It all Momatrix 13
3873 Virus -x[ Virus ]x- Evil Spreading To A Computer Near You... h3x3d 5+2
3871 TFBS Transdimensional Federation of Battle-Smurfs Good Smurf them all! Smurf them orrcsiess! Gorschlaft 3+6
3871 I Love Game I Like Game Like Tekken Evil I Love Game Krr 7
3869 D2TNDS Doom II: the NEW Doom story Evil Why am I wasting my processor cycles? Rites Of Death 6
3867 APFA The Amazing Pirates of Fortress Awesome Neutral I spend my Reward on ale and whores!!! Dantecus 2+1+1
3864 HAEM Hells Angels - Good EAT Wheel Dirtbag!!!! krusher_00 14+1
3856 PSSC Paper Street Soap Company Evil w/enough soap one could blowup just about anything Xegar 4
3854 RR Ragnarok Evil NiceGut 4
3846 RSoldier Hordes of Red Soldiers Evil To Crush The Innocent AnArKe 6
3829 psyoni Psyonity inc. Good make it better! psyonity 2+3
3806 Squid Squash Land Squid Punchers Good Cast thine tentacle n'yarm! Dirp 4
3806 Astral Guard The Astral Guards Good The stars are safe! NickReu 4+2
3803 OZRIC xXll King Ozric's Guild llXx Good Ozric Tentacles xXl King Ozric's Guild lXx 5+3
3800 TeamT TeamT Evil At least we didn't suck too many dicks... maybe rellix1 4
3798 BTRYD Betrayed Neutral Yep Subaquinal 1+3
3794 Reveterre Reveterre Evil In Flames we trust Makiaveli 4
3792 Z.R.P.V Zeropovia Evil playing playing playing Haren 5
3790 Stinkebiber Die Stinkebiber Neutral Saufen, Saufen, Saufen! Problembaer 4
3782 WOD Wankers On Duty Neutral We wank in our spare time lortejoe 14
3769 TD&DC The DnD Crew Neutral All inclusive, from half halfling to trans-kobold That Author 4
3766 AkiGuild Akrian Guild of Profit Neutral Lets steal some gold... Akrian 2+2
3757 SLAG Slagmasters United Neutral Sneep. Nuff Said Slagmaster 9
3757 WoA World of Arda Evil Polska gildia z³a. Polish guild of evil. Join ! evil_twin 2+2
3755 TNF The New Firm Neutral Knife the bastard!!! Gr3y 4
3752 POO The Bandit Kings of Poopie Evil move to a 1000 foot igloo...piss o The Ketchup Bandit of Poopie 6
3735 Nay The Clan of NO Neutral No means no. Eleeleth 2+2
3724 Golden Leaf Order of the Golden Leaf Good Quand vous l'avez, l'exhibez Gildamon 5+1
3718 We are Rebel Renegade Good Ah lets just rebel for no reason Felipe A 6
3717 MPL Magical Poll Land Evil Polls! Progressobill 6
3699 Ora10g Oracle10g Evil Don't let the Oracle fool you! Majiaire 5
3684 DGNDLV Dungeon Delvers Good We will delve the deepest dungeons or die trying! Nizcrenius 10
3680 Ais Er Ais Er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neutral In Metal We Trust Siul 10
3676 OIBDS O Inimigo bendito de sono Good We'll sleep when we're dead leachlife4 4
3674 TLOP The League of Progression Good Progressiveness is next to Godliness nbollom 10
3666 EDGE42 EDGE42 Neutral I can play 42 characters at once! What can you do? Nightehawk 8+1
3658 Pemptus all korean Neutral nooooo yi 3+6
3654 Infernum Infernum Good Infernum xaran 4
3648 ZLG ZLG Neutral Harry Wang 5
3644 [S F] Select Few Evil We bring the fucking pain... Primax 10
3641 KP Squad Kosher Pork Evil If it's not pork, its not kosher! Pork Supreme 5
3635 MEW CatWorld Good Cat get all world CommunyanCat 4
3632 ~MoD~ Messengers of Darkness Evil Embrace the darkness. Atrivas 1+3
3625 GoAltana Guardians of Altana Good Protect her grace, slay those who threaten it! Aeryn 7
3623 cattivi ita cattivi italiani Evil unico scopo: sfondare deretani! xoor 5
3620 BestIntent The Society of Best Intentions Good We meant well. Ornithopterx 5
3615 GNAPR The Guild Of The Non-Aligned Poisoner's Reformed Neutral "The Family that Kills together" stays alive Prince Morgan Bloodthirst 8
3610 STABD Shocking Terrifying and Awful Baby Destroyers Evil STABD - Killing one more baby than the next guy. Aculem 5
3603 TGPE The Grand Pegasus Enclave Evil FuryWinds 4
3599 Secret Guild Secret Guild of Magic Mystery Neutral Stab her, and destroy her crops! Magic Bob 4
3596 S-A Something-Asinine Neutral ...and the only prescription... is more cowbell! Likes-Hyphens 5
3593 Angels Angels Evil We come from heaven to kill you all. Miku 2+2
3585 BEES Killer Bees Evil who sting like a bee? not me! felicious 5
3568 Azrael kiss of death Good march fearlessly onward ameth 8
3564 .Ra. Rogues Anonymous Evil Pwnerrific OxTheUntamed 4
3563 S.U.S The Society of United Skraelings Neutral Now hiring skraelings to take over the world!! Goose 8
3561 Eeppista Epic^^ Good Let´s go Epic!!! Leisi 10
3538 beer beer Good for those who worship the liquid gold! alk0r 3+2
