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Guild List: Clans


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
3264889 Flights Nightflights Neutral Nightflights' march ahead Nightflight 10+7+23
3213777 ☼QFT☼ Calley Kats Neutral AHA! Try to knock me down in Clans but still #1 EldryLars 22
2692714 GAYBIS Not Golf Alpha Yankee Evil A guild. Phazer! 4+12+20
2469332 SS-ERR SystemSemaphore Good You know when it happens... Lachette 27
2218965 VKP Valendia Knights of the Peace Good Logic is the most useful weapon in one's arsenal. Dimension 11+38
2129076 SfE Searching for Elves Neutral It happened... reesbonk 1+30
2066750 CCN Concatenation Records Neutral Kodiak 32
2007780 booyaa TeamT-DOC Neutral Whatever turns you on Fraller 1+19
1983187 666Cthulhu In Cthulhu We Trust Evil We are the holy crusaders of Cthulhu Preckzaep 1+39
1859717 slackprotect Protectors of the Sacred Slack Neutral You gotta do what you gotta do. Gronxax the Apologiser 1+25+4
1778207 GBP Gladblad Good Bevel, din ven, for altid FlyveHest 14+6
1762996 t-e.n The Elite Good Better than you. comeasur337 1+41+1
1698442 BMD11 Buttermilk Drinkers Local 11 Neutral We're so money and we don't even know it! leachlife4 13+13+12
1556079 HoKe Hot Ketchup Evil Executing 1kg Sonnengereifte Tomaten... Leech 1+10+11
1551258 [H0B0] The Hobo Clan Neutral Now with even MORE Hobo! Quelfin 2+19+7
1474034 Icrontic Team Icrontic Good Fold or DIE! ;-) FoldingAddict 44
1396239 Impaled Impaled Visionaries Evil Ouch'n! Impaled 21+9
1319999 PUKE puke_basket Neutral Puke in the basket Pwn 21+5
1310030 BH BigHeads Good It's too small for you to wear. Kotteri 12+8+4
1309311 LLL Ladder's Ladderians of Ladders Neutral don't forget to bring a towel kputuk 25+13+7
1250867 dt Digital Trouble of the Slosh Bog Unharrieds Good We run fast & never arrive. CapnFinVark 24+6+3
1220858 RIT Black and Tan Good Rochester Institute of Fuckin' Technology, biatch. hkkmh 7+15+3
1213836 .:O.:B:.L:. .Order of Black Logic. Neutral perdurabo perdurabo 6+17+1
1203315 .GRK. .Golden Rat Killers. Neutral No Vanek.. What on earth will the rats do? werelord 3+18+1
1190720 IBM iBLARGH Milquetoasts Neutral Wahhhh~~~! Springy182 25
1149619 DOUG Devotees Of Ur-Giglash Neutral For Glory, Honor, and Ur-Giglash!! zathyr 9+26+11
1126976 SicPup SicPuppies Evil Ela Re Malaka GrudHammer 25+8
1093882 YESIR Yes Sirrrrr! Neutral Fuck Shit Up! ravenchild 8+12
1034978 @ss Ancient Skulls Evil Hail Skull!!! Scroll Widget Ultimate 38
1012295 RQ RegressQuest Good And so we Regress... 3+8+9
986701 GS Grey Skull Good By the Power of Grey Skull Prota 28+4
983626 PLCF Power Leveling Chinese Farmers Good 100 GP only $ 10 IceFenix 1+34
976577 Tyrixx II The Tendrils of Kae II Good Noo tenndrilss, noo Kaaae. Atuarre 18+2
968282 Ornetos Legion Of Ornetos Good Obey to the will of Ornetos Griska 26+1
963982 Tyrixx The Tendrils of Kae Good Jooiin thhe Broooodss Atuarre 29+2
954098 Turecki Zgrzybiali Straszni Evil Ludzie, jak pragnę boga, kto was tu wpuścił... Fusarium 7+13
947877 ICELAN Icelan's Quasi-Marauders Neutral Remember, pillage before you burn. Weaselthing 37+1
932441 CDP Continuous Double Penetration Evil Double the pleasure, double the fun! brainasium 26
921929 PsyAM Psychotic Ape Men Evil THE RAGE!!!!!!!! King Imp 5+13+5
903755 TKWSY The Knights Who Say 'Ni!' Neutral Ni! griffindehudd 1+41+3
899330 Kinetic Kinetic.theProgressQuestClan Evil Monkeys love our pole! leachlife4 20
892520 H R Helsbane's Raiders Good Battling the Imp of Perversity & Minions of Chaos Angrist Helsbane 22
845561 [SS] MaSStahy Good As Above So Below De Seis Kahn 2+25
844740 BMG Blue Man Group Neutral All blue, all the time. Tesseract 14+16+1
833466 Bertramistan The Semi-Royal Bertramistan MMO Defense Farce Neutral For freedom, geekiness, pocky and world domination Bertram, Turbolord 3+1+20
810995 Sluggites United Sluggites Neutral Worship the comic Jam Warrior 2+25
808387 uomomf (&d) union of merchants of malodorous fare (and death) Neutral hot pus on a stick, GEEET YOUR PUS ON A STICK ! spawnfester the pus hawker 48
803831 SuperUs! SuperUs! Neutral We're just super. LaPoune 1+19
802364 MDMA Metaphysical Death Machine Association Evil Bitchslapped to the fiery depths of Hell!!! Betadecay 4+36+6
796815 SF&D Safeway Food & Drug Evil Welcome to Hockey Falls! loosejohne 33
796160 Commune The Commune Evil Rekrutacja oltarzu chlopców Rennaps 8+4+9
779936 IQ Chinese Gold Farmers Good I think I think therefore I think I am Yandelela 6+20
738194 The Sinners The Sinners Evil All we sinners! He||isH 13+7
715985 AMD Users AMD Users Good Visit us at vaughan 3+41
694983 SantaCult Cult of Santa Good Presents are a totally sweet daterape drug. derJeebus 2+21+9
684601 Indeed! Snack Attack Good Give me FIG NEWTONS! Great Jake 21
677479 PegX Pegasus Xing Good Please yield for oncoming pegasi. bwdc 22+1
667549 Blairoz Blairoz Neutral Blairoz et fier de l'etre ! Krahoc 1+22
