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Guild List: Trivialities


Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop
512730 Nice People Were-Tacos Evil Beware of the full moon (or meat in our case) SlimeMasterA9Z 1+1
443648 BattleAxe™ BattleAxe™ Incorporated Neutral Hire team BattleAxe for all your mercenarial needs Geko 2
385453 Sexy Dynamit Sexy Dynamite! Good Sexy Dynamite! cutler 3
383896 Ultimalia Guardians of Ultimalia Good For destiny! SightSpirit 2
334098 AfAQ Amigans for AutoQuest Good AutoQuest FTW Peldimogh 2+1
291516 +SoH+ Slogs of Hatred Neutral Equal Opportunity Haters. We hate everyone equally Netsurge 3
281880 PlexServers Plex Servers Neutral Plex servers make the best adventurers. Jeremy Soucy 2
266841 ResuldMagger Resuld Magger Reborn Good Make Resuld's HamsterMan 2+1
252881 PDL PAARDELUL Good Blaaaaaaaaap Yaemjed 3
232661 Grammaton Tetragrammaton Cleric Neutral Salvation is reserved for those who pass the tests CandleJakk 3
220384 PGNC Pulse Gate Networks Crew Good Panix-The Blackest Incarnation 1+1
204015 ZA Zielke Associates Good Zielke is a State of Mind! JackZ 2
199677 MIPT FRTK MIPT FRTK guild (invites only) Neutral Nobody is Perfect. FRTK is nobody. Xi-Tauw 2
197756 UDNM u dont no me Neutral (╯°□°)╯︵ &# tskiller 3
196985 MPCAS Complex Adaptive Systems Neutral Jobe 3
192421 Varlitha The Inner Fire of Varlitha Neutral Tempered unto Crysteel Axiluvia 3
191482 LS Landslide Evil TimeZone Abusers! Varulv 3
191343 TLV The Last Vikings Good Huh? o.0 DeathRowX 3
191027 AccuGuild AccuGuild Evil You're Dumb!!! Syntax of the Holy Keyboard 1+2
180875 Ruoniai Ruoniai, bliat Evil Vidutis 2
179038 CBs Coffin Bangers Good We're having a bangin' good time! Drewser 3
177405 Eat Ass Team Ass Eater Evil Eat that ass. MSD 1+1
169956 Smarts Wirld Ordre Uf Mispelt wirlds Good Chaos Minor 1+2
166643 Cybergoon Cybergoon Good We Need Special Heat Conducting Glue leachlife4 3
166641 Seal The Lonely Seal Clubbers Good Keep on clubbin'! VeliNalle 2
165969 Eman Eman Lamrof Neutral Kill Stuff Ixoud 3
156301 OCIBTYC Philatelists of Omicron Persei VIII Evil We're Not Malefactors, We're Lagomorphs Shiny McShine 2
156301 bluergh bluergh Evil spit eero 2
156301 PWN ur FACE Golden Gods Evil We go where eagles dare. Golden God 2
154264 DSB2 Disgaea Social Board/2 Evil Welcome to our Insanity Banarenth 2
154264 Sam Hell Sam Hell Neutral Showin a Baddy, Who's yer Daddy ! OldElfin 2
153180 Browncoats Browncoats Good "Mercy is the mark of a great man." Captain Mal Reynolds 1+1+1
150984 GPC Guild Politically Correct Neutral headrift 2
149150 [BWF] Barrysworld Forumites Evil ph33r! Limper 2+1
147632 Picmoshs Picmoshs Good We don't care anything else than box moving. ;o) Crusty 2
144324 Iki Ikirouta Good Nari 2
144318 Buttermen The Buttermen Good If it doesn't melt, it ain't Butter. qodfathr 2
143502 :ASD Association of Socially Denied Evil Onward! tmaq 2
143502 Cosmere Ghostbloods Neutral There's always another secret. Damian Myren 1+1
134311 ZUO Jotta Ivul Evil We're swallow your soul!!!!!11111oneoneleven SeSim 2
134143 TRUE TRUE Neutral TRUE slickeal 2
132943 BEARZ BearSquad Neutral Shelly on top crankeye 3
132403 BZN Bozemourn Neutral Big skies and bigger mountains Zhynn 3
127960 (Htaalo)POTA (Hell, that are a lot of) Ponies Of The Apocalypse Evil Vincere aut mori. wurm0r 3
127289 DATACRATIC Datacratic Evil RPG-ing datacratically ZeBlob 3
127132 Critical Critical Instinct Neutral NetworxSniper 3
125950 RCS RandomChaosStrike Neutral Random Chaos is on Strike RandomChaosStrikeHappyFunTime 3
125923 MHD Minihelvetti Drunkards Evil A bunch of drunken losers with nothing else to do. Hortonomi 3
125494 SHT Shadows in twilight Neutral Not the light, not the darkness n506 2
125417 MJP Moose Jaw Party Good We will kick your butt, or bore you to death. Billy-Bobby 3
124784 ExeZ ExecutionerZ Neutral Prepare for your Execution! Glord 2
119532 PPPO People Playing PQ in the Office Evil PQ = Work hyp_kitsune 3
118404 S*L Sausage Lickers Evil I have the hot dog if you have the buns. Derpmochump 3
118187 PDAD Pimp Squad Good Fetching and Delivering the finest Hos! Redbeard the butt pirate 1+1
117981 PQU PansyQuest Neutral Show me the lvls! JunzoJnr 3
115429 Aha00a Aha00a Evil Aha00a Aha00a 3
112936 BRNS Burning Sensation Evil A Burning Sensation is bad news! sjhwood 2
112370 .sns super negation superguys Good everything is super Motion Sickness [.sns] 3
111746 4W5E 4ss Wh1pp1ng 5hit E4ters Neutral WE KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tinkula 3
110772 sweswe Sweswe Neutral Kithnid 2
110313 Naga, please Naga Gave Me Harpies Evil Can't trust those nagas... t0ast 2
110156 iiGuild iiGuild Evil Science be praised! goatburger 3
109592 AGS Anally Gifted Students Evil GIMME DA BOOTY TheNomBomb 1+1
109190 McNewbington Family McNewbington Neutral The wise rabbit doesn't change the code... N00b McNewbington III 2
108729 Refactor Re-fric-frac-tor Evil We'll rip out your legacy code! leachlife4 3
108509 MaFo7 Mag Force 7 Neutral How much does it pay? GusTarballs 1+2
108316 sufloi Sun Flower Oilers Neutral Add vegetable oil, some water&noodles. Then boil. cyberix 3
107019 House Dagoth House Dagoth Evil The Sixth House cannot be restored without war. Dungeon Master 2+1
107019 ASSFK Ascendant Shadowborn Society For Kingslayers Evil Working to dethrone all the gods. gurelucht 3
106298 Kokosy Good! thezor 1+2
103708 B m S Blackmoon Shield Good Gandalia 2
103416 ZANG the Zany Alliance of Non-elitest Gamers Neutral We appologise for the inconvenience... Reborne 1+1
103195 Berserkers Berserkers of Dayton Neutral My love for you is like a truck! AnimalMother 3
102558 [VIOC] La guilde des Papys Neutral Coïto ergo sum Galathorn 2
102287 Greatest The Greatest Guild Evar Evil We're Great Pariochial 3
101431 DEM Da Evil Mofobeefians Evil Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good Is Dumb Gumbified Foolies 2
100904 LOLB LOLBureau Neutral Hühnergeschrei thenewfake 3
100266 Undead sword UnDead Swords Feasting on Burning Goats Evil Separating Your Rotting Flesh From Hateful Bone! Gauder 3
100249 TeaR Team Radical Good The Most Radical Men in the Radical Land King Radical 2
99667 nrd idletastic Evil mouahahaha! soma 3
98434 tendrils Flag'nch nog t-thwong Evil Tentacular! jonnay 3
97713 Tepes The Family Tepes Evil Arkady Tepes 3
95604 ... Seto Evil "You stab em we slab em" Seto 1+1
95510 ^ö^ BATS Evil Hunt you down all nightmare long. Luck. Runs. Out. R2-G2 2
95282 FARE Feral Alliance, RE: etc. Evil Each toe is a whole hitpoint. BentSea 3
95044 Majz Majz Evil ... or die trying unrea 2
94923 Unf Unf Good Unfing for you! loop 2
94893 [gr] GravyRobbers Evil In yer gravy, stealin yer robbers. Nado 3
94175 FanBro The Fandango Brothers Neutral I didn't do it Osmosis 5.0 2
94175 OGHH Order of the Golden HooHoo Good So good, it's gotta be Golden! Vaeryan 2
91368 Salad Grøntfôrlauget Neutral Zicon 3
91331 ast asssphixiated Neutral Nothing like not caring toma42 2
90894 UbNoobs UberNoobers Good Never been touched... leachlife4 2+1
90181 molestpoodle molested poodles Evil mumbasa grugligan 2
89366 #syre people on #syre Good ( ) Tzan 2
88201 MCC&HF My Cat Circe and Her Friends Neutral The set of all cat friends contains us as members! ebyronnelson 2
88044 HEHESHIT The Knights Who Say Hehe Shit Good Hehe Shit HOLD 3
87555 SCP Sam's Club Posse Evil We represent G'ville. *Whoop Whoop* Psyon 2
87555 ~NR~ Nights Reign Evil Is That You John Wayne? Is This Me? WoftN 2
87200 TFX Terminal Fury Neutral Don't mess with Terminal Fury Wahato 3
86479 LuzNegra Luz Negra Good Rebirth without death Kah 2+1
86432 WDF Clan of the Waist Down Fist Evil Power below the belt Subotai 3
85848 A.L.A Assaulted Lunatic Asylum Neutral Wheep, wheep, boing, Kablooye R3zn00r 2
85828 NITK Now Is The KISH Evil NOW IS THE KISH DarkXao 2
85495 KNM Khanomaan Neutral Let's Give It a Try! Morehm 3
85162 Defias The Defias Brotherhood Evil Kenerek 2
85030 CMS Ciccio's Mighty Squad Neutral Tirare a tutto quello che si move ! leachlife4 1+2
85022 Etoyik The elite guild of Etoyik Neutral tceles B hsup ... terces a roF Kiyote 1+2
84877 Anon Fox News Los Angeles Evil My name is Legion: for we are many. tj9991 3
84428 JDL Jesus Died LOL Evil You will be terminated. Mel Gibson 3
83947 [BBW] Big-boned Whales Good Bwerf 2
83597 [N-S] Nirvana-strike Neutral Must.....progress.....MORE!!!!! Pupusa!!! 2
83333 UUO Ununoctium Neutral We're temporary Sylos 2
83294 SWA State War Academy Neutral zzwyrmslayer 3
83052 Mattrix Sekihoutai Neutral \"You Think I\'d Miss This Party?\" - Mattrix Yohko 2
82751 Bontot Pertubuhan Hentam Bontot Evil May the best bontot prevail! Bontot 3
82716 KKai Kobra Kai Evil Kobra Kai, Never Die! silv3rs 2
82667 QF QuickFox Good leachlife4 2
82520 BDP Black Dragon Pirates Evil leachlife4 3
82048 HLWOHL The "how long will our heroes last" order Neutral For the king! wolfmah 2
82048 2COOL4U The Guild For Cool Dudes Neutral Be cool. IAmCool 1+1
81891 FBC Fire Breathing Cockroaches Evil leachlife4 2
81449 DCake Delicious Cake Good It is delicious cake. You must eat it. Seikishi 3
80984 BFOP Borked followers of Pekko Evil All hail the satanic Ahti-borg! Ernolzki 3
80921 Dayman Dayman Good Figher of the Nightman sheer 3
80569 Muddy! Mud Slingers Neutral Lets throw some MUD! BelgarathTAO 2
78219 TheOfficials The Officials Good We dont do anything.. Fake4d 3
76899 Acc_H Accidental Heroes Good I want to be a Librarian, but keep Killing People! orion3 3
76727 T!!! Thwuppage !!! Good bringing the Thwuppage , one execution at a time Tolome 2+1
76697 visto Visto Neutral 'The Internets makes you stubid!' Sraak 2
76697 Otherland The Adventurer's Guild of the Otherland Network Good Taking apart the Grail Brotherhood bit by bit! Orlando Gardiner 1+1
76146 GTX Gontrix Neutral Gorden 2+1
76135 BM90-95 Imperial Devastation Evil Blackmetal 90-95! harakka 2
75665 criteo Change Rate in the Exchange Operation Evil go go go Criteo kamaradclimber 3
74639 PornDogs Porn Dogs Neutral Dogs have it easy. Cadagon 3
74261 PcFP Polecats For Peace Good What's that aroma? Brodfrit 3
74054 GHFCC Garoon's Happy Funtime Chip Club Good Garoon like chips! Kluber 2
73399 Flower Power Advent Children Neutral Truga 2
73002 Zigza Zigza Evil BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD Ranzear 3
72512 BBD Black Birds of Death Evil Regurgitators Unit!! Turdbreath 2+1
72236 FMAJ7 Force Majeur Evil Where there's fire, there's Force Majeur Björn 3
72044 -H- Hash's Stash Neutral need more weed...... Hash 2
72044 UP Unstoppable Popsicles Good We are the Popsicles that can take a licking Daryoon 2
72044 GayPride Gay Pride Good Gays r us Slither 2
72023 HGM l337 d00dz Neutral SmokeyDaBear 2+1
72020 noes Brian Peppers Neutral I've got hold of my Yiddish Cup. Prozen 3
71346 J-§-C Jesus Stella & the SuperChristy Neutral I take u 4 the ears & I discard u like a candy leachlife4 2
71346 Rat Mat Rat Mat Neutral Rat Mat's do it better Highlander XXXV 1+1
71346 ;o Idle Evil Aween` Doppleganger 2
70633 Denis Denis Gelda Evil Denis on mansikka. Denis is an strawberry. Aaponator 2
70366 MDPD MangeursDePatatesDouces Good Rape po la peau c'est po bon !!! Tat 3
70016 BUGGY Buggy SUX / M347 Evil Dartanion 3
69679 MitU Mithras United Good Meow! Kotomo 3
69060 Dopefish Guardians of The Well of Wishes Neutral Swim, swim hungry Dopefish 2
68748 Mola Mola Mola Mola Good Hasselhoff 4 life subacca 3
66693 QualityA [QA] Neutral Always! Vorchun 1+1
66693 [T][D][R] The Devil's Rejects Evil there's no fuckin' icecream in your fuckin' future pqmodul 2
65275 AUL Alf Ulf Leifs Evil We are the Alf Ulf Leifs mettan 2
65106 P~M Project Mayhem Evil Youre Not Your Fucking Khakis Pride 2+1
64616 Forrest The Forrest Protectors Good BR3NT0N 3
64546 TheWalls TheWalls Good All your base are belong to us! MindT 3
64395 CoBoxors Collectors of Boxes Neutral A box uncollected, is one that demands love. Sinister JT 2+1
63804 KoA Knights of Automata Neutral Better than Daleks Penn 2+1
63570 SCB Sexy Commando Bu Good Clean Up Princess! OguNinja 1+2
63476 SpcPtl Spaceportal Evil March or Die! leachlife4 2
63334 [ATOT] ATOT Guild Evil FAT DONGS LOLOL leachlife4 2
62865 mrglarglagrm Zomgcaeks Evil The murlocs are always watching. Lucktar 3
62861 dreadbeard DreadBeard Society Evil TO BEARD. AND BEYOND. Dangerbeard 2
62647 Lubb The Landlubbers Evil Avast! Tzar 2
62647 RITF Right in the Face Evil Quick, get a towel. Angry Homeless Person 2
62600 TimeWasters The Time Wasters Good Klyph 2
62573 AUS PQ Australian Progress Quest Evil Kangaroos are from mars, Koalas are from The Moon Freek 1+2
62572 Uddermen Chocolate Frog Trading Cards Neutral Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titallandus HolyRoman 3
62394 Covenant The Covenant Evil Merfle! Mr. Stone 2
62394 _H_ _Heroes_ Good Save the Cheerleader. Save the World. Heir 2
62393 OwO SetOfSingleplayer Good miuyuwei 1+1
62040 Squirrel Children of the Squirrel Couch Neutral "C.O.P.S. is on." Chris Esoteric 2
61827 OC RuL3Z The O.C RuL3Z Evil Fullt ös - Medvetslös leachlife4 3
61700 Pirates o PQ The Pirates of PQ Neutral Nothin' but Pirates allowed here me matey'! ARR! ARR_IMaPirate 1+2
61439 Babehunters The Babehunters Neutral 'The Nigger Child Rapist Guild.' Reject Jesus! Babester32 2+1
61309 SIGHT Endless Abyss Evil Walk away from the light Jeremyl 2+1
61188 NoPensPaper! Couldn't Time To Play Pen & Paper! Neutral I wish I could create more time! leachlife4 1+2
61188 HotHT House of the Hammer Neutral Timent Malleus Mythago 3
60734 Banjo Noise Banjoistic Cacophony Neutral Annoying The Masses Wild Jimbo 3
60655 E4Q4 It's a Trap Evil Don't Pick up the Soap! cninja 3
60588 LEBAGOWST LEBAGOWST Neutral Someone's gotta do it... Lollypop 2
60095 cheesypeas Cheesypeas Neutral Cheese and peas, its cheesypeas Ikhtus 3
59128 TeamRetro TeamRetro Neutral #rareroms @ Newnet Ragowit 2
59128 [OH] Outer Heaven Good Tap Tap Tap Tap Tracer0 2
59128 TNG True Neutral Guild Good oh shi...wrong alignment ._. Mystyco 2
58839 DISC Dealer Information Systems Corp Good Sup Tho K-Burkz 2
58528 Le Camp Flat The Camp Flat Good Long live the duck! Alan the oxy-Moron 3
58147 FinSyn Irrational Exuberance Good 1+2+3+4.... = -1/12 UnlimitedAccess 2+1
57790 -S-n-R- Sensei no Ragnarök Good Kein Mitleid für die Mehrheit Naldan 3
57643 3KR Trekroner Fraction Evil Got man juice? McByte 3
57137 Schpam Lunda Spam Evil Spam! Sir Mixalot 1+1
56985 Baum Baumwolle Good Fluffy... shiny... Prigbroob 3
56464 mbm Mega Blocks Man Neutral Mega Blocks Man Leviathan Mist 3
56450 narf dratkcuf Good sure beats breaking up with me. rodbeard 1+2
56215 TCA {TCA} Neutral {QQQQQQQQQQQQQ} Shoop 3
55639 SOC Sock Seekers Neutral Never put a sock in the toaster JacobNZ 3
55506 ELMA The Elastomania Players Good - besterest game Antz 3
55500 AK47 Automated Knights At The office Neutral What did we say? Krouzroug 2
55196 RhySaMo RSM's Surplus Member Good Surplus TryK 2
55073 RFL Rail Freelancer Good We rule thus we are! Jabol 2
54871 N-K Nigger-Killers Good You bring 'em, we string' em. mv.KMaxx 3
54845 RoC Rapscallions of Conan Good Your guild is so awesome...for me to poop on. MetalMan 2
54475 laagi laagien kiltta. hv Good aina ei voi voittaa laagixor 1+1
54475 MRX_Official MRX DSS Good Your success is our success. Andy The Great 2
54262 RFURY Reckless Fury Evil Mors Tua Vita Mea, Mox Nox In Rem RaspenJho 3
54259 PANTSU! Shitagi Dorobou Gumi Evil The night is our friend a mallet our natural enemy Ecchi-kun 2
54257 [D] DOOM Evil Prepare to meet DOOM!!! Cached 3
53981 TP Tye Panners Evil Beat it into submission!!! rudedog89 3
53845 KePa Kelvin Echo Prime Alpha Good Helping the elderly cross the street since 1969. Pat Dude 2
53845 F.B.P. Fluffy Bunny Pirates Evil Stuff em and Fluff em! Magnus Nielsen 2
53744 [EXP] Expendables Good It's ok, we're expendable! Mael'Fesh 3
53207 Moonguard Moonlight Guardians Good We only come out at night Luneward 3
51579 ZSR Good Smoke eyeball frog every day RingRush 3
51416 G.O.D. Great Omnivorous Dwarves Neutral Frode shine his moldy countenance upon thee Damsel 2
51343 MotherKillaz Mother Killers HoltenBronx (MKHBX) Evil We are one! The_Percival 2+1
51164 ZahMF Zenki and his Merry Friends Neutral We're all so happy! And neutral. TheMajinZenki 1+1
51095 H-T-S Neutral Training the hacker underground. leachlife4 2
50492 [LT] CTHULHU Cthulhu Lietuva Evil Lietuva - kalačiūnams! bala nemate 1+1
49877 #Geeks Ye Olde Clan of IRC Geeks Good We're geeks! leachlife4 1+2
49084 WDC WDC Evil Donde esta Boyscouts? Boyscouts esta doooown! NAMstyle 2
49084 VABIS Vagnfabriks-Aktiebolaget i Södertelge Neutral Vabis, egentligen Vagnfabriks-Aktiebolaget i Söder JovvySE 2
48758 KPAllstars Karate Porn Allstars Good mankyd 1+2
48756 DiaC Doom in a Can Neutral DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Kamakazie 2
48691 Lakshmi Gods FFXI-Server Evil Screw you all! Xstatic 2
48424 GOJUSTIGO "Friends of Justicar" Neutral I just think Revenge isn't very good! Haddion 2
48305 ORO Origin Neutral Don\'t bug me! Kilragh 3
47716 PASOK PASOK Evil Pasok re mounia Meldokios 2
47716 Shai-hulud Penguin Dynasty Anarchy Evil We follow the penguin who is god Cogito 2
47585 VDotNCN Valiant Defenders of the Nineteen Creeds of Neep Neutral Hail, Neep! Losian 2
47326 MwDT Made with Duct Tape Evil If it's broke, Duct Tape it. leachlife4 2+1
47186 Mayhem Mayhem Evil Bringing über mayhem right to your home. splarff 2
47185 <3 Pwn Sticks Evil Nice Dude, There It Is! M5 K177j 1+1
47179 <G> Guardians Good Torak One-Eye 2
47179 KEF Knights of the Eternal Flame Good Death before dishonor, and then more death Dafyd 2
46987 SOBs Sons of Brogan Evil Long Live Rick Brogan the Divine Greenspan 3
46911 Wrooom Wrooom The Bad Ass Motorcycle Neutral Why I never drink water; Fish fuck in it ! Bisp 2
46911 E-WoW Exile from World of Warcraft Neutral The Chinese Farmers Have Finally Driven Me Insane sorry 2
46911 Flash kill sc1,kill sc2. Neutral killall stanley 2
46778 RanSan Random Sanity Neutral Sometimes normal happens on accident... Running with Scissors 2+1
46500 Earthdawn Earthdawn Society Good NameGivers Forever! Horrors Never! Saria 1+2
46442 CatRday lolCatz r00lin U Evil Development of the dark side NoLifeKing 2
46442 ROFLOL ROFLOL Neutral WTF? d0t 2
46267 ¤Evil¤ ¤Evil¤ Evil Rule #1: Do not talk about ¤Evil¤ Sorbet 3
46199 Soderhamn Soderhamn Neutral Beat the shit out of the others Argan Ischmael 3
45793 IPU I'LL PEE on YOU Good Drink, pee, drink and pee again! Insert name here 1+2
45117 GEA#1 Guild of Eternal Awesome #1 Evil Use your powers for Awesome! Damion_K 3
44845 /jp/ Touhou and autism Neutral Take it easy~ Bwaah 2+1
44841 ARRR the pirate syndicate Evil In Soviet Russia, music pirates you! Xolidus 1+1+1
44507 BNB Bleach Good Kurosaki 3
44493 954RR Fireblade for fuck sake! =P Good Live fast, die young - Honda Fireblade cokeman 2+1
44431 Cylanteers The Cylanteers Neutral All for one, and one for dinner! Schnauser 2
44352 L.B.H Loading Bar Heroes Neutral Watching the bar a % at a time xKyuudenx 3
43486 TAF TABLE ACCESS FULL Evil Markoff Chaney 3
43342 B Slap Bummm Snot Neutral You could get a good look at a bummm Awsome Sauce 3
42972 hosmei Home of Smei Good Close at Ten! Turpentine 3
42396 SovMor Soviet Mordor Evil In soviet Mordor, Boromir simply walks into you! Pompoli 2
42270 -AoD Angels of Darkness Neutral Quality Laming (tm) since 2000 Tactics 2
42244 slopcrew The Slopcrew Neutral custom motto! slopmaster 3
41798 NATHAN Northern Alliance (of) The Hidden Arch Nemesis Evil Do unto others what they fear to do Boganslaw 3
41643 QT3 Quarter to Three Evil Hurp. UnionCarbide 2
41492 tKwsJMF the Knight who say Jawuhl Mein Furher Good we like flowers, and rosies, and blood, and gore SteponiT 2
41438 OADL Oil Anti-Defamation League Neutral The oil is clean, it's the men who dirty it Ampdy 3
41292 LPQ Loners of Progress Quest Neutral "We are the loners, not one of the 'populars'. Timewalker 2
41200 The Crips Disabled Beggers Good We Conquer All Dr_Bill 1+1
41200 N|D Napalm-Death Evil nobody is perfect but a team can be zoatie 2
41143 Woot. Clan de la Suck Evil We.... well..... read the name, ok?! Poe 3
41082 FFXI Vana'diel Good Welcoming all players, specially FFXI players!!! Unondel 1+1
41025 TSx TheSyntax Good TSx Lee32201 2
40915 IDOL The idlemasters Neutral Following idols to the ends of the earth InsaneLampshade 3
40792 *SF* The Shining Force Good The Legacy Lives On MK 2
40792 RHftw YouJustLostTheGame Evil Roll with Robert H! Xekshouck 1+1
40792 FOSR Formal Nickname Good For old school rpg's !!! username 2
40792 BsB2 Bob Spelled Backward : The Sequal! Good The Sequal to the guild that never was... IM0001 2
40714 DMB Da Mad BarStewards Evil All for one and one more for the road! Gabriele McBifter 2
40386 Sauce Sultans of Sloth Good I wanna be a bard! Aeil 3
40232 C_B Chef_Blended Good Spread liberaly on Halflings, sear, then eat! Olingaard 3
40159 Demon Knight Demon Knights Evil Doom! Tettsuro 3
40057 HNC Hentai Ninja Clan Neutral Rest in Slorch leachlife4 1+1
39133 plasticine plasticine Good vade mecum Velfr 3
39104 Evilminds Paha Kilta Evil Pahuus on POP leachlife4 3
38889 TNSEBMETYPN The Not So Evil But More Evil Than You Pant Ninjas Evil Drop them pants biotch! DaDemon 3
38878 Mantalos Heros of the Mantalos Good Tarel Toknahrr 2
38878 LOtRD Legend of the Red Dragon Good For those that remember!! Corbeau 2
38745 P.o.O Philanderers of Oobag Evil When worse comes to worse... find a new woman!!! Keb The Philanderer 3
38483 SnR Swords and Roses Neutral Anyone at the AH? Poekiepoek 3
38483 Samsung Renault Samsung Motors Good Renault Samsung Motors MinJJang 3
38179 Lots o Wang Monastery of the Wangs Good We will beat you with our all our Wangs Lo Wang 2
38179 LoDSF The Legion of Drunken Snow Folks Neutral A day that ends in 'y' is a good day to drink!! Phrozt 2
37940 Furries PQ Furries Good Artie 1+2
37854 LoC Lords of Chaos Evil Kill everything that bothers you! Malhovic 1+1+1
37114 Wipe Der letzte macht das Licht aus Evil Whine, Wipe und Gesang slashy 2
36919 psujp PSUJP Evil We are... from the future! essen 2
36866 D U Destructors United Good Destroy all who oppose us Lemkinator 2
36734 A--T Almost Trivial Neutral Flirting with mediocrity, one level at a time. Adinias 3
36681 SS7 Significant Seven Good Friends Forever. Kiloran 3
36647 DoC Dancers of Curses Evil Death is a melody... We are here to sing... Lackland 3
36600 Lumi Luminescence Neutral Shine Brightly and Progress! JazzySama 3
36400 LoW The Lords of Wook Good Everything you need is in my pants Doomwookie 2+1
36061 12R Twelve Realms Good Down With Evil Youko 2
35920 Kitten-Z KittenZ Return Evil These katz are fighting back Hell_Fire 2+1
35876 #SPB Spooky Progress Bar Evil The Prograss Bar Of Doom !!!1!11oneeleven RUN!!!! Rawr0r 2+1
35826 PoSt Pornstorms Evil ...ride t3h winds of change... manko 2
35818 UUDD UUDDLRLRBA Good Pro verum quod lucror AbsintheChris 2
35725 ETS Embrace the Suc Good Where the suck goes to die! TheyCallMeTim 3
35717 DBLAB Dibilabore Good We're running PQ on Lab Server! Wasted! kimkkiruk 2+1
35674 -=CF=- Clickfest Evil "Same shit, different day" deangelis 2
35674 -RiP- Ripped Warriors Evil trampolines are really fun Slippur 2
35530 Rustle The Jimmies Rustle Softly Evil Now is the time to be upset AJ Snipes 3
35471 COP Crusaders of Plilo Evil RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA msew 2
35471 Uh! Uah! Neutral Oo__ Brunkrik 2
35117 BLFTEOE Bastard Lunatics for the empowering of evil! Evil The Frogurt is bad! Vry 1+1
34985 BullS.. Bobstop Neutral How did we get here? Jason Grunow 3
34985 ACM Association of Computing Machinery Neutral There's a lan party this Thursday! Soren 3
34985 WNW WNW Good Wet n Wild is the best bluepeer 3
34667 AToD Agrо-Ticklers of Doom Neutral Warm beer? Give two! Filer 3
34489 Prog Knights Progress Knights Good Progressing against progress Sir Exe 1+2
33807 Flametards The Order of the Flametards Evil Punk Asses Unite! The_Catman_Kak 2
33692 Third House Third House of Land and Sky Neutral Coeli et terrae 3scen 3
33641 Tears4Fears Tears for Fears Tribute Band Good Everybody Loves a Happy Ending SLaYToN 2
33641 11SDD 11SDD Evil Lets burn it! Hawks 2
33641 MLAP My Little Adventuring Party Neutral Friendship is Tragic! My little Shiv-Knight 2
33596 LotD Lords of the Destruction Evil Destroy everything that moves! Thantalas 2
33596 @(^_^)@ Flying monkeys Evil BEWARE for we are many allyourbase 2
33526 Evil We r win Krajzing 2
33526 [CC] Clam Clan Neutral Bananas FTW abcbat 2
33526 ADMaR Armia Demonicznych Masonskich Resztek Evil Duzo krew. Spszenguo 2
33489 KAD KingArneGuild Neutral We search for something but we don't know what. KingArneMackan 3
33426 b.u.r.g.l.e. bandits use ray guns like ewoks Evil it's burgle time Knigitz 3
33160 Woofoo Woofoo Wumpus Good Woofoo Good! Woofoo 3
33158 EDead The Emperor is Dead Evil \"The emperor is dead! Come on! Come on!\" BHBS 2
33158 ZF ZEONIC FORCE Good PH33R leachlife4 1+1
33158 CotS Creatures of the Sea Neutral Taking back the land! unnownrelic 2
32986 TGirls Sweet Trans-sexuals Evil Beauty is power, and I've got the power. Fragon 1+2
32915 2Wai Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In! Evil For QuakeNet glory Toumaz 2
32740 GaoGaiGar Gutsy Galaxy Guard Good The brave men and women who fight for justice! Akagi Shigeru 3
32668 Dox Paradox Good Woop - There it is! Wickel 2
32668 NCPNC Nancy Pantsy Evil To seek out the elderly and lick their bus passes. Petrov85 2
32274 S.G Soul Guardians Good Visit CaldoR 3
32211 AKC Ass Kickin Chickens Good Giant Blue Cocks are Deadly! Kusand 1+2
32141 techguys The TechGuys Neutral We can fix it. Even if we have to break it first! DavidG 1+2
32058 PJNL Project Nolife Neutral Play long and never give up :3 Bolique 2
31746 TSS The Satyrical Sadists Evil Ambition is a poor excuse not to be lazy. Taine 2+1