3535 YMiO You Mom Is Onyxia Evil 40 men needed to fill. vErsateX 5
3528 DdK Doomsday Kinghts Evil Doctor Doom 6
3504 Yuki-sama's Yuki-sama's Maids Good Yuki-sama's Maids huanxiang 5
3496 F-O-C-U-S Furry Otters Collect Udder Splooge Evil templok-krandapu leachlife4 5
3491 Frasses (L) FrasseGangsters! Evil Veni Vidi Vici Teee 4
3487 Poop Poopchuckers Evil Chuck poop at people Afkaserious 5+1
3480 Say No 2 Fro [THE NO ISKANDERS] Evil The less ISKANDER the better Evelon Rhistadt 19
3470 -=KOJ=- Knights of Justice Evil Look for us on Diablo 2 xpac in channel -=KOJ=- Magsnipe 8
3456 RWN Ryton Wonder n00bz Neutral Dresdae has too much spare time. So there. Reds 7
3455 WUP The Unholy Harbingers from Wu's Pass Evil Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers Psilon 7
3455 ROCTW R.O.C.T.W. Good We are the Hero!! KerwinKao 9
3437 VoC Victims of Circumstance Neutral There\'s no way I\'m going in there! leachlife4 4
3422 COAR Coalition of Advanced Robotics Neutral We do.... something.... Coar 9
3412 PAA Penny Arcade Alliance Good Dont be a dick Candyfloss 6
3402 Spunk Spunk Evil format c: Spunk the inexorablish Impaler 4
3393 A4E Austria4Ever Good Don't walk on grass, smoke it!!! Melokay 5
3383 TTTO The true TTTO Ones Evil Evilness is the kindness of bad Ones WiildCerebrus 3+1
3370 HaM Henks Angry Mob Neutral Be Angry and be My Mob Henkman 4
3360 Keooowww Fantasy 2010 Neutral Its pocket grenade time you hussies, TAKE IT! Kurimja 5
3357 XCM eXCeM Neutral etaM yojnE Zaleus3 19
3347 PmL Pummel Good Pummel 4
3346 NhK Nhemarien Knights Neutral He who stays his sword shall not be my brother. D. Ed Poole 8
3343 GVSR Guardians of Val Sans Retour Good Greymalkin 4
3338 EotM Eye of the Marmoset Neutral Meow. RazorzEdge 5+2
3332 EGFBT The Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow Neutral Fighting for a better today, tomorrow! EvilStickMan 2+2
3320 NA Nordic Avengers Good You want cold death? We'll give you cold death! Gramuxius 2+2
3319 No Esteem No Self-Esteem Evil Burn bitch, i want to eat some boiled flesh Civilian 4
3318 AwP Awkward Photograpers Neutral Stand like this. Now, put your hand... uh... here. Joach 19
3282 InevDark Inevitably Dark Evil Be the Darkest and most Evil you can be! Diviance 5
3278 GHz Geek Hunters of Zod Good w00t barisaxy 4
3273 dioc PROsciutti Evil Arare sempre a fondo e semenare fora! Delirio 4
3272 Barkas Team barkas Good Shirt off and show them nipples CaptainKrog 6
3258 CS The House of Crimson Spirit Good If it can happen it will happen Cwyn Anwyn 1+8
3240 Dimitriev Good Dimitriev Dimitriev 4
3238 QAQ Llorar Evil Cry, cry, and then die. cuchillo104 8+1
3218 Great Blazer Neutral WE ARE WHO WE ARE blazerong 6+1
3214 DwBcF Drizzt, Wulfgar, Bruenor and Catti-brie fans.... Neutral If you dont like them....then ur evil =( adam owns 34+5
3198 CRAPPY CRazy Armor Plated Protectors of Yaks Evil Bring your own scoop! -Kieron- 28+1
3185 WBFJ! We Bukkake For Justice! Good Remember: Pillage, THEN Rape, THEN Burn. Idiots. Errolian 3+6
3171 MFL Murder for Life Evil Kill harmless animals. Malus 4
3165 BST-Kiel Berufliche Schulen Technik Kiel Neutral Halleluja wir verdummen! Gniärgh 5
3159 interaction Progressers For Interaction Good We want INTERACTION!! INTERACTION is progress!!! Gnakkk 29
3153 Shet Simple Minded Evil Simple minds for a simple game Tarfit 4
3148 RPGF RPGForums Good The Crossroads of Gaming Teh Vars 6
3140 totlp Tavern of the Lazy Peon Good have a drink! Dawayn 4
3132 TLOG The League of Ordinary Gentleman Good It takes an ordinary man to think of the ordinary Canasta Joe 4
3120 Moe-Death Death by Moé Evil Disgustingly moé Moemon 4
3113 FINCH Fairness Inteligance Nobility Courage Honour Good "Diddly-Whoa-Oh-Oh" David Finch 4
3103 nF The nForcers Neutral Visit The Fallen 7
3102 Holkr Honor our leader King Rex Good We will all die for the honor of Tony our King King Tony 30
3092 m3g4 MEGA Corp Evil Our Plan is that we have no plan the d 6
3087 FBH Freelancer Bounty Hunters Neutral If it's got a bounty, it be dead. Freelancer XI 8
3079 SBDFoD Shadow Blood Darkness Fear of Doom Neutral Assassination for Life Atrivas 4
3070 NeoGeo NeoGeo Neutral - - Dig it pitch! Spectre_UK 1+4
3064 ArX Atomic Rail eXecuters Good eXecution time is coming. arxLoky 4
3062 bLaRg The Church of bLaRg Evil Amp wa doko desu ka. Sudzy 15+1
3051 Parakka Parakka Good Purification and Unification Kaisuke 8+1