662218 *KNIGHTS* *Knights* Good if you "knights" join us berzah 41
657997 KSW K-Swiss Good I wear my K-swiss @ strider 24+6
655255 PHC Purple Heart Clan Neutral Never forgotten we stand Xzam 20
649523 OD Ordo Draconis Good Watch the skies Gwin 5+2+24
643143 RUP Real Ultimate Power Neutral Ninjas are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet Kazaran 4+35+2
637832 Gazillion A Gazillion XP 2 Level Neutral It takes a Gazillion Experience to level your life Xeneth 21
637653 SWE Sverige Neutral För Sverige i tiden Tias 12+10+3
637630 GoBS Guild of Bit Shifters Good We don't need no stinkin' byte alignment!!! Truck3r 10+7+3
627264 SHITTY Shodin's House Introduces Tiny Tit Yaks Evil We find a mate for your Tit Yak, or it's our nuts! Supershodin 23+4
624715 geeks Geeks - The Guild for those who are Evil UID 0 of all evil! Entropic-Soldier 2+28+3
604321 P.O. Pocket Otaku Good Rock the Chibi! Shurikane 1+46+1
597317 PPoJ Pink Ponies of Justice Good So cute and cuddley, Evil will be jealous. Chapter 2+24+11
594932 evilbunny Unholy Disorder of the Vorpal Bunny Evil Got carrot? No? Then die. Achan 22+12+8
589412 W3NCH W3NCH Neutral REAL Ultimate Power Fgnn 12+15
585730 Phear SFP! SFP Evil We r0xXor and you 5uxX0r! Jaune 35+4
577564 Mooninites The Mooninites Evil Gouging Expletives is a sign of friendship & trust ignignokt 2+24+6
546611 RHIT Rose Hulman Institue of Technology Neutral Rose by any other name would be as odd Wren 20+24
546278 F.A.G.S. Fighters Against Green Slime Neutral We're FAGS! Artifex 19+7
541756 FlawD Flawless Desecrators of Good Evil Crimp, pinch, hook and catch... ClarkKent 29
537758 MT Mise Tings Evil MiseTings (Gas, etc.) Basilisk 26+1+2
536047 T-KRAC Trans-Kobold Revolutionary Activist Coalition Evil Death to humans! Feel our kobold wrath! The Mystical One 8+7+9
535374 BofG Bofurion's Guild Evil Buckawaka Teg! Bofurion 8+14
523023 RUS Russian Guild Evil It's good to be BAD VangeR 13+2+19
518617 Baha Chat ! Evil Bahamut Evil Come from Baha Chat. germun 31+2
517833 Apathetic The Legion of Apathy Neutral We'd fight for justice, but it's way over there. peregrine 11+16+5
512164 pee 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 Evil pi has us rattle 4+15+8
492713 DBJM The Dark Brotherhood of Jaded Minorities Neutral We will prove it like a theorem. Xargon 15+19+1
491589 BEERguild Bleeding Earth Everlasting Revenge guild Evil Rivers, seas & oceans of BLOOD!!! leachlife4 2+20+16
480848 OMP Olingaard's Mysterious Presence Neutral Where the neat meet to eat their favorite treat Olingaard 9+9+2
477599 GAFL Guilds are for Losers Evil Wir haben sie einfach nicht mehr alle!!! Sir Richfield 1+21
469354 [BCG] Guild Evil WTF? Great! at0m33 31
453577 Stubs The Guild Of Stubs Good This is The Guild Of Stubs GenericPants 22
445784 Spellborn The Chronicles of Spellborn Neutral where we thrive GravGunner 42
445207 Timekiller International Guild of Timekillers Evil There's no time to discriminate! RailFoxen 18+1+1
439267 Panda! Great Panda Power Evil All bow down before the mighty pandas! Tsukiyo 9+11+4
435618 Porkrinds Great Rinds of Pork Neutral All your arteries are belong to us panthar 14+9
434524 SOTOTGOP Seekers of the One True Gammel of Practicality Neutral If it's not a Gammel, it's not a gain! Razt 27+1
432810 OHGOD Goonfleet Good Oh God bees! Woobins 1+30+4
428534 STORM Storm - The Guild of Gods Good Pheeer US! Phee 35+11+1
423026 NO VAMPIRES All cowards this way please Evil Don't point that double barrelled Bandyclef at me! May all your appendages fall o 1+34
420805 POTATOE Prophets of the Almighty Truth of Evil Evil Evil, online. SnakeEyes 14+13+2
416766 EvilInsanity Insanity to the rescue. Evil All good must die! Tyson 20
415970 WWBTDFD Weebles Wobble Good ...but they don't fall down. kingpenguin72 24
410335 DSG Disgruntled Single Guys/Girls Neutral DSG's forever! Amievil 2+33+1
401003 Cool Froods Cool Froods Good Keep it cooooool, daddy-o JoeBok 24+2
399094 [TWM] ThE-WeB-MaTRiX Neutral Erstmal hinlegen. Urd 7+24+1
397502 OdbM Orden der blutrünstigen Mörderrose Good wir trainieren nur für PvP-Duelle Bubba the Barbar 1+28+14
394017 Grove The Grove Neutral We are a band of friends! Nevistar 22
389334 Tegel Tegel Good roelieproelie 21+2
386005 Bastardos Ye Bastardos of Hellination Evil Needs more salt. Aonach 4+32
384593 Froo Froo Evil Froo (n): Too lazy for a motto. Raudrin 21
383993 DGski DoomGloom Evil Gloom and Doom and Gloom and Doom Olafski 25+4
383806 GoSD Guild of Slightly Dark Neutral Fresh limericks for sale hellsfruition 13+23+1
383203 Leviathan Leviathan Neutral solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short JW 40+3+2
382647 Sartan The Sartan Good elowan 8+13+1
374135 STD Silver Temple Dynasty Neutral We'll make you itch! Nihilist 2+39+3
369664 /tg/ 4chan's /traditional games/ board - Touhoufags too Neutral Adslahnit 4+20
367448 Chumps SegaOz Good Until we all die! EvilLatch 21
359806 CGNU Crazy Go Nuts University Neutral C A F G F D A# G G G F E F Go Dumples! LouDog 24+22+2