31732 [RMS] R0xx0r Mi S0xx0r! Neutral Smell my cheese, you mother! Kryptykfysh 2
31685 W/T/H Wine'n'Tobacco Haulers Evil kräp C.Cele 3
31468 korv i kyl Korvkyl Good ställ in korven =D Hallon 3
31359 My guild Auar`s Guild Good It`s my guild and I`ll quest if I want to Auar 1+2
31149 FOUL Fraggles Of Undying Light Neutral This knife has a plus five against flower vases. Johnny Twopacks 3
31123 TheShield The Shield Good A rogue cop that plays by his own set of rules IceCubeXXX 2
31023 F.U.K. Friggin Uber Knights Evil Pull my finger! Fehren 3
31022 MaCR Maud and Claire Good According to reason, you can defend neither of the Rohmer 2+1
31021 <WTF> Warriors of the Phoenix Neutral "It's morphin' time" JNi 1+1
31021 Knight Watch Knight Watchers Good Doing stuff and stuff Brebbrob 2
31021 Evil official PQ team adamsinger77 2
31021 AIDS Autonomously Idiotic Dookie Suckers Evil We idioticly autonomously suck dookie, bro. Zeeningg 2
30845 PugsRUs PugsRUs Neutral If it's below eye level, it's mine. Woofoo 2
30845 Transfarmers Transfarmers Good Robots in da stys Woofoo 2
30845 PlankSquad Pernicious Plankton with Rubber Shunts Evil Follow the chum trail, it is your destiny! Lexicon 2
30845 Steve Steve Neutral Can't be arsed stiak 2
30845 Minkey Minkey Neutral We are the minkeys!! maxneverdie 2
30845 masseffect Mass Effect Evil Destroying your galaxy, with a smile! cmelgarejo 2
30844 DINGUS The Forthright Pursuers of Dingus Neutral An article whose name is unknown or forgotten. John Krah 1+1
30844 Hapsteria Hapsteria Neutral sakoooooooooooooooooooooooooon mahol hapster 1+1
30844 TTNM Time Traveling Ninja Monkies Good FUBAR Grod 1+1
30786 Womp The Womp Neutral JudasPariah 2
30728 ROFLMAO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off Evil Better to Kill and run away, then Die tc3driver 3
30696 PEW Posivitely Energized Warriors Good There is no fear but fear itself mildmildwest 3
30537 CoChaos Champions of Chaos Evil If it's not us, we should kill it. Rromagar 2
30537 Pot&Bong Hairy Pot and the Bong of Water Neutral I've become one with the sofa. Baragon 2
30421 Bananaland The realm of the 4ft furry stuffed bananas Evil You will be Bananafied. Bertie 3
30421 AdeiltRetire Adeilt's Retirement Home Good Where All Old Adeilts go to die Adeilt 3
30237 PNP Procrastination-Nihilism-Ponies Neutral Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted! ghormoon 3
30123 BridgeKnight Bridge Knights of the Reuter Good It's not supposed to do that. 0xbadfood 2
30114 SHH Snippeldink's House of Humiliation Neutral You be mean, we do Damage! Knorrtz der Hauer 3
29966 SURG The Insurgents Evil Beanhunter 3
29406 SBR Stellari's Bucket Racers Neutral Going downhill fast! Stellari 3
29277 TeamProgress Super Progress Team Hunger Club Neutral We're sooooo much better than you. PandaManMagnifique 3
29253 A? Anonymous Neutral Exclusive bitch! Jabo 2
28877 waz Wastoids Neutral Spoon! bertcom2 1+1+1
28833 GFG Freeman Neutral Gordon Freeman shall dominate! Npgamer 1+1
28408 CSI Circle of circles with Squares Inside Neutral Crime Scenes are full of circles. Kloa-kish' 3
28407 Nack The Guys That have the nack for progress guild Good We've got the Nack! super guy 2
28407 [TCH] To Coming Honor Evil Come Honor Face Exidence 2
28287 GOO Guild of One Evil feckoff twonk 1+1+1
28220 Jopez Jopez Evil One penis for all, all penises for one. Liandrian 1+1
28147 T.G The Guardians Good Slaying the Dreamers Templar of Steel 2+1
28132 UCPF Natural Failures Neutral Yep, messed that up. Enigmal 3
28095 AGWNN A Guild With No Name. Evil We will wipe out world hunger! (After killing you) Kabiku Darkheart 2+1
28066 F U Facultas Ultrimque Evil Join the empire fight the zerg! llamah 2+1
27857 Come get som Ethernalys Evil luinsilver 3
27839 ./\. Time Sink Good gnoppo 2
27686 The Legend The Legend Good Be true to thyself Taito 2
27513 EGoN Endless Game of Nothing Evil Nania 2
27309 DnT Death and Taxes Good Don't suck Vidarc 1+1+1
27268 172 172 Good Joey172 2
27176 Lazy Slacker Lazy Slacker Good Do No Harm, Do No Good Blorgo 2
27107 YEETdabYEET MLG420BlazeItYEET Evil TippOfficial 2
27084 Wammy Wammy's House Neutral Justice, at any cost. Ryuuzaki Rue 2
27064 Turkey Turkey Sandwich Neutral It takes a turkey to make a Turkey Sandwich leachlife4 2
27064 KWES KWE Sadness Good Help I'm Stuck Here! Korowa 2
26988 PoL Purveyors of Love Good Shannyn Sossamon is the best EVER! Weapon of Love 1+1
26982 Kamina ftw Gurren Lagann Good ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!!! HyperSonicX2 1+1
26975 19 Ka-Tet of 19 Good Ka Ka WarLocke 2
26975 Scrotum! Tag and frag those bunch of fags. Evil We lick the sperm off ur face leachlife4 2
26975 Supreme Supreme Good Powerful guild of World of Warcraft lives in PQ! Furak 2
26975 OrlaM Orla's minions Evil Muuuhahahaha Orla 2
26975 ZOMG!! Panic Flee Good RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! Noah K 17 2
26822 OoBrgxs Order of Bllllrgzxfus Evil Ckdoku leicithi break sl blllrgxkrjcfusz. Bllllrgzxfus 2
26822 Chimaera Chimaera Neutral tuberkulos 2
26822 CoADO Coalition of aesthetically displeasing ogres. Evil RobotUnicornVomitsRainbows 2
26554 1234 GIMP\'S INC. Neutral /SPAM DOUBLEFROST4TEHWIN!!!1111!1!!one1!1 Creech 2
26454 Euclid The Euclideans Good a^2 + b^2 = c^2 Nsider 2+1
26453 Mreoww Defenders of the Holy Litterbox Evil For Beer and Litterbox! Purrrball 3
26388 Michels MichelForever Good Michel will dominate the world ! MichelVictor 3
26338 Discworld Discworld MUD Neutral To Womble Mightily! Aznyin 1+1
26338 #ep Eternal Pitchfork Evil All your walrus are belong us. Ungo 2
26194 Vidder Vidder Neutral tim95030 2
25962 [CU] Camelot Unchained Neutral - Forge your Fate - StriKe_jk 2
25891 CCCC Crusading Crusaders of the Crusadulous Crusade Good Crusade, the secret of women. Ktron 3
25785 GMC Game Maker Good Morons are bady, m\'kay. Yourself 3
25438 Team Awesome FOAAC Good Where turning on the style is automatic Awesomeica 1+1
25438 [DM] DongMasters Neutral Avast ye dongs! cetaka 2
25409 #ns Natural Selection and Stuff Neutral I guess unicycles are people too briktal 1+2
25358 Arthurian Arthurian Good We Rule! Daxtron 3
25303 }|{ Number of the Beast Neutral Crawly Little Beasty faentur 3
25217 Live Free Live Free Good Live free th3th0rn 3
25180 [BBJ] Bobby Jo Good We're gonna look for Bobby Jo! hogWilde 2+1
25076 Crys. Dreams Crystalline Dreams Good We're just here...doing a lot of nothing...right? Ranko 3
25072 AoDH Adorers of David Hampel Good VIVA David Hampel!!! Luth Malekith 2
25072 Please Wait Please Wait . . . Evil Loading . . . Buzzkill 2
25072 FableStudios Fable Studios Good Don't forget about the Yeenoghus! Darkzaelus 2
25032 Bobosled Ye Old Guilde of Wildseede Limitede Good "Dit dah" Dan the Dauntless 3
24694 SToilet Satan's Toilet Evil The stinkiest place in hell. smacaskill 2+1
24648 K-K-K KuKluxKlan Evil WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU -.- cartholic 3
24539 Tugs Tugboats and Arson Good That's all I ever get from you guys. Selke 2
24425 CNT Comendo Ninja Tigers Evil We are the evil Ninja Tigers who says Hooters rilova 3
24403 CHILD The Children's Guild Evil People Helping People Etusro 2
24291 Pi3 Pi is 3 Good Why is Pi 3? Because I can't eat 4 pi3s. Duke523 3
24208 DoD Dragoons of Death Evil Its my way or the highway. Xizor 2
24153 Lobos Irmandade dos Lobos Neutral Nunca comece uma briga, mas sempre a termine Dark Wolf Sif 1+2
24075 Xanadu The Guild of the Xanadu Neutral Cherish all villainy, thine bravery else be nought Croblev 2
23909 TKO The Killing Ones Good Kill For Fame Samiq 3
23810 GLBBLG Gloubyboulga Neutral Snix 2
23767 Herpaderp Herp-a-Derp Evil One must herp before one can derp. Free Tibet! Herpicus 3
23764 LULU Les PAXcificateurs de Lulu Evil LULU HAVE FREE CANDIES ! Danalieth 2
23727 SSCS Superhuman Samuri Cyber Squad Good Whooooa! Mo-Fo 3
23711 RPFBF Rosaprickigfuckbajsfärgad Evil BAGLARGH! rcanka 2
23554 TEG-X DarkDragons of TEG-X ( Neutral We are Gray Staying twice Light and Shadow! OverMind 3
23551 litewarriors The New Light Warriors Good Revive the power of the orbs! Krylon 2
23551 COCH Flaccid Coch Evil Swinging D since 2012 Caladium 2
23540 Cam Camarilla Good It's hop, it's top - with useful drop Kristallseele 3
23534 T-Naps The Napierdalators Evil Napierdzielamy z lewa i z prawa marioosh 1+1
23531 VVS Vae Victus Sinistus Neutral Kriinge ExoQQ 1+1
23499 Pantzu Pantsu Neutral Duragizer 3
23466 SPH Sparrow's Honor Good Heroes soar among the clouds of truth. saint sparrow 2
23458 -=[TxM]=- TxM, Official Bauman Moscow State University Guild Good Study math! Say no to time consuming gaming! leachlife4 3
23458 TAOTPOD The Alliance of the Prince of Darkness Evil Join Us!!!!!!!!..... we have cookies... Jonzey 3
23457 Minion Minion Neutral The pants command me; do not ignore my veins! Logxen 1+1
23457 [ApR] ApR r0x0r j00 Evil we eat korvz0rz korvz0r 1+1
23457 WMEDGE Wicked Maleficent Evil Doers of Great Evil Evil We are evil. I think. Probably. mik123mik 1+1
23456 Sheep Bah, Bah Black Sheep Evil Once you go black, you never go back skysooner 1+1
23456 robots Robot Attack force Neutral while !dead: shoot yizfrieb 1+1
23342 the Russian RUS Postnuclear Adventurers Neutral Vladivostok Telecom Network PostNuclear Gnome 3
23342 Grogs Mordenvale Good Ragnar is my Captain. Ragnar told me to. ratimir 3
23324 Troop 54 Troop 54 where are you? Good Mah spoon is too big! goofy 1+1
23323 Later... Procrastinators Anonymous Neutral Meetings are the third Wednesday from today. Mongo the Malodorous 2
23323 fayg0t Man what a fayg0t Good Oh Man, what a faygot! Rotley 2
23323 Darian Ka The followers of the Eye of Twlight Evil make our power tears of night killerblade4598 2
23323 -EK- Ethereal Knighthood Good We do because we can. Adythiel 2
23191 WYH Woo Yay Houpla! Neutral Spit or swallow, that's the question Randolf Pincet 3
23048 Midgets Guild Of Midgets Neutral It is ok to be short. Tall Midget 2+1
22974 For Pony For Pony Evil StrangeWill 3
22903 AT Army of Tolur Evil Fear the power of the drunkards. Torak 2
22777 ACROSS ACROSS Evil Global Domination Eventually Aneres 2
22659 A-o-D Angels Of Death Evil Live For Pain, Die For Lust Devils Minion 3
22576 anowart goatsegoatse Good stretch and pull leachlife4 2
22291 DeathGuild DeathGuild Evil Live and die by my sword Jacob Green 2
22230 ZR Zerg Rush Evil Dead in 3 seconds Critdead 3
22120 Cthulhu'sLot Cthulhu's Bastard Children Evil If we told you our motto, you'd go mad... Oobagthulhu The Dim 2
22120 JayEss Jaded Souls Neutral Mmm kay? leachlife4 2
22090 L.A. Lazy Arsehorses Neutral What you can do today, you can just forget. Sullage 2
22052 Rivetheads Nutz and B0ltz Inc. Good If it ain't steel, it ain't worth wearing! Static_Neurotoxin 1+2
22044 Neuts Neutral Guild Neutral Live Free or Don't. Fyzzle 2
21829 Ootet Order Of The Epileptic Tree Evil Sexual identity is fundamentally impossible The Temporal Suspensor 2
21802 LM Lords of Midgard Good Leading the Midtards Swmmrman 2
21802 Shiny Things Shiny Things Evil Ooooo...shiny! Swart 2
21802 Datamachine Datamachine Neutral The best in web services, 3 months out of the year Surye 2
21802 Fios FTW Teleperformance Evil Kights who say Fios omegadraconis 2
21802 NorthernB Northern Brewer Evil All for Brew, Brew for All mrgrosser 2
21642 CSSS SFU Computing Science Good 1 + 1 = 10 alphabirth 2
21564 EvO Evolution Evil Evolution is a mystery... Attila 2+1
21548 Icefire Icefire Evil Welcome aboard the pink pearl! Norellicus 3
21483 TsQ Terror sQuad Evil Eat shit and die! smoku 3
21448 GDD Grand Duchy of Decidousness Good We may lose our leaves, but we still got wood, duke of decidousness 3
21345 :D_|_b__| PeenorLiiga Good AnalForcer 3
21220 o||o Mrdele Good Mrdat prdel Kovlad 2
21138 Bat-Whores Evil Bat-Whores of Satansville Evil Screw you, Chuckey! Corwin, Lord of Amber 3
21071 PFJ People's Front of Judea Good We really hate the Romans. Airhawk 3
21051 13th Luck Thirteenth Luck Neutral The chance depends fortune, your destiny Lenas Laster 2
21016 Benders The Benders Neutral Bend over! Ben Dover 2
20968 CW CroW Good Yiiihaaa CroW 3
20805 PigRape PigRapists Evil Your mom vexd 2+1
20750 MoF Master Of Flame Evil Come and join for freee lets own ! XzaR 2
20629 ghoti Ghoti Good bitch, PO-lice! teh nick 2
20622 The bore The bore of Terraplay Evil Arbete ger frihet Igel 3
20575 SBP Sandbox Pirates Neutral Yar, maties! Avalanche 3
20572 Pharao Pharao Evil Pharaoandi 2
20572 PieRats The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Neutral GAR! Tanzin 2
20572 [CGK] Campers Get Knifed Neutral Campers Get Knifed! [CGK]Kernel 2
20549 PANZER Panzerwind Evil Don't look back Naraka 2
20549 AURA Adventure Aura Good makes your life hard iGorash 1+1
20464 Kerplunk Ha Ha Kerplunk! Good And down it goes Lyfe 1+1
20418 Schwartz Schwartz Power Good May the Schwartz be with you! leachlife4 3
20400 FAG Famous Auspicians Guild Good In Luck We Trust Taanyth 2
20399 Lightning Lightning Good Like a bolt from the blue Xantet 3
20397 Dixien Dixie Wanderers Good The South that never was, shall be. SvZurich 3
20397 Carepolice Carepolice Evil Because We Care. Rednax88 2
20377 DoLs Lilies of Death Evil A good lily is a dead lily! Black Lily 3
20344 TheCuteOnes The Cute Ones Good We are too cute for you TheShinWire 3
20286 QQ^ QQ Some More Bitch Evil Take your pants off Rarthax 2+1
20284 =|:-{(|) Dem Nigguz Evil We're winning novocaine 3
20282 GoFists Golden Fists Good get 'em good Poke 2+1
20281 LostKing Lost Kingdom Good Become enthralled in this Nexus Mithrim 2
20281 MCoC Monkey Cult Of Cthulhu Evil Tasty Humans to make insane. Oop Oop! leachlife4 2
20243 Ciceron Guild of the Ciceron Wildsomes Evil We shall tortue your spenache garpen 1+1
20242 zomgwtf zomgwtf Neutral Stabbity peen-arm! Elysian 2
20133 OGD OGD Good cruzlee 3
20028 Best Guild Undergroundz Good Undergroundz is the best BlackMouchos 3
20003 wLd warlords Evil kill 'em ... now neelix 3
20003 RTJ Reloose The Juice Good Phateus 3
20003 NX Noxe Evil We will harvest your corpses. Edenia 3
19928 p3p PeppinCult Neutral Faster, Stronger, Better Korryn 3
19858 Latin Lover Latin Lover Evil Carpe Noctem Lazorbeemz 3
19808 AltAnon Altaholics Anonymous Neutral I'll never be (insert max level) ... :( Quay 3
19806 LobsterParty LobsterParty Evil +fun PlusTwo 1+1
19576 Titanic Titanic Studios Neutral We Can't Be Arsed! A1 3
19388 GFP Guild Fudge Pants Good Urinal cakes are not dessert. leachlife4 3
19384 GofW Glory of War Evil Thundercats can kick the shit out of the Jedi. Axe Murderer 2
19377 Farkin Fictitiousness augments real knowledge Evil Good is good. But evil is better. Kithira 3
19330 ResAx Restless Axes Neutral The order rules. Asterix Xavier 1+1
19330 CFS CoffinFillers Evil 321 Khamsin 1+1
19329 totd Tunten ohne tuffige Dessous Evil The sooner you die, the longer you're dead! leachlife4 2
19329 BaDaDeTaco Baleeted... Delteeted... Del Taco? Neutral It's dot com! Morjax 2
19266 TKN TriKnights Good We try CrazyLikeAFox 3
19210 Game Junkies Game Junkies Anonymous Good If there\'s a game to be playes, sign me up. maarz 3
19209 AION Aion: The Tower of Eternity Neutral zeeZ 2
19133 Whobu Who is dis? Good Get out there and MOW! Valdo 3
19133 MWU My Wookie In You Good IT'S RUDE O'Clock bunting again 3
18984 KFC Knights of Fight Club Good Pow! Wam! Mmmm, finger lickin' good. Nalin 1+2
18982 TWW? Teh Waht War? Good Rule # 1. Shut the hell up. NecroFire 2
18958 ABUB The Anointed Band of Useless Bastards Neutral Run and Live... to Run Another Day! Lungrid the Fetid 1+1
18958 -=EBUS=- Everybody But Us Sucks Neutral It's in the title, chief. Narbbat 2
18958 TeamL Team L. Neutral Girls just have more fun! leachlife4 2
18958 DNFHN Der Name Fehlt Halt Noch Evil leachlife4 2
18958 Dire-Wolf House Stark Good Winter is coming Gotie 2
18958 Its a guild The Great Renaissance Neutral One more mistake and you're wrong SoySois 1+1
18958 STC Steel Toed Crocs Neutral Fuck tribe of monday, STC on top! Demjins 1+1
18825 TheWolfPack The Wolf Pack Good Wolves are like cool and... stuff. WinterSolstice 2+1
18819 >=( Onx Riders Good Speaking is for the weak iggdawg 2
18737 OMGZ OGMZ Neutral Alls well that ends well Assabe 2
18737 TPB Trailer Park Boys Evil "If there's grass in the field, play ball." Ulibuds 2
18453 S.O.S. Slaves of the Shogun Good We will do everything to Rule anything. Golden Samurai 1+1
18452 LOLKK LOLkitten Killers Evil Guess what the cheezburger is made from... icanhasprogress 2
18452 Republic FC Republic FC Neutral Urbs Indomita Transient29A 2
18368 Softies Softchoice Evil die in a fire nixpayn 3
18356 IWG Intellectual Whores Guild Evil Don't be played! Be the playah! blarney 3
18329 )V-s Vatten-skidor Good vatten skidor e roligt korgar_ar_soeta 2
18329 b33r Pandaren Brewmasters Evil beer for all, all for beer :D 2
18263 S.P.E.T. Society for Preventing and Erradicating Thong-Wear Good Thongs are evil! Killlll them!!! Uglug the gweat and tewwible 3
18263 YABB Ye Olde Yabitt Guild Evil Pyrepenol 3
18090 KMORE Kendermore Good Kendermore is the guild for you! Paladin 2
18088 Google Knights of Google Good I will use google before asking stupid questions. Zormite 3
17969 IU Insane-Union Good Beeing good is insane Kelvak 2
17938 -SWE- -SWE- Good Sweden is the shit.. Majk666 2
17929 Solaris Solaris Evil EVIL! Blizz 2
17929 3pods 3pods Neutral Hail to the Tripods. Avoid the Cap! Lyrina 2
17919 IOAG It's Only A Game! Neutral It's Only A Game! ghek 3
17913 TAFG The Amazing Flying Gophers Good Comes with free snack cakes Animosity 2+1
17899 CM Centarians Good anyone can weild a sword, it takes skill to cast Lukio 3
17890 TCS The Coate Swamps Evil Eat Swamps suckers! Peter Pop 3
17852 CMNJA Ninjotron collective Good Communist ninjas unite Snowball 2
17836 S-B Shadow-Blade Evil Kill 'em all !!! reezer 2
17830 CORRUPT Coalition of Really Really Useful People Together Neutral For the betterment of us. Lanigironu 3
17809 APDT Association of Professional Dwarf Throwers Neutral Nil desperandum illegitimus carborundum Mystic Frog 3
17808 + plus Evil >_< profff 2
17808 Jondel Pirates of Dark Jondel Neutral Oh no, it's the evil Kablob! Pontifus 2
17795 InvotIrEm Invader of the Irken Empire Evil You Are All Doomed Torg 2
17795 D-Jedi Dark Jedi Evil Und dann werden wir ihn haben.. den Frieden keinhit 2
17741 U*S* Unusual Suspects Neutral Oh sure...blame us! leachlife4 2
17738 TWOW The Winds Of Wrath Neutral you see. we come. you no longer see. CyCl0n3 3
17738 Icewolf House Icewolf Neutral Enter Ragnarok XWheelie 3
17737 PSU Penn State Good WE ARE... Phantasm_PSU 2
17737 TRguild ToksinRussia Good TOK51N 2
17637 Aphasians Aphasians Neutral Jolly jacuzzi? Meringues! Wernicke 2+1
17636 Carrots R us The land of carrots and dreams Evil Splendid orange goodness Eeyore 2
17636 Morders Morders Evil Fuck You! leachlife4 1+1
17636 BOKS Blackguards o' Kittensquishers Evil *squish* cjwprostar 2
17636 M o E Made of Elephant Neutral chewtoy 1+1
17602 =[SMoG]= Srodzy Warriors Of Moc & GAŒNICA!!! Evil "Srogoœæ. Moc. GAŒNICA!!!!" Mentath 2
17586 Gusten The Seaguls Evil Take 2 in one throw if you can.. Morgue- 3
17575 Hip Hipsters of the Coming Storm Neutral Das hippen, ja. Go Write a Song 3
17460 MGF The Mad Gang Fuckers Evil It's all fun and games until someone's been suced Arnold Strong 1+1
17459 arg all round good Good join me leachlife4 2
17427 RBC RoBo Club Evil We don't like robots. They're stupid. Dil'moor 1+2
17394 BDS Boondock Saints Good People in Glass Houses Sink Ships El Cid 3
17394 SGK La Sous-Guilde du Kumitee Evil On sue mais on s'en fout! Persifal 3
17324 CTxD CaspTrolls Good Never trust a troll. arblahblah 3
17307 ReDev Retail Deviants Neutral We do stuff. Elusive Muse 3
17224 UPB Union of Pastafarian Buccaneers Good Yeearg, that's a holy sauce! The ELf 2+1
17223 IHB Alkesz Guild Evil Legszebb öröm a söröm. leachlife4 2
17011 DAMACIA DAMACIA!!! Evil forest -> DAMACIA!! Revinator 3
16913 FIRMAN <3 .[Firman] Evil Bunny? KILL IIIT! Myggan 3
16856 GameKast Gamekast Radio DJs Evil - Get into the game! Kathlean 2
16855 expzzz Experiance while you sleep Evil its nap time sk1ny 1+1
16855 Fall City Fall City Evil Beau Gunderson 1+1
16849 Abladaba Orbenthrug Good If its not dead, kill it more! gwinbee 3
16808 KaB Kill All Bicycle Good Well show those fat cat bicycles MrLoyd 2
16808 ISILDRU InaneSubbums-IneptLowlifes-Dumbdorx-UnableRiffraff Neutral AfterGuildnameSpellfailNowTrying2FindKillingFields SchmockDude590-4FR 2
16712 WhiteTower Defenders of the White Tower Good Walking in the Light Shia 3
16703 WWB Watching the World Burn Neutral Some people just want to watch the world burn. Azzul 2
16669 Idler Awaits Sons of the Idler Neutral Those who sit in time. Allcars 2
16651 Mighty Swashbucklers of Good walo: på min och hokkes manliga duschtid Biceps 2+1
16650 -LWL- Lamos with Languor Good Semper vigilans! Mr Lamo2k1 3
16637 Gotei 13 Gotei 13 Good DeejayByte 2+1
16562 AR,MA Arkham, MA Neutral Hail Cthulhu! H.P. Lovecraft 3
16498 Immortals Immortals Good Poison potions are yummy! Iluvatar 3
16486 FluPe Fluid People Neutral be squishy not fishy!! LiquidStranger 1+1
16486 Suk Suck it! Evil Suck It! leachlife4 1+1
16485 Stad1ga Stad1ga Evil 24/7 SpirraN 2
16442 Heretics Heretics Neutral Deicide is a major offence...God cannot hide truth Wyatt 3
16436 GPW Good Power to the People at the Pump!! 2+1
16416 BlueSun Blue Sun Evil cow_helmet 3
16365 SDU Slacking Scientists of SDU Good One more level up and I will start on my assigment Traubon Balderk 2
16298 SexyRobots The drunken sexy robot sex machines... of sex town Evil You look lonely and mechanical, let's bone! Unsane 2+1
16264 The Cake The Cake Neutral The cake is a lie. ShadowDrake 3
16242 HONOR guild of honor Good reserve the peace.destroy evil eeeziebeee 2
16085 DoWoNoCo Double Wookie Nookie Consortium Good Double the Wookie, Double the Nookie! BoulYaBase 2+1
16047 BCS Big caca suckers Evil We suck caca Atomi 1+2
16046 SuperDupers Super Dupers Good Just Dup it! Christopher Infante 2
16042 Choc Chocobos Evil All golden! Andvik 2
15980 XP+++ Experiencia Maxima Good If you're hot, let's grind!! Toretzu 3
15972 Pwnz0rz The Mega Pwnz0rz Evil Panda power! WRL 2+1
15961 holy-palis Holy Paladins Good "all evil must be vanquished tazeran 2+1
15938 AMAZING!1one WE'RE AMAZING!!11ONEoneone!!1 Neutral "Are you a worthy knight?" "No, I server Sithis." Mr. eX 2
15938 T O G The Old Grudge Neutral Older Slower Worse Badass Merlinda 2
15917 The DoG Delusions of Grandeur Neutral \"Law is mind without reason.\" -Aristotle Maus 2
15881 Moon Pirates Moon Pirates Neutral Sailing all the high seas of the Moon! ...Wait. Laurie Moon 3
15814 GUniverse GamingUniverse Good It\'s for all your game (re)making needs! Bites 3
15793 K.C. Kiwi Coalition Evil Serving Kiwis since 1998 Firefox 3
15690 UR ARM U. of Rochester Aramark Resistance Movement Good Comraderie, Companionship, and Cuisine! Mental Bastille 1+1
15625 Woot Kings of the Woot Evil WE WIN Aaidin Sauceking 2+1
15603 Goose A Picture of a Goose Evil Goose Pictures wallstop 3
15576 PROGOOBBO Adoratori del Divino Procione Gobbo Neutral Rozzo 2
15556 CIF Customized Impressive FRIC Guild Good FIC poweeeeeeeeeeeerrghhhh... infacc00 2
15507 <[LuX]> LuX gUiLd Good Sex, drugs and progress! Convinto 3
15487 IEOU Interrealm Elevator Operators' Union Evil push the buttons Crorem 1+2
15486 PUN Punikkila Evil Liimes 1+1
15485 !DoM! Destroyers of Mu Evil B00BIES!! SquidMeister 2
15485 DO4TW Disembowling Orgasm Evil If there was no loss of limbs, it wasn't good! Eibon 2
15474 [NLS] Neles Corporation Neutral We make the decisions.. For you.. leachlife4 2
15474 [npc] Naznaczeni Przez Chaos Evil Imposible is nothing... leachlife4 2
15474 PackoLies Pack of Lies Evil We always tell the truth. johnaslorika 2
15437 AaR Aardwolf Rangers Good Tugbottom 2
15431 BlessedT Blessed Tongues of Earthanon Neutral The Language of Location Stakesauce 2
15430 CCrusaders Corrupted Crusaders Evil Corrupting Crusaders Kennythia 1+1
15424 snail of snail fame Evil Take cover cneal 2
15424 Garbage Hot.Garbage Neutral chicken soup, poop, trash and I have a rash Hot Flu Gun 2
15351 Monkey Monkey Monkey Evil Monkey eat brain TreeMonkey 3
15335 JsM Jaelania's Minions Evil I want you to die for me! Jaelania 2
15335 Sakurasou Sakurasou Good Believe in panties Kanzooki 2
15306 STA Soldiers of The Alliance Good "If you don\'t shoot it now some other guy will." OcocTaga 2
15230 wiccans wiccans Neutral ---= Wiccans Are Taking Over! =--- rathel 3
15223 Captain Scouts of Muldoor Neutral Kick 'em when they're about to kick you Balrock 3
15184 DGs Dangerous Gimps Good Danger in its finest form Jacina 3
15182 C.A.K.E. mmm...cake... Evil OMNOMNOMNOMNOM 0MGWTFBBQ 2
15125 USDA Safe Food Good Oosa! Grommit 3
15125 PSYCHOMOG Psychotic Moogles Inc. Neutral Time to die, kupo! PhoenixFlare 3
15125 Burn Steel The Order of Burning Steel Neutral Mottos? We don't need no stinkin' mottos! Burnsteel 3
15059 Foo-bar The Lords of The Bars Evil Get drunk and evilly agress good followers leachlife4 2
15059 macrofurry macrofurry Neutral welcome big, small, and even bigger! ravagefox` 2
15015 FUBAR0 Faction Unite Brotherhood Against Retards Neutral You can pick your friends, and pick your nose... Sgt. Slaughteroos 3
14976 tNotRotK The Night of the Rampage of the Killbots Evil Murder! Death! Kill! Lazor! Coober Skeeber 2
14976 Shitsocks Poopsockers Evil When the poop hardens it can be used as a weapon. Girthshaker 2
14965 Lago Nosotros te Ahogamos en el Neutral Drown SinfulLily 3
14847 Fetchers The Item Fetchers Neutral Professionally completing fetch-quests since 1920. Shinichi 3
14727 vanguardia vanguardia Neutral we wack ass gnapp 2+1
14657 ThatOneGuild That One Guild Neutral Whatever Machonerd15 1+1
14616 nog unguilded Neutral CheeseManD 2
14616 GGD Ghosts of the Green Dragon Neutral I love to actively participate in this game. Aexius 2
14616 LiquorBarn Liquor Barn Good If you can't get drunk from it, why drink it? SiliconJesus 2