3046 Sip Siper Evil Take a sip of pure evilness. Sip Sip 4
3041 BWCo Better World Corporation Good "We're not satisfied, until your not satisfied..." burgo_mcsock 4
3035 LSDnD Clan Chronic Evil OMGQTFBBQ! Henry Madsen 4+6
3033 KublaCon BSFFA's Greatest Hits Neutral The way gaming was meant to be. Marc Quark 4
3022 TheWin The Winners! Evil You my friend, are a loser. Captain McWinner 8
2988 [FD] Fotzendehner Evil Rektale Vergeltung für alle schlabberige Fotzen! HerrK0t 5
2980 Dark Hut The Dark Hut of Miscommunication Evil Life easy? You gotta be kidding. Menatard 5
2968 DucTaG Ducati Testastretta Guild Good Mean Bikes Desmosedici 2+9
2959 Kingslayers Kingslayers Evil #YOLOSWAG Borath 4
2958 VOR Voice Of Redemption Good Harmonious Death Andun's Voice of Redepmtion 5
2957 SSP-FTW Stainless Steel Providers Neutral mojo.ssp 2+2
2953 [1337] 1337z0rfi3d Good trespasser 17
2953 DHMG Dae Han Min Guk - forever rpg fans Good Wu Ri Na Ra - Dae Han Min Guk Bugcide 5
2933 =ARM= Armania Evil Time to make progress! Dibs 1+5
2925 Beggar Guild Thats my guild Good Your noob stuff belongs to us! Happo 10
2910 y Pogopuschel Evil //( . Y . )\\ Manaknight 1+2+1
2908 doge such clan - very guild - much adventure - wow Neutral Dogecoins and shiba-inus for everyone Sartinus 6
2907 GAF Gaming Age Evil Sic transit pecunia mundi iapetus2k2 4+2
2902 HARV Harvester Evil Terror & Destruction Death Note 5
2894 AMG Angel Mercenary Guild Neutral "You show us, we kill it!" §ephiroth 1+7
2894 NGNL Night Raid Evil No Game No Life Sisiwman 4
2891 sdf Light Knights Good Do or Do Not, there is no try climer 6+1
2890 silverwolf Silver Wolfs Good Xantet 5
2888 GMP Gumpen Evil 2 is! Grevling 4
2868 TGGE The Grande Guilde Neutral Pie is good. Pi is better. Gugilymugily 12
2856 Viv The Vivisectionists Evil It's All Inside You Parcheesi The Lesser 5
2850 Fiu Fiu Fiu Tralalala Evil Lalala la la la la la la laaa Bolo_Lolo 4
2849 RADICAL Rad Ass Debauchery In California Also Lemons Neutral Neigh Gonnhead 3+1
2831 Booyah! Booyah! Good For the glory of the Happy One! ScubaElvis 3+1
2830 ImUrFather ImUrFather Evil Luke is Gay! BooomStick! 8
2826 Invino In vino veritas Good Aequireg 5+1
2824 112358 |Guardians| Good topherclay 12
2815 AdPap Adicite Papacy Evil Fiat adiecto Pope Spinebiter 5
2808 PCGF PCGF Good Please ph33r us, thanks. xamm 2+3
2805 SPBB SPb Boys Good Save The World Kill Yourself Rulk 2+3
2803 EoA Eagles of Awesomeness Good we can fly, can you? locoland 5
2794 Scene Scenesters Evil Flip that hair meJon 8
2784 BiP Babes in Pornland Evil FUCK! Agamemon 5
2784 -=/|TBW|\=- Twonks Be We Good We Be Twonks Bortholomew 5
2783 Mame The packet of MAMErs Good Mame or Die Gloogkrng 4+4
2778 DR-PQ Drachenreiter Good with polished scales only! Siehtnix 12
2774 Di'hkl Di'hikal Neutral Garble garble garble garblen Krouw 6
2773 Pxl Pixel Evil Elf Power Pank 11
2761 PoP A Pot of Petunias and a Whale Evil Claude a son premier wet dream. C'est Magnifique! MegaFrogg 3+1
2750 LuD LÖuDie Evil LÖ THE BEST CITY alexsogge 1+4
2748 Hjelg The defenders of Hjelg Evil To keel. Hjelgan 21
2748 Capt >_< Capt >_< Neutral Close this world, Open the next. >_< 4
2743 OotSB Order of the Swole Bros Neutral Resistance training is essentially muscular goatse Kingmalice 5
2741 T.L.F. Tentacle Liberation Front Evil Eyes as big as dinner plates leachlife4 4
2735 NaMe Need a Medic Evil Need a Medic nhtbgr15 6
2722 Blow me Blow my dick off Neutral YOU CANT FUCK LIKE ME BITCHEZ Culjait Dick 8+1
2717 ~AoW~ Angels of Wrath Evil Krush Kill N Destroy N9NJA 3+1
2713 DAVEY Dave's Guild of Daves, Davids and Daveys Good Everybody's dead, Dave Davey McDave 4
2712 KO-Kakune Knights of Kakune Neutral We Knight Stuff. Verily. SeraphSight 6
2706 BtSh Boat Shoes Neutral Straight forward over the seas Guédel 2+4
2705 Gods Gods Good Divine guild Xi 2+1+3
2699 HoWd House of Wisdom Neutral Where there is a Will there is a Wisp torston 11
2691 Minn.Madmen Minnesota Madmen Evil Twizted 5
2684 The A.C. The Anarchy Counsel Neutral Eternity doesn't last forever. Kahvi 2+2
2662 MFR Middle Finger Response Good The Formal Name says it all :) _Bl!+Z_ 4
2653 ]DT[ Da Taters Evil BYAHHHHHH instrumental 6
2645 sogamed SoGamed Good we know you wank for your sister hexa 10
2638 Anienc Anienc Evil Go Go GO Ryoung 4
2625 advsux Tractor HQ Neutral Yarrrrrgghh qt 5
2614 miliz Miliz Good Sponzo 1+4