358141 Domitus Dominion of Treasure Hunters Evil Just give me the gold. Ariemeth 13+21+3
357262 AAS Alien Abduction Squad Evil Tribute to XXXenophile CCG, Phil Foglio Biggun 29
347467 PotC Protectors of the Cheese Neutral Eh, whatever. Edam Wensleydale 2+17+1
341325 TAMU Technicians Against Moronic Users Evil Reboot before you call us! Psy 21+8+3
335141 BhS Brotherhood of Spinnenfels [WAR US] Evil leachlife4 20+3
335128 1MI 1st Mechanized Infantry Neutral Are you 1? CriticalFailure 43
329182 EhTeam Eh Team Good We like cheese Darth Fudge 23+1+1
328945 [TSC] The Super Critters Good It's a bit new I warn you. Rolken 32
328330 F0F Fists of Fury Neutral Let fly the Fists of Fury! leachlife4 20+9
328128 [APA] American Penguins Association Neutral We were born different. [APA] e.s.a.d. atari 15+8
324750 FNPL The Fellowship of Good I reserve my right to make phone calls. ADDER 35
319613 OnCh Online Champions Neutral raoul 1+20
318925 Bay12 The Bay 12 Hivemind Evil We harvest mermaid bones. Sensei from Bay 12 Forums 32
318090 Winterers The Magnificent Winter Peoples Continuum Neutral Stoopid is as Stoopid Does, Thats what my mawma... pythonspam 6+19
315813 [GW] From Russia With Foget Good "You don't need a reason to help people." Hanson B. Lamb 1+2+22
314194 XSC XSiteClub Evil Death to come all who come TheDarkHaze 37+9
313655 GoDM Guild of the Drunken Monkey Good fetch me my pint wench! Raidek 21+4
312651 AiPX Archetypal Ignorance Pursuing Xperience Good Leg of know you want it. :core: 33
311611 ITMafia Italian Mafia Evil Quella e' la mia macchina, figlio di bottana! >-<:.Bizzu.:>-< 25+18+2+1
309938 Geez Geez Neutral Geez Verdna 17+4
309652 D2SP D2SP.NET Neutral We don't need no stinkin' motto! Winter 42+1
304386 #dirty Dirty Elite.. Seriously! Neutral Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes. the2ndHare 29+7
303572 TComp Turing Complete Neutral If it be computable, we shall compute it He who makes progress 25
301148 BS Burta's Supporters Neutral SPOON!!!!!! BurtaMania 10+22
291001 BTW Bendrig and the White Robes Good If it looks like SPAM, then it tastes like CHICKEN Bendrig 4+33
290831 HarHarHar!! Evil "If its breakable, we can break it!" Propaghandi 26+2
289614 PAA AFK Penny Arcade Alliance AFK Good ZOMG -- Grinding FTW Harpalyce 34+26
288384 Daddy Digital Artificial Devices Designed for Yelling Neutral 001110100100011110010001000101001 Grand Old Daddy 31
286920 KBfa Krabben-Bürger für alle Evil Ich bin bereit! Kova 55
286839 WIFDAL Well I Fall Down A Lot Evil We Really Do Fall Down A Lot BigPhilDogg86 11200+1
283262 ZZZZzzzzZZZZ B+ Avilys Good Biciu avilys tik biciuliams! Skotas 20
279231 MLP: FiM My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guild Good Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Loyalty! Cerulean Starlight 20+43
276812 DMX Demotivators Evil None Of Us Is As Dumb As All Of Us! stephent 4+16+3
275363 =BKK= BeautifulKatamariKrew Good Katamari for the masses. borandi 14+9
275253 FallenEagles Fallen Eagles Neutral Fallen Eagles: A Tradition of Heritage Naginata 51
272128 DapaT The Date-palm Tramplers Evil A good date is a trampled date Air-Rik 1+27
269303 Wee JoBBIEs Wee Jot of Bot-Based Intelligent Entities Good The last scintilla of doubt just rode out of town. Saiph 48
269295 FoTR Fellowship Of The Ring Good I will take the ring, though I do not know the way nate77 31+11
268817 HFB Hooray For Boobies Good Hooray For Boobies, since 10/14/2002 Mogdor 41+9+1
267729 JOL JOL - Neutral Mind notre Dieu (après Google quand même :o ) Loekit - JOL 14+9+4
264519 Realms Guild Neutral - The Best RPG Forums. Kir Sakuya 1+86
263450 Batshit Batshit Crazies Neutral Sanity, schmanity. Semprini 22+10
261742 F of A Followers of Ambiguity Neutral We follow the... Naw, let's follow something else. Kamilie 48+10+3
261184 AGD AGD Good Leave no barrel unturned! SVH 1+34
260924 DMs Drunken Midgets Good Join Now All Elves Gnomes and Dwarves Hagar the Half-Size 15+10
260881 [smaakthet] Smaakt Het? Neutral Smaakt Het? ste2n 47+1
260553 KoEq Knights of Equestria Good Friendship is Magic! Dawnlight 4+29
254990 HoR House of Robo Good We don't need no stinkin' mottos! Robojox 77
253592 allegro united allegro progress quest players Evil all your base are belong to us DB 59+3
253505 [LN] LeetNetwork Good Omgz pwnz? GenDeathRaiser 22+10
250788 :3 :3 Evil nolo 4+65+11
249705 FA Forum Addicts Good Just let me post. Swmmrman 9+24
248303 [HgC] Binwin BMG Neutral [HgC]Schakal 2+48+5
247706 esos ESOS Evil Bitterness & Hate np~ Boola-esos 3+83
246448 Prcdt Precedent Good There is no cow level Swigelf 23
245948 Lithuania Vilniaus gauja Good Lithuanian Heaven - Access denied... Skotas 11+33+20
245559 FotDP Followers of the Detrimental Prophecy Evil Following death to the depths of hell. Rienes 49
243893 THQ Tee Hache Queue Neutral Gralth 23
243855 LFH Le Flore's Hammer Neutral We Axe Gang Never Miss! Allgrave 19+1