14572 Cheese Inc Cheese Inc Neutral Cheese Cheese Cheeeeeese Myothas 3
14566 TMBTMB ThEMopLaB Evil Motto Motto mop22 2+1
14544 HUG Treehuggers Good Marmots - Tiny but Mighty Argeleb 2
14543 Dubna Dubna Evil Homo homini lupus est! HolyKirka 2+1
14524 jeesus #nörtit Neutral Grim Gurnarok 2
14524 MdR MudeR Good Mikus RaÄ·is 2
14467 Forge of Ass The Forge of Asswhistles and What Came Before Evil Let dat booty toot, dat what booty do DorkusAsswhistle 3
14456 DVDA DVDA Good It's an industry term HoodieNinja 2+1
14398 UNI SAL Unicron Salami Good Sometimes the smallest people accomplish most Travis Fu 3
14366 Trup Trupadin Evil Don't talk to me cause I'm an a$$ DOGMAI 3
14361 S.O. Silent Outlanders Neutral To kill is to not be kilt Ryusik 3
14358 KTRAK Kick The Really Annoying Kiddos Evil BOO!!! abhayan 1+2
14353 SCS Stupid Computing Services Evil We screw you, so you don't have to! Ballsin 2
14339 TGMPG The Glorious Microwave Pizza Guild Evil I haven't a clue guyincognito 3
14336 Space Cat The Church of the Space Cat Evil Almighty is The Space Cat, Ruler of the universe Kahn 3
14335 Volldicht Volldicht Evil Never Stop Drinking!! leachlife4 2
14335 ars#distrib Ars Technica #Distributed Good Darkness Productions 2
14335 AMR AMR Neutral We are AMR [a]rnado 2
14310 tyg the .. you know .. guild. Evil no! silvanspirit 3
14249 Cry Cry Evil We need your tears! Godfather 3
14107 S2S Slaves to Shackles Neutral Well, that's certainly something. Valrik 3
14103 DNDR Dunduru Evil Out to get ya Playnot 3
14030 RED DEATH Red Knights of the Yellow Star Good Slap the wicked,smite the evil,wash the dishes Mos_Gerila 2
13953 WfB Warriors from Beyond Evil You can't kill what is already dead jlycke 2
13953 Vetus Vetus Schola Evil BIG TITS HIGH CRITZ AETERNAL 2
13950 Llamas The Fighting Llamas Good "We spit in your face" jerthecount 2
13914 Soupcans Soup in cans Neutral Like cans, Like soup? morganishere123 3
13895 LesHomo Les Homosaxuelles Good Les Homosaxuelles en Sexitos! leachlife4 3
13810 Treparellis The Flying Treparelli Circus Evil We do it with models. ranieri 1+2
13679 [ROTH] The Rosethorns Neutral Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so. Twoport 2
13609 FoxPack Lost Fox Souls Neutral Us Foxes Collect Souls to Find Ours... SoulFoxie 3
13572 MSA Mad Scientists of America Neutral Backloaded Complexity Air_run 2+1
13566 TLRDEK-Meow The Legion of Rubber-Ducky-Eating Kittens Neutral May ye not forget to put salt on yer ducky. Xer 3
13527 Grape Apes The Grape Apes Evil The only thing that separates ape from grape. Jawyr 3
13498 da_pius Non scholae, sed vitae discimus Good Variatio delectat! Soeren 2
13468 EKT El Kobold Tuerto Good Muere, criatura del mal! Bungo Cervezarrubia 2
13466 SFV_BB SFV BlueBlooders Evil Rule them all in the name of the BigBlue! _zso2 1+1
13465 Aiyah Aiyah! screwed over again.... Good Whatever is least possible becomes most probable aiyah4la 2
13465 AVG The Most Average Guild Ever Neutral "I say lets make the most average guild ever" NoobMaster 2
13465 BuDah Megabeast Questing Neutral Liberticus 2
13461 runkkaus Runkkaus Evil WUBELLA O MULKKU PEPUSSA XD ScreamuS 2
13456 #sd Silence Is Defeat Evil Come idle with us on's #sd! falk 1+2
13455 BFoG Blinding Flesh of Genius Good joe'ii 1+2
13455 #1498 Original Guild #1498 Neutral Gadget 2
13454 Project ROKK Panthersteam ROKKS Evil LONG LIVE THE L33TS!!! Anthon3wb 2
13439 KoOo Knights of Oonloock Neutral Out stick is sharper than yours! Umnop 2
13427 Domination NexuS Evil Fuck\'em all , no mercy leachlife4 1+1
13413 bCothM Creutairean ab 'fheàrr den bheinn àrd Evil best Creatures of the high Mountain Nullnullsix 2
13412 OPEC OPEC Good :p Yalmaha 2
13412 Despair Despair Neutral Give up all hope and expectations. Kashae 1+1
13412 OrgXIII Organization XIII Evil Wait what? Committee 2
13342 CN49 CosaNostra49 Evil Er moet meer gezopen worden! Grolsch 3
13336 French La Guilde Française Evil Baguettes et Croissants guryushika 1+1
13336 The Trolls. GoHa.RU Good For da GoHa! Omgwar 1+1
13335 Canuckle Stealthy Canuckle-heads Good Brave the elements to fetch the elusive toothpick Molson 2
13335 DoGmA Damnation of Guild-made Anthems Evil We don't like your anthem Seyloren 2
13262 to stink stinkers Evil we stink you to the death xcore 3
13202 The Sith Rise of the Sith Evil Hatred is a living thing. Feed it and it will grow Vannidar 2
13152 ♥IAU♥ imaunicorn Good Farting rainbows and pooping candy♥ Greydead 3
13152 Goobers Reluctant Heroes Good Stink Like a Weasel Vinnie the Biscuit 3
13064 PFGC Pink Flamingo Gangstaz Neutral No Knives... Gianormus 3
13019 Ale Donkeys The Swedish Rabid Ale Donkeys Evil We are the donkeys. We drink ale. Buzz off! JOIN!! leachlife4 3
12984 Cripple The Cripplers Evil Cripple-Hypocritic-Critics Raizor 3
12966 XLII XLII Neutral vroomfondel 1+2
12910 E404 Error 404 Neutral The page you are looking for cannot be found Talyian 3
12908 ┼ C ² T┠Cookie Thiefs Evil DAnser ikke med drenge (måske) wondersquirrel 2
12908 TheGuild VTY vty Neutral une équipe des marques FuretFou 2
12778 + US + Unlimited Skillz Neutral Got Skillz? - Seven Faces 3
12746 LK Powa ! Les Korrigans Good On pille, on brulle, la routine habituelle quoi Gottferdom 1+1
12745 Bad Asses Bad Asses Evil The name says it all. KillerFreak 2
12745 Ro Ling Ro Ling Evil I dunno, fuck tdues 2
12709 HinchMasters Hinchey Disciples Evil Rock over London, Rock on Hinchey Wesley Willis 2
12709 HH88 GookChildren Good HH88 khunerino 2
12698 Zerg Iseult Neutral Daoc Iseult players~~ QQ Mirus 1+2
12681 RaFwaves Random Acts of Funk Neutral Watch out for da funk leachlife4 3
12647 LUBE Lubrication Evil lube ya good and proper larky 2
12635 ASB Airsoft Belgium Neutral Shoot to kill! JoachimV 1+2
12630 DDS Dr. Dase's Snasbarn Evil Brute force is key. Kellendil 2
12630 CEPIK CEPIK Good Just do CEPiK with DP and Oracle k4mm 2
12509 Geek Squad Geek Squad Evil Stealing porn since 1897 Maturz 3
12503 MSM Mountain Stream Madmen Evil Forest Glade teh suxX0r TD 3
12465 N -n- B Love The Guild of Nicky and Birdy Lovers Neutral All Nickys love Birdy and all Birdys love Nicky... Birdy 2
12465 MDIYM Ridernuss Good balls on chin means MDIYM Meeffas 2
12465 The SOBS S.O.B. Superstars Evil jut 2
12465 Blue Cheese Blue Cheese Neutral Blueberry bandersnatches busily barked brown bears Manelael 2
12465 #EhrenKomet #EhrenKomet Neutral Welcome! Selimtronik 2
12428 NGRs Naggerly Naggers Neutral Mercy?! You want Mercy?! I'M CHAOTIC NEUTRAL!!!! RabidRabbit 3
12320 JIM JIMbuktu Good Vulture 1+1
12281 DernierR Dernier Rempart Good Nous protégeons la veuve mais pas l'orphelin. mrFish 2
12134 EgP Eggets pojkar Evil Kill Kill Kill !!! Eragar 1+2
12134 T-G-D The Great Danes Good The Great Danes Atroxes 3
12133 imwithstupid <- I'm with Stupid -> Evil We Strive for Mediocrity Zirg of the Hill People 2
12083 Wisions Wisions Evil Just1188 3
12052 Roof-Spleen Roof-Spleen Good Spleen! Roof-Spleen! Double Roof-Spleen! TLMP 2
12036 U of A The University of Arizona Evil ASU Sucks Sycraft 2
12035 Exhort us. Exhort Good ballen. MrZigara 1+1
12027 HoGs Hags of gorging sacks Evil Xetear 3
12017 Rapa Random Pandas Evil Mohahahaha looly 3
12016 HBU Hellboozer Union Neutral Vomit bursting out at sunday morning Rankasija 1+1
12008 lix cookies Evil faye 2+1
12003 BloodCult BloodCult Evil Fetch me a Gnome Cyrodor 3
11970 aaaargh the ones that kill all Neutral To kill all or..... not? dark_white 2
11929 -[HBL]- HELL'S BREAK LOOSE Evil Seitan 2
11913 YOLO The #YOLO# Lads Good Our choices show us who we truly are. Derek46 3
11904 Thwack'em Mushroom Tattoo Neutral Choppin it up & pecker slappin breezies GreyReaver 3
11864 Jerrycurl The Company of the Disfunctional Jerrycurl Evil -2 Holey Motheaten Pleathers, Batman... bitch shinari 2
11864 War_Kittens United War Kitten Army of the Higher Cats Neutral Meow! King_Smitty 2
11839 We Kill Cats Meow Kats Evil Normal is for the Weak Hordolur 3
11817 E.I. Entropy Inc. Neutral Righting lefts and wronging rights flagninja 3
11789 BROx4 BroBroBroBro Neutral Bro Bro Bro Bro!!! CRaMz0r 2
11749 #S.F.L Signed For Life Good Signed For Life for life h0ney! 2
11748 FLQ Front de libération du Québec Neutral Vive le Québec libre! DarkJS 3
11721 L0D Lords of Destruction Good voodue 2+1
11713 ToBT Torchers of the Burnable Thing Good If its made of wood... Verdna 2+1
11709 SPAM? I Like Spam? Neutral We have eggs, bacon, spam, eggs and spam... Da Foxx 2
11709 PantsOfGold Pants of gold Good Pants are optional unless they are golden d0nk 2
11708 DTOID Destructoid Good Also, cocks! tsunamikitsune 3
11701 Uru Myst Good Draenix 1+1
11700 EsDaMo Evil Sons of the Dark Moon Evil We brake for nobody - We kill every one Ertai 2
11681 God is Dead Snatas Cinatas Evil All will burn in chaos! Independent 3
11670 T.M.B The Monolith Brothers Neutral Join us and we will rise! Crawd 2
11664 CWr Choco's Warriors Good (Chocobo\'s theme song) Creyline 1+2
11664 CCECV Coadunated Champions of Exemplary Cardinal Virtue Good Imago Candidus! SkipSandwich 3
11664 GoGoL guild of legend of gogol Good gogol the recruits GoGoL 3
11664 Les Amis Les Amis de l'ABC Good Vive la Republique Bottled Fire 2+1
11663 SHIT Staff of Heavy Intricate Things Evil D'aw hell... Granny's on the doorknob again... BullitNutz 1+1
11663 Yagyu Clan Yagyu Evil Raharu 2
11653 T.T. The Tribe Neutral ...We shall all be one with the flames, from above soulsmith 3
11651 TKoB The Knights of Berenike Good We Shall Not Stagger Black Iron Tarkus 3
11596 Buddhism The Four Noble Truths & The Eight-Fold Path Good The Buddha's Quest leading to Enlightenment leachlife4 2
11596 VSMMF Vagabonds of Somewhat Moderate Moral Fiber Neutral "Maaaaaaybe....." flashdim 2
11596 WPYITN We'll Punch You In The Neck Neutral The sweet spot's between the head and the torso! The Andy Man 2
11596 Land.of.Boob Land of Boobies Evil Garkar 2
11596 2girls1dog Good Jean Claude Van Damme 2
11596 !DD! Data Destroyers Good For all your data destruction needs ckillmore 2
11596 BL_SC BluScreen Neutral We have committed an illegal operation SkyeFyre 2
11511 Zyth Zyth Neutral Keepin' it tight cp 1+2
11511 HW Hugh Wankas Evil Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka-Wanka HughJazz 1+2
11480 blaj burnt like a jew Neutral arbeit macht frei atamus 2
11437 The RPG The Roleplayer's Guild Neutral Don't break character! The Raspberry 3
11387 Neutralus The Guild of the Infamous Neutrality Neutral Feel the misleading powers of Neutrality.. TheMajinZenki 2
11292 C-("Q) Friday Night Boxing Club Evil Eat 1337! Crayon 3
11275 Tri The Tri-council Good Justice delayed, is justice denied TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
11258 NsBE Nightslayer Blood Elves Evil o'rly? TurtleBoy 3
11229 Kokam Knights of Ka Good DocJones 3
11224 Oitens The Oitens Evil The Dark Ones Destructis 2
11082 n/a Unaffiliated Good If you've done six paradoxical things today, join! tRRRombone 1+1
11056 Einficker. Einficka Evil Einficken - Irgendwer muss es ja tun.. crazzel 2+1
11052 arfenhouse Teh Arfenhouse Good Ultisnecious! Tsunim 2
11014 GAYLORD Gathering of All Ye Lads for Oobag Royal Defense Neutral Move Zig for Our Oppressive Manliness Glade The Weak 3
11014 SDI Saint Dragon Inquisition Neutral The Truth is the best benefit! Ron di Amartho 3
10997 Weez WeaselBandits Neutral We Take No Sides CltcPrd 2
10986 SLSK Soulseek Neutral sexy looking synth kids humbleice 3
10983 SCL SoCal Locos Evil JTShadow 2
10960 Thundercats Thundercats Evil Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! WHOOO! Hermity 2
10959 Runequest L Runequestian League Good For Fans of Runequest Shuenli 1+1
10959 The Group Billy Mays Here! Neutral "Simulating years of wear and tear damage!" KyleB 1+1
10939 TCoDS The Circle of Divine Swordsman Good A sword in the right hands = Total Pawnage Ultima Strike 2+1
10861 Muckcrafters The Muckcrafter's Guild Good Where would you be without muck? tekHedd 3
10859 ~m&m's~ Memento Mori Neutral Google the name. HVxHershey 3
10839 V.D-P.A.G Val d'Isère - Powder and Glory Good My skies are leathal! ON-Satan 2
10839 [PZA156] The PZA156 Evil We'll do a little jig on your front porch The-Zen 2
10839 iPwn We Pwn Good Yes we do. Demoninja 2
10839 Bloody Flux Bloody Flux Good The blood must flow GROZ 2
10807 things the_thingkillers Neutral "Kill them all!" TurTle, the thingkiller 3
10761 Sl's Seers The frantic crowd of Woody's slaves Neutral If you can't eat it or f*ck it, kill it. grayFalcon 3
10760 coffee Coffee Drinkers Guild Good Caffinus Maximus CoffeeMan 2
10760 SIL SIL Warriors Neutral stuffilike, danwinkler 2
10717 ABS Absolution Good Be Good to Each Other, seek Absolution Lelle 3
10713 Garden The Garden Of Delights Neutral If you are gonna play... Inanna 2
10695 WotN Wizards of the North Neutral Where there's a whip, there's away! leachlife4 2+1
10679 Skin Trade The Daughters of the American Skin Trade Good We get blisters on our nipples. leachlife4 2
10615 PantsMAX Party Pants to the MAX!!!! Neutral We party without the MAX! Aaron Burr 3
10610 Poptart Greater Mage Clan of Sylvan Majik and Lorecraft Neutral Wilder than Ladies Night at the Slippery Fist Fly Honey Fen the Greater 1+2
10605 [Q] QUANT Neutral vax 3
10589 TCR The Chaos Rift Good Awesome since the dawn of time MarauderIIC 3
10581 SWCN Screwdriver Warrior Computer Nerds Good If it wont fit, screw it. Bague 3
10581 Grisu Giovani Rivoltanti Inutili Sciupatempo Universali Good "May the Lard Be With You!" HeikePsicoPanda 3
10552 ACLU Knights of the ACLU Good Liberty and death for all who oppose us! Gormongous 3
10552 [DB] Drunken_Bastards Evil * hic * Riisen 3
10551 DSQ Deli Shop Quartet Evil Life by the Rotating Triad. Celery 1+1
10550 Carrot Stew Carrot Stew Neutral We should buy some carrots Jagaimo 2
10550 i30TS Brotherhood of the Shultz Neutral Burp, Shultz! Ouch! Sinspawn56 2
10550 BLB Blood Lotus Brotherhood Evil For the Brotherhood ReiX 2
10537 S.T.E. Soldiers of the Topsid Empire Neutral Bring glory to the Topsid Empire ! Despot of Topsid 2+1
10536 ZOFA Zealots of False Accomplishment Evil We empty your bars to fill ours! Sincendiary 3
10519 Gnutopia Gnutopia Evil Dagge 3
10480 SCY Scyll's Gang Neutral Scyll 1+1
10480 OverDosed Master Sword Evil Join our quest for the Master Sword! TravisTheRapist 2
10480 BLSD Blessed Good Blessed up Dunco 2
10466 KD Killerz Domain Neutral Is that Gasoline i Smell? KD-KDOG 1+1
10466 Ice-rigs Neutral java sucks Anaxagoras 2
10466 The *uNity* *uNity* Good We are the best *uNity* on earth ;) SteRioN^ 2
10466 AotW annihilation of the wicked Evil Die! vutem 2
10442 Aardwolf Aardwolf Good Why am I here instead of playing Aardwolf?!?! severkill 3
10418 Fuck off Fuck off Evil Suck my left nut Clownage 3
10408 MoB MastersofBlood Neutral Moo!~~ Trogvam 2
10374 MGTD My God.....................The Demise Evil "Fuck" Troll Bloom the Wicked 3
10373 Emancipators Emancipators of doom +2 Good Please leave this alianeted sphere! Vass 2
10373 GWAIN Gwainbwead Evil DERP TsiAileron 2
10317 >BB< Bible Black Neutral :3 Rob128 2
10287 gplant Plants and Goldfish Good What did we have for dinner? nodrama 3
10287 DAD ENT Dad Enterprises Neutral Our fingers are in everything. Slipdaddy 3
10286 Adler Adler Evil Fjujitsu kam1989 3
10258 B<:|:>G BLaDGuRu! Evil When trying to hit the hole, dont sharpen the pole Outbreak! 1+1+1
10256 GWJ Gamers with Jobs Good We stand for awesomeness mudbunny 1+1
10251 The Bebop The Bebop Neutral 3-2-1 Lets Jam maxwell moran 1+1
10216 SeeX The Seekers of Extreme Ecstasy Neutral Even the Good Can be Bad (hehehe) Fergus the Bold 1+1
10206 BAW Bored at Work Evil Quick, tab out. Keiya 1+1
10201 H.o.G House of Gobblins Good Gobble gobble [Swe]Klurax 3
10198 Genei Ryodan Genei Ryodan Evil to rob everything to kill everyone vindichy 2
10182 Pandemic Panedmic Evil Kill the peck short half cow pigs!111!! pixelgrass 2
10182 Infinite InfiniteDevotion Neutral One can never be too Devoted! Progressquest Junkie 2
10174 Reap The Reapers Evil Kill Everything that moves Mr.Grim 2
10162 ILL illuminaty Good We are here to control the world. CookieOrc 1+1
10147 Anus Leaking Anus Neutral If it leaks, uh..... Fiztbane 1+2
10145 Tony Tony Good Tony 1+1+1
10143 Hentai Hentai-Otakus Neutral Hentai ... daisuki! Skeith 3
10143 Shoe Lace o Order of the Sacred Lace Evil Tyied shoes stay put Ty Mishu 3
10142 De Utrolige De Utrolige Evil Amazing Society, with more Amazing ways to pwn Zahgurim Xul 2
10136 BnG BobandGeorge Good leachlife4 3
10135 SilvrCrusade The Silver Crusade Good To purge this land. Zaric 3
10087 tEPoDDG The Elder Party of Dreaming Dead Gods Evil Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Melchior 3
10084 Jedok Jedok Good Jedok Jedok 1+1
10084 SwissPF Swiss Peace Fighters Good The force is quiet ... SwissPFs are strong. Joggi-Jogga 1+1
10083 WIZ The Wiz-bangs Good Spellcasting...W...I...Z...B...A...N...G! Ludo 2
10083 EIS Excellent Indigo Slayers Good Indigoes Must Die!!! Iamtas 2
10083 NSRRC National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Good Advanced photon source! wuda 2
10083 SlimJim Snap Into A Slim Jim Good Snap Into A Slim Jim Foxworth 2
10064 Inn Burners Inn Burners Neutral LazareXIII 2
10010 Baconation Baconation Good For Deliciousness! baconator 3
9984 BAWR Yodeling Telepathic Bearded Lumberjacks Evil "Fred is a ra ra." Melissa 2+1
9982 cn cosa nostra Neutral leachlife4 2
9982 BSU Black Sun Underworld Evil Ownage in your face, just the way you like it. MrTsunami 2
9982 D&N Days & Nights Evil Nothin' to it but to do it. Pinadil 2
9901 Eat! Lemons of Destruction Evil We will destroy all lesser lemons! Lemon 2
9901 BGFM Biker Guys From Mars Good Let's progress and quest! Aikai 2
9894 C.O.W.S C.O.W.S Good MooMooMoo Stelari 1+2
9878 Viscera Viscera Evil Never on the losing side. Nexnix 3
9849 DIG Soil Diggers Good If it in the ground we'll find it and kill it. Groundhog 2+1
9847 grief The Empire of Grief Evil qq noobs TrashGUY 2
9847 α > 1.00 We Have Large P-Values! Evil We are insignificant and dont care who knows it! NMarvel1 2
9831 LiveJournal LiveJournal Neutral For Frank and country! leachlife4 3
9760 OeN Oder eher Nicht Evil We are sooooo bad, and why u ask? cus we can! Keencom 2
9738 Dawn Vermilion Dawn Good Nitrogen 3
9710 ROARR ProgressROARR Good tege 3
9666 NULL NULL Neutral We're not really here Toxy 2+1
9640 Fchan Fchan Neutral all things furry and furry fans go here!!! GayPride89 1+2
9637 RL Rustic Lunatics Evil Taste so good make you want to slap yo' mamma. leachlife4 2
9610 This House The He Who Live Here! Good Kill some, eat some, sleep some... ADiaz 2
9610 DOTA Defenders of The Alamo Neutral Remember the Alamo!!! Tipsy and The Magic Gyrocopter 1+1
9594 IOJ Icy Orange Juice Neutral It's very delicious,i recommend it to all of you! Rinpha 3
9572 -fgt- Faggots Good Pedobear <3 assmonkeyjohnny 3
9563 wkb die wurstklauerbande Evil wir klauen eure würste august 2
9563 tMBxxx Ten Percent Morale Boost Good Damn those Zaishen! Gian The Great 2
9563 Buij Team Buijee Good (0) . (o) Otisseus 2
9563 Hokuto Hokuto Shin Ken no Kenshiro no Gundan Good Omae ha mou shindeiru!! Xabungle 2
9563 DHOM Dank Homies Neutral For the dankest of homies. Zerrvr 1+1
9562 NITF Not in the Face! Neutral Not in the Face! Not in the Face Zammo 3
9551 TBX Tinderbox Evil Come to the dark side... We gots scooters! Gwanko 3
9550 POW POW The Power Of Wait Good I'm busy, talk to my cat melikamp 2
9550 Internet! Internet! Neutral Teh best Gild! Kudoren 2
9550 LetsGetRI The Getters Good We Get Stuff. mcalchera 2
9531 PORN The Porn Shop Good +++Porn, magic dildos, live shows+++ Gnakkk 1+1
9512 God Like Guild Of Really Evil Stuff Evil Where evil has a chance. asmoday 1+2
9512 Pro Progresso Dwarf Insurance Evil Something wierd.... yet catchy. Xairu 3
9505 FZN Finite Horizon Evil Your End is Our Beginning Levin 3
9467 UDP Ultimate Dance Party Neutral Pants optional LODE 3
9437 CFM Children of the Fallen Moon Evil Ryokushin 2
9437 AWA Arne Weise's Angels Evil Inga julklappar på julen! Miwkz 2
9426 GRRRR the underfuckers Evil fuck them all leachlife4 2
9426 S*T*A*R S*T*A*R Evil Dont have one ZapperFish 2
9426 TheSwarm The Unending Swarm Neutral For the Swarm! OvermindDL1 2
9426 ButchCops The Mighty Butchcops Good If it ain't butch it ain't no cop. Rambo Butchcop 2
9421 PYRATIES!!1 WE R TEH PYRATIES!!!!!!!!1111 Neutral They pillage. They plunder. They take tasty ass. 67356979786 3
9357 ArcGuard Arcane Guardians Good Guard teh magiks! Onezero 2
9357 Nbz Noobzzz Evil WTF!? EarlBlack 1+1
9334 GIT Halp GIT Help Good is it plugged in?... then restart it! Smurfxor 3
9316 Snows pets Snow's Kennel Neutral I don't abuse my pets.......much. valek879 2
9280 [BE] Blood Eagle Neutral He who thinks like others is not thinking... Evita 2+1
9207 ReTeSq Redundancy Team Squad Good BY MOONLIGHT WE RIDE AT NIGHT AFTER DARK Phelan 3
9174 D.O.T.R.S. Disciples Of The Raped Sheep Evil United we stand in shared perversion leachlife4 2
9159 Dev Deviance Good Eno 3
9138 OneEyeGuys The One Eyed Wonder Weasels, and His Two Balls Evil Say the whole thing, you gotta say the whole thing aryu 3
9135 KoJ Knee of Justice Good Zooten For Looten Artorr 3
9126 Spoorloos Spoorloos Neutral Spoorloos FTW Illvith 2
9113 Capitalist Capitalist Ninjas Neutral We're immortal and made of stone! Chaos Kitsune 2
9113 Keytar Tactics Force Keytar Neutral Operation Hampster Saddle is a go!!! krptkaiser 2
9113 Sex~ Sex Offenders Evil Why is it so wrong if it feels so right? Please 2
9104 R.H.K. Roshia Hikikomori Kyokai Neutral Motto?~ YATTA! Baz Idle 3
9101 imm302 Imm302 Good M to the u s i c Minkooo.K 2
9080 Ocarina The Guild of Legend of Zelda Good No Ocarina, No life TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
9080 A_b_x Angry Bastards Good Fight is life, to live, to die Tampooh 3
9080 LNI Late Night Idling Neutral 'scuse me ... coming through ... ThatOneTeknoKid 3
9052 KotS Keepers of the Steel Neutral We were not born stupid. Keepsteel 3
9051 KCK KC Krew Neutral Hello, Motto. Haanz 2
9036 -GoW- Gods of War Good IonFONE 1+2
9017 Oonga Oonga Me Toonga Evil You took my chocolate 1337slade 2+1
8998 Death2Emos Death to Emos Evil Death to Emos! Mykul743 1+2
8981 no pants no pants Evil we don't like pants trixuv 3
8951 HRLFG Highskiller raid, level und farm Gilde Good `^^^\*|*/^^^´ Wir leveln bis das Keyboard glüht Lord Steel 2
8935 Rabatees Rabid Manatees Good I always lie. I'm stuck in a ping pong ball 3
8924 sami&leksa Lepakkokuningattaren leipä Good Mmm.. :-) Saijan lepakkokeitto Eekush 3
8920 D: yamum Evil last night Blanc37 1+2
8917 The Horde Hordes of Raving Lunatics Good We're nucking futz! Rat Testicle 1+2
8914 D-E Disgruntled Elves Neutral Santa got taken over by a Panda Man Panda Claws 2
8914 DFSP Doopy Face Stoopy Poop Good HeeeEEEeeey, we wear running shorts... Dan Smells 2
8914 Hetki Lyo Hetki Lyo Good Hetki Lyo! Bere 2
8878 Totally Evil Het Pannenkoekenhuis Evil Plunder the village, rape the women Ivelios 3
8856 We blaze it. Blaze it faggot Good nothing...... 2
8847 SISE Smejdi z ISE Evil kill da vasak!!! reykoo 2
8847 TBL The Bucky Lastards Neutral Romper Bomper Stomper Bu Holden McGroin 2
8839 Z.E.V.I.L muhaha Evil the next best thing to power Zenieth 2
8829 DiMih TarAnii Evil TequilaJazzz leachlife4 2
8821 UB Uber Burninators Evil "Burninating the peasents..." Burninator 1+1
8820 ChAv Chaotic Avengers Good Do good... our own way Darcalus 3
8819 hgos haqrboi\'s guild of stuff Neutral we like stuff leachlife4 1+1
8819 Heartbreaker Heart Breakers Neutral leachlife4 2
8819 Osmosis Osmosis Evil Now 33% more progressy. TristanWolf 2
8819 Poodlite Putrescent Plurality of Poodlers Evil Wonk a poodler today, for Justic! Zarkon 2
8819 DDDddd.. Delusional Dystopia Neutral I'ts Real i Swear!!!! Anumari 1+1
8810 Gino's Crack The Crack Gino Vannelli Assassination Squad Evil Making the world safe from Canadians with perms. Bob Unlikely 2+1
8809 TJONW The Journeymen of not waiting Good We aren't waiting leachlife4 3
8770 thrash Taintless Evil Cast off thy taint and become Taintless Golgothan 3
8769 LeoLo League of Loading Good Hold on a second, I'm almost done... cloud08540 3
8768 Superior Superior Specialty Supply Good I can't believe this is still going Sethticles the Balzakian 2
8768 cheGLE cheechaGLEESHA Neutral Space-time discontinuum is the limit! (maybe) cheechaIGI 2
8768 MssRs Messores Neutral Grim Reaper Wallder 1+1
8768 O.O.P Only one person Good A carefree boring man, play the game of a carefree PengJW 2
8768 WSnK Wildseven Good flee WSnK 2
8751 NGE National Gaming Elite Good Gaming is a art! 2s2p Xeon 2
8743 For Honer Knight`s of the temple Good For the people KingValve 3
8718 Blazed The Blazed Evil Mission First, Blazed Always! Mercer 1+2
8648 the 1 == The One == Neutral we are the one Kiff 3
8635 DORK Deliverers of Ransom and Kegs Good You need it, We bring it. bluntwolf 3
8563 Black Claw Black Claw Neutral The Claw Will Rule Citale Amler 2
8481 g33kz teh 3v1l g33kz Evil echeese 3
8469 TIDDS The IT's of the DeDevils Evil We must assimilate all Queen Xana 3
8380 Da BaD GuYs Da Bad Guys Evil Kill everything. Take their goods, like cookies. Ehhh the Crazy Demicanadian 2
8357 ~E~ Eternium Evil Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em. Deceit 1+1
8338 Pink Ladymen Munakkaat Evil ´O.o) Hezzu 3
8328 OPO Only Pay Once Neutral Only pay once for a game not every month!!! Xepzig 3
8316 SAH! Sports and Hobbits Good Beware of people. Jinton 2
8297 KaP Kick a Poodle Evil Kick a poodle daily! Fishstick 3
8287 Cheezburga Acolytes of the Cheezburga Evil We haz. You can nevah haz. Savant 2
8287 PNOY Mga Walang Magawa Neutral Nakakabagnot PublicNameMe 2
8284 Natura Breakers of Natura Good just a couple friends doing hero things :3 Funguy161 3
8278 MSoN Mighty Sword of Neutrality Neutral Do no good, do no evil! slaad 3
8272 PS* Party Stars Neutral It's coming right for us! risq 3