2612 The Storm The Tundestorm Neutral Who dare to opose us! leachlife4 5
2601 ZENB Zen Bassmasters Good Be one with the bait. Tserof 4
2597 TTTRF The True Tyrsis Resistance Force Good Monkeys are future. And cookiees. Roabbracca 5
2593 Zabin Zabin's Guild Neutral Swoosh! KingZabin 5
2583 RRRRAA Forsaken Neutral QUE Mort s en suive Balta 5+1
2580 Wang-Fu Wang-Fu Good We live and die by the wang... the wang-fu. 4rch3nemy 4
2575 ESB Es Spiritus Buvus Good Strenght and Honor Firebolt031 4
2571 P.I.M.P. Whore House Evil Pimping ain't dead. Big Dawg 2+2
2569 DvN Devotion Neutral Heart, Soul, Mind for each other Frostburn 8
2567 KeL Kelevar Good Drsna Guilda z drsnyho Kelevaru Erwen 6
2566 SJSU San Jose State University CS Evil BTLR 6+1
2558 PQStuck Homestuck Good >[S] Ascend. VileKaizer 1+3
2545 TAoC Team Awesome, of Course! Evil Servicing your daughter, one step at a time! religionman 4
2540 ^<@< ^<@< Neutral <censored> HatlessAtlas 7
2536 YYZ's YYZ's Neutral DandyLion 1+4
2528 SoI Soldiers of Idea Good For honor and justice! Karansul 16
2519 A & M Anime & Manga Neutral Anime & Manga is everything... leachlife4 4+1
2516 NOBUTA AKIRA SHOCK! Good Kon kon! manazashi 4
2515 OmegaC Omega Clan Neutral We are the Omega! Tev Dorrin 7
2496 K G B The Knights of Glory and Beer Good Drink up, it makes these games seem better! KGB - Sling 9
2495 FRE The Fremen Good FOR SHAI-HULUD. JOIN The Fremen Muadib 7+1
2491 HalfOrcs Hummmpf Neutral Hit, Kill and Eat Herzog Triste Gorak 4
2490 RoDS Relm of Dragon Slayers Good We kill any dragon that stands in our way. XvDragonvX 4
2490 imba Imbatotem Neutral Imbatotem Stoner 1+4
2472 TingHest Ting Hest Good We rule! SiGNOUT 11
2460 test Test Evil Rodimus 2+7+1
2454 Ass Munchers Ass Munchers Evil Take some ass CLONE 4
2452 GTO The Great Teacher Official Guild Good Teacher For Life! Onizuka 4
2452 BF math Battle-Finch mathematicians Neutral We should be doing math hawkeye2b 5
2447 TMCP The Mighty Cheesy Poofs Evil We like cheese more then u can imagine leachlife4 1+3
2441 DAMIT The Desiginated All Mighty IT Evil bofh! padlock 1+3
2436 Woohooians The Grand and Exalted Order of the Sacred Woohoo Neutral WOOHOO! InsidiousKramer 3+1
2431 Rabble Slacker Central Neutral Satisfaction guaranteed or you are 1 picky bastard Guybrush Threepwood 10
2428 HTLR Seminarians of Lucifer Evil Hitler 7
2415 W.K.O. White Knights of Ontario Good ZigZags and 30 grams for all rlittle75 4
2396 Holy Fire Holy Fiery Justice Good We deliver justice with a holy fiery vengenance! soulkain 6
2392 F&M Fighting Moongoses Evil If it moves, kill it! TheDC 7
2376 IDF Israel Defence Force Good Dsoul 4
2370 SDST Shadow Strike Neutral "Yes!" Quagra 4
2368 SoSound Society of Sound Neutral Listen to good music at Delzbin 4
2344 AteYerBaby RPG Atheists Evil god isn't BeavisChrist 5+1
2343 Meme The Swedish Peeps Good Yes Stiggers 6+5
2339 OldenDays The Beginning of the old and the end of the new! Evil My guild doesnt really have a motto.sorry. LamaKiller 3+5
2337 KCHS Kansas City Hotsteppers Neutral Chewin' bubblegum reVerse 6
2336 The PRTWCGA The Peoples Republic of Thoes Who Can't Get Any Neutral well we might as well join a Progress Quest guild. Adam_L 1+3
2334 CfP Cthulhu for President Evil Why choose a lesser Evil? LightBringer 3+2
2331 HR Hell Raisers Evil Beat them till there dead. Hell Riser 4+3
2331 OFL Ordre de la fleur de lys Good tattoo 5
2329 NCs NightCrawlers Evil Crawl During the Night NightCrawler Master 10
2329 corimus Corrupticonimus Evil Win Predshezemazen 3+1
2320 NoobZ&T'ingZ NoobByAssociatioN Neutral NoobZ R 4 PwninG! FuryUchiha 21
2312 SSOC Starspawn of Cthulho Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn kvan 1+3
2309 DFA The Dark Forest Alliance Evil Together, we will rule the world! xGamePersonx 4+1
2309 DTIsart DREAM TEAM ISART Good Starfield official haters Thiiboy 4
2306 VikingLord Followers of the Viking Lord Good You gonna drink that? Dakas 1+5
2294 Invaders The Irkin Invaders Neutral You! Obey my fist! leachlife4 2+2
2292 trek off Anti-trekkie league Evil Trekkies are a plague that covers ur sweet Spoltog xyr10n 5+1
2289 TSYolo The Swaggest Yolo Neutral The yolo is too swag to handle. Jave Dohnson 12
2277 Strep Strepitoso Neutral "We're just a bunch of noise..." -Honondas devinds128 3+3
2268 GPoS the golden pillar of swords Neutral go random go Panthor 6
2262 Erbsen! Erbsen Evil Erbsenration DirkOsterwald 7