240983 CWL Combat Wombat League Evil "RAWR...Ph34r us!" and "Go Ramen!" Froibo 15+17
240316 TYR Tampereen Yliopiston Roolipelaajat Neutral Morkki 6+19
238903 Rauschkinda Rauschkinda Evil ottoM Defuru 31
236729 Earth The Avengers Good Avengers Assemble Scarlet Witch 20
229127 l33td00dz Aardwolfian Guild of Guilded Guildlings Neutral At last, somewhere where I can quest all the time! Aardwolfe 26+2+3
226956 RunAway Run away! Good Attaaack! ... Run away! Run away! TweetTweetDK 19+3+1
226681 P.A. Penny Arcade Neutral Long load times are a SIN Notorious MSG 2+47
223793 SPM Stileproject Mofos Evil Deryal 6+68
223086 WN Virus West Nile Virus Evil Stabbity Stabbity! Snarfblatta 21+1
221627 TGGG The Gratuitous Ganglingdinger Guild Good Life, Liberty and a whole lotta Spoooons! Guarinmalaprop 20
221244 JAS Jobless Addicts Neutral My job wasn\'t that great anyway leachlife4 43
219658 habrahabr habr Neutral ! pietrovich 1+43
219286 LEAST League of Easily-Amused Silly Timewasters Neutral We'll try to kill with a forklift! Jaybee 21
218833 Questers Quester's Society Good One Home, Infinite Worlds Hargabyte 3+31
217203 DVDF DVD Forums Good Be friendly and fun Tia 40
216629 Dwarf Pride Dwarf Pride Evil He who knows not he knows not, he's a Dwarf Leimus 27+2
215153 TCB The Corkie Commune Neutral Spreading the Intelligent Nonsense Schroe 38+2+1
213841 PSY psyco is out there Evil we are the real psyco here the-real-psyco 14+35+1
212977 woohoo Progress Party Evil There can be only none! Arkul Snarkul 21+4+1
212741 AGO Alpha Gamma Omega Good Brothers must dwell together in unity! Zabeziel The Mighty 1+53+4
211470 TheB The Bourgeoisie Good Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work TheVoiceOfReason 1+105
210390 GuardChaos The Guardians of Chaos Evil "Sworn to protect the eternal concept of chaos." Zelap 31
210178 C-1 C-1 Good Stab stuff Argen 18+2
209960 S.P.O.I.L. Slow Poisoners Of the Inner Lands Evil STRiCK9 16+5
206357 GFF Gamingforce Neutral usk Arilakon 1+55
206115 Rawr? Black Sun Neutral We like to Rawr and eat...spoons.... Artimus 2+24
204400 KUM The_Kumitee Evil Lords of the Bling! S_I_D 12+32
204386 HdgK Hüter des grünen Krautes Evil Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious StereoTyp 21
202102 NSpace South The N-Space South Crew Neutral Making progress with every action... or inaction.. ObsidianPC 33
201251 NSpace North The N-Space North Crew Neutral Making progress with every action... or inaction.. ObsidianPC 29
199535 The IM The Intellectual Mafia Evil Pillage globally, profit locally. Zypher`IM 28+3+1
199117 PQaaS ProgressQuest as a Service Evil It's Noel's Fault! TOM 1+37
197138 TheRAPISTS Therapists United Neutral One screws your wallet, one screws your children. halcyondays 189+32
196427 GameFAQs GameFAQs Good Potato 2+23+4
193432 [SoE] Servants of Elminster Good We see all that will happen, 5 seconds ago. Hanson Lamb 23
192921 NR Noble Rage Good Home of the Ragers ventage 35
190298 Coven Supercoven Evil Evils narcotic cyclopean pits Electric Wizard 22+6
190223 TriNi Tripping Ninjas Neutral Raid in Killing Fields this friday 21.00 CET! Trippage 129
189392 CT Cheddar Team Neutral Bring The Cheese! Otosan 6+20+4
187002 BB&B Blood, Bath and Beyond Neutral Pork Chop Sandwiches! Sporkie 28
186068 TDRoS The Dark Ropes Of Sand Evil Hey its that guild ExZippo 54
185210 shrinemaiden Maidens of the Kaleidoscope Good TOGETHER WE SHALL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE k//eternal 20
184387 GLIH The Guild of Low IQ Hobbits Good "Stupid is as stupid does" Goddess of Mediocrity 3+29
183602 Chrakenia Empire of Pein Good Simple is Best MadElf 9+31
182485 IX Nove Avatara Neutral ipsa scienta potentas est Torho 17+2+3
181712 UWDC Internets Of Waterloo Neutral Water Water Water...... Sportacus 18+6
180444 Thughunt The Thug Hunters Neutral If it looks like a duck, it's made of wood. Witch! Mystrim 2+61
180393 SGL Super God Like Good #1 in UT suckers SynX 27+1+4
179762 Luskan Slifrandor Evil Vecnoran 31+2
179198 S o S Sound of Silence Good 6O6PbI u OTBArA ! Gortalion 30
177600 Darbs Dabney House Good Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom! Rheingold 82+1+10
177030 Steely-Glint Steely Glint Good You would if you really loved me... Tibirulu 30
176260 Möhvötit Möhvötit Evil When all else fails, eat! lepakki 2+52
176245 420 Supreme Evil Evil Kill the infidels Supreme Leader 4+64+2
175629 Warbucket WARBUCKET DOT COM Neutral In DRLEGO we trust, for great justice Trikk 72+9
173715 Dire Mud Glo Dire Mud Glo Neutral "What the heck was that?!" Zunzug 1+19+1
173693 PrTo Perkeleen Tontut! Neutral Kuolema kaikille (paitsi meille) skellu 33
172208 DKdkL Die Kinder des kuenstlichen Lichts Evil Egg, bacon, SPAM and sausage without the SPAM! Urg pegmag 2+16+2
168627 BAZ Fort Awesome Good We've got nothing. MUUUUUTHAS! 2+20
168565 Testes Twisted Testicles Evil Ouch, my balls! Jovux 30
167106 SwftSwch SwiftSwitch Evil Skipppppppyy 20