8272 MalMel Malodorous Melodies Neutral Scented sounds stream southwards shiverczar 3
8272 OTB Order of The Bit Good Giovanni Acciai 3
8214 V.A.G.I.N.A. Very Aggresive Guild In North Area Neutral Join us in V.A.G.I.N.A. Calado 3
8207 ScrewU Screw You, I Didn't Want to Join Your Guild Anyway Neutral Git! Out! Go! We don't want you! Guild is extinct. The Ur-Grue 1+1
8206 NHD Nameless Horde of Destruction Evil The Future is Dark darkguard 2
8206 ~DM Dangerous Minorities Evil Guns dont kill people... Zalakaf 2
8206 NOLA The Nonchalant Organisation of Lawless Assemblages Neutral Afraid of none, submit to none, care for none. boilpoil 2
8196 ?2 OHMS Good micr0monkey 2
8196 CTF Crwn Thy Frnicatr Evil Anaesthetic[for the public] Noitek 2
8157 The TM Clan The Twisted Monkey Clan Evil Ben Blevins 3
8155 Anti Antithesis Neutral two and two make five Quandaryus 2+1
8040 P3|\| March of the Penguins Good 4 Tux and Friends Penguisher 3
8022 COLD Winterholm Evil Burrrrrrr SouConWarlin 2
8017 Ouglee Ouglee's Uglies Neutral Split personalities unified... Ouglee 3
7934 Dirtsharks Dirtsharks Neutral FOR THE QUEEN! Doctor Furious 3
7925 CHT Church of Hate the Telepaths Neutral "Takes one to know one." Popcorn 1+1
7924 SGX Storm Genesis Neutral Why the heck not! shalalith 2
7896 Bwee :3 Tanclaw Clan Good "If a man does his best, what else is there?" leachlife4 3
7896 HSTYC Hasty Choice Good "Err...umm...That one! No, that one!" Skulltacula 3
7876 Wauw Whorde Evil A demicanadian is better than no canadian Minkrouk 3
7850 raven r-a V e-n Neutral BL00dASp[AG-RU] is ready to reset 05.12.2008 BL00dASp[AG-RU] 2+1
7821 Zaba Zabaddos Evil Morbid Chef 2
7810 WAGH! WAAAAAGH! Evil Me kill Humies! Me like kill Humies! krongdong 2+1
7801 RelUni Relatively Uninterested Neutral Nothing in particular. Rove 2
7777 T!B Team Blitzkrieg Neutral Surf nazis must die! Sylvain 1+2
7768 TeePee Teh Pwnerers Good WE WILL WE WILL PWN YOU! TheGrim 2
7752 alicuu ALICUU&SCWU Neutral ALICUU貼圖&討論&留言BBS專用 dbfox 1+1
7751 Cossacks Cossacks Neutral We can rule the world, but we don't need It Defiant 2
7751 BF/WF Blanka Flago (White Flag) Good Let the universal dialogue begin! Towel Matyfu 2
7711 Blogshares Cult of the Blogsharians Evil We are all evil J.T.Sage 2
7699 ruin RuinCommunity Evil NeonLightning 2
7693 BBS Blubbed Bogs of Shlapas Evil Initiative comes to them as wait. Warmoth 2
7693 PQ Progress Quest Neutral A quest for those who are questing? perhaps! Fesoferbex 1+1
7693 TFG Toolfan's guild Good Toolfan!!!! Toolfan 1+1
7687 DooP Democratic Order Of Planets Good In chess, never let your opponent see your pieces Captain Yesterday 1+1
7684 OP Onion Power Evil We eat stuff leachlife4 1+1
7672 Kom0 Kommune 0 Neutral Batallamos hasta la victoria siempre! Rayek 1+1
7671 Godfather The Corleone Family Evil Don't disrespect the Godfather Amatsu 2
7670 Forest Kids Forest Kids's Hideout Good Helping the Forests from fires est. Kili 3
7670 Flings Flings Neutral It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that fling crazyhorse 3
7670 HotL Heroes Of The Larynx Good 'Til the Epiglottis and further on! Thorion Stummelfiep 2
7669 O$I O$I Sucks Evil Down with O$I and we liek milk. Todd 1+1
7669 a lap Almighty Lords of the Awesome Parallelogram Neutral The parallelogram rocks Misterdrgn 2
7669 KSC Keepers of the Sacred Chao Neutral Hail Eris! Xarvous 2
7669 Lawyer Lawyers United Good Why does a Lawyer Progress in Quest? Nequissime 2
7669 unHelpers Rulers of the Photoshop Good Rule em all! vetal_l 2
7669 TIMMAH!1!!!1 The TIMs Good Nothing to see here... inTIMidator 2
7669 GoodEvil No Good No Evil Paladins Neutral These are good paladins, These are Evil paladins. Twenty Seven 2
7632 Homies The Homiez Evil If it's good we kill it... then PEE ON IT! Drelly 3
7625 D21 District 21 Neutral ... Case K 3
7624 P.t.f PATTER til folket Neutral Store PATTER betyder undskyld Fede 2
7624 THDD The Heralded Dragoons of Dementia Neutral Shakin' that badonkadonk! Noexit 2
7624 Maggot Brain The Placebo Syndrome Evil Who Says A Funk Band Can\'t Play RocK?! leachlife4 2
7624 1CW 1CruelWorld Neutral If it doesn't happen to us, it'll never happen. Akcin 1+1
7624 LZ LZCrew Evil Loot! Kio 2
7624 [VS] Valhallan Sentinels Neutral D: True Selenis 2
7624 IDKmBffJ Idk my Bff Jill? Evil Idk my Bff Jill? Omniblade 1+1
7624 mz2k mz2k Good Cant Kill It, Blow It Up. Erz 2
7611 SS WOW! Super Sandwich Evil Sandwicho delight! Kiba Wolf 3
7610 BldyMnky Bloody Monkey Evil aaaargh, give me your booty Psycotwerp 2
7548 AUP The American Universe of Pie Neutral Watch out for that guard elemental! Bingbing 2
7548 B-S Brain-Splash Evil Spash all brains Fru.Katt 2
7520 Stringent Stringent Criteria Evil linspatz 3
7520 RPers Rasta Pasta Good Jamaican spaghetti, mon Leroy Scooter 3
7487 HiHo HiHo Clan Good Sorry only dwarfs Jakson 2
7446 ShCi Shame City Neutral Shame City population: 2 Swine 2
7446 Riiight Assassins of Evil Good Evil shalt not wake up in the morning Macho 2
7446 HTBLuVA HTL Salzburg Good HTL4LIVE Herbert Langaschek 2
7409 [BNP] The British Nunnery Partnership Good Keep Britain black and white Ouroboros212 3
7395 400BB PowerProgress! Evil 400 Babies! Zorngov 2+1
7390 Evil clowns Evil clowns Neutral Evil clowns from around the land.... come join us splify 3
7381 Lupo's Guild Lupo's Guild Good Lupo 1+1
7380 InMo Inmortalis Evil Pimmel mich nicht an! grimmi 2
7267 GOI Gilthonwe o Imladris Good A Elbereth Gilthoniel ! Gweryan the Fair 2
7267 OSP Order of the Shiny Pants Evil Shiny pants bring shiny glory! RuffinGuy 2
7249 WRAB Wreckless Abandonment Neutral Set it and forget it! Poopur 3
7238 Coffee! The League of Caffeinated Divinity Good We sure do likes us some coffee. divinecoffeebinge 1+2
7233 Gartogs 69th Heavy Mandingo Regimental Support Battalion Evil If you've got an ass, we'll kick it! mammal 3
7231 EW Elite Warrior Evil Blut und Ehre Xell 1+1
7231 The D C C DCC Evil Drugs.. DRUGS.. Zigara 2
7222 NEP Nerdy Programmers Evil Oh yes. Pinto 3
7221 DRT DragonTrance Neutral ZzzzZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZzZzzzZZzzzz korvan 2
7221 1 @M 1337 1 @M 1337 Evil w3 4rE tH3 Be5+, PhuX0R tH3 Re5+ Havegrillen 2
7221 BluGar The Order of the Blurple Gartr Neutral Champions of Progress Quest Endgame Activities Sir Chubbums 2
7208 /. Slashdotters Neutral News for Land Squids, Stuff that Splatters. Jaysyn 3
7193 Veggies The Veganeers Good We kill to save! Sir Vegan 3
7138 Walkers The Walkers Good The PQ version of The Walkers! krzy 3
7137 LJers Livejournalers with too much time on their hands Neutral We're too bored for our own good inaneDirk 3
7127 PDOCQ The Plastered Ducks of Cunning Quivering Neutral We suck less! daMoose 2
7127 Spooge Abundunce of Spunk Good Behave or I'll shoot you in the eye Spooge 1+1
7127 Oobleck Ooblecks of the Modogoozy Good Ryokokon that Bedublebat! Ziphou! Vengance 2
7127 D.U.M.B Lemurts Black Lair Of Jehelzebul Of Oldendire Evil wrap it in foil before you check her oil...condoms jhon 2
7127 Ktulkhu Sunrise-White-Knight Ktulkhu The Immortal Prayers Evil Blah-Blah Sunrise 2
7127 CoLGV Conglomerate of lawful good vehicles Good Red goes faaaaastah! Kirill 'Sco' Bogdanov 2
7127 TAB The Assassin Brotherhood Good Nothing is true, everything is permitted. GMKF 2
7105 PA Prancers Anonymous Good You like to prance, don't you?! Snirpfel 1+1+1
7075 White Story A White Story Good Stay White Qwald 2
7068 We are Groot We are Groot Neutral We are Groot My Infinite 3
7044 PPaPP PixelPushersAndPolyPinchers Neutral Days Neva Finis, Massah Gotme Werkin.......... KaderaTheSmelly 2
7044 Dragon Cult Cult of the Dragons of Yesteryear Neutral Avas Enrod - "The Arm of Decision" IndigoDragon 2
7044 D.O.N.G.S Democratic Order of Neutral Guy Space Neutral Live free, or don't. bagers 2
7022 mtz Mystikal Rainbow Good Mystikal Rainbow Miles Teg 2
7002 KotC Knights of the Coconut Evil We take pride in the fact that you suck. AlmightyTim 3
6981 DeWi DeathWishers Good Come and enjoy Hybi 3
6976 TSC The Shadow Council Evil We'll get you downtown! Scourge 2
6937 DivineRogue Rogue Neutral Motto This! Divine 1+1
6937 WBY We Butter You! Evil We Butter You, but only with fat-reduced butter! deathcab 2
6937 Flaming Cox The Flaming Cox Good Believe it. Feel it. Taste the explosion! midgetloompa 2
6893 Lolclub UAB Anime Good Tentacles are good, right? Zenith 3
6891 B.o.M. Brothers of Metal Good Standing together with hands in the air. Nils Ivanson 2
6891 RDP Random Places Neutral O_O Bluebrisingr 2
6883 Moongarm Moongarm Evil In the east dwells the old Hag ... ASPePeX 1+2
6882 Neutral oi nehpetsca 1+1
6881 IZ Irken Invasion Neutral I'm dancing like a monkey!! Gir84 2
6871 omgwtf T3h Cr3w Evil y4ruh8? ANTRat 3
6870 WTVR Whatever Neutral Whatever Vibilo 2
6870 FrBo Fruit Booters Evil Do you want the boot?!? Eveock 2
6869 {GoL} Gathering of Lightbringers Good We guard the world against the forces of darkness. Canth 3
6798 urmom urmom Evil i m gonna kill u gigs 1+2
6768 DWM Dead Wet Monkies Evil Flying monkies make my brain dance. Sostenida 2
6768 ADF The Anonymous Dilettante Filmakers Neutral Should our movies be seen, we will deny everything EDS 2
6744 BMST Bomberspastis Evil Knock Knock. Who is there? Yes Dr. Who is there! Muuudl 2
6715 N2 Numtoo Evil Who does number two work for?!?!? Sean088 3
6700 V.D. Vermillions Dread Evil Baggards Skurvey 2
6696 WsyP We stole your Pie! Evil pheW pheW LaZ0R gunZ Blackdeathxx 3
6695 Pax Torq Pax Torquemada Neutral Better living through shutting your cake holes. leachlife4 2
6695 HVHL Hella Vodka, Hella Love Good There\'s no absolutes in life - only vodka Fidget 2
6695 NbK Nioubgress Knights Neutral Piou Piou Piou ... Zznab 2
6692 McC McClures Evil McClure Madness Tanek 3
6687 DOOMRABBIT The ever revolving never evolving bunnies of doom Evil di to liv 4 lyfe Haylel 3
6673 ::ADG:: The Anti-Demicanadian Group Evil Canadians? Blast 'em! Ryoniyk 3
6673 ThKB The Kobold Brigade Good If it exist, we can blow it up Lord_Ajrarn 2+1
6671 Lumumba! Lumumbatruppe Evil noch'n Lllummmummmbaaa! User3 2
6670 Free Wandering Free across the lands Evil Blood and Souls for my Dark Lord Wandering Free 2
6670 PhO Phantom Order Neutral Don't Eat That Emanuel 3
6669 Miroku Miroku Clan Evil Lesbian hentai <3 Kaio-sama 2
6669 PixiPala Plucky Pixie Paladins, Ltd. Good Now You See Us, Now You Don't R. B. 2
6669 Ridin Dirty Ridin Dirty Evil We be Ridin Dirty Vexmir 1+1
6641 CGM Computernerds Gone Mad Neutral Hey, you got a piece of liver in your hair!! Bronco 3
6631 NoSoCo NorthSouth Connection Neutral We don't need no stinking motto! Castor 3
6630 BGBH Basugasubakuhatsu Evil Kala 2
6630 mikotachi &#27515;&#31070;&#12398;&#24043;&#22899; Good I aran né taura, mal i tári né saila lá i aran. aiyokudorei 2
6630 druid Cabal of Druids Neutral What use is power to the Keeps of Balance? Coren 2
6630 iwtbg i want to be guildless Neutral knastest 2
6630 OpBat Oppium Batavorum Neutral Today is a good day to die! Noviomagus 2
6630 L.O.M.P. League Of Maleficent Purpose Evil Get Bent, Nerds! Gimpert 2
6626 Moo The Cows Go MOO!! Neutral To Kick Anyone's Ass Who Piss US OFF! HolyCow 1+2
6617 Fubar'd Ballzak Nation Good if it moves, fuck it Nyxx 2
6611 ..::[D|P]::. The Dark Project Evil GildeshIX 1+2
6573 chatting Fireside Chatters Evil Snake People Nothingatall544 3
6564 GOFWYWIAR Guild of forgetting why you walked into a room Neutral Why am i here? Namic 2
6564 Exiles Exile Wanderers Good Gyrfalcon 1+1
6564 Vampiria Vampiria Evil Spawn more overlords! Diablous 2
6551 SNUCSE16 SNUCSE16 Good Let's waste time LiverselleR 3
6550 Luu5 Luu5 - Finnish Multiplayer Club Good knowledge speaks, wisdom listens ^Beldin 2+1
6544 .:OPC:. OPC Drinks for FREE!! Neutral Yes, we really do drink for free. Commander Pork 3
6539 The Coin Golden Coin Good Eeeerrr....... rotofade 3
6539 SotEP Society of the Emerald Peons Good Deventeale 1+2
6510 Spunkers The Mighty Spunkers of Spunkania Neutral "If it ain't Spunkers, don't Spunkers." Xbob42 2
6477 Alterna Alternative Guild Of Free Spirits Neutral Be Free! Kill Free! Level Free! Dimonte 3
6475 VGCG Video Game Characters Guild Good Video Game Characters of the World, Unite! TStolz 2
6470 chemfus chemical fusion Evil lazyness pays off now Cameron 3
6449 TitDeity Worship the Breast Goddess Good Bra makers weep in despair thunderbreasts 2+1
6437 MBoL The Mighty Band of Logproock Neutral Long live Logproock! Logproock 3
6435 TPPQC Teamplay PQ Challenge Neutral who dares wins! crimson dinner 3
6418 BlDw Blue Dwarfs [Groinbutters Dept.] Neutral The lesser dwarfs, the sooner the apocalypse Hanz 1+1
6417 boekel123 Boekelcity Neutral I NEED AN EXIT, FAST! JiZ 2
6385 CiB Covered In Bees Evil Our raids are run by girls Sarai 3
6351 Irn IronMen Evil Gather money! Women! and Arms! IronMan 3
6351 T_L True Love Good Pr0n Magic_Bob 3
6337 PS Porkchop Sandwiches Evil Who wants a body massage? billthecow 2
6337 Juggalos The Gathering of Juggalos Good Track 17. Nuff Sed, MUTHA FACKU! Blamerooney! 2
6337 the Pals Prudgreds Pals Good Be a Friend! Come join Prudgred in his Holy Quest! leachlife4 2
6337 KERM Kermen Evil Harr Harr Laivindil 2
6332 -[AfK]- AfK Faction Good Away From Keyboards Since 2003 leachlife4 2+1
6321 BatlOr Battlefield Orphans Evil Kill or be Killed Oulegulas 3
6319 V3 Vini Vidi Veci Good We Came, We Saw, We Conquered leachlife4 1+1
6319 DarkTech Darkling Technologies Good RAWR! Mekesss 1+1
6319 TVPS Teen Voodoo Princess Squad Neutral get ready to look soooo gooood!!!!! Monster Char 2
6319 KTC Karaambar Truckers Community Good Eat some beans Recep Ivedik 2
6297 [0815] 0815 Good Hallo erstmal, hier bin ich. Mfg und thx 08/15 3
6290 123 hawkins guild Good hawk02 2+1
6290 MMP Mustat Miehet Puutarhassa Evil Sehän on musta mies! Ja toinen! Singular 3
6288 Ins <Insert Guild Name Here> Good <Insert Guild Motto Here> SargePepper 2
6286 REFACTS Refactornators Good Prepare to be refactored Frey 3
6279 GuH guacamoleanhorde Good Inverno 2
6269 WAMK The Absentminded (a.k.a. Where Are My Keys?) Good Where did I leave my keys? Master_Bratac 1+2
6268 R.A.B.I.D. Recalcitrant Anti-Bug Intolerable Deviants Neutral This is a rather unspectacular motto... leachlife4 3
6229 -=]SWX[=- -=]SWX[=- Evil To pillage and steal is human Haggather! 3
6205 ufail Generation ufail Neutral ufail, srsly Acias 2
6198 Tilt Guild Tiltir Gildur Neutral Fetchez la Vache! Ovur Tiltir 2+1
6197 Sciurus Lore Squirrel Lore Good Wise men chatter, about trivial things. Nightshade 2
6197 PEEL Planet Express Employee Lounge Neutral Life sucks, deal with it. leachlife4 2
6197 Guildy Guild Guildy Guild Neutral Guildy Guild is the best guild. Hobologist 2
6197 JooC Fawkin Joocy Neutral We fawkin joocy cuzz Nodrogx 2
6197 NSC NastySalubriousCharacters Evil Let's get progressing! WarBear 2
6179 T.H. The Twilight Hunters Neutral Krang 3
6146 BANGARANG! Lost Boys Neutral Whatever! TwiztedTD 3
6127 wha? The Quotas Neutral a QUOTA! Skalix 3
6125 M.R.P. Mobius Roleplay Neutral Debt cannot die. Namgara 2
6107 Follow Stray Followers of Strayliight Neutral There he is!!! Let's follow!!! Strayliight 2+1
6107 icander icander Evil biif 3
6102 CresFresh Crescent Fresh Champions Good Sword! Where's my sword! I nee-ARGH! Bartleby 3
6073 Snatch The Snatch Evil Anything to declare? Yeah, don't go to England. medievil 3
6071 -=|BM|=- BattleMaster Good If the enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in. Cancelot 3
6066 Meff MeffDivers Evil Mewmew 2
6050 TCOR The Necromongers Good You keep what you kill TheVoiceOfReason 1+2
6032 Haibane Haibane Neutral Never pet a burning dog. leachlife4 2
6031 Cheddar The Cheese Cavalry Evil Do not underestimate the power of the gouda leachlife4 2
6007 Viking The Viking Horde Neutral PILLAGE!!!!! Erik The Red 3
6007 EvNox Evorsor Nox Good Latin is a cool language, and so is eating pizza Ingsoc 3
6003 Murky Murky Good Fun Fun Fun & slow slow slow murky 3
5992 Cotton Club The Cotton Club Evil Arose from the cotton, a new generation of heroes LegalizeProstitution 2
5984 NI4NI An Eye For An Eye Neutral Mavol 2
5984 G.D. Guild of Dungeoneering Good carury 2
5970 roflcopter the Alliance of Guild and Clans, ROFLCOPTER!!11one Neutral do what you want, just don't get us involved tehwalrus 3
5970 RLTS Rainbow Llama Taxi Service Neutral You want it, we might get off our bums to get it. Malikane 3
5970 SO! Spoltog Ortemts Neutral ARRRR!!!! Elshar 3
5955 mechs >> all Mechanical Forces Neutral motorcycles pwnz Evi 3
5952 CoCV The Company of Crazed Venturers Good We'll mess up a left leg. Yolarg the Gral 2+1
5951 S.o.A Security Of Angels Good SoA 4 Life! ovenroastedmike 1+1
5951 Kipina Kipinä Good "Learn the basics of making and woving of cloths." LemonjuiceX 2
5930 BlknRng Black Guy n the Rangers Good HES GOT A GUN!! Slowdown 3
5919 CalCl Calcium Club Good Drink your milk! TheCakesASpy 3
5914 Evil Lords Evil Lords Evil We will conquer middle earth! Veggie 2
5861 TUNAK The Uber Neurotic Action Killaz Neutral Tunak Tunak TUN! Rickdroz 1+1
5855 KoS Kinslayers of Sweden Evil We love the smell of slayed kin in the morning Darus 2
5848 NAPN National Association of Pirate Ninjas Neutral Super happy pirate ninja guild time yay! Darnin 2
5835 FOTA Forge Of The Arbalest Neutral Forging Time..... But we aren't sure into what Silver Raven 3
5831 Ginko Ginko Technologies Neutral We build things. Things that do stuff. Hinoserm 3
5826 UWA05 Team United Wrestling Alliance Neutral We're here to do somethin. I can't remember what. ThePredSpecies 3
5821 GLwB Guntoting Lunatics with Badges Neutral We tote guns and we haven't a clue how to use them residieu 2
5821 ferr's guild ferr's guild Neutral doot doot doot ferrx 2
5820 NightB Nightblades Evil A Dagger In The Dark Rabek 1+1
5818 BEASTING FierceBeast Neutral RAWRRRRR Wolfrisger 2+1
5817 BLE Burning Legion of Elgoog Evil Elgoog shall burn your soul! Charon 2
5817 MMOA MMO Anonymous Neutral No Pain, No Gain e-sun 2
5817 Breadcat Breadcat Evil Breadcat 2
5817 YIPPEE YIPPEE creature cult Evil Anything for YIPPEE creature CharlieGalazy 2
5815 HRDV Empire Hordovia Neutral Hordovia gloria! Gratias pro Borsch! Twist_Oli 3
5809 KillS killingspree Evil you'r death shall be gruesom! bwaha \o/ carna 2
5807 RM Russian Maniac Neutral Why? Snowblin 1+1+1
5806 JUSTICE!!!!! Knights of cydonia Good Don't waste your time or time will waste you... Milmaune 2
5805 OH SHI- Powarzne Paszczaki Evil EPPSI EPPSI Seriously Serious Pashchaque 3
5804 ICEFTW Icecream for President Evil Fat kids are harder to kidnap Ethirty 3
5803 e$G Elite Soilder Germany Evil Just do it! PsY.Saar 3
5800 Hackers! Hackers! Evil Hack this loser game! leachlife4 3
5800 jipjip Jipnips jipnap Good Nap a jip or jip the nap Jipnip 2
5800 RHPS Rocky Horrow Penguin Show Evil When in rome tannnnerrr 1+2
5799 What?What? NewChirasi Good Chirasi 2
5799 FUCD Frisco Union of Civil Defenders Good Whatever we do, we're FUCD leachlife4 1+1
5770 Koskus Koskus Neutral Koskus Forever SBYman 3
5769 S.P.O.O.N the Society of People Of Other Names Evil Long Live Those With Other Names! Jon (ofDeath) 3
5766 FiFMU Finnish flying mushroom Neutral Taste before eating Upulitar 3
5766 Team Ramrod Team Ramrod Good I'm Rodney and you're Ramathorn! Team Ramrod! Stillhart 1+1
5765 A - I Anime - Insanity Good Love it, watch it, absorb it. w/anime life is good Menchii 2
5765 OdrF OrdenDerReinigendenFinsterniss Evil what moves could be killed Raider 2
5765 Wazaaa Tourbillon de Wazaaa Good If you want to tuch the sky fuck a duck and try to Albrokzar 2
5765 TwDe Twilight Descends Good Alea jacta est Slavakion 2
5765 PUGT Pitchfork Palmtree Good We know work. SpaceMouse 2
5765 Apple Corps Apple Corps Good Hail Eris! Maltrich 2
5765 NDR NDR Good NDR 2
5765 Reiki Reiki Good Carpe diem! Neftis 2
5765 DFTBA Nerdfighteria Good Don't forget to be awesome Covert_Nerdfighter 2
5762 ModZer0 The cheese eating crew of Evil ModZer0 and Cheese. Where can you go wrong? Voodoo Bishop 3
5754 [HARTY] Harty Boys Neutral Screw the rules I have progress bars! Jeffey 2
5723 .:TN:. TehNoobz Evil For the better of mankind, you must die. Lu5t 1+2
5723 RBLM Rambalam Neutral RAMBALAMA DING DONG Whispss_ 3
5720 TC-P TC-Productions Evil sell +78 Ring of Sudden Death with pk /8 23ui + pt Timuuh 3
5716 PPQC Professional Progress Quest Consultants Good We do what we must because we can. Lulidine 3
5707 STROTR Seeckt The Remains Of The Reason Evil Nothing it occurs, without the interference of wil Hi_Death 1+1
5707 [ABR] Anonymous Raider Brigade Neutral For Whatever! Tetradex 2
5707 Draconians The Draconians of Justice Good Onwards we stride, To justice and peace. BeowulfDragon 2
5697 SPNKNT SpankNet Neutral We Spank it so you dont have to Wissape 3
5686 Double G Galactic's Guild Neutral ^_-; Galactic 3
5686 POSERS Persons Of Skill Enterprisingly Ransacking Stuff Neutral No dungeon left unlooted! gbuchold 3
5676 gomi Guild of Malcontent Individuals Neutral ゴミ: trash, garbage; litter Juiceman 3
5664 [SeEn] Senthetic Entropy Neutral Natso 3
5662 -=SD=- Speed Demons Evil Speed is the key Devilslore 1+1
5661 GSM2k GodSlayerMen2k Evil heiehieei klet 2
5622 SLPH Selphith Good Unlimited Play in Company Works Aliene Spiegel 3
5597 radP radPolar Neutral Scrollbuttons leachlife4 3
5595 BBQB BBQ Bashers Evil We kill it, AND grill it. Nindaru 3
5580 The Sheep The Remarkably Noble Quadrupeds of the genus Ovis Good Sheep will rule the world pixelsheep 2
5522 -PR- Panty-Raiders Neutral Rading Panties 24/7 Nikral 3
5519 69T The Six 9 Triads Neutral Successor to the Three 6 Mafia Pearmelon 3
5510 Arga Argan Empire Neutral If at first you don't succeed, too bad. Arceliar 2
5506 GLN Guildlessness Neutral Spoooooooooon! Davealiciousness 3
5505 Muppet We will survive Evil He who dies lives forever leachlife4 3
5495 JUT Just the two of us! Neutral There are two of us! AbbathorX 2
5495 TrailofDead ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Evil …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead FaapOaid 2
5470 C&H Cyanide & Happiness Evil Un-Official cyanide and happiness greatucker 3
5462 AFSH Aftershave Good If ya can't play in the grass, play in the mud. Gedier 3
5460 DBIP The bananas in pyama's Evil Be a banana jacknikols 2
5460 The Worst Worst Guild on the Server Neutral Might not be the best, but you can be the WORST Smarg 2
5439 ROTN Rangers of the North Good We fight for a free and united North autoexec 3
5401 T.F. The Franchise Good 'Witness The Power' Jedi 3
5390 cmtcbnf Commandomechatechnocharlesbronsonninjaforce Evil Huh???? Peter-san 2000 turbo wow 1+1
5390 NoF Noobs of Fury Evil We are Noobs and we are Furious Smugcloud 3
5389 Kids n' SIDS Kids_with_Sids Evil It's a disease. secret cutter 2
5389 DAoPQ Dark Age of Progress Quest Good Aye, you will now feel more powerful then ever! Pagman 2
5389 Sot6thP Slaves of the 6th Planet Good Trent{TS} 2
5389 Buffet The Great Buffet Collective Neutral All your food are belong to us. SmorgasBorg 2
5389 5226 Futt Buckers Neutral kill people burn shit fuck school Delta Walrus 2
5386 Feather Feather Good Birds of a Feather flock together! Aepoch 3
5364 LotUSDEI Legion of the Unborn Sick Dead Engels Incazzati Evil We are the gruesome engels that come from Valhalla Marutan 3
5328 WUH Woolungering Unfight Hamper +3 Neutral Better Woolunger through Understandable Lunt! Plonteras 3
5326 KTTBRGNDS Kitte's Brigands Evil Slay the hobbits! Kitf0x 3
5326 Abaddon Abaddon Neutral Res ipsa loquitur. Let the good times roll. Caudric 2
5321 BrBr Brownie Brigade Evil Steep prices and trees! leachlife4 3
5275 WINNER Captain Terribles Band of Nymphomaniacal Lobsters Evil Once you go lobster Moridim 2
5258 SovietPQ SovietPQ Neutral In Soviet PQ, game levels YOU! Kyoshiku 3
5254 Minsanity Mild Insanity Evil Let there be dimness! And discomfort! leachlife4 3
5245 Tiny Buggers Coalition of tiny Buggers Neutral Size doesn´t matter!!!! boggizzle 1+1
5245 OOG10.9.3 Out of Game Evil Begin Combat! jomomma 2
5245 IJW It Just Works Good Duh, "It Just Works"... Ship it! Buodonnn 2
5244 KOG Keepers of the Gate Good Booga Hooga Fooga Asherom 2
5218 CH3353 mongers of the cheese Neutral ian0x 3
5218 bslt Obsolete Evil Angin 2
5212 NKVD The KoRT Soviet Good All power to the Soviet! dutchman6 3
5210 O RLY Manumitter o' Dragon Good :D Dragonsaver 2
5210 synermosity synermosity Neutral Malolas 2
5203 BCP Bloodninja Cyber Pirates Evil Cyber Kills Ehrnam 2
5203 CDNEH Crazed Canadians Neutral We will show them, eh Sheld 2
5203 THMMD The Honourable Men of Daring Do Neutral We do what we do when we do it Coalpaw 2
5195 K.I.F Knights of Infinite Flatulence Good Better Out Than In Cromulus 2
5192 Cata MassDestructiveForce Evil Death to the weak and long live the wicked! mdfAscendant 3
5179 90s The Nineties Evil dot dot dot Rekcals 3
5175 believe! believers Good believe in me, and you shall be rewarded! believer 1+1
5157 Blingularity Blingularity Evil Train, Steamroll and spitt at people! rar! Chavsis 2
5106 Blackfire Blackfire Clan Good True Masters Of Bullshitting Digital Viruz 3
5099 KotiR Knights of the Ice Rink Good Full Plated Body Check Nitblade 2
5099 DerA Defenders of the Ancients Good Ellianshia 2
5097 APoS Assholish Pieces of Shit Evil We're shit, and we've come to kick your ass! Baron Von Talon 2
5097 [BBaNanA-X] [Green] Evil come on! -SunDaY- 2
5086 CET CETech Players Neutral Uchua 3
5075 BAB Beyond all Betrayal Good Abomb 2
5066 ~{II}~ Invictus Imperium Evil In Nomine Seth! SethBlades 3
5064 GO Giant Oisters Evil Tremudant 3
5062 ZINC Zhoul Inc Evil It's time to slay the dragon... Zhoul 2
5060 TO?? The Others Neutral Huh? Waring 3
5058 NINJA HIT NINJA Hitmen Neutral Who you want me kill? hollow1 2
5058 XoR RoXoRz XoR Neutral kekekekekke ^_^ GhostXz 2
5049 -HoD- Hearts of Darkness Evil Don't eat yellow snow Darquehart 3
5048 Joelbitar Joelbitar Evil Smell my underwear hurk 3
5047 MMash Midget Mashers Good Twice the mashing, in half the time/// Zz.Xx.333 2+1