2243 nord hammy Good north or bust hammerfall 2+2
2243 K-R-D Kill Rape Destroy Evil Kill all Ampedup314 6
2235 Thardferr The Guild of Thardferrians Neutral Thardferr Rules Aixtek 16
2232 THU TryHards United Good Anders er bad! IAmBlue 1+11
2227 Elasten Elastenolia Good Elastenolia - Sanyynn 1+3
2224 Relaxation Relaxation Neutral Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot Corhydrae 4+3
2218 TAA The Adeptus Astaries Good Motto's are Blotto. Gotrik Gurrenson 6
2201 Spazz Spazz Neutral Don't push that button! Loomis 4
2198 Sotrue Sotrue Neutral Kill the dr00ds! Raven Darkroot 7
2194 The FoB The Followers of Bob Neutral Don't Touch Our Nuts! Slxe 4
2186 h h Good Toni da puke stinks! Satujumppa 3+1+1
2186 Big Wang Big Wang Evil Fuck Bitches Get Money SULLYYYYYYY 1+3
2184 Goa'ulds System Lords Evil Worship us or die! vnkBAMs 5
2176 TATe The A Team Neutral Aint getting on no plane Fool Nikon1982uk 4
2172 A4 Adventurous Adventures of Adventuring Adventurers Neutral Most of our stories are true! Mattcraze 5
2158 Lively Dave's Wanderer's Good Help those that can't help themselve's Viperfangs28 2+2
2157 UselessGuild The Useless Guild Good Too busy watching paint dry to help you Jzzb 1+5
2155 S O T U Shadows Of The Unseen Good Lorflin 4
2155 KIN TAMA Pemptus' Yorozuya Good You guys!! Do you even have a silver soul!? Kintoki 4
2153 Picos Picololülys Evil Reißen oder gerissen werden! Xoidberg 5
2153 ISKCON Sanatana Dharma Neutral Hare Krishna JcJet 1+3
2140 Kanye Co. The Kanye Company Neutral It takes a chicken to beat a chickem Trappity 2+10
2137 12IT2c 12IT2c Neutral Fachinformatiker Profis Ignore-Me 4
2134 CaA Crepes and Apples Neutral CaA like the crow! Glugs 7+4
2131 DeathOfMices DeathOfMices Good en-Dal 4
2131 jvs guild jvs Good The Good We Are serge512 5
2119 ABore AbsoluteBoredom Neutral This game is Boredum Insurance FlammingLittleGuy 6
2119 FAGS Fairies and Goblins Syndicate. Evil We're here, queer and in need of beer. Xapvot 7
2100 DotN Defenders of the true nonsense Good We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty kos 4
2096 GSmK GeileSachemitKinder Evil Man sind wir Geil jinofdarkness 9
2092 Penza City Penza Neutral Best City!!! DuncanMc 4
2062 TKC_NIU The Kerrick Crusade Good Kill the Fairies Kerrick of Kett 4
2048 Mugobeers Mugheads Neutral ... Muggar the Mug 6
2038 We Fling Poo Dirty Poo Flingers Evil "Beware ye who enters our W/C" DrtyMnky 11
2034 COMA Communication & Applications Evil I love SIEMENS GitarrenMann 4+1
2034 FoK [SK]FoK Evil Geronimoooo !!! Dezinsector 6
2032 Fux Invictus Fux Evil Fux Dem Bitches Clintism 5
2032 jenova proj jenova project Evil we are evil russians superpuzicman 16
2028 AFF Alakri Freedom Fighters Good I waste him with my crossbow! Gener 4
2026 BTDS Beyond The Dark Sun Good Verminor 7
2024 murder harley bandits Evil kill, steal, rape, pillage, sodomy, and bunnies sledge 4
2022 STH Stairway To Heaven Good Can February march? No, but April may. Herensuge 10
2019 LandLost LANDOFLOST Evil I'll eat your heart! JustinTHEMan 8
2019 RT-IRN Rotten Tomatoes On-Line Neutral If its fresh, it doesn't belong here BSPiotr 4
2013 SPW Splendid Warriors Neutral For the Splendid times Paamayim Nekudotayim 4
2013 OMR One Man Raid Neutral Legends slay with allies. Gods do so alone. RHK 5
2011 100% 100% Gamers Evil got ya 100% Anonymus 5
1998 UNITE United Force Good Opera is the best browser gasbomb 4
1994 PoOD Pool of Despair Neutral Gonads and strife leachlife4 5
1986 DkAb DarkAbyss Evil Don't attack the bunnies! xXCryptXx 4
1984 WOW Wrath of Wisps Good Fear the slayer band of Wisps! Astaroth 1+10+1
1980 EARLY Axe in the Head, Early to Bed Evil Axe in the helmet, a friend of Helmut John Winkle 4
1974 PQG Progress Quest Ghosts Evil Kill Or Be Killed pureJOEz 3+1
1961 HCS Harlequin\'s Clowns Neutral A little bit of chaos never hurt anyone ... much. Harlequin_1998 3+1
1961 Clearly Mad Lucid Fury Neutral We kill stuff because it's fun. Lunis 4
1945 [KaD] Kill and Destroy Neutral We pwn! XD Dokugasou 3+1
1941 BFF Best Friends Forever Evil We are big fags. wtf 4
1939 Ivasians Children of Ivas Good Why not? leachlife4 4
1936 Shopnart Guild of guilds Evil I'm evil! rendrag7373 1+5
1935 -Ti- The Incarnate Evil Muhahaha we pwn you Darksnake 7
1930 xxx man in weiss Neutral wheeeeeeeee wheeeeeee man 6
1929 sc3 spiked_club_+3 Evil blörl drmaniac 4
1922 [EG] Esteemed Gentlemen Good Yes, wot wot? Kyrill Liadon 5