165700 OLMP Olympus Good We're awesome! Dentlaak 59
165487 Karhut Karhun Kaatajat Neutral Lahdataan kaikki! (paitsi omia) TunTuri 21
165443 Triple E Evil Eccentic Emu Evil Evil emu have feelings, too! Galian 3+50
164172 [SoT] Soldiers of Thunderstorm Evil leachlife4 32+7
163661 NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command Good We can see Russia from our backyards. ProTeenShake 44
163344 AoLL Avatars Of Lost Light Good Lets get em. Yensan Da 1+53+1
162874 7chan 7Chan Evil Home of the new /b/! Sk4yt 36
162663 RFT Reclamation of the Formation of Trepidation Neutral WTF? MagnumOutlaw 5+15
161721 Spay+Flay Spay and Flay Evil "Hold still while I harvest levels from your hide. Ishpeck 2+18
160488 GoMo Guild of the Monkeys Evil Spank my monkey! Muhweli 22+2
160285 FocM Force Majeure Neutral You never know.. Bikki 1+23
158719 Short what? ExNagas Evil We Raid 8 Days a week Dizy 27
157882 GodsOMetal Gods of Metal Good DiscordMan 3+35
157474 FOFS Face Omelette For Satan Evil To seek, fetch, placate, and exterminate! Killrig 21
157142 STW Sharing The Wealth Neutral Let's have some fun. Whadda ya say? Roomon1 15+35+2
156751 Cthulhu #1 The Esoteric Order of Cthulhu Neutral You will bow down, oh yes! ButcherX 19+6
155320 MDS 3.5 Multimedia Delivery System version 3.5 Evil We deliver it slower... Grazina 22
152865 OTIDB Off-Topic Evil "It's not rape........It's suprise sex!" CarbonRod 61
152829 Refugees Refugees Neutral None of the Above JoeFaust 14+7+1
152228 l337krew l337Krew!! woot!!1 Good y4 \/\/3 ar3 l337 !!1 l337phoenix 10+15
152147 TOOTS The Order of The Stick Neutral We are the dead of Xylon (and the Linear Guild!) Aetik 6+43
150767 Britlore Britannic Lore Neutral kill stuff, have fun, don't die, don't wear pants Pewari 39+1
150419 none jrbbowl Good None jrbbowl 2+21+6
149743 LOA The Lost Order of Akalabeth Good Friendship Transending Worlds Kamui 20+1+1
149505 HKC Hell's Kitchen Community/Hello Kitty Club Evil TUCKEYISHOT Avocado 30
149348 DWorld Diabloworld - All Things Diablo Happen There Good Vanguard Xx 3+49
149030 Z|Z Zapzis Evil POOP! Shivall 44
147977 Forumguild The Rabbit Punchers Good For the gibberlings! 0ink 21
147519 LPF Let's Play Forum Neutral Grawlius Retardus 2+23
144303 At0mic MPC At0mic: Maximum Progress Computing Good All your Progress are belong to us! thesorehead 2+29
144013 Kitten Rape! Pot Smoking Kitten Rapers Good We do it only because it is a hell of a lot of fun twodot 2+33
142888 TIL Tamare Island Irregulars Evil What and waste valuble gaming time? Kailypso 24+2
142723 .:Lamers:. Polish Lamers Neutral PK masters! Zawladnijmy swiatem, drodzy Polacy :] Alorka 3+31+1
141595 [Loungers] The Lounge Neutral Every Hole's a Goal! oursammysam 24
138764 SloppyMess Sloppy Messes Neutral Why bother? Korunch! 28
138322 NoA Newbies Of Apocalypse Evil Pls do u have some spare equip? Dark Doomer 36
137572 R Team Rocket Neutral Surrender now or prepare to fight! Tor Arne Rosand 20+4
136517 CGP Christians Geile Plugins Evil "Scheisse es funktioniert!!!" Endgegner 44
135577 D2S Death to succubi Evil Death to succubi. Damn their big breasts Laurimickle 11+46
135305 NLG Next Level Games Good Kalvin Lyle 20
132860 FNGoP First National Guild of Pemptus Good Yep, we're the first...probably. Pwnrage 2+23
132753 Scorehero Scorehero Neutral we dunno lol ¯\(°_o)/¯ LSZeitgeist 1+43
131934 UU Uselesso Unito Neutral k1ll 73/\/\ 411 Ptirodaktill 60
131868 thewerd Evil smacking your mother, then running away. thewerd 19+4
130304 [DMc] Dark Ministry Clan Evil Yea, we am mighty. alThor 44+3
130210 xepace xepace Evil Udomlya - BTTEPED ^pokep^ 51
129746 Cha -=Chaos=- Evil In noobs we trust RedLightning 30
129373 #mr MangaReactor Evil The book is always better. SilverWordz 21
128086 Train Traveler Incognito Good The path remains unknown. Mantere 42
127678 BEAVERS Beavers Hideout Good Beavers will one day rule the world! LordDaimos 1+19+2
127090 T B T The Bronze Talon Good I huff & I puff & I breath weapon ur house down!!! Althras 24
126038 -INFINITY- The INFINITY Legion Good The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary Serrness 20
125508 DC2 Dark Century 2 Good DM_Zeruel 1+37
124866 NWC Neverwinter Connections Evil A dead PC is a good PC. NeoXro 1+19+1
124375 Soma Myth Of Soma Good People from the MMORPG The Myth of Soma Jellybean 5+57
123292 GSexC General SexyChat Neutral We Try Harder Because We're Number 5,377,939! mikeycp 3+27
122169 MDDDG DarkDamon Neutral Dark, Dirty, Dumb, Simply Matt Damon Schattenwolf 20
119669 2PR Two Pi R Neutral Your Money, Our Money Xorwin 14+7
118371 ICPQ Iron City Progress Questers Good Sending you up the bomb. Nytmare 22+2
117368 UoLE Unity of Low Elves Good We with shield! Shit comes for enemies... Karansul 5+75
115099 CAOZ Creative Disassembly Good What Motto? Fyran 20
114973 rgorng rgrong Good we are rgrong nook 149
114790 #VG #Videogames Neutral Do not ask for games. Vir4030 23