5046 dood prinny Penguins Neutral Penguins slide on their bellys hahshaashahhahashsh SadRobot 1+2
5044 RAC Regulus Assault Corps Good LOVE & PEACE !!! leachlife4 2
5043 JTL JTL Evil HIT THAT BABY!!! e1337gamer 2
5043 Flowers Flowers of Happiness Good were the good guys we always win Twiztid Juggalo 1+1
5043 losax The loyal order of Saxonia Neutral Why not? 1saxon262 2
5029 FTW!!1 Prickly Bastards Evil RAWR~! Avie 3
5014 IronPearl The Guild Of The Iron And The Pearl Neutral Don't Fear The Unknown... Be The Unknown Demono 1+1
5014 Demon-power! Chou Mashin - The Super Devil-Gods Evil Ew-ay eaksp-ay igp-ay Atin-lay! GulzPast 1+1
5013 Too Good I'm too good for you Club Neutral HAHA Yashira 2
5013 AV AmiciVini Neutral bibendum est! bpj 2
5013 D95 Durango95 Neutral purred away real horrorshow Hopium 2
5013 -PoD- Prophets of Doom Good Muh.... CpKnoppers 2
5013 -HG- Heroshi Guild Neutral There is Heroshi somewhere near you... Temoto 2
5013 XGen The XGenians of PQ Neutral 1111111111ballsacks1111111111 Wyzniak 2
5013 SCIENCE Doomgineer's Workshop Evil For progress! Doomgineer 2
4977 SDWKS Super Double Wookies Good SquidMaster 3
4963 R.S.A Rulebreakers Superiority Association Evil YAAAAR PHOOEE TO THE RULES Da SkoolBwoy 2
4963 MX m00 Evil m00 MooX 1+1
4963 ChaoUn ChaoticUnity Neutral Too bad FFXI Online isnt this easy... ^^ Kodatsuku 2
4963 TUMs The Unethical Mercenaries Neutral What needs to be done, no questions asked grimmier 2
4935 Beannies! Beanblossoms Neutral Sweet and Simple! Fishnose 3
4923 Sav2 Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Neutral Ophelia is my leader. The Red Omen of Disaster 2
4898 UPS-Brown United Parcel Service Good Fighting the Evil of Fed-Ex Quests Solid KZ 3
4897 SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! Good SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! SPARTA!!! shinobu37 3
4896 SoM Sons Of Misery Evil You live, you die. Now you die! demondog 2
4882 CAD CTRL ALT DEL Neutral Just do it Jeroneth 3
4874 PR PepsiRocks Evil Pepsi Rocks and Coke Sucks!!! Black Wulf 2+1
4852 Cemetery Cemetery of Death Good Camel, Dromedary, Lame Spennet 2
4791 yeah! rubberduckies Evil hell no! Needless 2
4791 Illy Illegalization Evil "Illegalized...." leachlife4 1+1
4791 MIEU MI Europe Evil -.- tristix 2
4778 Radiator White Radiator Evil We will radiate you in the face! Milaha 2
4778 Bul Bulgaria Good Bulgaria above all! Kompira 2
4778 PRKL The Perkeleet Good Menee menee KingTahna 2
4761 EHJ Einherjar-Eternal Neutral We are the pinnacle of eternal warriors. Stick35 1+2
4756 F@J Final Justice Good veskeyw 3
4754 GTA Guild of Temporal Adventurers Neutral Time waits for no man Azchar111 2
4753 Brownies Brownies Neutral If you can bake it, you can eat it Shamayne 1+2
4748 OotT Order of the Tentacles Neutral For Tentacular Justice! Kamenwati 2
4748 nst-adminz nst-adminz Evil Yeeeeah! Kill them all! deatwisedog 3
4739 HKK Hokuten Knights Good Fighting the Good Fight Masume 2+1
4738 GC Galactor Collective Neutral Join us... or don't Zigelbaum 2
4729 PB&J Peanut Butter and Jelly Good Eat me! Fiverooni 2+1
4710 PandasRule Pandas of Fortune Neutral Damn all of us leachlife4 3
4700 TS2WO Toy Story 2 Was Okay Evil 8==D Areth 3
4696 <| |> HTX Geeks! Evil PV-duer! Det er noget der holder! Pennywice The Evil One 3
4692 BrainDead BrainDead Evil Who needs brain to play online games? Azimus 1+1
4692 Jolly Roger Jolly Roger Neutral Webtkl 2
4690 ZPer ZeroPagers Neutral All your memories are belong to us! Ardie Fox 2+1
4688 MDco Mainstream Decadence Neutral Y'arr and stuff. Dakkon 2+1
4687 KF Kupo Flux Evil Kupo Kupo! [UofO]Bean 3
4686 Sharp Team Sharp Good Owari Da! Clouded 2
4633 XGF Xenogears Fanatics Neutral Crazy... everyone is CRAZY! Elhaym 2+1
4632 SDLGotDEL Shadow Dread Lord Gods of the Dark Evil Legion Evil Hurion 2
4632 SFFF Senile Felines Good Always Surrender First! mirmite 2
4561 The Follower The Union of the Followers of Casey's Gophur Good He be in cahoots with the seal. LastOneStanding 1+1
4561 OverThere Those Guys. Yeah. Them over there. Neutral Yup. That's us! RedCeoghan 2
4537 WrBR Warriors From Brasil Good Brasileiros - Juntem-se a nós!!! Biano 2
4532 COTA Children of the Apocalypse Evil "We live to End." Claven 1+2
4531 Ilfirin Ilfirin Evil Nope. Meruun 2
4531 Oath Oathbreakers Neutral Swear no oaths, owe no fealty ferofax 2
4531 RoDe Rogue Delicacy Evil Only the dead can be properly cooked. Grand Master Submarine 1+1
4526 bouh les patchoulis masqués 8-) Evil keep your ass far far away from us ^^ leachlife4 3
4525 HarHar Harwind Haven Good Wha??? Hoopyding 3
4508 CoUP Cabal of Ultimate Power Evil The Reckoning is upon thee, insects. All must die! Haarken 3
4472 CUS CUS Good We will slay all of you! Mouhahaha 2
4453 RHSB The Right Honorable Society of Barbers Evil We Heal with Steel leachlife4 2+1
4435 BOYBB BOYBB Good Thread's too long craisin_old 3
4432 Y's H.Q. Y-DOC's H.Q. : the bunker of the bot' Good "Domo arigato, mr. Roboto" leachlife4 2
4432 PCD Planet China Denizens Neutral We're here for the beer. Brande77 2
4428 OS Osmium Good 76 TuxMan 2
4423 TKTM-BL Ticketbastard Lunatics Evil This hurts you more then it hurts me. There are those that call me T 3
4414 MUG MugWarriors Good Bring it on. ubrux 3
4411 SBC Super Best Clan Evil Only the time watch which a strong person win. leachlife4 3
4402 DOOOM! Silly Kawaii Fangirl Guild of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Evil Let the cuteness overcome your soul! KILL UNCUTE! dastafarin 1+2
4402 BUS Riders of the Short Bus Neutral We're Retarded. Endorfinn 1+1
4402 Woot! Nosegay Evil Woot! Darakir 2
4402 CUPCAKES The Cupcakes Clan Neutral Phase 1: Collect Cupcakes Phase 2: ???? Phase 3: $ Phinny Cupcakes 3
4402 madleg MADLEG Neutral beerramensnowramenbeer bunky 2
4399 Ugh Muttonminder's Plague-ridden Beetle Riders Good Tree-folk are not to be trusted. stilyagi 2
4389 nWo new world Order Evil When your nWo, your nWo 4 Life! Drmgiver 1+1
4389 NAT NAT Games Evil this is our future. MagnaDea 3
4388 GiantRobot International House of Giant Robots Neutral クシャクシャ Mecha Godzilla 2
4386 SoRF Sect of ReactOS Fanatics Evil more code! ScoTTie 2
4385 TECoH The Evil Cult of Hendrich Evil German Chicks Don't Give Head leachlife4 2
4385 VeggieClan The Guild of the Bastard Vegetables Evil We make small children sick! Broccolli 2
4385 Lads Sticker Lads Neutral This is a motto. drillbitsworkshop 1+1
4385 RIMT Ronin Immortals Neutral Follow the money. Seek the truth. Aryu Syrius 2
4380 TL#49 Thieves' Local #49 Neutral Take Or Be Taken!!! Ferrick 3
4360 N:N:N:N Neutered Neutral Neutron Newbies Neutral Schland! Schland! Phursenbrand! Blowster-a-hurs! Blartenpfonk 1+1
4359 [DG] Dark Goddess Cult Neutral Come to me and see that can not be seen Nergal 2
4359 War Ensemble War Ensemble Evil The Sport is War, Total War DaiTengu 2
4359 bitchin' The Bitchin' Camaros Evil skate or die Ikantski 2
4359 NSNC Nomadic Spacesuit Ninja Clan Good Nice Hat. Kyrian 2
4359 GEGN Geekempire Good Doin it up Diaper-Style since 1999 Army Chimp 2
4359 TNT TNT Neutral Let Dytand 2
4359 17CC 17th Coffee cup Neutral More bitter than hell itself.. That is coffee. Sadrack 2
4359 T~B Twilight Brigade Evil Reapers of the Twilight Gekkomon 2
4359 unix unix Evil kill unixchaos 2
4359 Mushrooms!!! Hobbit Destroyers Evil We eat mushrooms!!! kairakuda 3
4359 BDGM Bad Dudes, Good Move Evil Wearing Rad 80s Shades SodiumBromley 2
4351 aHoBWP A herd of beautiful wild ponies Good save the kittens! Fedary 2
4351 DMS-PQ Death Marked Spaulders Evil Funshine 2
4327 dodol Dodol Good Dodol Duren eldz 3
4327 Eveningstar Eveningstar Evil wart 3
4316 -BB- Ball Bustas Neutral Don't act like you don't like the ball buster! Binks 2
4316 -ChAOTiC- Castle Age Off-Topic Crew Good -zergy- 2
4303 +Cucumbers+ ++++ Divide by cucumber error +++ Neutral Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot marco polo 3
4299 tN27 TheNumber 27 Neutral MC.Iglo 3
4299 dno damage negate obliterate Good divine status, quality, or nature dno 3
4281 L8C Late Night Crew Evil Pillage, Loot, Eat Kobold Penis. Mysticloss 2
4280 BloodMonk BloodMonkians Neutral Here to conquer all on behalf of all BloodMonks. IDivideByZero 1+1
4270 AF Anvil Fetchers Evil No work is to heavy for us! Maxi - Mighty Pirate 2+1
4260 SWAG Innuendo Casino Neutral Liquor in the Front. Poker in the Rear. leachlife4 2+1
4206 PUBE Pubies United Evil Why not? Jill 3
4205 Gay Ken Ken Stallings Is Gay Good Ken Stallings is SOOO Gay! Evil Bobby 2+1
4172 Hamjob Hamjob Evil Who wants a hamjob? GoatTuber 3
4162 CheeseWheel The Wheel Of Cheese Series Good Like A Good Neighbor, Cheese Wheel Is There. Cheddarmar 3
4155 DARC Dwarven Alliance and Rotary Club Good They profit most who stand shortest. Schizandroid 2
4145 G1 Gildawunn Neutral New member, same dumb objective. DKW 1+2
4140 WYD Who's Your Daddy?!?! Evil Have no fear, daddy's here. Baldin 1+2
4131 MUFF Mufflonmarodörerna Evil Skogstrollen kommer!! Celindra 3
4129 purplemonkey purplemonkeydishwasher Evil If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! -ian- 2
4129 ASSmongers Worshippers of the Sacred ASS Good All Hail the Sacred ASS! MundyWoof 1+1
4129 TFA TheFallenAngels Neutral Our World ... Our Rules ! Luken 2
4129 Nihilum Nihilum Neutral Best guild ever! W4rk 2
4102 The Narmless Armless Ninjas Evil No arms no cookies mj0lnir 3
4084 [ME] Möhren der Ehre Good Es lebe die Möhre leachlife4 3
4075 Vitae Guild of Vitae Neutral VitaeG 2
4075 2EA Twin-Earth Alliance Good Magic comes from John, who killed God. Too bad. Formedras 2
4075 L2TG Lab2TrollGuild Evil Chusme! TrollDusso 2
4075 GULO Guild Lol Evil FUCK YOU MarioAlfaroG 2
4027 DefoS Defenders of Souls Good One step at a time. Finis Kalan 2
4015 first First Evil MAX_INT NH DOWN! amer 2
3988 FoF Fortress of Fury Neutral We who rages against the system. Eroing 1+1
3988 WTFOVER Knights of the Fire Roasted Dill Jelly Babies Neutral We Slay for Pay... or sexual favors. R.Andom 2
3988 ASMO Ass Monkeys Good Hello People World Krumpet 2
3966 Galbuk Galvanized Bucket Good Next comes ice and beer. Brassman 2
3965 hhu Informatiker Evil Motto Moldten 2
3961 schbring Schicksalsbringer Good Preian 3
3945 EWG Elite Warriors of Gradius Good Destroy the Core! Aenadel 2
3943 Smoo The Villiage of Smoo Neutral Fusion - can't live in it, can't live without it. Dr. Vonn Jerry XLII 1+2
3943 kobold penis Kobold Penis Evil UNDERAGE KOBOLD PENIS! Lady Ihaveabigdick 1+2
3940 Slh Satans little helpers Evil To own or not to own thats the question !? Duze 2
3940 MRM Morbidity Remission Neutral If your going to die, atleast have a way back! Morbidity 2
3937 Freeballers The Limp Noodles Evil Die Mother Fucker! DrEvilio 3
3935 YoteYote Super Geniuses and Other Yotes Neutral Become one with Yote - Order Acme Today leachlife4 2
3929 justRU banDA! Neutral homosexualiZm will save the world from human kind! sxl 3
3928 RagingPonies The raging ponies Evil Nom Nom Nom wird^ 2
3923 purge purgatory Neutral Hello World\n flawed 1+2
3900 TcL The Chaos Legion Evil RAWWR Teh Chaos Legion is AzN PoopInMyMOuf 2
3879 0o>G 0_o - - - - - > the Guild Evil 0_o - - - - - > Obey the Face Little Bear 3
3875 norinco The Sweatshop Boys Neutral Ron Mexico 3
3867 NbAk Natural born Alien Killers Evil Eike! Temu 3
3863 ESSSGOC The Guild of the Egg Salad Sandwich Neutral "The Saga Continues!" Sam the Enchanter 3
3862 Viggies The Vigil Ones Neutral We are the Vigil Ones, and we are forever. Warian 2
3862 QAP QA Pain and Suffering Good We test therefore we are Khestral 2
3857 Dominion Dominion Evil Chao Ab Ordo leachlife4 2+1
3837 HTXAATG HTX Students of Aalborg Neutral KILL EVERYTHING! Sjums 2
3836 C_o_S Circle of Shadows Evil Our bars are faster than your bars Ozack 3
3834 Mutsen Mutsen Evil To Muts Or Not To Muts Yali 2
3829 IBBOGU Industrial Bag Balm Ointment Guildies Union Neutral You need the Balm.. why not use OUR palm? Bonebear 3
3829 StrudleTribe A tribe of strugglings. Evil Grekshag! Grekshag 2
3828 L.O.U.L. Loyal Order of Undead Llamas Evil Carpe Dementia Dunny 2
3828 K7 Killer 7 Good In the name of Harman! Faltru 2
3828 Red Shirts The Red Shirts Good Aye, aye, sir! Duse of the Opera 2
3828 M0D Masters Of Disaster Neutral Apherian 2
3825 JEDI [JEDI] Neutral [JEDI]MaitreYoda 2
3825 REDRUM Redrum Good It's all good MessUup 2
3825 D_G DaGuild Neutral Motto? We don't need a motto. Yazston 2
3819 HEG Heroes Guild Good Awesomeness! Alpher 2
3817 V*C Veit-Cong Evil To keep you is no benifit, to destroy you, no loss Ho Chi Minh 2
3816 gschmeido G'schmeidig FC Neutral Alles cremig und so. thedex 2
3816 SaTfB Spankinmom And The For Bads Evil Spank Moms! Hamocho 3
3814 GloryCrusade The Glorious Crusade Good I swear it's for a good cause. Thaylen 3
3814 Riot (WoW) Riot Neutral Riot from WOW Chase 2
3814 AnonMouses Anonymouses Evil We Are Legion! DarkTanis 2
3813 Qtm Qtm Good qtm 1+1
3813 KPOD Killer Penguins of Doom Good Don't eat the Yellow Snow Sherlockrp 2
3813 RCSS Ronny Cordova Sockbaby Superstars Good Tell your alien brothers, RC says they're GAY! aerune 2
3813 F.A.R.T. Federation of Analy Released Travellers Neutral Non Urinus Unto Thee Windus PsychoFox 2
3813 . . Neutral ... Warlock Vulchen 2
3813 C-S-A Call Shit Animal Evil CSA Me More Cool 2
3813 China Ryan Wang Good zenda7 1+1
3793 FP12 The Bringers Of Fear And Paranoia Evil Scared? NO??? will haunt you till you are Paranoid Paralust 3
3791 smoD Snow-men of DOOM Evil death to all until we melt?!?!?!?!? saferain3 2
3791 HotBLP Hordes of the Black Leather Pants Evil CRACK IS WACK! Magical-Buff 2
3791 T R The Resistance Good Fight for freedom! Kill for fear! bomber boy 2
3791 SGW Stargate Worlds Good We are 1337 and visit Kayshin 2
3791 ACL Awesome Canadian Lovers Good Make love, then decide if you wanna kill 'em! MrAnt 2
3791 ABTongue Assault By Tongue Neutral i'm shite mate. Wazburz 2
3791 TheOwnBest TheOwn! Good OwnThatShitBiatch! WesleyPii. 2
3790 BlargHunters The Hunters of Blargness Neutral Protect the people from the powers of Blarg. Horrific Monkeyface 1+1
3783 TTP The TTP Project Neutral Rule #1: You do NOT talk about The TTP Project! ded_guy 1+1
3783 Scimitar The Great Scimitar Good You fight with a sword, you die by the sword CoffeeBoy 1+1
3756 linkybook Knights of the Linkybook Evil Huzzah! Qalthos 3
3746 Sprout The Robotsprouting Heroes Good Sprouting a robot from your head is pretty messy. Bozar 3
3739 [[pOwNzEd]] [[pOwNzEd]] Neutral w3 b3 p0wnz3d bLaM 3
3723 Tidusian Final Fantasy Good Zanarkand Abes Forever Zanarkand 3
3686 KaliHuck Wart-hamsters of the Kalevala Huckleberry Fields Good KaliHuck shall rule the world Raveller Huck 3
3635 Sodas Sodas Rule Good Now...more than ever...SODAS RULE!!! Diet Mr Pibb 3
3622 UM Unruly Misfits Neutral I Like Traffic Lights renothebla 3
3620 PFWD Penguins for World Domination Evil "Where do you keep your dead?" sayuri 3
3613 LK Louis's Kingdom Good If we dont kick ur butt, we dont know u King Louis 1+1
3613 Lockmap The Order of the Lockmap Evil Del Lockmap and USERMAP FOR JUSTICE!!! janderson 2
3613 Superoxide Superoxide Good Je te plumerai MasterBuilder 2
3603 ESt Ein Stockwerk tiefer Evil Schlimmer gehts nicht... Frekon 3
3595 Canadain Canadain Rulers Good Freeze, eat seal, pick maple leaf. Naenor 2
3591 1337H The 1337 WOW Haxxorz Good WOW is a game, we play this one too RJGamer 1+1
3590 PEH Porn Elemental Hunters Good You aim, You Shoot, He dies. 2
3590 SSLOVERS Star Sonata Good We <3 SS TrevorTheGreat 2
3583 ForgMa Forgetful Madness Good Where did that crab go? Bennyfisher 2
3576 Edventuria Edventuria Evil A place for Evil Talking Ponies Syntic 3
3576 CPUC Central-Processing-Unit-Cycle Neutral Fetch, Decode, Execute and Writeback. Magrex 3
3550 DoongTat The Doong Tat Neutral Guahad Doong-Tat ! Heap 3
3543 MBFOS Monkey Boys From Outer Space Evil Kill all the kittens in the world! OnePoison 2
3543 triibula triibula, the great ancient kingdom Good fetch me a fork!? triip 1+1
3543 K15F Knights of the 15th Floor Good Good Knight & Good Riddance, Evil-Doer! Refi 2
3543 <BOFH> Berserking Operators from Hell Evil we will not fix your computer! viliri 2
3543 Samf Samfundets Støtter Neutral Bedre å ha vært der enn ikke Marxxx 2
3543 BARN The Barn Crew Good suck my diiiick Trope 2
3543 Freaks Crazy Leveling Freaks Good Kick the bunnies! Kadiya 2
3543 Flappeh! Non-caring Half orc birdriders Neutral is it dead yet? can i has teh loots? Olaffer 2
3543 MND Monads Good Sergey Shamov 2
3533 GBE Glory Boyz Evil bang bang skudda oblock #3hunna Petyr 3
3520 idlers The Great Idlers Neutral Idling until we can idle no more. YardGnome 2+1
3518 ]dr[ Darks Retinue Evil Come up Sal ! -LicktorR- 1+1
3514 EB Evil Bastards Evil Granaldo 3
3514 TheTrio The Trio Evil We're evil!!! Tekias 3
3502 n1nj4 l33t n1nj4s Good l33t and svv33t Caijhan 2
3484 Trashes Only Trashes Evil One man's trash is another man's trash. kliv 2+1
3483 LDI Land Dolphin Initiative Good Too good to be bad. Sigh71 3
3449 Leshiy Dreadful Clowns Good laugh can kill Leshiy 2
3449 F.F. Frontier Farmers Good NOU! spiffwalker 2
3435 omnitech omnitech Neutral Goats love us! xaminmo 2+1
3427 Irkan Elite The Irkan Elite Evil LEAVE NO EVIDENCE! shofixti 2+1
3426 UWs Uber Wohvelit Evil Yberit leachlife4 2
3421 EVS Eviscerators Neutral Placate this Pessimism 2
3418 TheZ The Zero's Neutral Obviously we may be Zero's, but were still badass. Zushi 3
3413 FNX The Befuddled Evil We don't get it. alp245 3
3402 KvB Kotverschmierte Bärte Neutral Die kotigen Bärte Herbstleyd86 2
3400 berryberry Fresh Berry Neutral Yarouze! crowa 3
3391 PatSquad Patraulea Squad Evil We are za best Ravl 2
3391 #Dominion Dominion PQ Guild Neutral Where power prevails. Drekinn 2
3373 RPQ Rus Progress Questers Neutral Hi Friedns , Kill Steal ,Fuck Ducks! Coolerbox 2
3344 BAMF Badass motherfuckers Evil Fuck them all!!! SnakZilla 1+1
3329 T|-|3 R4p15T The Rapists Of Undealeranamiliche Evil We put the spurs to bitches. Kloud 2
3328 EG 4 lyfe Egyptian Gods Good If it aint jewish, it ain't worth insulting Irenicus 2
3328 Kawaii House The Kawaii House of Hats Neutral "We don't want no trabble" Foxxy 2
3328 Esek Esek Evil DaemonBarber 2
3327 MiB You're not cleared for that. Neutral See the world!.....differently. IlluminatiPawn 2
3327 SHC Silly Hat Club Good Silly hats only! fergdude33 3
3322 404R 404 Radio Good Http:// HexDSL 2
3316 Blibble The Clan of The High Blibble Neutral I Liek Caek Frostbear 2
3316 Meep? Meep? Evil Meep? Meeper 1+1
3316 OMFGeh Ontario Mega Financial Group Evil You won't believe it, eh! LordBafford 2
3316 mybaanrit Neutral weirdos steve2 2
3316 a_guild_01 a_guild_01 Neutral You're in our world now! Sandoso 2
3316 Harvest United Potato Farmers of North America Neutral Fak it's a tensor Granas 2
3306 90928gt 928gt Neutral No Airline Food Zerrath 3
3296 VGL VGL Good godats 2
3296 BlCa BlackCastle Neutral From which Portal shall I go Grudog 1+1
3296 LMR La Main Rouge Evil Tu sais pas Jhcrof 2
3296 [{FG}] Funny Guys Evil Rock Out With Your Cock Out JesterJoe2002 2
3296 DA FTW! Drunken Alliance PQ Good DA FTW! Yanissa 2
3296 M O M MachineOfMorningthaw Good No one pwns harder than M O M! MachineOfMorningthaw 2
3296 DnT. Death and Taxes ... Evil Kill That Mother Fucker MdnghtRmblr 2
3296 Pzz World Of Pizza Evil Everyone wants pizza PizzaManOnly 2
3296 KAWSD The Keiser Anti-World Society of Domination Evil If it ain't dead, you didn't hit it hard enough. Keiser 2
3296 Gamers The League of Gaming Gods Neutral WE ARE, G-A-M-E-R-S, GAMERS!!!!! Charkan 2
3284 AKG Asskickers Guild Evil Reginald Subaru 1+2
3265 Aus Luke-kun Good I have swept the very bravest of their feet Rukuu 2+1
3264 Divinity Divinity Good ummm ya Grahf 1+1
3237 GoCC Girls of The Chaos Chambers Neutral WE LIKE BISHI, RAWR >:O Senko Takagi 2
3235 CC-LM Legion of Myth Neutral Who would you become? MaxLiao 2+1
3232 THoE The Hand of Evil Evil dafoe 3
3222 TLOTMDFPTR Teh Lawrds of teh moors dragaon frodo pwn teh ring Evil i have bettar itam, please! eliteskillz 3
3219 BHBS BorkenHorkenBashemSmashem Evil RapePillageBurn OhMyGosh! 2
3218 Evil Rulers Evil Rulers! Evil Join the Evil side and rule the virtual world! TheMage 3
3202 Pandas Unite U-N-I-T-Y Neutral Panda-Men starting rebellions for their rights! mind_of_1623 3
3177 revenge-689 Neutral revenge is the sweetis joy next 2 getting pussy aka_dre 1+2
3149 1337Mage 1337 Mages Guild Neutral We are the most powerful 1337 legend - ultimate 1+2
3149 Vice Vice Neutral leachlife4 3
3142 Increvible Increvible Guild of Doom Neutral You got owned like a hydra! IFBIT! w00t! denied Petros 2
3142 D-G Dysart Geneseo Good DG 4 Life! Tarain 2
3134 TPBL Talking Pony Bastard Lunatics Evil (ɔıs) ʇdoʇs ǝq ʇou llıʍ lqdʇ crapulus 3
3132 Obld Circle of the Blood Moon Good Blessed be motherfuckers mrjigglenuts 3
3125 C.O.N.E. Cult of Fred Evil drink, arse, feck, CONE!!! Yagrum 3
3122 Black Dawn Black Dawn Evil My world, my soul, my sanity, in the darkness. Aramil Nailo 2
3122 Grundlers Grundle Mania Good Lick my Grundle! Relkin 2
3117 P.M.S. The People's Mighty Strike Good It's not us who have to change, it's the world. athanatos 2+1
3115 DBD Death Before Dishonor Good Our name says it all. evolve 2
3115 4SotA Four Squirrels of the Apocalypse Neutral Squeek Wobly 2
3110 The Fan When the Sith Hits the Fan Good I drank what? Katullus 3
3105 ARR Space Pirates Evil I has an sock! Septu 3
3086 Bittersweet The Bittersweet Legion Neutral Amithraldur 3
3086 PON Pondera Good Balance in all things Drue7 3
3085 Egtmen Rogue Coders of Eg Mont Neutral We are the Egtmen, goo goo ga joob! Crown King Muffin 3
3085 CUP Much More Than A Soup Evil We're delicious Panther2103 2
3082 Stumpy's Stumpy's Hall of Ultimate Doom Neutral Welcome to your Doom. SlackerBoy 3
3081 The Gaming World Network Good Foget! Mekesss 1+1
3081 PIM PenIsMightier Neutral ~~ leachlife4 2
3081 4D Dancers of Doom, Death and Destruction Neutral Memento Mori LeginStyleX 2
3081 N.I.Forever. NothingIsForever. Evil Ever. Altair 2
3069 BARF UP Bonded Allies of Real Friends and United Peoples Good Spewing World Peace Githerax 3
3056 R.O.T.D.U. Ronins Of The Digital Underworld Neutral The Sword Cuts Both Ways. LouSiffer 3
3048 AK2020 Atomkraft 2020! Wir helfen mit! Evil Ökostrom ist Scheiße! Wir verbrauchen für die A Meepiriator 1+2
3036 Section XIII Section XIII Evil Kathan Mortea 2
3024 MYGUT Men Your Guild of Unwomanly Things Neutral No Woman Is Allowed Ixionus 3
3008 yeahwhatever My United States of Whatever Good 'Cause This is My United States of Whatever! Dipthawag 2+1
3003 TEAAODV2 The Evil Apocalyptic Army Of Doom. Vol. 2 Evil It just doesn't get any evily apocalyptical doomy. dasutin 3
2999 ITS ITS Good Im invincible! ....your a looney Fruvroox 2
2999 Chuckles Chucklehead Quintet Neutral That's future mes problem! Fannish 2
2998 HuntG Hunters Guild Good Hunt Or Be Hunted hv11 2
2979 EZ Equipo-Z Neutral Aqui le damos a todo Guion 2
2975 B.S. =[Banana_Splicers]= Neutral Which ever way the banana tilts, it will fall !!!! Meestayenkins 2
2968 bollox Bollox of Dogs Evil They're dangly Fnerk the Smelly 3
2968 Skilled Those That Are Most Skilled Neutral We are better than you in every way. Daylan Hammer 1+2
2960 LumNor Lumieres Nordiques Evil We love Lyndsay Canardwc 3
2958 BRO Fraternaughty Lumini Mortum Evil FISTUS FRATERNUS Franken Martyr 3
2916 Bound Boundless Evil Be the Evil Beavers! Dritz 3
2915 BKDS The Boolean Knights of Double-Swordery Good Cape Gladius, Carpe Gladius Corrash 2
2915 GiG Gigorgeous Evil So big... and so gorgeous Karedis 2
2914 Pax Pax Imperius Evil Peace through Fear, Domination, Whips & Chains! leachlife4 2
2914 FPH The Fellowship of Pious Hosers Good CingKrab 2
2913 TDU Goon Squad Neutral Flame Wreath, Don't Move! Therelia 3
2902 AGN Armageddon Games Evil The End is Here Widge 1+2
2901 TCoTELGN The Circle of The Extremely Long Guild Name Neutral The name says it all. Karteler 2
2897 @_@ Emoticon nation Good We express with symbols~ <(^^)> Sn0w 2
2897 TGC Homiez The Grey Company Good "Be excellent to each other" Famous X Mortimer 3
2894 ±0 Neutrum Neutral Der Mittelpunkt steht allen gleichermaßen im Weg! Tenraiken 2
2894 konohagakure Konohagakure Neutral Never take back your word. Vivian James 2
2894 Derpes Herp Derp Hurr Durr Good Hurr durr herp derp Nikolaibroxz 2
2893 I Love Jews I Fucking Love Jews Neutral I Just Fucking Love Jews genuwine21 1+1
2890 Shadow Hand The Shadow Hand Evil Peace Through Power Jcdx 2
2890 trulz Blackwatch Neutral blackwatch, most renoned gild on sever Aeranlaes 3
2889 N.B. Ninja Biscuits Good Ex Vento Glacies! BobTheCornCob 2
2885 guild-a A Guild Neutral duhhh Aviancer 2+1
2885 WotW White of the White Good Painting the town white Serenya 2
2885 DCX Dark Century X Guild Good Zeruel 3
2885 -CV- Chaotic Vengence Evil dur dur durrrrrrr Steph 2+1
2885 ISz Internet Soldierz Evil boys are they really worth it ¿? HEAK YA Nidshiv 2
2884 Stronghold Orc Stronghold Good gotta kick any other scum like orcs Tithulta 2
2884 Seyan The ArchSeyan'Du Good Althalus28 2
2884 POX The Prosophilic Order of Xiphians Neutral Nikolai 2
2884 Greg Greg Evil Die Picalo 2
2884 KoCR Knights of the Crimson Rose Good Feel the fury of the prickly thorn dabeion 2
2884 Barrel Monkey Barrel Good So much fun. Happy Monkey 2
2884 ONOZ I can't quit a guild! Neutral WUT2DOLULZ zephyris 1+1
2875 SPX Sawesome Paradox Neutral I sent wave after wave of my own men... Birken 3
2872 Les Enfants The Terrible Guild of the Giant Terrible Babies Evil Waaaaaaaah! Cone of Paste! archivis 2+1
2872 Niejadlik Kn Niejadlik Knights Good Jack stinks and 215 for lyfe Wesley V 3
2869 604 604 gaming Neutral Grindan and lootan NC 3
2866 UDIC Ultima Dragons Neutral To eat princesses, knights, cinnabons and trolls. Wtcher 2
2866 The Gloffers The uncomprehenseble Gloffers of northern Oobag Neutral Thou shalt not kill. Or.. wait.. hmmm.. Gloffo 2
2866 B.I.T.C.H. Bold Idolized Tempting Charismatic Hotties Good It's our Choice and you know it Samilia 1+1