1921 Leth Lethargic Good We do this because we are stupid! Zig for Great Justice 2+5
1916 |S|D|C| Sara Dislikes Crack Evil Ja, dann blas mir doch einen! leachlife4 4
1912 -DD- Drunken Disguise Neutral Tuutin täydeltä paskaa. draxu 1+3
1909 Soli Solidarity Good Bawkbawkbawkbawkbawkbawkbawkbawk... Daemil 8
1908 ...death! Death Cult Evil Blood will follow blood Gniev 3+1
1885 --TFE-- the Fringe Element Evil Why ARE trix only for kids?? LunaticFringe98 4
1885 KITA Kindergarten Good Kowalski 4
1874 SK Sexy Knights Neutral Sexy Knights gather for a long sexy night! Selvin 4
1872 =]FTPC[= =]FirstTrullyPolishClan[= Neutral Thane 6
1871 CoDPM Congregation of Drooling Porn Monkeys Neutral Don't wank in an empty tramway! Intelligent Idiot 6
1856 FFS Furry, Fun and Stuff Good Fun and Joy for everyone. Canta 13
1851 Enlighten Enlightenened Ones Good We hold the key to happiness. Knotz 12
1850 gen Genesis Neutral WAISU SPAM!?~ leachlife4 5
1843 Badger The badger badger badger guild Good Badger badger badger badger badger... MUSHROOM! Aggy 6
1840 CotHC The Crusaders of the Holy Chipmunks Good Fear the Chipmunks! Yapyful Dapy 6+5
1834 EFTW Epic for the Win Neutral Gaben EFTW 70R4N 7
1834 DELTA Deltoids Neutral TehDelta 4
1832 AVK Alkohol Vernichtungs Kommando Evil Hagge Dicht ! FalloutBoy 4
1823 Koopa Kids The Royal Heirs to the Throne of King Bowser Koopa Evil Death to the Mushroom Kingdom Catfish Charlie 9
1822 MyG MyGuild Good Never mind, you`ll all die ! leachlife4 4
1822 UoS Union of Shadows Good Death to the clicky! Cal 8
1800 Kestrel Kestrel Neutral Delta Sneering Failing Empire Akomaru 4
1799 Deus Deus Ex Machina Neutral Maybe we can! Serp 4
1799 TDH The Dark Hand Evil Mangu Mangu Trinku Jack Of The Dawn 6
1791 PKG Progress Quest Player Killers' Guild Evil Player Killers Of The World, Unite! Zoltan 1+3
1785 doomdoom Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom Evil I\'m gonna sing the doom song now! spatula doom 4+1
1782 f.b. freedom beef Neutral Freedom of cows!!!! beef 1+6
1777 K.o.t.I.T. Knights of the Infinite Task Evil We seek the end Hexphile 2+3
1772 SFTPOTK Society for the protection of trans-kobolds Neutral Remember:a trans-kobold is for life, not just xmas Zio 4+3
1771 RawPower NorthernLights Good We never surrender aya-shin 5
1759 EIH^3-H Extreme Inverted Hungry Hungry Hippos minus Hippos Neutral "Kill thy digits or fingers with a passion!!!!!" Archaengal 2+4
1757 Allanna's Allanna's guild Good We're yiddle! Dean Chung 6
1746 Refal Russian developer Neutral why not ? :) Refal 4
1745 vertisy vertisy Evil Kill the stuff Claytja 5
1743 TGA Thieves Guild of Ailix Neutral Rothland's finest! Bruno the Bandit 3+18
1734 $h!t $h!t @$$'s Guild Evil Eat $h!t $h!t @$$ 5
1734 TR Texas Rampage Evil "Everything is big is texas, except you, die" Matha 17
1726 Elitespyz Elitespyz Guild Neutral Kick asse and chew bubblegum Stryderunknown 5
1724 Meuw Meuw Evil COOKIES! Ragsie 4
1723 Valhall Valhall Good Just for Fun Gucky2000 4
1706 ATOF A Torrent Of Fate Neutral No one can hold back the torrent of fate£¡ bs_wy 5
1702 THE CLOWNS The Jokeslingers of Memeworld that Was Good Everyone loves a funny, sexy clown babe! Breezy The Clown 4
1694 The Wardens Wardens of Illusion Good Darkness bends only to The Light. Dragonlord 1+4
1686 Truth Clan of the Drifting Truth Neutral DivineMadness! Let there be ecstacy in the streets Coyote 5
1686 Asylum Asylum Evil It Is Not I Who Am Crazy, It Is I Who Am MAAAAAD!! Xeric 5
1671 Alpha/Omega The Alpha/Omega Squadron Evil Agent Clones: The Beginning of Your End The Dark Agent 4
1667 Hounds The hounds that come from Hell & Heaven Neutral Just want to kill and get our meal Rodhound 3+2
1664 Dpunch DONKEY PUNCH Evil Know when to hit'em Humble 6+1+1
1660 1MC One Man Clan Evil I make you dead. FDSA 1+3
1656 Geforce JJX Geforce JJX Neutral The new geforce JJX series ZHANGLISHENG 4
1654 DCR Dragon Coast Roleplayers Neutral A test guild gone horribly wrong. (non active) Hardwired 5
1650 GoN GhostsOfNight Evil SVPPB 5
1648 ARTIII The Bench: Return of the Nine Neutral Equal Justice Under Law SCOTUS 5
1647 hixup Philosophers of Alcoholism Evil Hiccup! Shanoyu 5+1
1646 F&T Fro & Tsar Good Sex machines crazyfrogspb 2+3
1630 wingrd Wing Road Good Fly as high as you can =3 Twyl 4
1630 LTHOA Lord Te's House of Awesome Good Where awesome is and awesome does! Doink 4