114607 Demons Demon Lords Evil Loved by none, feared by all. Validon 46+2
114593 chuje Chuje Neutral chuje. tehasdf 32
114365 SubG SubGenius Good All Hail Bob Dobbs! CommandoBionic 30
113970 The Folders folding for Good fight disease! Kajj 17+3
112854 Plushys Army Orangevirus Neutral Don't try it... we are the best Heikus 29
112596 Maniacs Maniacs Guild of Hardcore Bastards Evil We Kill Everything Maniac 21+6+1
112580 kogtip Knights of GTP Neutral Greg is our god. Naff 12+12
110836 m00f! m00Cows Good cookies and ice-cream for all! gordy 24+6
110768 Dilz Dilz Inc~ Evil fofofofofofo Haquer 23+2
109978 Warcast Warcast Neutral There's supposed to be a point? Renata 32
109910 Allseron Allseron Good Eliot 1+20
109486 Snacks Of Snacks The Castel Good It's 2 my monty. makri 7+24
108567 OJ Rules Give the Juice His Heisman Neutral OJ is innocent Hal Jordan 39+1
107995 GE2-EALA Golden Eye Rogue Agent Evil Why save the world when you can rule it. Hard Eight 28
107762 GMN Guild of the Monkey Nibblers Evil Nibble Nibble Nibble! Falco 25+1
105816 F-G Forestguard Neutral Let the Heroes 3 live! Gelu 17+169
105282 UrGrue The Unholy Church of the Ur-Grue Evil Grinding the FCoP beneath our heels. Eventually. The Ur-Grue 16+18
104640 Zog The Albania for King Zog Committee Evil Kill! Maim! Destroy! Creepozoid Q. Necrovore II 30
102922 WRTHG Warthog Evil You are a cruel master, master. I like you. leachlife4 64+2
102138 harmlessgoo Harmless Attackers Of Goo Evil Fear no Goo! Xanith 42+1
101077 Gay Carls The Gay Carls Evil More Gay Garl...Less Jibba Jabba Endless Mike 25
98996 Polaris Polaris Evil In space, we can make you scream Nikademus 11+21
98850 EWW Eternal Warriors of well... War! Neutral Hey! Stop hitting me, I'm telling mom!!! Grapes 36
98720 DeRo Deutscher Ritterorden Evil Wer zu erst kommt stirbt zu erst Efon der Todesreiter 42
98572 HKnights The Hylian Knights Neutral It's all about looking cool. Ignitus Boyone 23
96633 Hotbox Hotbox's Legions of Doom Evil Face it, none of you will never amount to anything HotBox 23+3
95962 ESIEE ESIEE Good Astryad 5+17+4
95119 BBR BroadBandReports Neutral STFU Jehu Chansa 21
94154 Boba The Bubble Tea Brigade Good Hell yeah, bubble tea is good! Kodiak 20
93829 HEST Cheesy Oste Gnu HEST Good C'mon we are HEST'n'stuff !!! #SteelWire |Butter$ 69
93806 P.o.F. Pants on Fire Neutral It burns... Alonsus 23
92743 EOok Kayoss and Emerald Order Clans Good Take me to your garbanzos! D'Sanai 1+21
92696 Pignose The Unruly Order of Pignose Evil We > You Draconx 19+1
92351 :. CORE The Core Community Evil Piracy isn't the problem, it's the solution. nomis1 38
92055 TDC The Dark Collective Evil SleepingEye 13+9
91975 PPT Pink Poogle Toys Good Winge Winge, Frozen Accounts, LDP Plot Prizes Arogance1 1+35+14
91241 XLM XLM Good Allez c'est repartie pour la quete... UC powa Nehwon 1+21
89018 Hlaalu Great House Hlaalu Evil Profit above all. Alvirdimus 30
88541 BANK Backwards Ass Nigger Killers Evil black people rock. BANK 21
88524 TOOPS The Order Of The Purple Sock Evil Thy feet are covered in purple! Exterus 21+1+7
87611 Lo Pan Lo Pan Evil We'll Ruin Your Shit Sexual Banana 25+3
87356 P-I-M-P Pirates In Men\'s Pants Good Green for the Money and Gold for the Honey jed 54
86846 TBash Evil Toribash is an innovative fighting game. Chozo 10+35
84949 LiWiSt Neutral If it looks dangerous let an NPC try it. DaiTengu 37
84768 Soldier Soldier_BD Neutral Battle! Mutiny_DB 69
84686 1337 1337 ]-[4x0rZs Evil \/\/3 r0x0r j00r 50x0rz!!!!!11 daid 1+29+7
83730 C.L. Crusader's Legion Good Crusading against kobolds everywhere raditz 25
83431 TorByt TorrentBytes Evil lagnut likes butt-pr0n TorrentBytes 2+24
82043 #pbs PBS Tech Evil kurai 19+1
81507 ]4*R[ 4th Reich Good clrscr(); f0rt3hw1n raJik 1+19
81400 mine 2 craft Minecrafteers Good "We Mine We Craft, and We Fight!!!!" Ark Angel014 10+99
81085 DVK DVK Neutral Swedish neutral programmers Dasone 1+22
78968 octothorp ## Neutral Atropos 25
78942 THNM Two Hands No Mouse Good If we can't type it no mice can Okami 21
78910 PotD Power of the Dragonflame Good Blackwyrm 10+10
78000 Merit The Meritocracy Neutral Iscariot 22
77732 Cult'o'Sat Cult of Saturday Good Johaan Faust 32
77273 CPR The Canadian Panda Rainbow Evil FEAR US: Dondi 2+23
76486 The Cove The Pirates of the Dwarf Cove Good Shiver me timbers! Arya 11+29+1
76167 DRUCKWELLE DRUCKWELLE Neutral Wir wolln doch nur spielen Kasuma 2+31
75665 NwK Nainwak Neutral Elit guild: Only for French-speaking Garden Gnome. Ksempac 1+20+1
75436 TMOB Tropist Monks Of Byzantium Neutral Tropist Monastry: Cokaigne 18+5
75047 EBB Estonian Border Brigade Good Hold the line or die trying Mothafus 20
74751 Leeds 225 Leeds House Neutral Life is Pointless! WHo_KNoWS 21+4
73875 SWIMN The Swiss Imperial Navy Neutral Do it for the good times...and for cheese. Gallinaceus 1+20
73716 IWS I'm With Stupid Neutral It puts the brain back in the basket...... JoerT 22
73606 DTF Doomed To Failure Good Werk, Werk Fragtag 2+7+13