2866 PQ Adventure Progress Adventurers Good To defeat the hardest monster on PQ NakedDwarf 2
2866 TofT tunkers of tanks Evil we tunk tanks tanktunker 2
2866 Like WTH What the hell? Good ZoZo- 2
2861 Rhinos Charging Rhinos Neutral Rhinos don't play games They f*ing charge your ass pdag 2
2861 ILMNTY Illuminaughty Neutral all for some obnoxious 2
2845 House Me House Me Evil All for one: one being me. Tierus 3
2839 Neko Isekai That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Catgirl In A MMO Good Nyan~ Luna uwu 3
2838 JM Jack Monkeys Evil Bukow!!! Der Wolf 1+2
2837 yes godwolfpak Good Trying is the first step to failure godwolfpak 1+1
2829 PoopyPants Poopy Pants {Ultimate Fece} Neutral I crapped all over. leachlife4 3
2827 PNcA Panacea Evil do you want to be a problem? join in dark ally Tabolin 1+2
2815 ASCK Alter Sack Neutral Easy living Terz 2
2799 FG_BTs FG_Inside Good Be a bt, and enjoy your day. rimno 2
2759 0080 0080 Neutral Music is life PLZKLLME0080 3
2749 Heresy Heresy Evil Cause chaos amongst the masses crysist 2+1
2739 spaceball 1 The Spaceballs Evil I knew it im surrounded by assholes leachlife4 2
2732 AMA Amabrian Dragons Good Progress for knowledge Breyyne 2
2732 [ZG] Zergernas Gille Evil War isn't about who's Right,War is about whos Left lakritz 2
2724 SEES The SkaiaNet Employee Empowerment Squad Neutral We Love Being Strong BluntTheKing 3
2722 SYSTRUCT the structure system Good concentrate on building the tallest concrete wall 3
2720 JEHoP Jimmy's Evil House of Pancakes Evil Anyone can make pancakes... but EVIL pancakes? Terminus 3
2715 Cybele Legacy of Cybele Neutral Fight your destiny! Devyus 2
2709 LightWarrior The Light Warriors Good Your orbs arn't even lukwarm with destiny ThomasMatrim 2
2709 TIJ The Iron Jaw Good Undead Bois Exiathor 2
2704 ORL OMG ROFL LOL Evil Evil dur MrMeikel 3
2685 CGG Collapse of Good Governance Neutral Of the Labyrinth dranyam_1970 3
2683 GGNeenjar The Grinning Goblin: Neenjar Faction Good A Neenjar is Me! Tsouga 2
2679 DOID Designs of Inarticulate Death Good Our name is totally cromulent! leachlife4 2
2679 tFUG The Frivolous Unguild of Guildesteron Good Crouching Tiger, Hidden Death Azariel Zephyrus 2
2679 ---,---`--(@ nine inch of PvPness Good Peace can't be kept by force,only by understanding Ni3tski 2
2679 Oink The Animal Farm Neutral Its just one big sty Dragon2fly 1+1
2671 XT eXciTe Neutral KiSs oUr AsSes! R4Zi3l 3
2661 LasNoches Lasnoches Evil Buxajem! Jubik 2+1
2660 UJ Unicorn Jelly Neutral Wai! mashuren 2
2660 O-Ring Totally Sweet Neutral UvulaBob 2
2660 CotDRPENIS Consort of the Dark Rose Evil WE PVP ALWAYS Ardaedhel 1+1
2655 El-Ereb El-Ereb Neutral B jour Diluf 3
2649 BRM Black Rose Mystic Neutral PH33r us Vlin 1+1+1
2648 PSnL Pirate Savings and Loan Neutral Customer Care. Committment. Trustworthy Pirates. leachlife4 2
2648 BINC Bondage Inc. Evil Fungusen 2
2637 Toverit Toverit Neutral Dumdi dum. Black_Cherry 3
2625 ZeroC Zero Concept Evil Http:// Woofcat 3
2622 Eggman The Eggman Empire Evil hohohohoho...., I will rule the world Shadow The Hedgehog 2+1
2622 U C Unconscious Collective Good sklug 2
2616 Bo-Ho Followers of the Bonkers Horse Good Don't step in the horseshit. Shiriken 3
2609 BigBlue The Big Blue Evil No money, No soul, we're working for the Big Blue Shoudtrog 3
2608 LI Legendary Incompetence Neutral Better Lucky Than Good! Deathmachine 1+1
2607 ANB Awesome Ninja Bunnies Good Dont take us lightly cuz we're fuzzy ANBsaint 2
2604 Bloodlust Bloodlust, Royal Guard of the Darkforest Evil The Rivers shall run red with Blood Keneth 3
2598 Oorgle I Mean... YARR, MANLY THINGS! Evil FOR THE SWARM... err... type thing. Blaarginslahopovich 1+2
2594 Wen.C. The Wennies Evil Squeak MarlKitty 2
2590 TQ TandemQuest Evil Tellian 2
2588 Shortbus Team Shortbus Evil Destroying Forums Since '05 AntiAntiAntiChrist 3
2571 RSPD Team Respond Good Team? RESPOND! Seetaucher 3
2557 tGoP The Guild of Progress Good Progress together Thrakazog 2
2538 ron! ron! Neutral Ron! Ron! 3
2528 BWHGaming Good Community Guild xD ShadowE989 2
2523 TBatB The Brave and the Bold Good Crime never rests, and neither do we! TKRKS 2
2519 conies team connan Evil Barbarism is a full time job leachlife4 2
2517 cAi Clan Asylum Inc Good We Went in Mad.. We Came Out INSANE!! Lunatic 2
2517 ZirconGaming Zircon Gaming Neutral Erik Drakken 2
2516 Darka The Fighters of Darka Neutral Life is a box of chocolate-Until you eat it all moges 2
2515 DBK Donnerbalken Evil Evil Shit taki 2
2513 Gate Masters Masters of the Gate Neutral We were chosen by the gate. We will rule the gate. Maddyn 2
2513 Ylem The Primordial Cosmic Slop Neutral You lookin' at me? doonyakka 2
2513 MNoSR ´º½­»¨ÔÂÒ¹ Good A Moonlit Night on the Spring River Roar 3
2512 Self-evident Anime Sounding Characters Good All anime, all the time! Keep that Good feeling! Dudethunder 1+1
2511 Hawks The Band of the Hawk Neutral "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate" The Black Swordsman 3
2511 Ze Germans Ze Germans Neutral Schiftsmpfanzn Krompfenhuber! Horst der böse Fighter 2
2510 Memphis Heroes of Memphis Neutral We're neat wvlf_prower 1+2
2510 tsja Tsja... Evil Tsja... RubBA 2
2510 Panda Power Panda Masters of the Holy Squiggoth Evil All hail Cth... ooh, bamboo shoots! Magister Mundi 2
2509 Other Guild The Other Guild Good We are a guild! Imadonkey 1+2
2509 777 Psychopathy Neutral Shut up. Autonecrophiliac 3
2509 fishfishfish Fishsticks Good Fish and Banana Go Together devilsevilhair 1+1
2508 Land Squids Land Squids Evil We might not have bones, but we'll break yours! Vilioximon 2
2508 TTAHPL The Truly Amazing Homeless Persons League Neutral "Please sir, Can i 'ave some more sir?" Senki the Genious 2
2508 E-Olords Evil_Overlords Good Killing is my business and business is good. slashor 2
2508 Val Riders of the Valderain Plains Neutral Too cocky for a motto Lady Kismernai of Valderain 2
2508 TF- Tribal Fury- Good Mess with the best die like the rest RedOX 2+1
2508 AntiPQ Guild Anti-PQ Guild Evil Loomyep 2
2508 Moon Tree Moon Tree Good Hunt for power without killing other heroes Zelkova 2
2508 poingo poingo Evil yowas 2
2508 Ragol Stardust Soldier Good Legend from another world RobDeLaMorte 2
2501 TUNA The Fishmongers Neutral Our tuna goes good with sausage! Sturgeon Surgeon 3
2495  BR Birthright Neutral Die for the experience! Dunsel 3
2492 Sojourn Midnight Sojourn Neutral Death before disgrace pure1337 1+1
2492 Sores Ye Olde Canker Sores Neutral I've got a grumbly in my tumbly GrumblyTumbly 2
2492 LoQ Legion of Qui Good SirPablo 2
2492 FoI Ghosts of FoI Good InnerMasonOwyn 2
2492 TMD TEAM MUCHO-DESTRUCTO!! Good We bring the destruction to you leachlife4 2
2492 CLITORIS League Against Salivating Monsters Neutral To bring misery to where there once was none Smoo 2
2492 Stuffners The Great Stuffners Good If it ain't stuffed, it ain't Stuffners. Sir Stuffleton 1+1
2492 MagooLair SvatynÄ› Magoo Evil Kill what you can't see Ballzie 2
2492 S7M Seven Months Neutral What? Awain 2
2492 Golden Spoon Order of the Golden Soup Spoon Good Drink meat, be happy! SouperJim 2
2492 B.E.N.T. The Better Enclave of Neutral Trivalities Neutral Get BENT, nerds! Gimpert 2
2492 TADOF The Awesome Dudes Of Fyllingsdalen Good the bestest Idle game Meiden97 2
2488 ace acedudes Good we are the ace ones acedudeuok 2
2488 (-_(-_-)_-) Paliza Gitana Evil ¡Como llame ar papa te vah a cagah! Jonsy 2
2479 K&K Krump & Kasterwitz, Attorneys at Law Evil Organs accepted in lieu of cash Rumply 3
2475 RUHi Are You High? Evil We spend all hours of the day/night playing PQ! Quarterpounded 3
2469 r0x0r Cc r0x0r Cowboy Clan Evil "Have a Smashing Time" Rahting 3
2468 1021 Wex's Class Evil Room 1021 Wex in Da HOUSE!!! Sargeras 2
2468 e v i l extreme vile illegal league Evil Dead girls don't say no. Lord of vile Darkness 2
2468 SoRo Sovereignty of Rodents Neutral Le Squeak? Dervius 2
2467 Raider Shadow Raider Good Just On ur progress quest :-) leachlife4 1+1
2458 RHCC Rocky Hill Computer Club Evil Death from Above! Narwinger 3
2458 MFS MegaFazerS Good Dr.Livsey 2+1
2448 hWo Hondo World Order Good Hoooooooooooooo (ndo) Dave Hilm 1+1
2440 PMMD Poly Molger Morphing Duwdel Neutral Peace is created with violence Mir 3
2435 lc lancamp Neutral tenjin 3
2435 PS3FTW PS3 FTW Good PS3 FTW Cydewinder 3
2434 RNG Robotic Networked Guardian Evil They say that "DaAaAaA! I'm a trendy totebag!" West Side Lester 2
2434 HPV Hintertupfinger Perchtenverein Neutral grotti 2
2425 xHCx XhcX 4 life Good Hardcore is our god... birdhouse 2+1
2414 Anna Tiger City Good Alan Lin 3
2384 Badass Dudes Macho Half Hobdwarfs with sick businessideas Evil "Go out of my way, fucking tree cuddler!" Stonerth 3
2375 Zig All your quest are belong to us Neutral Exterminate the lootuns and placate their siblings Riccola 2
2375 RTLM The Love Muscles Neutral flex RTLM 2
2375 Fartypants Fartypants Good We fart and fart. Jessrond 2
2375 ARL Academy of Raya Lucaria Evil Thy fate lieth under my moon. Rennala 1+1
2365 IgnitoBoys The Menno Evil Shh. Only dreams Hallation 3
2364 bft binford toolz krew Good yo we be str8 ballin from detr0yt t00l m3n yo Loki Ambrodious von Esling 2
2364 PLATY Placate The Yeenoghus Good Yeenoghu Want To DVC 2
2364 HANd I like my hand Good Jetjr139 2
2364 FRN Forgotten Realm of Neglect Neutral I don't remember ... Glaxx 2
2362 Globi-Gloubi Here dwelves the family of Globi the Lesser Dwarf Good Fear not. We shall release you from all pain. Globi 3
2361 SC-WF Solclaim Wildfire Evil n 3 1 g0t pr0t4l t0 t3th? Frax 2
2361 QBytes Quantum Bytes Neutral It's all about the Spin! quantum_csc 2
2351 ABLUR Afterblur Evil DIE. Eckels 3
2330 NATO North American Tribe of Oompa-loompas Good We're little, but we're loud! Thorsten Nightwolf 2
2330 -{WeN}- We're not erudite narwhals! Evil Get the point! Bigolass 2
2330 TRP ~The Red Pentagram~ Evil Nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure SargonAzoloth 2
2324 t5 Track 5! Good t54l ctide! 3
2324 R&R Lazy Guild Good being lazy Last_Man 3
2323 TTY Glass Teletype Neutral DTE seeking DTC for RS-232 action aaronwcampbell 3
2322 TeaFaggs Tea Party Good Get ur facts Negroku Rance 3
2316 ptZm Pintazmo Evil Touched by Uncle Dirtypants Artemis Frog 3
2313 Black Gnomes The Black Gnome Suicide Squad Neutral Hey, Where's the fire? Horatio Wildcat Hornblower 3
2311 Kaamelott Kaamelott Good C'est pas faux! Ascarel 3
2295 MDonk Moist Donkey Neutral Slippery When Wet ThorRoss 2
2293 Wacko Wacko Evil woot! Shibo 3
2269 1HJ One-Handed Justice Neutral Order Will Overcome Jason 3
2269 BJs&Hoes Black Jack and Hookers Evil Fuck Hookers jacko117 1+2
2268 Wu-Clang Automatic Temple of the Wu-Clang Neutral Robot Monks Unite!!!!!!!!!! Ninja Penguin 2
2268 NF! No Fear !!! Good No Fear Forewer !!! Shoroh 2
2268 We die last DeadLast Good AppsByAaron 1+1
2268 ÕýÒåÁªÃË ÎªÁË°®ÓëÕýÒå Evil pigliketeammate 2
2267 UNKOEH United Nigger Killers Of East-Helsinki Evil LAPPIIN, LAPPIIN!!!!! Pasi Rautiainen 2
2260 hEaT HEAT Good Heat it up Drofzz 1+2
2253 LSHR Lashari Good Nadir 3
2253 HSq Hot Squids Evil You know it, brother. Ouckvuv 2
2252 GOB Guild of Bodaciousness Good The Elders are so Crescent Fresh Mukkachuk 1+1
2250 PWHPP The People Who Hate People Party Evil Fuck you....Thats what I'm talking about! leachlife4 2
2250 BLP Bacon, Lettuce, and PAIN! Evil Delicious sandwiches followed up by torture! Barstool 2
2250 Ominous Ominous Latin Noun Evil Ominous Nouns are Ominous Ukrap 2
2250 TeMoBe Team Moon Bees Evil Bzz bz bzz bzzz bz bz bzzz bzzz bz! Perlith 2
2250 Stank Stinky Bitches Evil Be a Clunt. KodaPop 2
2249 Drax The Legion of the Drax Empire Neutral Twisted, yes, but strangely fluffy. Moltare 1+1
2246 Progress The Progressers Evil We Progressively progress at a progressive rate. Finality1233 1+1
2230 A.N.T. Apparently Not Trying Neutral What's a motto with you? xBLAHMASTERx 2
2223 #lazy Knights of Lazytown Evil Oderint dum Metuant StewTheGreat 2
2217 KoZ The Nights of Zxegot Good hoi oligoi Danger408 3
2203 DoJ Duo of Justice Neutral For Great Justice! Adokul Wolfsbane 2
2191 TKTSN RABID BADGERS Good Smarties ROCK!!!! Proopoon 1+2
2189 DVP Divine Providence Good Honestly I don\'t know why we bother... leachlife4 2
2189 ConWan Confused Wanderers Good What are we doing? sirlok 2
2189 AccoBan Accordion Bandits Evil Moracnoy 2
2188 Ronin The Ronin Neutral "Here honor binds me, and I wish to satisfy it." Fyrehawk 1+1
2188 gan xianshangyinpa Good oooooooooxigei Spike233 2
2187 MatInf Pølsefest Incarnate Evil Lomztein 2
2184 eED electED Evil We are elected - you are not! DIE! Jogondboch 3
2184 FaP Masturbots Evil Require more porn-o-graph-y PoisonedV 3
2183 SD Bitchfuck Shanghi Destroyers Evil We have sustained bondage sex with all women Vampirus Nonchalant Sexus 2
2182 THCoBaD! The Happiness Clan of Butterscotch and Daisies! Neutral Gamed Roofed? Hell No! Game Floored is BETTER! Arkul Snarkul 3
2182 NKY Naked Kilted Yaksmen Good The Great Kilt Will Reward You Gradnok 3
2182 LoonieBin A gathering of Bastard Lunatics Neutral Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE! Lupus Shearhart 3
2181 DonkeyPunch DonkeyPunch Neutral Dude, I just knocked your mom out! SpaceBox 2
2181 WBC! Wanna Be Canadian Evil Fookin', eh? Pluto of Pluto 2
2181 A@d Nethackers Neutral Do You Want Your Possessions Identified? Quickfinger 2
2181 SinPar Sinners Paradies Evil Have fun wth your lifes. ;) Sayi 2
2169 WCG WillCaff's Guild Evil "Stop Touching Me" WillCaff 3
2168 W_T_F The Wandering Thinkers of Fundamentality Good \"If it ain\'t broke, you better break it!\" Mister Funktastical Jiggariffi 1+1
2168 Canadians The Canadians Neutral We are Canadian...and such... Joe Canadian 1+1
2168 CotPT Crows of the Past Thrones Good Screw the motto. dragoncrazyxp 1+1
2168 SMF Syun-man's Family Neutral SyunMan 3
2167 Brown The Ass Bandits Neutral If Your Gonna Ass Rape One, Ass Rape All triobot 2
2167 Space Ninjas The Almighty Space Ninjas Good May the force be with you. El Grakun 2
2167 TrKoUn Trans-Kobold Union Evil Once a trans-kobold, always a trans-kobold Lo Fang 2
2167 Helpers Death's Helpers Good Meam Sedem Non Capiendam Finbar the Unready 2
2167 Herald Ashwinder, Herald of the Undying Gods Good Do not die the death of a solemn oath. Yalmark 2
2167 KtL Knights of the Light Good Dream your Final Fantasy ishakson 2
2167 Ugandan Ugandan Knuckles Neutral Do you know the way? katsura 2
2163 SUCC Church of the SUCC Neutral Blood for the blood gods! Milk for the cornflakes! Fairietale 2
2146 MWT Mighty Wrench Turners Neutral No Rust Tough Enough LCIS_CAN 2
2142 ZED Zen Enthused Deviants Good There is not what there might yet be Zoggles 3
2142 Helldrik & C Helldrik & Co, saboting and cursing Neutral neutral is the truth... chaos is the way.. Helldrik 3
2135 Foobles Foobles Evil I love Fobbies and Foobles MetallicSphere 2+1
2119 VSX Very Sexy Evil Vortex of Womanly Delights Zsionic 3
2117 WANG The Awsometastic Evil I'm Ron Burgandy? leachlife4 2
2117 HAXOR ProNoobs Evil HAX HAX only HAX BlubaXP 2
2117 ZeG Zealot's Grill Evil We're ready to serve! BoolzI 2
2111 ><> Teh Fisheh Neutral Feggits for the Future! Deletable_Man 3
2107 gt13 gt13 Neutral hails ggHost 3
2099 DURR HURR DURR Evil HURRRRRRR Jesus Christ 3
2095 DrunkWits Drunk Fuckwits Neutral Huh? What? Sober? Gimme a beer man! Xuttren 3
2071 Hell Patrol Royal Hellions of the Fifth Brigade of Dis Evil If it moves; kill it. If it doesn't; eat it GeoAbraxas 2
2071 Allied >> Allied Lords << Good Aaaalrighty then Mr. Powers 3
2066 EDWL Elitest Double Wookie Lunatics Good Whatever we fetch we keep Garithos 2
2066 {DGD} Dragonfly Game Design Evil We make games Dabion 2
2059 Xenu! The First Church of Xenu Evil Members are promised a swift death and pie. Al Sharpton 3
2058 Tigeux Le Clan des Semi-Croustillants Good De façon péremptoire par rapport à l'Axe Vlordb 3
2057 glsu glarosuff Evil baaaaaahh waaaaaah! imrofli 3
2053 OSIRIS Osiris Evil Panthalis 2
2053 De'n'Ri Death and Rinderpest Neutral We all die eventually. Hailgun 2
2053 EVQ Ema's Vidya Quest Good We suck less! ZiggyBeams 2
2045 Crystal Crystal Neutral Êðèñòàë, õóèñòàð Gultereb 2+1
2029 HELB Les bras cassés Evil Hack & Slash ! BloodSkals 3
2026 DCA Demicanadian Alliance Good The Demicanadians shall rule all oof Oobag Nodrog 2
2026 FXHND FOXHOUND Evil - Ocellot9119 2
2026 Kapoks Kapoks Evil Disciples of the Apocolypse gimbola 2
2026 slutmonkeys Slutmonkeys United Good United For A Better Defense Of the Homeland El Presidente Mustafa Johnson 2
2026 l09 l09 h0r1z0n Neutral No one stands in our way! Maitland 2
2025 Sar'Donnath House Sar'Donnath Evil We know who we are Perian 3
2009 Taekyon Taekyon Good Pray for Peace, Prepare for War Cireb 3
2009 DGMN Protectors of the Digital World Good To eternally preserve the world of digimon Angemon's wrath 1+2
2002 rOah rOah Evil Alle Macht den Mongos Schimpi 2
2002 OMWF Old Men With Fish Neutral Tell me if you see a radioshack... spoils 2
1998 Cont Contaminated Neutral Hagane 3
1996 ( |2 ) Ruroni Neutral Cyth 1+1
1995 CRAN Crackheads Anonymous Evil Plz no goat. AcidPhiRe 3
1983 KRON Mages of Dallas Good Have another Drink! Nizmo 1+1
1972 Acolites Acolites of the sanctum Good I will fight to the others live in peace Gooch 2
1972 Gro1 Safeway Neutral Always Pull 2 To The Front Dododogdodo 2
1962 Phat Lewt The Phat Lewt Collection Agency Evil For the glory of Mother Oobag! YehovahZ 2
1959 DBB Destroyers of the Blue Bar Evil Eliminate all Progression! TheDominatorOne 2
1959 [TAS] The Ascended Neutral Oppai James2997 1+1
1956 M-C Mordant Cadre Neutral Fly the white flag of war! Admiral Kettch 2
1956 Oh FFS O, Fanciful Festooned Spirit Evil We do things that on the opposite side of pleasant radixius 2
1952 Beer good!!! Order of beer Neutral Beer never get enough Gordithan 3
1950 Molestors The Kiddie Touchers Good We travel the world, and only touch children. DinsdaleP13 3
1946 [ ] [ ] Neutral blank never loses [ ] 1+2
1945 VLP Viva La Pineapple Neutral Free The Pineapple from the Opressors!! Colin The Great 2
1928 ABLPL Angry Black Lady in the Parking Lot Evil Ain' no body mess wit me! zero12377 2
1928 Uhm The Disconcerted Adventurers' Guild Neutral Oh. Uh.... Byzan 1+2
1925 Mongoloids Mongoloids Good I am mongoloid. talox 2+1
1916 ICBears Intensive Carebears Good Take care!!! Or we'll intensify you!!! FordFairlane 2
1914 smashthings we smash things Neutral smash! thatmikeykid 2
1906 PUCS Pacific University Computer Science Evil Crtl-Z, Crtl-Z! derNome 2
1905 12p The Twelve Prophets Evil We hit it hard, leave it wet. leachlife4 3
1905 FAB Farting ancient Bastards Evil Evil weevil is the deevil Lardking 3
1903 NMH No More Heroes Neutral If I become number one, will you do it with me? Faltru 2
1902 ChaosUnknown Chaos Unknown Evil The guild that has never existed. Lirid Borotooth 2
1901 ( . )( . ) The Lesbo Hamsters Evil -=Tuna Flavored Hamsters=- leachlife4 3
1901 CHEEESE! Loon Tickies Good For the CHEESE of BWAHAHAH leachlife4 3
1900 VOD Virtuosos of Defecation Evil Great Copros Has You! leachlife4 1+1
1899 WWFM Fuurinkazan Good Caellion 2+1
1898 ConDei Consilium Dei Neutral Mess with the best, die like the rest! Leotard 3
1898 Louis The Pills Clan Evil Pills Here! Grabbin Pills Grabbin Pills Fire_Havoc 1+2
1898 SMAG Super Mega Awesome Guild Evil Gnomes aint to be trusted Frys 2
1897 Rasts The Fat Pederasts Evil "If it's underage we'll love on it until it dies." Waxon 2
1897 Darkwind Darkwind Demonslayers of Good Good Only good demon is a banished one Orion Darkwood 1+1
1897 AscendDawn Ascending Dawn Good Rockout 2
1897 The Nerdery The Nerdery Neutral Graham Likes it in the Butt leachlife4 2
1897 Sealab Sealab 2021 Good Save it for Queen Doppelpoppolus! Captain Murphy 2
1896 (o Y o) (o Y o) is delicious! Evil mmmm Boobies v3rt1g0 2
1896 BUX Buxantovia Good All buxanto club! DougQuaid 2
1890 SOIG School of Indiscriminate Grappling Evil Anything-goes! Genma-jiisan 3
1885 The dude Lebowski Good The dude abides Acey 2
1885 SubSer Subserquevisities Neutral We come, we run and we outcome everyone Tuumi 2
1885 TSFO The Strong and Funny ones. Good A good joke always saves the day Fillibom 2
1885 3V Casata delle 3V Neutral Vino, vagina, volgarita' Vandal delle 3V 2
1885 UUUPU Unnoticed, Unknown and Unpopular People United Neutral I've always wanted to be popular :-( tricorc 2
1885 InCo Internal Consumption Neutral Eating form the inside out! leachlife4 2
1885 OcarWarriors Ocarina Warriors Neutral Live to serve, serve to grow, grow to live. Ocarina654 2
1885 ZDAY Zombie Apocalypse Evil RAWR ThatOneTeknoKid 2
1884 EmptySet {x | x > x} Good 0! Chiapr 1+1
1866 WSZ Thanend Neutral wouldntsavezion 2
1864 TAN The All and Nothing Neutral We're gonna make it Naros Invar Enzurio 3
1859 MiK Mistrzowie Koxu Neutral Kox Rox Maroldo 1+2
1855 SSIF Shamu's Surprise Intimidation Factor Neutral Don't think I won't. Bindar 3
1851 vgmux vgmux Evil what do they feedig you? smh 2
1844 TEC The Eonian Council Neutral Bhaerau 3
1842 OO Ogoranu Order Evil Ogoranu for teh win. Mitorah 3
1832 NPKnights the Secretive knights from #np who may say "ni!" Neutral To heroic conquest of Soviet audio territory! Luckz 3
1824 HNT HoNights Neutral Make it weird JDevL 2
1820 0P OrdinaryPowered Neutral "Tactical Retreat!" freeradikle 3
1814 Elenora Elenora Group Good Do things Hiekki 3
1800 FAS Fading Suns Evil Nirraven 2+1
1796 DQS Disordered Quantum System Neutral To be or not to be or to be both YinYang 2
1796 Scoutkillers Death to scouts! Good All scouts are evil, poke them with sharp sticks! Wex 2
1790 ROXBOX Roxor Boxor Evil Hahhaha, you've been pwned. Roxor? No, boxor. DecimateX 3
1790 Snagem Team Snagem Good Gotta Snag 'em all. <3 Tails (Snagem) 3
1787 DFD Die Freidenker Evil Hrebo 1+1
1785 HLG HeartLogic Neutral Hug it out Nallekari 2
1772 OMGDT Omega Dust Good Progress through unity. Graull 2+1
1766 HorNa Hortoilevat Nauriit Neutral Jaa-a... Niinpä. Hachiman 2+1
1764 TND The Necro Dancers Evil Dance till you drop Zicrog 2
1762 Shini Shinigami The Angels of Death Good To bring peace to the undead legions of Doom Citan 2
1762 Phag Protecting Honor and Glory Good It's spelled with a Ph! Lezlan 2
1762 KaosBrigade Kaos Brigade Neutral Die Bradak 2
1762 Teleh Telepathic Hate Evil "Arggh" Popcorn888 2
1762 SSuTrnkn SS und Trinken Evil Für die deutschen Cocklöffel Tapirman 2
1761 Da Pub get your booze ere Neutral More Beer smeghead 1+1
1761 myg0t myg0t owns j00 Evil Ruining your game OverlordQ 1+1
1756 dang Jacks of all trades Evil Yeah, I guess I can do it. jackyl 3
1755 NWF New wave fighters Good Only a wet wave is a good wave! Sam5tag 3
1733 gDMg Gestapo Dead Marazm's Glucks Evil Say who is your gluck, and I'll say who's you Dead Marazm 3
1719 DYE Damn Your Eyes Good Damn your eyes! JFresh 3
1715 KOL Keepers of the Light Good Bringing Light to the Dark Places Traken 2
1715 <LoD> Lords of Dorkness Evil dork people for a dork world miep 2
1715 Kill 'Em All Kill 'Em All Evil Just Kill 'Em All!!! The Sentinel 2
1714 dIb Drunken Irish Bastards Evil Mustard does NOT mix with vodka Eternal_Eyes 1+1
1706 NISA Nothern Idaho Socialist Army Evil We're not evil, we're Socialists. A Burly Inmate 2
1703 Pimpy's Pimpy's Good We've got it? DigitalPimp 2
1703 THP The Happy People Evil Happy© - Because not being happy is treason PhantomRaider 2
1700 Arr-Bads Arrogant Bastards Good We're better than you, and we know it! Valdun 2+1
1699 Shotwick Shotwick Manor Evil I'm not Dirty, I'm misunderstood. Earl of Shotwick 3
1698 NAG Nikhil Andra's Gang Good We hate dung elves. Karst 2
1696 S.T Source Tag Neutral >:3 ( Darcia 3
1693 tBoA The Birdmen of Alcatraz Neutral Fly!!! Bahan 3
1687 ZWS Z Warriors Good Give us all of your energy! KingSnail 3
1686 tDKoB The Dark Knights of Balamb Evil Lets do it! Almasy 1+1
1681 BOTSF The Buckymonsters Of The Silver Fnord Good Come fly with me... Frater Wockymon 2
1681 QGuild The Guild of Those Named Q Neutral I love slaying nymphs! QMan 2
1673 CICC Coders in Cape Town Evil In the Shadow of the Mountain BadMojo 2
1670 Succession Succession Good No creature under god are what we are. Gemin 3
1667 UGS Uber Gamers Slovenia Good Drink a beer.. after that order 1 more slomonk 2
1667 LDev Linux Developers Evil Make this free shit as impossible to use as we can Zoltar the Determiner 2
1666 rmpl4skin rumpleforeskins Evil You suck, and thats sad!!!!! Kevlar3D 2
1664 AoT Army of Toast Good Jam and Toast! Apricotjam 2
1662 NRG Blade Master Evil favorite sin Bentuzzi 2
1660 Thelema Thelema Evil Do What Though Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law Flopsy 2
1660 AMOK ArmyOfKirk Neutral You can't spell Coral without Oral Trekker 2
1656 Wonk Wonklecrankers Good Orville 2+1
1655 omghi omghi Evil REALLY TUFF GUILD farbehind 1+2
1655 Jack Bauer! Jack Mother Fuckin' Bauer! Evil Theres no time!! mudzov 2
1655 TB;DW TB;DW Good Have at you! TrollByFire 2
1654 K.O.I. Knights of Infinity Good Khorwin 2
1653 BalOZod The Balance Neutral We are whom keeps the balance. MardukRising 3
1653 PLQ Palanquin Neutral All Hail Yokai Jesus tioluko 1+2
1652 [WoG] Wrath of God Evil Quell before the fury! Kirgio 2
1651 NAA The Neonia Army of Aliens Good UFO64 3
1651 Grimblade - Infinite Realms Neutral Grimblade 1+2
1651 TPMD The Paperthin Melons of Doom Evil Applying doom, one melon at the time. Fauxsire 2
1650 CP SALES Conjoined Progress Neutral Three heads are better than two! Felnaari 2
1650 MX_GUILD Medniex World Evil Blood, blood, blood! Medniex 2
1650 -qTp- Гильдия Neutral Дану нах?! Ridin 1+1
1650 GoRa Gordonic Ramsayists Evil Die by our dripping Spoons! RaggaNiczu 2
1649 Sexy Lunatic Lords Evil Sex or be Sexed CrazySumbitch 1+1
1649 Voinicii Familia Voinea din Craiova, Romania Good He who laughs last, thinks slowest. Dan V 2
1649 HoF House of Fire Good The Fire that shall cleanse the Evil John Warlock 2
1649 LTTBCL Lord of Things That Begin with Certain Letters Evil Don't own, pwn! It's alpabetically superior! Demorant 1+1