1629 ACAB All Cops Are Bastards Good No Justice...No Peace X-Ceeder 3+1
1628 JServ The Java Server Good auggggffff Plectophera 7
1623 Astalia Asta's Elite Good We are Asta's Elite Arlian 4+2
1620 MOPUGU Most Public Guild Neutral Most Public Buildings, Most Public Explosions! Most Public Name 5
1614 Clan Darious Clan Darious Good Inbreeding breeds mutation. Mutation is life. Darious 4
1598 SUCKA The Sexy Unicorn Congregation of Killer Apricots Good Be there in 10 minnutes or WE TAKE YOUR FOOD!!! used2bsane 10
1592 thebus THE BUS riders Evil puff puff pass pothead 6+2
1579 TLU The Last Unicorns Good We live to survive....ponies 4evr shinepony 1+3
1571 Ach Acheron Good We dont die, we just fade away. Cerby 4
1561 KoR Knights Of The Realms Good Be nice, or .... CtHulHu-KoR 6+2+1
1560 CPT CamelProgressToe Evil It's Good To Be A CamelToe TwoMarde 4
1555 DSAP Das schwarze Auge Player Good Zwerge sind toll^^ Paradyx 4
1551 Snugglez Smurfination testicularification Evil it's OKAY TO PLAY WITH DOLLS! kpearsall2 2+2
1545 CWIZ Cowled Wizards, comprising mostly of non-wizards Neutral We control all your cones of paste! Tolgorgoroth 6
1524 Hat Hats of the Internet Evil When the hats get hatting, the hatting gets tough hat 6
1523 MB :: Morpheus-Board :: Neutral keenderh 1+3
1520 Siege Imminent Siege Evil Akarat 4
1516 Bomber Bombenleger Evil Swaffelen Grabsteinschubser 3+4
1500 tkop the knights of progress Good all for the EXP lordtekno 4+2
1499 weed Knights of the Green Leaf Evil if theres weed left smoke it son just blaze 2+2
1494 WeBScots Ancient and Formal Order of Caledonian Unitarians Neutral DungCamel 1+6
1494 UFIA The Uppity Friends In America Good Let me tell you something A Public Name 6
1479 Kronus Kronus Good Alliance is power Kronox 1+4
1479 B'ST The B'Stards Evil C*A*S*H Rik BStard 5
1467 Pirates Raptor Pirates Evil To bugger sheep Dverol 2+2
1461 KnownToOwn KnownToOwn Evil KnownToOwn snubix 6
1461 SegFault The Church of the Segmentation Fault Evil Praise the Destroyer of Runtimes! Johmpa 4
1457 Riders Riders of Progress Neutral Onward to wherever... Quest Rider 7+1
1443 Gaf'Guild Gafknurg\'s Guild Good Gaf\'em! gafknurg 25
1443 UnMod The UnModerated Hooligans of Lloyd Neutral Nice khandancing makes us smile. Eulogic 1+3
1439 Aeon-X Aeon-X Evil The beatings will continue until morale improves SubstanceD 4
1432 EasiBeaver Easi Beaver Neutral CUM Teehee 4
1429 GeT Gardh en Teliad Neutral Das hat heute wieder viel Spass gebracht. Saiz 7+1
1423 tH The Highlanders Neutral The Highland is the Mainland. Jeinhor 3+3
1421 ToKeN StonerZ Neutral Roll That shit, Spark That Shit, PASS THAT SHIT!! leachlife4 5
1420 WotPS Worshippers of the Purple Shoe Good Worship the shoe and it shall do good unto you. Forte Dante 5
1418 m/ 666 Devil 666 Evil Sex, drugs and rock n roll coopy666 3+1
1417 V0S Victims of Suspicion Neutral Real keeps itself that way, so Speak it. Derrek Klahr 4
1417 SEC SECURITY Good Romica's ass SECURED. Saaj 4
1417 EGIH Everyone Get In Here Good Winning with numbers! SmokinChrome 4
1416 aeRO2 aeRO2 Progressquesters Neutral Not even Superman can save you Yellowchopsticks 4
1406 ERU Evil Robot Usses Evil Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb! Mr. TumTums 5
1406 [BB] |-=Blood Brothers=-| Evil |-=We ride together, We die together=-| Black Abyss 3+1
1399 LooP Littany of Peasants Neutral For Pony! Filthy Peasant 4
1398 .RR. Red Ravens Evil Out of Chaos, Comes order. Deepy The Mad 6
1392 Forge Dwarven Glory Forge Good Promote the dwarven culture Brandeboeuf 5
1389 Hotglue Hotglue Neutral WE'RE A CRAFTAN GUILD LOL slymenstra 1+5
1388 EbeEbe Autistic Triplet Neutral Hello hello at this time everybody can drink wine! Gieras 4
1378 +++ Guardians of Balance Neutral Life is just a tool of death! Tripokey 4+2
1374 jabaianos Jaboticabaianos Good Ahhh meninooo!!! Eta meninaaa!! Ricleite 7
1373 Anigo Korea Animation Highschool Game Development Good Love yudlet 7
1367 procras Cras id agemus Neutral Quod nunc agere possumus, cras agemus Catulla 1+3
1363 +V+ Virtue Good For the Honor and Glory of All Virtue-Valor 4+5
1351 lethe lethe Good freya.gefn 4
1348 DUCFARRME The Holding Stables of Ducfarrme Neutral We're just really really bored like da rest of you onenightblitz 8+10
1345 Istar Istar Neutral True Neutral Pirotessa 5
1340 Mcbo Maracaibo Neutral Maracuchos FTW rahvii 5
1337 Buxton Boys Buxton Boys Neutral Play both sides leachlife4 4+4