73510 Terrifying. The Terrifying Ass Kickers Neutral Shut your kringle-hole! MrBucket 27
73347 JUICE JUICE Neutral JUICE! Kyt 37
72967 Team Unix Team Unix Evil Linux is for Bitches Ralphius 23
72883 The Swedes Super Friends Neutral i don't know just pick something Arthad 16+9
72697 BeerWeasels Beer Drinking Weasel Association Good All your lower parts belong to us. StranglerBanana 9+15+1
69882 Wassabe Panda Panda Panda Evil If your not a panda than you blow EACABLE 17+6
69746 T'rU Tanar'ri United Evil Please stop executing us! Execute Baatezu instead! GoldenPanda 8+53+3
67833 SloCartoon Official Guild Evil in coalition with WeeWeeKee 2+22
67641 pvpforums Puissant Piratical Pursuers of Pie Good Carpe Pastraticum Qlippot 6+17
67424 -GA- Gay Alliance Evil We come in from the back! Rodimus 22+8+3
65347 D/D\D Dakila's Dancing Daigdig Neutral More meatloaf for everyone! Blue Torch 8+12
64813 stab! Wsciekle Psy Podkarpacia Evil Co sie tak patrzysz, nas tu kurwa nie ma! steamroller 2+30
63953 SCRG The Scourge Evil Play Dota Kwonger 20
62931 The CC The Bringers of Chaos Evil Our Guild is better than your guild. Jerec 18+3
62686 Nofrag NoFrag Evil scorflex 5+25
62325 LoMP League of Malefic Purpose Evil Mwahahahaha Argho 23
62113 ELF Erisian Liberation Front Neutral To the Prettiest One Malaclypse 27+2
61688 PirofMid Pirates of the Midwest Neutral Proud supporers of the Night Masks redbeardm 5+34
61243 Webzine Webzine! The Progress Quest Guild Evil Penis Triseult 30
61203 TDL The Destroyer's Legion Evil - We Are TDL! Brixton 21
60847 NGN Needs a Good Name Good We raid hospitals!!! Or,... at least Lime does... Lime 1+23
60415 ub40 Unemployment Benefits Neutral You may be eligible for up to 13 weeks of benefits Secant x 25+3+2
59985 PWABTOP People Who Are Better Than Other People Neutral We're just that awesome. leachlife4 33
58655 .dOA The deadly October Assassins Evil Dead in October! nekio 65
58414 BoMP Battalion of Mean People Neutral I see what you did there. St1ny 18+5
58216 NGL was here Nuclear Groovy Lemmings visit Spoltog Good OK first thing, where is the Pub ? LlibSorg 18+4
57323 /b/ /b/ - Random Evil Needs more desu. Jill 2+20+9
57294 kuchen #mmorpg.ger Evil kiss the cook airdisc 1+39+1
56860 hdB heavy decibels Neutral heavydB 30
56273 Kindred The Kindred of Sanctuary Good Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. Tear 25
56168 ILW Istari's Last Word Good "I always have the last say..." Tekwerx 1+24
55449 LD's MotNet Lord Dako's Maurauders of the Internet Good Seeking dungeon cred wherever it can be found. Lord Dako of the Internet 23
54599 A.D. A.S.G.A.R.D. Neutral Prepare to go to heaven.... the sudden way. Orions 23+5
53771 dd dmani dunno Good Damn I Dunno. Dealah 39+1
53603 H.o.Deth Harbinjerz of Deth Neutral It's so easy... Happy go-o lucky... Greg Perry 41
52059 Discworlders Grand Conclave of Discworlders Good "A wizard's staff has a nob on the end..." Dibbler the Mighty 27+4
51341 S.S.M. Socialist Society Movement Neutral We fight so that you all can party Humble Bnine 6+27
51091 NOM The Nefarious Oven Mittens From The Planet Quarg Neutral For Every Animal You Don't Eat, We'll Eat Three Crueak 4+20+2
50290 some pos something positive Good read the webcomic hakeswill 24
50185 Mort Mortalis Evil Fennin up ... ? Tolpan 41+3
49704 NOXUND Noxious Hounds Neutral Ro! Ro-ro! Ro! King Imp 2+48
49388 SNS Stuff -N- Such Evil Bagel bumpers rock!!! Vaporis 25
49345 Dollars Dollars Neutral We do what we must, because we can. Masachin 18+2
49287 Multiteo Multiteo guild of telecom Evil Every second counts Wolf of multiteo 10+14
47422 Tango Mango Goon's Good Don't Tango With The Mango MangoTango 60
46996 [fc] Fun-Center Evil La tyranie de Fun-Center va encore frapper !!! :p tosave 5+21
46707 Surreal Surreal Neutral Feira 38
45184 Mighty Peens The Mighty Peens Good We'll Peen you good! Altheriamandorastoradexoriando 2+55+1
44905 Space Druids Space Druids of Space Neutral We're Space Druids. That do Space Druid things. Pivikk 24+2
44797 Splashgame Splashgame Evil Now Serving DDoS Saren 21
44514 OLKARAS Ol'Karas Intergalactic Good We Travel the Universe OLKARAS 30+2
44130 ZS Zaginiony Swiat Official Team ;D Evil KOX PK KOX PK ;) cyphelf 4+18
44110 TFOT The Fraternity of Torment Evil "Hate you can trust." Whegwhob 67
43414 TMG The Mauserian Grouping Neutral Falco Rides Again! Falko 51
42987 Re Tards Realm of Tards Neutral You are probably a member gomar 44+5
42545 lpl Leprosyl Evil Leprosy, LEPROSY?! Morgu 20
42388 SoV Swords of Villanousity Evil Evil I am. Evil I be. Evil is the soul of SoV. felty 90+2
42346 ISU#ST The #strangetalk avid time waste support group Good Those who skip class require no watch Enigmatech 20+2
41743 S0S The Seekers of Sanctuary Good Get out of our collective kitchen. [SoS]Hobbs 24
39129 TWC Thewarcenter Good Turning Today's Noobs Into Tomorrow's Pros lokitana 2+26
38760 AshWalkers Ash Walkers Evil We are Ash, we will eat your. . . LostABet 25+18+9