1649 Uber Hax!!1 Uber Haxxor1 Evil tiem to pwrlvl my l00ting abilitez Uber Hax 2
1649 Novi Novinesq Evil The nesq type of Novi Novichok 2
1649 CGEH Cool Guys of Extreme Hunky Dory Good We Rock Knirunmund 2
1649 Evil Corp. Demons of Death Evil I like your skin. I can't wait to try it on. The Orc Fiend 2
1649 IsBad Guild of Bad...ness Neutral Why be decent, when you can be objectively awful Dusk 1+1
1639 SAEAHMA Society Against Evil And Hypocritical Multi-Abuse Neutral Yeah, I know all members are made by the same dude Loof42 2
1636 -CD- Creaping Darkness Evil Flank them! Viramar Ilfalas 2
1623 I c dead ppl Corpse Crusaders Evil Evil is as Evil does... Corpse 1+1
1618 T C O The Chosen Ones Neutral In the end it doesn't really matter Razdan 2+1
1616 LVE Latvian Embassy Evil To spread the borders of Mother Latvia. LatvianEmporer 3
1616 Nex32 Nex32 Neutral Don't be Monster Erial L. Krale 3
1600 Azathoth The flute players of azathoth Evil Evils choise musical group! Azathoth 2
1600 Naturlkiller Dragonslayers Neutral Kill \'em all, let god sort them out Netswitcher 1+1
1600 Wroqed Wroqed Evil We make for pretty neato overlords Wroqin 2
1594 SYBO Sinister Yellow Blood Office Good quest for glory and hoes! DemiGoliath 2+1
1586 MPFC The Comfy Chair Evil No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Necroscope7 2
1582 GB Goldbond Good It's a party in your pants... mr siems 3
1566 Sons of Kriz Bastard Sons of the Longarmed Kriztenhorders Neutral see it. talk to it. befriend it. take its money. Frundelhunder Van Krüzzstermis 3
1566 Breasts Talking cleavage Good Screw the rules, I have money! De_scheve 1+1
1562 MCHU My Kat Hates U Neutral My Cat Hates You, and so do we. nNy987 1+1
1562 TeenGrlSquad Teen Girl Squad Good Arrowed! El Gato de Queso 2
1562 Contra Mundi RosenKruez Orden Evil Igne natura renovatur integra : Lorein Shadowale 2
1562 PenisX Penis Enters the Nethers, Sexy eXtreme Good Pen Is Man Lyfe Hruhf 2
1554 RSRO Royal Society of Racehorse Obituaries Neutral Never trust a dead horse mr_shush18 2
1552 fwt fashion weak team Good ^^ rezme 2
1550 Xsys TeamXsys Neutral What cant come to us, cant come at all Alrax 3
1546 OBAV The Omnivorous Bipedal Amalgam of Voracity Evil We're The Omnivorous Bipedal Amalgam of Voracity! Dahnlor 3
1536 Pie Weebl and Bob Love Pie Evil pass the pie W33B1 3
1535 H8R n1gg3rh8rs Evil If ya cant shoot em, hang em. TurboBeef 3
1532 ROD Robots of Death Evil Humans are worthless and should be eliminated. Killer Death Robot 2
1532 CookieGuild The Cookie Guild Neutral We Love Cookies! leachlife4 2
1532 VPU Voodoo Princesses United Neutral Providing your voodoo princess needs since 2005. Protlen 1+1
1532 AFK^Knights AFK Knights Good Women see my power, and want my precious fluids. AFKGUY 2
1532 GoRMU Guild of Robot Monks United Neutral we believe it for you wholesale zaphodbblx 2
1522 Guild OMC Guild Of My City! Evil Come to the dark side... we have cookies! Woland OMC 3
1514 twoadv two advanced Evil pix0r the great 2
1514 WMS The Wall Munch Squad Good MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH Point Blank 2
1514 R807 The Rastas from Room 807 Neutral We like big booty bitches gazzawhite 1+1
1509 OM Olocron's Minions Neutral We worship Olocron, a "sborone" and "cazzaro" god. d3Nd3 2
1509 Indic Indicative Good Titus_Dotel 2
1491 LGS xXLegendSXx Neutral Legends... How that? Blumy 2
1491 OmiDir The Omicron Directive Neutral Mah GAME Dash275 2
1491 Sorry Demicanadians Neutral in Canada We Trust Darcksage 2
1489 Z-F M Zan-Fi Monks Good Hey, what could a monk really do? Reahlador 2+1
1479 S+G Shados + Goatie Good :3 Shados 2
1473 TECIM The Electronic Conceptual Insanity Mandate Neutral Take their life, their kettle and their codpiece! Ruaridh 3
1467 MiP Mostro in Progress Evil Mi mostro per quel che sono Peter Poe 1+2
1462 Busey Apt 101 Neutral Fire it up! HellRaisinAzn 3
1462 Blood Elves Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's Highborn Good The hunger for magic is clouding my judgement Nickolai Kolev 2
1459 B-G Bastard Gnome Evil The evil in the Little Navalik 3
1455 Team[-3] Team[-3] Evil the answer is [-3] Frozen Nova 2
1453 beat:me Die Beatles Evil She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah ! Michse 2+1
1449 NastyBoyz NastyBoyz Evil Kill_'em' _all NastyEvil 2
1444 Wumpie Wumpus King Of Blasto Neutral Wumpus United WumpusKing 3
1440 DODz DuxOfDez Evil Kill the Hamster! KroshkaMu 2
1439 HSOHS the Hermetic Secret Order of Hermetic's Secrets Neutral adquire secrets knowledges of hermetic secrets Grunta Grunta 2
1439 Slackmasters The Slack Wranglers and the Pants of Chance Good Oooh, wakikila! WastelandDan 2
1439 CC&S CareComp Neutral We know what to do when it rains! Doucy 2
1439 Sadame Sadame Good Optimus 2
1439 SRS Shadowrunners Neutral Put your finger on it and rub it out. Telliks 2
1438 -=Keepers=- Keepers of the Seven Mountains Neutral "Death is nothing more than a time to sleep." Scout Trelan 2
1438 WTS Justwatchingthescreen Evil Stumpf auf'n Bildschirm gucken und abwarten K-Pone 2
1437 {s.P.p} Soul Paranormal People Evil Kill you self, save the planet KuBuZzz 2
1437 MERID Master Every Ratty Idiotic Dungeon Evil In OD we trust, 'cause if he can't fix, we're f... Gredra 3
1437 CS Guild Condor-searching Guild of East Asia Good For Glory and Pancakes! Sanskare 2
1437 SPandH Doomskulls of SPandH Neutral Heak and Spear RebelliousUno 2
1436 phats cool guys Evil KILLKILLKILL Slammin 1+1
1436 Eel The Eel Men from the East Evil It may taste like chicken but it's an eel Desiato 2
1435 eX Team eXtreme Evil We are eXtreme, eXtreme to the max!!!!!!!!!!! Darkon 2
1435 STRDT Stardat Mods Neutral modding computers, one 386 at a time Aejir 2
1435 =ezv= Evil Zombie Vikings Evil TurnpoinT 2
1435 peekays B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd Evil B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd Kanenfawder 2
1435 Black Tickle Cult of the Black Tickler Evil Zap-Zip-Zing! Telrath 1+2
1435 Vidyacraft Vidyacraft Neutral Sroxah 2
1434 Dizaaamm Daguarian Slanbro Manculops Neutral Eat It, Corn Husker Bondolon 1+1
1434 G'sS Gamer's Solve Good Die another life! Rulk 2
1434 Tripods The Tripods Good You can't Touch This Indian Chief 2
1429 DaBeans The Baked Beans of Great Goodness Good Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside! Beanieger 2+1
1428 Glad Gladiators Good Another one bites the dust Harryville 3
1426 [h/f] haupt funk Good j00 c4n+ m355 w1d d4+ Uberfunk 1+1
1426 MasBlas Master Blasters Evil No matter how weak or frail.. BLAST EM! CyberDoc 1+1
1426 Deutsch only The Germans Good devel 3
1426 Death Eater Death Eaters Champions Evil We will crush all oppostion!! Will986 3
1425 ~^C.G.^~ CrocoGuild Good Fearsome and Cruel as a Crocodile! Crocoman 2
1425 FemBuilderz Uber Muscular Wymen Good Always pumping iron to look more manly! Mangina 2
1425 Wisemen Free-Spirited Wisemen Good Have fun, adventure, and don't fall prey to anyone Auticalinon 2
1425 splunge NOC Room Slackers Evil What is this WORK you speak of? Tungston 2
1425 Oi! Oi!rish Bastards Neutral Oi! Oi! Oi! Landor 2
1425 ASSA I.U. Evil ....... Saem 2
1411 xCARTELx Cartel of All Hell Evil A subservient fish is one that knows his plaice Seksiness 2
1411 CyCG The Cyclops GuilD Neutral Work for the Cyclops. Always. BodomChilD 2
1410 Seat H Seat H and the Big Kids Table Neutral Adios, pantelones Speg Dooly 1+1
1402 Everquest Les Templiers Good Strength and Honor maitreleon 3
1401 VW Valhalla Warriors Neutral straight to heaven trough fighting! V-King 3
1389 AA LOC AchingAgedLocalizers Neutral Progress Always Comes Too Late Tribblesyx 3
1388 FFoS Fox Full of Squirrels Evil for the cake and cats likeafox 3
1362 Bandersnatch Church Of The Elusive Bandersnatch Evil In Dot We Trust RevVoice 2
1358 Muroteam Muroteam Neutral Darquan 2
1358 TS. Team S.M.A.C.K.T.A.R.D. Good We\'re too 1337 for mottos!!!111one Tarin Draconis 2
1358 CyS Cyric's Slayers Good Telling illusionary tales of far away... Jered Cain 2
1358 IBP Integration By Parts Neutral Why must all ducks be evil? Khrijunk 2
1354 Voyage Spit Lubed Banana Voyage Neutral Oi, Bananas McNuglets 3
1352 DgZ Digital Ground Zerp Neutral Victory Through Research Mark Reddman 2
1352 PKPKPK Humppamiehet Good No fear Ryydman 2
1351 IHML I Hate My Life Neutral Like they say in my country: Kurwa mac!!! Akrian 2+1
1350 TmprrInsnty? Guild of Temporary Insanity Evil Chercher La Vache leachlife4 2
1350 H P House Paladin Good Honor, Valor, Philanthropy Demiwemi 2
1350 NUBS R EZPK EZPK Evil EZPK 4 LYFE Shaenkraev 2
1347 Winds Wind Whisperers Neutral Let your fears slip away like a whisper in the win Valkuros 2
1335 Silver Silverhand Good Need a Hand? Take a Silverhand! Dragondust 3
1333 .im. impotent men Good we can't father children .im.mcbain 1+1
1333 ReBirth ReBirth Evil ReBorn to rule the day. KrovaX 1+1
1333 DRK CRSDR Dark Crusaders Evil FracOMac 1+1
1332 ECR Evil Clerks of Retail Evil Get your own damn ink cartridge! Sejanus 2
1332 ZWK Zakon Wielkich Krasnali Neutral Bare hands are better than a sword in own heart Asan The Great Dwarf 2
1332 2DCan Double Demicanadians Evil Half Canadian and Half Canadian! jaccarmac 2
1322 TLG The Lone Gunmen Neutral Individualists unite! Taurendil 2
1322 [PUPC] Partly Uneaten Paste Club Good Two wrongs don't make lemonade. Fellgar Wingquest 1+1
1318 mosquitoslay The demonic league of mosquito slayers Evil GERRANARRFITYARBASTICH! mike998 3
1304 Deliverance Deliver This Carrot Neutral Anything to increase faction with the pit fiends Chokey 2
1304 [negSpace] Negative Space Neutral Dividing by zero since 2010. Arguile 2
1297 We're HAPPY! Happy Metals Evil Happy MeTaL is thine law \m/ leachlife4 2
1295 GFK Guilde française de Kongregate Evil Vous allez tous mourir >_< Floirt 3
1292 F.Y.A. THE MIDDLE FINGER Neutral For U Can Know taci 3
1291 P.P.P Prominent Paladin Power Good Paladins' path to power Radaghast Kary 2+1
1291 Pole PoleCats Neutral Maliciousturnip 2+1
1287 [AA] Akimbo Assassins Evil Don't bring a pony to a motorcycle fight. Negatron 1+2
1286 KamiKiri Kurayami no Tsubasa Neutral Wings of Darkness... Are they the Wings of Death ? SkyHigh SoulSinger 2
1285 Shin-Ra Shin-Ra Weapons Research and Power Neutral Lulz Talran 3
1285 PGE Pretty Girls for Ever Good Sweets, gossips and funny pets Tahion 2+1
1285 Ooglog PeenicusWeenicus Evil We love Kong and Dong Kakacarrotcake 3
1283 GODs- Guardians of Darkness Good May the light shine bright upon the Undead! wb 3
1283 Weasels Knights of the LAN Neutral The World Loves A Bastard Jakis 3
1277 -=MDSB=- Merke Dir, Sternburg Bier ! Good Bier schmeckt zu jeder Jahreszeit. Lachgummie 3
1274 FUNK Keepers of the Groove Good In the name o the Funk, Soul 'n Holy Groove, amen! Hoodad! 3
1268 Vfd Välfärden Evil Ta från de fattiga ge till de rika Rosencrantz 2
1264 Entropy Entropy Evil Ummmm yeah Zxahn 3
1262 irbunor Good grimmoreeper 3
1262 Spookellins Spooky Skeleton Clan Evil thanks mr skeltal Dark Lord of Destruction and C 2+1
1260 TOP The Omega Project Evil DIE REBEL SCUM, DIE!!! Keru 1+1
1260 Hack Hackermenne Evil Hacking is life TransPanda 2
1253 MWSC Midwest Staple Company Evil For all your staple needs Nigel Morningwood 2
1253 Key The Serenity Neutral Keep moving, keep flying. Trinsec 3
1251 SA52 Still Alive Evil This was a triumph. Skagmar 2
1250 Murder D. K. Murder.Death.Kill Evil If it moves kill it.. If it talks kill it anyways. Timmah 1+1
1250 modnar Modnar Neutral All Modnars in this guild mitchda 2
1250 H@x Mad H@x0rs Evil If it moves hit it with a golf club Loonie 2
1250 GrRe Grim Reapers Evil Death to all living things.. Linwelin 2
1249 KATO Knights Associated for Tempestive Offline Neutral In the Idle we believe. Roufas 2
1248 LMG LikeMindedGamers Good Defunct 2
1248 The Kindred The Kindred Evil release the dogs of war! philopoemen 1+1
1248 shrUFOi Shrugging Fellowship of Ignorance Neutral Who cares? Doesn't matter! ProQGod 2
1248 .HACK .HACK //Sign Good Life Is Game TsukasaXIII 2
1248 Brunk Brunkarna Good To brunka all day enold 2
1248 BroES Brotherhood of Endless Snake Evil Active Evil is better than Passive Good. Ad142 2
1247 tZ The Zerg Evil KeKeKe Zerg Rush! ^_^ leachlife4 2
1247 achaea The Society of Iron Realms Achaeans Evil Dhanistha 1+1
1247 Q112 Questlings Good Kill not but to survive Moppreck 2
1247 LUE402 LUE 402 Good Internet. Serious Business. TripleRaid 2
1247 Progbars Progressive Barrists Good We are progressively turning this game to a quest! iDeNoh 1+1
1247 LofC Legion of Chaos Evil What doesnt kill you only makes you stranger Orsiros 2
1247 -DK- [Death Knights] Evil Lets fight the Chaos! --Stals-- 1+1
1247 UsAlone MessedUpSpacebar Neutral THISHARDWARPISMESSEDUP quaskye 2
1239 PSG Progress Seekers Guild Good Must I have one?!? Seliak 2
1239 The Apt The Great Masters of The Apt Neutral Don't lose, and you'll win. Laggith 2
1239 Uh? Uh? Neutral WTF is a guild? Gojam 2
1239 South Pac The South Pacific Neutral Promise of Joshua 2
1239 Fak Fury! <Fury> Evil We care for nothing. leachlife4 2
1239 URI Your Eye Evil We'll take YOUR EYE! Dorf 2
1239 A_D Descendants of Chaos Evil Pray - or you will become Prey! CobainIsDead.IBet 2
1239 g_d Squad Grimmier Death Squad Neutral Everything Dies Grimmier378 2
1236 FOB Fellowship of the Bar Good Cast Progress into the fires of Mt. Recession! Hobnobbin 3
1227 tong Turbulenzians of North Guildshire Good Press space to win! lordspaceofbar 2
1222 -()- The Citizens of the Suddhavasa Worlds Neutral Welcome to the "Pure Abodes"! Deva 2+1
1222 Red Moon IV Ascendance of the Red Moon nearest Winterforth IV Good Eh? Whazzat? Speak up, I can't knurd you! Jiron Woade the Fierceness 3
1210 II Informal Inventors Evil invent in! Megaslon 2
1210 renova renova Good 42 Krull 2
1208 =-{TRC}-= The Rouge Clan Neutral Do. Not. Walk. Infront of us. Medico 1+1+1
1208 DWI Double Wookiee Infantry Good Doin' It Wookiee Style Since 1978 n8evil 1+2
1199 H O C Hill's Organized Crime Evil Mottos? Where we're going we don't need mottos beerboyone 2
1181 RTC The Red Talons Neutral Bow down or die! DragonKnight1187 2
1181 PQers Progress Questers Good Progress Never Ends! leachlife4 2
1181 TTS The Triumph of Steel Neutral Kill, until there is no blood left to spill. Krottos 2
1181 ROotBPK The Royal Order of the Benevolent Pantsless Knight Good Fighting evil... one pair of trousers at a time Sir Pantsalot 2
1175 Seolme Senile Old Men Evil WHAT? I couldn't hear you? Fennix22 2
1171 PantslessMky Pantsless Monkeys Good We come equipped with Big Jim Slade! Darknut 2
1171 DerpaHerp Ever Herped So Hard You Derped Neutral Have you ever herped so hard you derped? flareneko 2
1161 maddox maddox rules! Neutral We're neutral, LIKE THE SWISS! sneezweasel 3
1161 The Broken The Broken Good For we all are!!!!! Kami1991 2+1
1160 Mikepika8989 Mike Windels Neutral Level up to the highest level possible Pikachu 2
1160 TCWS The Clearwater Society Neutral Come on in.... Frondrig 2
1160 Chaos! Fairies in a Full Plate Evil KKnD MaleFairy 3
1159 pr0n pr0nz0r Good pr0n 15 t3h win pr0nlord 1+1
1158 CreepOnYou The Creep Brothers Evil whatever... [anti] 2
1158 TZ's The Zeds Evil I'd like.. Um, one plain fried brain, please. Bikkoes 2
1158 AnimeIndo Anime Lovers Indonesia Good Join and you become otaku :D Kaori 2
1155 Path The Shining Path Neutral "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger" icono 3
1151 Phone Losers Phone Losers of America Neutral Cactus? Cactus! g0d0t 2+1
1145 SexyRetards TheFlamingRetards Good The short bus is fuel effient and aerodynamic leachlife4 3
1145 Attma- Attma-Fakk Evil Niggers must DIE. AkobeS 2
1141 TL The Loners Good Follows of Truth are Often Alone greenman 2
1141 MOSH TEH HATE MAWSH! Evil Dance or hold my hat bitch! Akimbo 2
1131 Furies The Furies of Forsooth Neutral All Fear The Forsoothing Furies! Alecto 3
1128 MA Les mages anarchistes Neutral Greuh ! Bastien 1+1
1127 Scarf The Silent Order of Winter Accessories Neutral Victory through Warmth Wil 1+1
1127 :ASD: #justhungarianlols Neutral well if you got nothing to do RockerMarcee 2
1120 Shadow cree Shadow creepers Neutral We stay in the shadows Ecka 2
1118 HaTa Hand Talkers Good Talk to the hand! Zorander 2
1118 "Bobbins." The Plain Fishers Neutral Plainly fishing YOUR fish since 2009! Spiffl 2
1116 #hate The #hate Evil So it's like an elf, but different. You follow me? meschel 2+1
1116 AnS Ansilta Neutral Do what ever you want Iodem 3
1112 Minigolflord Lords of Minigolf Evil The Nalfeshnee shall know our fury. Slizbot 3
1105 Tabarnia Tabarnia Evil Tabarnia - Paraíso fiscal DTritus 2
1103 CxOxI Children of Inis Good Why not? Talvinis 1+2
1102 Cuzco Cuzco Topia Neutral Money is power Aidz 2
1095 BaRe Banana Republic Evil "Frankly my dear, we don't give a cock." sebFlyte 3
1095 draynor Good Enhancing your Runescape Progress! Clooth 2
1094 L.O.L. Legion of Loonies Good Once a Loonie, *always* a Loonie! Kaleborn 2
1090 +TDL+ The Decapitating Lunatics Neutral Excuse me while I cut your head off. The_AV8R 3
1090 SO GUD IM SO GUD Evil HEY GUYZ WUTS GOIN ON IN HAER? Lady Jaina Sunstrider 2
1088 DvC Devicron Good Bones 2
1088 VJP Viking Jedi Power Evil We just rob, rape and burn. In this order. Keloth 2
1087 SPA Sad Pandas Anonymous Neutral Sue uS Yogi! 2
1086 WLT We Like Things Neutral LAWL Middie 2
1085 ^_^ Cash Money Thieves Evil Rob the rich and keep it for ourselves! Slick Rick 2
1085 To Hell We Got Hoes Evil you splooge it, you've bought it Hellarmor 2
1085 EoP Empire of Porings Evil Porings are good mmmkey MrPoring 2
1085 C/\AHbI!!!! The Pure Dangerousitive Adventuring Brotherhood Good Apasnasti! Preklu4enija! leachlife4 2
1085 -NN- Nameless Numberheadmen Evil Dog Clone Landmine. Zygote. Jigsaw. leachlife4 2
1085 D.o.B. Den Of Bats Evil For the Den! EvilBat 2
1085 ~L*S~ Lycan Spirits of the Hallow Forest Neutral Strength, lust, ritual, and essence, hallow ground Ssenra 2
1085 FinalShift FinalShift Neutral Why is my last shift so long? Fireless 2
1085 Khaine Kaela Mensha Khaine Evil Blood Runs...Anger Rises...Death Wakes, War Calls! WildKhaine 2
1080 /AFK BRB Guys I Got To Eat Dinner Neutral It's mac'n'cheese night skoo 3
1078 FGFM Feynman's Guild of Fine Men Good ƒ¿(n1,n2) = n2cos(pi/n1)tan(pi/(n1~ n2))/pi. Mighty Feynman! 2
1078 rule rules Neutral kill them all golog 1+1
1078 GOP Guild Of Power Neutral Have a good kill and goodbye Daywalker 1+1
1078 8047 (S)aint Evil You might find better but you won't pay more. Stacked 2
1078 DrunkSqrls Drunken Squirrels Good Drink and KILL!!!! Kidd Knife 2
1078 VGuard VoodooGuard Evil Battles May End But War Is Forever silverjunky 2
1078 Some guys Venturing band of devilishly handsome rogues Neutral Whatever works for ya Hawkeye_Hawkass 1+1
1078 Buttocks! Butts! Neutral Butts. Punktilious 1+1
1077 SMJ Slippery Mushroom Juicers Neutral The only thing better than jesus is sodomy! Flappysacks 3
1075 WY?! Wasters of Youth Good Why You bastards?! linuxterm 2
1075 OPWTF Operation WTF Evil Incoming fire has the right-of-way. Azarius 3
1074 Disembowelme Harrowing Disembowelment Evil Befouled Bitterness!!!11 leachlife4 3
1074 m. muchachos Evil mansonX 3
1070 PRGU Programmers United Neutral Programmers of the world UNITE Kezma of Norwolk 3
1067 PdPUTA Partido dos Parvos Utopicos Totalitarios Anarquico Good Do caos nasce a ordem Camoes 2
1067 MeSq Mecha Squid Evil We shall squid-vade the world! Trezzie 2
1067 7FOrder Lugubrious Order of the Seventh Finger Evil Don't Eat the Yellow Snow thehuw 2
1063 Zoinks MuFu Zoink Monks Evil Crunchy Frogs Must Die Arakiel 3
1052 ASSS Amazingly Secret Society of Secrecy Evil If you know about us, we must kill you. Trinitis 2
1043 BRW Big Red Wound Neutral "We Kill It - You Eat It" Rokrothreundigobottoms 2
1043 TRBLRDRBLR Turblurdurblur Good We hail from the land of Tired ZnewmaN 2
1043 stinksertins Big Stinks Evil If it stinks - its a diaper MuleyMonday 2
1027 +PizzaMen+ Well this is interesting Evil All we have left is oral sex. we talk Ra7or 2
1025 WNx Warriornation Good Visit leachlife4 1+2
1022 ~DP~ Die Pussys Evil Wir pussen euch alle! dinospartan 3
1012 DRCE Distant Realities - Catgirls Extreme Good Mew? Shemune 3
1009 Gargle Blast The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Evil "42" Emberial 2
1007 Tlicasla Tastes Like Chicken and Smells Like Ass Evil Watch out for the chapped red ring Sir Phaedrus of Buttpuckery 1+1
1007 -=DC=- Dirty Challengers Good Dirty tricks never fail! Sundilorg 2
1007 MOMS The Mighty Order of Mongoose Slayers Neutral Our lives for the glory of Clippit the paper clip! leachlife4 2
1004 lipq lostinpq Good all mine whereami 2+1
1000 join Now RAFFIES GUILD Good leachlife4 2
996 Association The Association of <censored> Good If it moves, then <censored> it! leachlife4 2
996 MAL GC MAL German Club Evil We are Germans... can we even NOT be evil? Silberkralle 4
995 NBO Naked Baby Oracle Good Baron Samedi 3
995 =B=O=G= Band Of Giants Neutral A slayers world would be nothing without fiends. SatyricTim 3
994 LdB Lac du Bois Good C'est pas vrai! Helene 3
992 AstralDemons Astral Demons Evil Killing you in your dreams CobaltFlux 4+2
987 OU Today's Humor Neutral RandomCheesecake 3
978 SkrillexRobo Saltyuniverse Evil Hilfe schreien Der pinke Einhornjäger 3
976 Brotherhood Portsmouth Abbey Good Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility Clibby 3
975 Ciomachs Ciomachs Neutral Audactor 2
975 HED Hordus Eunt Domus Good Siblings! Let us not be down-hearted. Wahngrok 2
974 Hello Sensor Guild Good If you don't know what to say, just smile friendly Sensor 3+5
974 Turmoilous Turmoilous Good Nothing simple is ever easy Q35 2
974 Hibs Knights of Hibernia Good If you can't beat 'em, join us! leachlife4 2
973 Samurai The Guilded Band of Wandering Samurai Warriors Good If you are strong you live if you are weak you die Rurouni Yojimbo 2
973 -TPS- Talking Pony Slayer Good Don\'t talk pony! Teepo 2
971 Hamster Team Hamster ! Evil one day we (evil hamsters) shall rule! w0lfeh 2
970 DotG Defenders of the Glades Neutral We will defend the glades - if the check clears. Lord_Knightyme 3
970 DeadPez Dead Peasants Evil If only they hadn't tried to kill us first! Eim 3
969 Bojovnici Klan Gondorskych Bojovniku Evil Vsechny vas sezeru Kalinor 3
966 b a Neutral g hyperboy 1+4+8
964 GTL Guild The Lily Good Kill with compassion Poppa Wheelie 2
961 Jana's Army The Order of Jana Evil We come in Pairs Playboyman 1+1
961 OTM Order Of The Mudroses Evil Please Drop The Soap JcBoo Gaming 3
956 BDD BeerDevourers of Denmark Neutral Drink it! PHAD 4
956 Dist Disturbed Reloaded Evil Wir ficken Durotan hart! Fiddl 1+4
953 O_o X_x Evil WTF? _Sky- 1+3
952 TB Lung The Black Lung Evil *cough* *cough* Hero guy2 2
948 SAG The Screen Actors Guild Neutral Break a leg! Heidtmare 2+1
947 FofP Fighters of Paradise Evil If you can't eat it, kill it! Relyt 1+3
947 Lovedams The Lovedam Battle Alliance of Justice Good Not even rolling initiative can save you now! Isamu 2
947 SUPAFLY Pimp'n Evil I AM.... THA SUPAFLY. ThaSupafly 2
947 Saint Saint Neutral When darkness falls the saints rise. SolisFortary 2+1
946 TLOEG The league of extraodinary gentlemen Good o watch PQ and be a The league of extrodinary gent Tuxan 2
946 AleSlayers Ale Slayers Good If you see a beer, drink it! BeerSlayer 2
946 Antiheroes Low Lives Good Farting is risky business Dicktator XL 2
946 [CoB] Champions of Blood Evil Shed all the blood Gravari 2
946 OotH Order of the Heron Neutral For the Heron! regmes 5+1
945 Pain Major Pain Good Major Pain 2
945 PDFMBS Proletariat Deep-Fried Mars Bar Society Good Frying the means of production StB 2
945 gpshopper GPShopper, INC Good Mobilizing Main Street Michael the (Java) Cursed 2
945 itemz plz Offer Good Good CHesus 2
945 TME Too Much Effort Neutral For the sake of effort, don't exert. landsley 3
944 Munak Cult of the Hatnak Mu Good Boing, Boing, Squeeeeek! Jazzy Sama 2
944 nyx NYX in the Progress Neutral The more you know, the less you understand Nefer Nefer 2
944 LCST Lolocaust Evil DO IT TO IT 2
944 T30 The Thirty Evil We die lonely, but never alone! Ursu 8
943 Many Rejoice sexyBOB and the Pips Good Asche zu Asche und Staub zu Staub sexyBOB 2
943 MJE MadJack Entertainment Good We put the ritual sacrifice back in entertainment! San-MadJack 1+1
943 LGG Gargoyles Good Honor first Medeka 2
943 AIR AIRteam Good leachlife4 1+1
943 Dii The Order of Dii Good Pass The Keg Zero Djinn 2
943 sleepers sleepers Good to sleep z-add 2
943 LGB Light Gibbon Bringers Good We bring them 'cause they're light. Saltyk 2
943 Nugax Lingua Mortua Good Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes. Gaius Infinitus 2
943 Glub Grubs Glub Grubs Neutral Tesp!r! Mitala 2
943 XYZX XYZX Neutral Our lance will not be stopped Dr. September 1+1
943 EKdA El Knights de Arthias Good Vos vere vultus is sursum? Ego Ferdinandum, vere. FreddieFiasco 2
943 TTW TTwerty Good KEK TTwerty 1+1
941 KSK Keege Strømmen Kara Good Play bad, lame hard! fantaCx 4
938 -=NoT=- Neocrontroppers Evil Run or Die Iron.Lord 1+2
938 Lollipop Lollipop Guild Good How many licks does it take? Subrafta 3
937 -*SF*- Striking Fury Evil Fear the shadows that lurk Mizraith 2
937 EELS Eastern Eelmen League of Spoltog Neutral Sashimi nya naranu Go fish boys Fish scratch fever Su-Shi 2
937 Sumnah Guild of the Gilded High Summoners Guild Neutral When in doubt, summon! Lord Braska 2
936 Triad The Chinese Triad Good "When in doubt, euthanize." SunGodMonkey 1+1
934 WESUX WE ALL SUCK Evil everyone sux leachlife4 6
934 <3WCC Weighted Companion Cube Neutral Ur WCC will never threaten to stab u in the back Fright01 3
934 p2p PirtumPirtam Evil It's good to be bad but it's better to be EVIL! goscin666 3+2
932 The O-Shrine Shrine of Ozindar Neutral Do you what you like and don't what you don't. Ozindar 4+1
932 NeoRO NeoRO Evil NeoPs2 2+2
929 SMEGMA The Smegmatic German Helmets Evil Let's all stand erect Long Dong Silver 3