1336 WotB The Will of the Bar Good The progress bar compels you. Hamberg 4
1318 PAM Progressors Against Mordor Good Against Mordor Darthmoor 4+2
1312 ApF Apocalipse Formation Evil It's good to be bad. Lucyfer 5
1306 EoH The Elements of Harmony Good Friendship Truly is Magic Twilight Sparkle 8
1304 FotRS Followers of the Rusty Spoon Neutral Stay away if it is raining! thefreik 4
1295 LoAgrro Lords of Aggro Evil Just like it sounds kelsar56 5
1290 TKK The Krusty Krab (we = 1337) Evil TheKrustyKrab is the ultimate lifeform of leetness Styn 1+4
1289 SNL Something Nefariously Ludicrous Neutral We like monkeys... Footstool 1+1+2
1286 FFT The Funny Foreigners Good numquam retro theWauz 7
1273 Ubuntu Xubuntu Evil Linux Rules BII4x4 5
1262 HHSBs Hobo Humpin Slobo Babes Good left for dead, misunderstood ZzamPaloO 4
1257 kcrcs Kcracosia Neutral Its this whole other country. AeroNex 5
1251 CFC Cannabis Fan Club Good This is so bad its gone past good and back to bad leachlife4 5+1
1248 3-H Harpy Hortoculturists of Hendt Neutral No. Really. It's not poisonous. Try a wee bite. Lily o' Death 4
1246 viral vírus Evil Execute execute execute Erschi 2+4
1245 MoS Monks of Seral Good DEFENDERS OF SERAL - HOLY CITY OF MONKS Reverend Father Dromiz 2+2+2
1233 Microm Reeking Insipid Committers of Minor Moral Offenses Evil Sometimes I have fantasies about the Pope. Rzep 7
1233 OMAHA OneManArmyHasArrived Good We will never blink Grendl 5
1232 FaTs Fancy and Travails Neutral so-so-so-so LotsGP 4
1232 Chocobo-R Gold Saucer Chocobo Race Team Good Kweh! Season 4
1232 Weenies TheUltimateWeiners Evil We are the weenies. Warlic312 2+2
1227 >_< Teh_Guild Neutral keke ^^ JakBot 5
1226 Dragoon Dracon Knights Neutral Bang, you're dead! Veritas 4
1214 XIN'ation X.I.N Neutral One would not live, without wild imagination. Xin Quiote 6
1209 No. 1 Number One Evil Why Try Harder? Pythagoras 6+1
1201 B-P Blood Pack Good DOING IT FOR THE LULZ Zxcs 6
1195 Deliverators Order of the Pizza Neutral "Cogito, Ergo Dum." Jimbob64 2+2
1189 LDs Elemental Dragons Good We have the ability to beathe the Elements! Denn Henda 1+3
1184 Peepies The Peep Squad Evil Peeping is greater than actually doing anything. Pappy McPeeps 5
1179 WPWW WhitePrideWorldWide Evil Every day and night - drunk like bum ... TheBam 5
1173 Kauris' Hand Hand Of Kauri Evil Cinnamon Raisin Toast! Jypsy 4
1170 Windy Windy Neutral money... year1984 3+1
1165 Th'Blings The Brandys Brandlings Neutral Transformers are only the beginning. UselessTransformerHouseNinja 5
1161 H. O. T. G. Hammer Of The Gods Evil Sa Fioletovyu Kakashinu! Heissest 3+1
1158 WAGH Lords of War Good Peace is the result of war. Magnifico 4
1151 StormChaser The Storm Chasers Evil Bring it on! Project VORTEX 4
1144 EnBa Endless Battle Neutral Name pretty much says it all, huh? DKW 6+1
1131 HUGE HUGE, inc Evil Us > you leachlife4 5
1127 JB JailBreakers Evil We'll get you out King George 4
1126 Olol Ololololololololol Evil Ololololololololol Equolizer 4
1124 MARY Masters of All that is Runic and of Yore Neutral Runes were meant to be broken. Schizandroid 4
1103 DoHate Disciples Of Hate Evil Hatred is what we Love Apados 3+3
1101 Morquestdor The Evil Fellowship of Progress Quest Evil 'Kill all...Kill all...Kill all...Kill all...' SoulVision 5+1
1094 BITON BITON Good Alea iacta est Plunder 6
1081 [t] [tjoCkis] Evil Shalt ye be good? Then ye go somewhere else! tooDLe 3+2
1076 RageOP Rage of Perkele Evil Perkele! Loxigor 4
1075 OC Order of Chal`Lein Evil Shutting down Micorosft 1 computer at a time Taleisin The Seer 6+2
1070 DKOS Dark Knights of Spoltog Evil Let the darkness rain upon Spoltog FatBastard 3+1
1068 Bajskorv Bajskorv Good Bajs Bajs Bajs BajsNoah 2+2
1062 Biohazard Biohazard Evil Biohazard - The best guild! ZakMage 2+4
1053 CUSAPS1 ChompUSA Pwnage Squad #1 Evil We got it. You get it? BoomBagALot 5
1023 JBSS jelly's band of swashbuckling scallywags Neutral jellies, donuts, pork pies joffeloff 1+3
1011 AMAC Anarchistes Modérés Afro-Communistes Neutral La révolution arrive...les têtes tombent !! Leni 4
1005 FoC Force of ChaoS Evil FoC it All up Drac-SinisteR 4

3538 Bands

The Neverending Battle

Good: 322718029 (36%) Neutral: 282472998 (32%) Evil: 282206730 (32%)

Concerning Guilds

Only players in particular realms may join a guild (just hit Ctrl-G from within the game). More about guilds...

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