38718 Whirlpool Whirlpool Neutral Troll troll troll your boat Ray Macey 31
38588 Pants Cult The Esoteric Order of Buckled Pants Evil Your zipper is the last sound you'll hear! Thymeless of the Black 'Clef 25+3+1
38483 F.S. FireSeal Evil Yes. It /is/ Ours. DarkPhoenix 18+3
38090 HouArd House Ardea Neutral We watch. And we are always there. regmes 31+22
37860 tRO TwilightRO Good A guild for those who play RO on the server tRO. Dubiosity 27+3
37094 FahQ Team FahQ Evil <---Guild wars FTW Legacy Virus 23
36812 #suid #suid Neutral samy says, "We mexicans love Progress Quest!" Daimun 23
36539 CBPQ Clan Brasileiro de Progress Quest Evil "sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca" Bode 32+11
36384 Woof The Legions of Wolfenburg Neutral We're coming to take you away, haha! Denarii 2+30
36182 seeker's level Good seek and destroy .. we are. fr0ggy 1+26+1
36170 404Error 404 Error Evil (stfu) Illuminar 2+22
36143 eXp ex propriis Evil quo usque tandem abutere patentia nostra? MaRs 26
35477 InfoC Infoceptor Good Aztec 4+21
35397 a-t3 A-Team 3 Good We are, probably, better than you. license 26+45
35305 BLACKOUT Team BLACKOUT! Evil 1 Jager + 1 Goldschlager + 1 Rumplemintz yarr 12+9
34936 I-CB Italian-Chinese Bots Evil Don't disturb the botting bot! Olddrairth 15+13
33949 V& Partyvan Evil Pools must be closed due to aids. Dibs 2+22
33930 ACDT Darktide Evil this aint y0 food, bitch Doubtless 46
33493 IBD I'll Be Damned Evil I'll Be Damned Miliad 21+2
32917 EPQK EPQK Good Orka... leumas 1+42
32513 rzwz ReZpaWnerZ Evil leachlife4 48
32231 TTB Torch The Bridge Neutral OMGWTFBBQ Sixfools 4+33+1
31791 OIL Order of Inner Light Good Yarrr!!! [OIL]Boondock 22
31162 DLoL Dragon Lords of Lyrania Good Basajaun 11+11
30905 WCR WoW Radio Evil TotalBiscuit 23
30792 /v/ Jr VidyaReborn Neutral Video games Wrathi 1+26
30765 ToniTheStein Tonissteiner Neutral Drink and have fun Rodnelas 31
30399 HTX HTX Evil 42 MrSpy 1+19
28751 ARETE The Ancient and Respected Elders of Thlurp-Evon Evil "We're more ancient and respected than you, nyah!" Munin 38+1
28498 FiF Forever In Fantasy Evil You got a big sword? We have particle beams! [FiF]Praetorian 21+2+2
28473 Asgardians The Knights of Asgard Good FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD! Multech 6+21
28041 Gary's Gary's Guild Good Aethon 1+23+3
28024 LegLeg The Legendary League Neutral Oh so legendary Coltt5 3+18
27965 ZBC Guardians of Ringsted Evil Fuck Cisco MSDOS 29
27792 JOSH High Order of His Lordship, Jonas Shackley Neutral We do what we must because we can. Sphee 1+99
27507 Hobos Hobos Good Let me sleep in my carboard box in peace Slyly 28+5+1+1
27076 EoD Elves of Detriment Evil Your anger is a gift. Rienes 36
26973 HoMP Hobbits of the Moribund Prophecy Neutral In search of life, there comes death. Rienes 30
26902 GotU Guardian of the Universe Good The Invincible Ones Gamara 29+5
26443 SoaP Snakes on a Plane Evil I've had it with these motherfucking snakes... Kayem 36+1
25954 00000001 Efkj4mhgo2d Neutral Start slow and taper off... Arkul Snarkul 13+21
25694 UOLS Union Of Lost Souls Neutral A guild of adventures who are seeking the unknown. Roadkill 14+29+1
25583 deadninja Evil Of course we're evil...we are NINJAS! Pheznik 42
25568 Warbringer Shadowfang Evil Join us! We have COOKIES!!! Preduz 1+27
25242 ZuKeep The Zukeepers Good If I want advice from a monkey I'll go to the Zu Little Zu 27
24995 FGFG Family Guy Neutral \"L ets go drink til we can\'t feel feelings\" leachlife4 1+26+2
24977 4T2 b4k45 r|_|13z!!!1 Evil Anata wa baka desu! MysteryFTG42 30+1
24969 SinCity SinCity Neutral ÎÒ¶ù½ÐÀî²ì£¡ Granzon_Hsiao 30+3
24587 GMPOL The Associates of the GMPOL Corps Good To destroy evil and protect good, when convenient! Tokmekziril 18+2
24539 Mars marsgod Neutral marsgod 25
24454 LMB Lick My Ballz Evil We enjoy having our balls licked. Teh_Ownage 125+1
23861 Rane on King Keravan_Kollit Evil Asiaa! Peltsireikis 27
23465 KIGT KINGOR's THIEFS Neutral Please join kingor 21+8
22669 ACotHE Astral Champions of the Heron Empire Neutral For the Emperor! disz 41
22599 Rteam Ratman team Good Fletto i muscoli e sono nel vuoto Zogcrek 57
22556 Death Tykes Elder Attacking Children of the Drowning Goddess Neutral Awaiting the Mystic Century of Eclipses The Teal Clown 6+46
21539 TPKNRS The Pancake Knights of No Real Significance Neutral We don't even know why we were mentioned! Vincent Karmine 25
21433 DROD Deadly Rooms of Death Neutral Smiting is more fun at Drizzo 16+16+2
20550 The Gresh Gresh'Maj Evil Death to all Bila-Gresh! Kukrail Kasirka'Rikaht 20+1
20213 Ranus-Gruppe Die Ranus Gruppe Evil Schön, schnell, homosexuell. Horny Pokorny 13+9

491 Clans

The Neverending Battle

Good: 322813306 (36%) Neutral: 282568093 (32%) Evil: 282230089 (32%)

Concerning Guilds

Only players in particular realms may join a guild (just hit Ctrl-G from within the game). More about guilds...

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