928 WoWFans World Of Warcraft Fanatics Good WoW Rules l337dexter 2
928 APFC Alex Prescott Fan Club Evil AP is GoD poggin 2
927 Sagan Carl Sagan Evil Billions and billions... Evident Absence 3
924 Ümläüts The Inheritance Of The Mighty Umlaut Neutral We have Pizza El Backlight 3
922 [EmHk] Order of the Emerald Hellkite Neutral Emerald flames shall raze the world. Horay! Jioruji Derako 3
919 TEPID The Eek Peep Indigenous Drivel Neutral Lukewarm to the Core. Valien 5
915 .:Factory:. Factory Good Unknown Factor ..... Exodus Adreat 2
915 CI Calamitous Intent Evil You're only sposed to blow the bloody doors off Diezehl 2
907 LIGEiFACE L I G E i F A C E . D K Good Tu est une abekat blab 1+1
907 Snejkarna Snejkarna Evil Hu? Jojje 2
899 SLOR Slow Riot Neutral The only good one's a dead one! TorusHead 6
898 FiSiBiKa Die Fiesies Evil Wir sind fies! BAM! INURFACE Endtrail 4
898 AMIS Association Malfaisante Irréductibles Sociopathes Evil Pinguins est un gros coiffeur Cafard 3
894 FBNI Fly By Night Industries Evil Change! Rowrthag 1+2
893 dark.klowns The Dark Klowns Neutral Box the Klown 2
893 Lsj lsj891012 Good I'm gonna kill all of Jap monkey! lsj891012 1+4
892 SX Styx Evil Yayyayayay Blobbel 4
890 CJ Circlejerk Neutral We eat little girls Sataaa 3
890 2G4U 2Guude4Yew Neutral Clones and clones of clones?! Phazer25 3
889 ExileLV ExileLV Good Tenjou 2
888 Disreputable Disreputable Boatmen Evil Gontik 1+1
887 BAMM Brutal Ambidextrous Mass Muderers Evil We can kill you with BOTH our hands! leachlife4 2
887 Heretic Heretical Blasphemy Good Mer De Noms Contravene 2
887 LCM La chandelle morte Evil No cheater we watch our bar progress! BoudahXL 2
887 -[FASZ]- Fiatal Alkoholisták Szövetsége Good Igyun sokat, és YOLO bmarcika 2
887 C.O.L. Confederation of Light Neutral If you play and continue to, Welcome.... kindred3 2
885 TLoOM The League of Ordinary Men Good Why excel when you can be mediocre! Lord Ingo 1+1
881 U.S.S KT United States of the Saver of Kitten Trees. Evil Omnom Everything. Riuris 4
877 TeLE TeLE Evil TeLE - Good Vibrations asko_eho 1+1
877 Apedogs Apedogs Neutral +2 ownage Xirus 1+1
877 -dev- Devnetik Good xendlessx 3
876 DiWo Diligent Workers Neutral Work all night. Shig 2
876 DCB's The Drifter Colony Bums Good "We're going to ride that?" PyroXIII 2
875 Apocalypse Knights of Apocalypse Good Kill, Crash and Destroy Dream Watcher 3+1
866 #@Home #@Home Evil #@Home, >< where its phat. Zero-Wing 2
866 H.A.R.D. H.A.R.D. Corps Good We're Always H.A.R.D. Maximicus 2
866 Periaktoid The Periodic Table of Elephants Evil Prose before hoes serasunshine 2
866 Deep Snacks Deep Guild Toodlesnacks Evil "So there I was, waist deep in a manatee carcass" Noxy 2
861 AnPo Anticosmic Powers Evil We are become death, the destroyers of worlds theoth 5
860 W-o-M Worshippers Of Metallica Good Rockfang 2+1
858 MoOG ^_^ Asociación de Señores de Orion Y Otros Neutral Movimiento por el cambio de época de Progress Ques Master of Orion Glabredzu 10
858 The PT's The Phylum of the Trundlefaustus Good If you can't join 'em, get bitter and go goth. Beetlewhizzit 4
854 The Faith Shining Faith Good Dona nobis pacem et salva nos a hostibus... Buzz-Buzz 3
848 AC10 Anime Crew 2010 Evil Fuck You and Die nerd 2
847 G.O.C.E Guild Of Carrot Eaters Neutral Only vegetable that Orc eats, is carrot. (( ELF! ) Grull Juurezz 2
847 Type Prototype Evil Be a no life! ImPsychoTv 2
846 steakheads steakheads Good We didn't ask for your two-bit opinion. ttocs 2
846 B| Grandonyans Neutral How are you fine thank you. Denninn 2
845 Sweet! The Sweet League Good Dude, what's mine say? Sweet! Donomoto 32
844 Störd The Stördos Neutral Be Störd, be very störd! Myolp 2
840 D.U.R.R. Divine Undercity of Retributive Reckoning Neutral We eat NPC's and poop out whiffle cuts! Tchaikovsky's Overfiend 4
838 CRAP CRAP Neutral Were all crap crazyerchris 4
834 Hell'sLords Hell'sWarlords Evil Are there battles to be fought ...we fight them ! Hell'sAvatar 2
830 AuldFriends AuldFriends Neutral Whee! Fussel 5
829 ZERGITA Sciame Zerg Evil Foreeever zerg, I wanna be foreeever zerg!!!! Pazzoberserk 1+1
828 IlluminedG Illumined Gaming Good We Rule Mr_Master 2
828 PBg Procrastination Brigade Neutral Yeah....we were gonna get around to that...... Gabryeal 2
827 Ectocheese Ectoplasmic Cheesecake Neutral <('.' <) <( '.' )> (> '.')> Ort the Dim 2+10
827 rekked Requiem Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orz 9
826 DTC Dans Ton Cul Evil ca pue ! Gaal 4
826 Helloimbob Helloimbob's best Guild Good We rule. Clemens 6
826 APT Aspiring Petty Thugs Evil One day we hope to advance to petty thuggery. Headlor 2
826 RNR Red-Neck Ronin Neutral Doing Things Nagasaki-Style Ysocroktt 2
825 Luminence Luminary Eminence Good The greatest of magnitudes is not enough. Cynosure 1+1+2
824 -={clean}=- Recyclers Good We collect cardboard golem recycling! Blackwolf Fang 2+1
824 FTN FTN Neutral FTN BlazeMan 2
824 ToG Temple of Godzilla Good Happiness is a dish best served cold. Rumgoat 2+2
824 V1 V1 Neutral What Would Jeffy Do? Jeff Hardy 3
824 gums Bad Teeth Neutral P'too! mewol 2
823 Knep Knep Good Knep med mig, det er rart :-P Izo 3
823 cool toxic Good Watch yor back coolbulldogs 1+1
823 SOTA Siegers of the Alamo Neutral American Super Patriots Must Die!(only in spanish) Tipsy and The Magic Gyrocopter 1+1
823 MRU Monks R Us Neutral Monks Unite leachlife4 4
823 BootyBandits Big Booty Bandits Good Hamburglar 2
823 idkmybffjill Illegal Danish Neutral I do what I want LuckyNumbah7 2
822 DPW Dalmas Power Evil Errrrr!!!! Argggg!!! Eag 2
822 PB Pep Boys Evil We're the car people! Dio 2
821 LNC Late-Night Coders Neutral Meh. Whatever. Go do fun stuff. Mr.Person 1+1
821 BEU Baby Eaters United Neutral "I never met a baby I didn't eat!" Y2Xiao 2
821 Wii! Wii! The Knights Who Say Wii! Neutral Playing Progress Quest wiiiiiiiiiith... a HERRING! Cameron Sanantonio 2
821 AMP Association of Men who are also Pandas Neutral I evolved thumbs and all I got was this T-shirt... Schizandroid 3+1
821 DICK Disciples In Clean Kilts Good Really? Stiph Peter 2
821 Troop 816 Union AeroSpace Corporation.. Neutral Storms, What's left is just Collateoral Damage. UAC Flynn Taggart 2
821 Keciaz Keciaz Neutral We are farmers steven7069 2
820 SFO Shadowflame Order Evil We will cleanse the world in fire dark. leachlife4 1+1
820 Triforce Triforce Guild Evil McKickass inatspong 2+1
819 we keel Keelers Neutral Keel them all Tynx 4+2
819 WLZ Würfelzucker Neutral velox 3
816 S.P.H.I.N.X. S.P.H.I.N.X. Good shudmeyer 1+2
815 AO Ancient Ones Evil MMmmm Evil.... Maelael D'Ereshkigal 2
815 DINK Dink's Guild Neutral Just Dink It! DinkLock 2
815 GUL The Guild of Unnecessary Loquaciousness Evil Why don't they ever leave me enough room to finish The_root_of_all_evil 2
815 KHAI Mirkur Draug'Tyr Neutral Your window to the target. The Being 2
815 -WD- Wolf Den Neutral Dont fear the dark wolfofdeath 2
814 WiRe Winged Rebellion Neutral Wings of Freedom Litdaze 4
813 Undying Undying Neutral If it doesn't get all over the place. It ........ Michael Fairlyne 2+2
806 Snow... Midnite_Snow Good Be as Cool as Snow,as mysterious as midnite... Cararex 5
806 UUO118 Atomic Summer Neutral Here comes the pain Dormira 3
804 T-Ton! T-Ton! Good T-Ton - For good or for Awesome! AntmanIV 1+2
804 SSl Silver Starlight Neutral Ad astra Aerio 3
803 PRoLioO Peoples Republic of Lumps in our Oatmeal Neutral Now with more ass-kicking lumps! Green-Elf 3
801 KiKi KiKi's Bitches Evil ... BCOOL 5
790 Rekcals Rekcals Evil dot dot dot Rekcals 3
785 DæmoS Core Dæmon Structured Core Neutral We exist, that is sufficient. Vernem 4+1
782 megahertz Megahertz Army Good Geek it until it megahertz cypher-neo 2+1
780 Ven Venerate Good We kill stuff. Tapein 4
780 bama cristos The Christ Punchers Evil Punching christ for all you sinners! LoFi-Samurai 4
779 Nightwish ccc4ever Evil U\'re here for me, I\'m here for u ccc4ever 1+1
777 M.S.O.O. MONSTER SLAYERS OF OOBAG Good Let's slay all the evil monsters !!! [ZiN]JaruS_Lublin_PL 2
777 BFIST BroFist Good Brofisting at the speed of light! Beat 2
777 Wati Wati Guild Good Per aspera ad astra Boo-cher 6
773 DoPQ The Drifters of Progress Quest Neutral We Drift... We Drift... Die Sinlin 2
772 MFIS Mormons For Further Intanglement In Society Evil GET THEM ALL! Frump 2
771 RP28 Robotic Pirates 28k Neutral Straight illin robot pirate style Cithon 1+1
770 ciik Guardians of the Mysterious Rabbish Good Save early, save often Crays 2
767 -AAB- Aardappelbakkers Evil Burned, but still not cooked -Anakha- 8
764 MNL Midnight Lunatics Asylum Neutral Prozac Pudding Power! Fear the three peas! TeRRoRiTe 4
764 N-D New Doom Good Fighting the forces of hell, one imp at a time... Fallox 3
763 DDKoADD DivineDarkKnightsOfApjounsDivineDivinity Neutral Apjoun 2
763 rllmuk rllmuk Good Jonster 1+3
762 DvT The Dark Voodoo Tribe Evil Heads will roll.... NinjaHamster 2
762 Existentials No Exits Neutral The Exits are closed DeathValzer 2
761 Yes sir! falSTAR Good There's falSTAR's.. And then there's everyone else leachlife4 3
759 NKSB Da Negro-Knights o' South Bronxshire Evil Don't trust whitey, join taday! Sir Jiggalot of Ill Flava 3
753 UKPGG United Kobolt Penis Gathering Guild Neutral Tizz Dr Kranz 2
753 FeTe Flegmatic Tree Evil Auri sacra fames BiD 4+3
753 LOR Legend Of Roe Neutral Don't interupt while I'm ignoring you Amrak 3
750 OvR Overrun Evil Keep juggling! Goshewan 2
749 Sab Saul Ah B Neutral None Crawling119 10
748 TOMP Tomopia Good To do what was lost, is losing what to do Tom the Great 4
742 Gobo! Goblin Mutants Team Neutral Take a sharp stick and make lot of holes! Roger 1+2
742 The Black The Black Company Neutral We stay united Krain 3
740 Squawk The Royal Order of Battle-Finches & Birdriders Esq Good Cheep cheep cheep, kill a lot, peck a little more HungryTiger 1+2+1
739 FWBT For Whom The Bell Tolls Good Dragonaljar 11
739 MM2018 Magical Mirai Good The mirai without Mirai isn't the mirai I want ! Snow Miku 4
738 get dunkd on geeettttttt dunked on!! Neutral you’re gonna have a bad time WarButter 3
737 BabStoCorEat Baby Stomping Corpse Eaters Good Dead hookers are fun, if they're still warm. leachlife4 2
736 Rhônai The people of Rhônai Good We stand united. leachlife4 2
735 IFoooaaaaamm Eye Foam Evil Cheese and gold Rhaizah 2
734 RainBlood Raining Blood Evil Raining Blood...From a Lacerated Sky Pandamaniac 3
732 MJA Mako Junkies Anonymous Neutral What's bad for you could be good for me! Mako_Junkie 9
729 AOCF Ancient Order of the Clenched Face Neutral With stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain Old Nahampkin 1+3
727 NON-E Non-existing Neutral we don\\\'t exist Hellek 1+1
724 MI Mages Island Good Magic and wisdom are key Saje 3+1
723 PINK Pink & Innocent, Not Killers Neutral We're innocent! EmmieShadow 4
722 NB Nutter Butter Neutral Look at that pony! JesterPoet 2
722 emark guild e-mark supper guild Evil pwn tvl 5
721 FGATGJS Formal Guild of All That is Good and Justly Stuff Good HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Rickish 2
720 OoL Order of Light Good In Light There Is No Darkness leachlife4 4
720 [W.M] [World.mayheM] Evil Causing Worldly Harm... WargasM 2
718 GlBs Grief lunatic basterds Neutral Amarandwolf 2
717 Didocom Ye Olde Didocom Shoppe Good Charge! (@P20 per Hour) leachlife4 3
717 The Devil Marinas Evil "Oh, and you must be the devil!' Valcrist 3
717 FATAL Fatal Dominion Evil Bathed in blood, blessed by fire. ApostleOfAtom 3
715 GUN Great Ugly Nothing Good Making fat kids fatter so little kids feel better. Nakoom 2
715 Swimunk Guild of The Swimming Monkies Good WORSHIP THE MUNKY DAMIT! HelRunner 3
715 M~S MidnightSyndicate Evil \"If you can\'t do it you can sure as hell try\" leachlife4 1+1
715 DieModerei Die Geruchsanstalt Evil May the dung rain down on you! leachlife4 2
715 Choc Bunnies One Pound Chocolate Bunny Good elerarr 2
715 LtH Ladies that Hack Good Kill evil and take their stuff. Ilyra 2
715 Thunderforce Holy Thunderforce Good heh... Rand00m 3
715 TroHun Trophy Hunters Neutral There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted. regmes 1+1
714 CrsdLrkrs The Cursed Lurkers Neutral Wait for it... GOTCHA! Malerock 1+1
714 <3Burger Angels-Holocaust Neutral omgwtfhax? Vinceisg0d 2
714 FOAD Fédéral Organisation Administration Département Neutral Pardon my French! Bib 2
714 Shacklefords The Dale Gribble Knights who say, "Shuh-shah!" Evil "Shuh-Shah!" Shuh-Shah! the Rusty 2
714 S5 Sensual Suffocating Swimsuit Sluts from outerSpace Evil In outer space nobody can eat ice cream Chaorick 2
714 F.A.Q Fack You! Evil Fack You! That's what FAQ means.. right?? Betastic 1+1
714 SKT Shadow Knights of Tikal Good Max Gene 2
714 [:oSR:] Ordo Straga Rosa Neutral Non Ploro, Non Crudus oneirosFade 2
714 Troop 616 Union AeroSpace Corporation. Good Evil shall fall before our might! UAC Flynn Taggart 2
714 HamsterParty Happy Hamsters Neutral we're happy Giraffer 2
711 LWS Living With Style Neutral To Live with style Godmstr 3
711 ASYLIM! Aylesbury! Save Your LIve Music! Neutral Support Live Music in Aylesbury! IT ROCKS! Saiph 11
708 BLAM Belligerent Lads And Men Neutral Not your ordinary food group! FadingLight 1+1
708 QQ NOOB Quintessential Quarters for Naggers Of Overt Barns Evil Follow the barn Wexxie 2
708 Kidoneko Neko style Kido Neutral Cats we are kitty cats and we dance dance dance!! KoNekoNeko 1+1
708 Weebs Weeaboos Evil Hikari and Megumin adri 2
708 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Neutral Evolving... Mad Scientist 2
706 Holy-H Holyhard Good Holyishard SpawnerMaxer 52
705 Dum Basses The Idiot's Guide to Runeloremastery Evil Like a dog with bricks tied to its head... Doombringer The Mighty God 6
704 Nebo Nebuchadnezzar Good ProfessorRolo 4
704 ECL East Commonlands Neutral To grind or not to grind that is the question... Fleshrend 4
703 HPFC Herr Pickles Fanclub <3 Evil Alles für die Gurke! Alles für den Club! Ultraporing 3
699 FaUoW Followers and Underlings of Wolfspelz Good Just do it Wolfspelz 3
696 BMDW Basement Dwellers Evil None Sawtoothsquid 2
693 FFF Friends of Fisherman's Friend Good Hmmm, suck that Fisherman's Friend! Twigler the Mad Twirler 2+1
692 DAz D'Arvakh Evil When fire rains down from the sky, mankind will... xixel 4
692 =TDG= The Deadly Guild Neutral U got Pwned Noob Dipstick45 2
692 The Club Spoltog Country Club Good There's No "U" In This Club. Leeroy Jenkins 2
689 Aroo? Sprocket Wolf! Neutral Martese 3
686 DSM2004 Den Store Mester ToTusindeogFire Good Æren er det fagreste træ i skoven DSM2003 2
686 Drags Dragon Hunters Good Mess with the best, DIE like the rest!!! Ezri 1+1
683 lamez awesomes Evil die a little every day ogreknight 5
681 TDPSotFL The Dark Power Slayer of the Forbidden Language Evil Get rich or die tryin' EKN 4
680 THBoEP The Holy Brotherhood of Elven Protectors Good Together we shall venture in forgotten realms... Snowfall 5
678 Meldersnet Meldersnet Good Meldersnet rules [QS]Excalibur 4
672 SHDW Shadowbolts Neutral The Shadowbolts Pretzhog 2
671 DiSh DieSherrif's Evil BÖLLERN! J4nniZ 2
669 BOSR Bludgeoners of Small Rodents Good auroris 9
669 L.O.L.I. Flat is Justice Evil Flat is Justice Akuma no Tsubasa 2+1
668 BARON The Baronites Neutral Promoting organized anarchy every day Lywellyn 2+1
667 ESE Eat! Sleep! Eat! Evil Eat! Sleep! Eat! Garam 4
662 Uber Bad Uber Badasses Evil And now you too... are uber-badass. Shawn Reed 2
662 MonstSlay MonsterSlayer Good Do good thing for win ! lLanctot 2
660 WCD... Warcraft Dervish Neutral Yeap, we're noobs Dancindan84 2+1
658 *Death* Deathly Marks Evil He told us to do it Konman 2+1
657 A.O.D Army Of Darkness Evil Let them hate us, provided they FEAR us! Crimson Ghost 1+2
657 Blerg! Blerg! Neutral Blerg! Thorgred 3
656 See Formal Cult Under Nasterous Tenenbaum Evil Do Not Exceed The Stated Dose Dumpston 3
656 MaBu MakingBubbles Evil a frog for every bubble arithia 3
654 NewFU Newfriends Unite Good New is always good as new. Zayo 1+35
652 Drunk Taints Slippery Grundle Beer Drinkers Alliance Neutral early bird gets worm but second mouse gets cheese SpicySanchez 3
652 D'D The Devils in Disguise Good We lay our cum upon thee Mr. Blue Sky 2+7
649 Wits Wheel In The Sky Good Free fly in the Sky Bias11 5
646 Felchus FELCHING FOR FREEDOM! Evil "Onward and outward, for ignorant bliss!" MisterTorn 3
645 VicPrik Vicious Pricks Evil Rape-Kill-Maim-Pillage-Burn. But not in that order Wolfie-IA 2
643 LoFS Legion of Feral Squirrels Neutral Cute, Furry, Cuddly, Deadly Robbie Dawson Md. 7
642 TGods Treacherous Gods Good The land is silent... Before the storm! Wintersun 4+1
641 ATHF AquaTeensHungerForce Good We Kill everybody cause we cool like dat Cabface 3
640 Sanka Lost but Not Forgotten Neutral Hero's are remembered, Legends are never forgotten Sanka 2
640 D'VINE The Divine League of Awesome Evil lolpk! Almir 3
640 Traveler The Travelers Good The World is Ours to Explore Tralien 3
639 EotP Enshroudment of the Plains Evil We will cover the world in shroud. Hirogen Yao 2
638 Apple Core PARATHEO-ANAMETAMYSTIKHOOD OF ERIS ESOTERIC Neutral Grand (and gory) Old Discordja! aghori 1+3
638 0S 0rions Soldiers Good KILLLLLLLLL 0rion 3
636 RAGE CREW The Rage Crew Evil YAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Brass_Munkee 4
634 BLD BTH Blood Bath Good THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!! ryanmdaly 1+2
633 Awsomeness! Guild of Awsomeness Evil We\'re just awesome. Nura 4
633 GachiMuchi Billy Herrington's Dungeon Crew Good Ass we can! Shredder 4
630 .:CoG:. Company of Gods Good lvl up! Xyrix 4
629 SeoB Seekers of Beer Good We like beer ieatpoptarts 4
628 PGLD PlagueLord Neutral For Glory & Beer Axideus 3
624 URB United Retards Of Bagledesh Evil EAT BABIES PISS GRAVEL AND SET CHILDREN ON FIRE United Retards Of Bangledesh 4
623 Anti-Pants Pants. Who needs 'em? Evil Remove your pants and jump for joy! Mr. Amazing 2
623 Riverbed Riverbed Technology Neutral Robocop 2
623 MapleGrove Maple Grove Knights Good SPOOOOOON!!!!!!! Papi Chulo 1+2
623 Mashers Inc. The Aboriginal Potato Mashers of Schenectady Evil The potato also mashes thee. Karkadinn 1+1
623 N-less Nameless Evil Th3D3ntist 4
622 #SH Space-Hulk Evil Cleanse and Burn! xixel 2
622 LPT Lust Preaching Taco Evil We preach for panties. gukarma 1+1
622 XYR X Yos Razulath Good Let's all stab things! >:D CactusMaster 3
622 [JEFF] The Lackidaisical Warriors of the Boosh Evil Why do now what you could do after killing a baby? Deadseraph 1+1
622 Ali G Algraves Evil Respek Pandalphon 3
622 El. Opera House Evil Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom!!! El. 4
621 Gaminghost Evil For Gamers, By Gamers! Embryodead 2
621 TSW The Spirits Within Neutral We Rule Spoltog, I think :) Kashmir 2
621 TCP The Circle of Power Good Get lost!! FreeGeG 1+1
621 Fecatorium Fecatorium Evil I'm a song from the sixties Mung 4
621 HLD Holy League of Diarrhoea Neutral Deus volt Lord Villic of Holy Lethargia 2
621 Skulltwister The Skull Twisters Evil We twist the skulls. Strawbelbadude 2
621 knikni Knights of Knighthood Good The Ultimate Knightly Knighthood AlexG 2
621 Shh.... Whisperers of the Wind Sword Good Don't speak loudly Kroupcrit 2
621 eprep Equestrian Prep Neutral ~ old hat perm 2
618 KNAP Koło Naukowe Automatyki Przemysłowej Evil We Love Automatics Alpinus 1+7
616 DrunkP Drunken Pirates Evil no such thing as bad rum arrr!! Dwolf 2
616 Lol~~~ Lord of Legend Good For the Light Ann 2
616 DENOOB De'Noobs Evil The Internet is for... Kaly 2
616 RPH Rabbit Punch Neutral hehehe archem 2
616 Kill pines! Pinekillers Evil Kill da pines, save da beavers! Tapx 2
616 AoElites Army of Elites Good Mass Destruction Vendan 2
616 BZRW Bizarro World Neutral Zakattakk 4+1
613 Teledildonic Teledildonics Neutral Pffff you know what we do Felipe A 7
608 LTD Loot The Dog Good we will nerf you! Gryvon 3
605 Wild Hunt Wild Hunt Good Rawr! Nurgh 2
605 TooB The Order of Boeg Evil "Thu must worship PQ" Boegroew 5
604 Elementia The Progressive Table of Elements Neutral At the heart of the world of Progress... Denthrinn 6
603 DoE Druids of Ehlonna Neutral For Ehlonna! For Obid-Hai! Merivyan 2+1
602 RC Coola The Bachus Fanclub Evil We hate you all. Bachus 2
600 [SJGT] The Red and Black Army Good Loyalty until Death CalBri97 8+6
598 E3 E3 Good We sit AFK for a long time Starblaster1234 10
597 TIHYGS Team I Hate You Guys Evil Pwning noobs since 2002 BumPaum 6
596 hinata inn love hina Good kimi o ai shite iru maehara shinobu 2
596 Dirtpro DirtyProgressers Good Solange bis die Sonne auf die Erde fällt DieAmoebe 4
591 TwiPeaker Twilight Peacekeepers Neutral Sure?.. Maybe.. We'll Hafta see. DarkHawkPro 2+1
587 Jujubas Melecas Good For the Horde! Lugão 2
586 ZHQ Beaming Good Here we go MoonBeam 3
585 The Sacreds The Sacred Feathers Good Rumbladi 3
584 Blow my tube Porn Elementals Neutral You no take lube! Nerfair 2
584 [131717] PQL33T Evil Grind with style. Juha686 2
583 GPMI Ghost Pirates of Monkey Island Evil Can I interest you in this fine leather jacket? Matthew Ranks 1+1
583 Ninjas Ninjas Neutral Veni, Vedi, Vici *rawr* Penz0r 1+1
582 B'gok The Massively Massive Massive of B'gok Neutral B'gok up the massive's massively massive massive. Alpaca 2
582 A H Andiamo Horrors Neutral zomgwtfbbqkittensmewmewmewlazergunspewpewpew Malik the Mad 3
582 ASUCK Awesome Super Ugly Cowboys Killers Evil Are you a cowboy dood? DF0 2
581 Gozem GozemInc. Good Software to the People! Gozem 3
581 Yummy YUMMY Good Comie Momie Comie Joiny Comie Kobe COmie Mano Gino Grummy 3
577 ParaKoM Paranoid KoM Evil I'm not Paranoid! KoM 8
576 The One!!!! The Guild Of One Evil They're the PJPF......SPLINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zeustic 2
576 JEB Josh's excellent badgers Evil Badger Badger Badger Kabouter 2
576 Sabi's Boyz The boys hailing to Sabi Neutral we progress! Sabi 2
576 F T CR33D For the Cr33d Good To be and to See Zebulan 1+1
575 Roidham Roidham Good Nur no die Quest AndyN02 4
574 penispatrol Penis Patrol Evil Your ad here Kangu 1+2
569 BoLnD Brotherhood Of Light And Darkness Evil squee? asd 2
569 LegShad Legacy of the Shadow Evil Death from the Shadows... Silicon Shadow 3
569 toxica Toxic Avengers Neutral Dont taze me bro! animerunt 2
569 AnarchyFight Anarchy Fighters Neutral HardTYZ 1+1
567 FR4K The Knights of Frak Good No Cylons allowed Captain Woddee [Braden Scanlan 38
564 PTGuild Portugal Neutral Igo 2
561 -=D=- The Dukes of G! Neutral We are the best, you are the rest! Flocutus 2
561 Kehkk Kehkistant Evil auto SP5 2
560 =<__/ZC\__>= ZombieCorpse Neutral PinkSuspenders?WaterInTheBasement!?AngusWhosAngus! _TROLL_ 3
559 01 The Great Binary Guild Good there are 10 kind of people, in this guild or not bearded_jack 1+2+1
559 ---DF-- Dung Flingers Neutral Flinging dung for all! setik 3+1
557 J00 J00 Neutral W3 423 1337 J00 F02K 2
557 Innerkurva Realm of the Innerkurva Neutral Bow down or be Nerbromsad Bzzt0x15 2
557 SunRed The Sun of the Red earth Evil Kill'em all Miguel Juan 3
557 Fuster Fustercluck Evil Everything is a Fustercluck AngryParagon 2
556 Elfen Army Elfen Army Good Kill them all! Jacki 2
556 ChristianCum Cumming on Christian Knights Neutral to cum or not to cum StunlockedIRL 4
555 Twins Mount Twin Neutral We ownz U!!! Psst 1+1
553 Lunatics! We ARE the Lunatics! Neutral What? Yea!, ayea! PuFFiS 4
548 LoSa League of Shadows Neutral Tis' a fine day to die. Chiaroscruo 2
547 OCS The Order of the Crimson Sun Good FOR PANCAKES! Pylonius 2+1
547 -DB- Dark Black Good Meep Meep! leachlife4 4
547 C.V Comando Vermelho Evil Skim 17
546 ARSE Allied Reclusive Secret Embalmers Evil Discount Mummifications (Pay in Advance) PreacherMan 3
544 P Ninjas Presbyterian Ninjas Neutral Killing you quietly and by committee. Tweet 2
544 Coffeejunkie Coffeeshop invaders Evil It's by caffeine alone my mind is set in motion NeedMoreCoffeeMan 4
543 Team-Pred Team Predator Evil Sexy Time! MeloN 2
543 FRA Guilde des Francais Neutral Montrez que la France est meilleure que les autres Jakylla 1+2
543 CVS Cavaleiros do Visconde de Sabugosa Good Em defesa do sítio! Kurumim2 3
542 AMI Rulers of the bottom feeders Evil We are the best of the best of the worst. Yaotzin 1+2
542 the buggers The guild of anoying buggers Evil To be anoying is the key to enlightment! Himura ShinDa 1+2+1
542 Crisco Alliance of Vegetable Shortening Good epic win slavik262 1+1
542 Diverge DivergePQ Good Pontefract colleges best guild - Also the only one Rubikal12 2
541 KMS Runestone Kowboys Neutral Kiss My Staff Kolo Fireheart 3
541 Plan9 Plan 9 From Outer Space Evil Zurk 2
541 F.B.B. The Fellowship of the Bling Bling Good Destroy the One Bling Bling! GrizzledFat 9
541 #rape Rapist Eyes Good Get In The Van We Have Candy That Faggot Rave 2
541 Zerocoil Guild Of the loner Good Uphold the Peace Zerocoil 3
541 d-w-c double-wookie-clan Neutral why is there six pedals if there are only four dir deadlyshooter0 3
541 =s!x= Souls in Exile Good Testing Gottshaw 1+1
541 TKOO The Kings of Old Good The kings of the past becoming mere people. BbrouK1ng 2
540 E.V.I.L Earth's Very Intentional Leverage Evil I... I mean... We shall someday rule Earth! Rogon 1+1
540 NFG Nucking Futs Guild Evil Eat shit or die! bs38830 2
540 GooN Goonies Good leachlife4 2
540 DFL Disciples of the Fish Lord Neutral Give Glory where Glory belongs! leachlife4 2
540 Fart Fart Smellers Good mmm, stinky Breaker 2
540 Theta Kappa Fraternal Lodge of the Trans-Kobold Masons Neutral Theta Kappa: For the exclusive Trans-Kobold Butkus 2
540 CYD Cydonia Neutral Cydonia or bust! Jaelen 1+1
538 WO Wise one Good Kill or be killed Ultimon 2+1
537 Strongbad The Awesome One Neutral Somebody get this fricking duck away from me! Enigma Strongbadian 2+1
537 tgp20 Turbogp20 Neutral We control the land, we control everyone turbogp20 3
537 C45 The Power of Colt 45 Evil It works every time. Weeble 3
536 SLITHER Some Losers Ideas Trampled Hideously Every Roll Neutral Success At Life -5 Sturgeon Surgeon 2
536 ::DDD ::Double Double Dots Evil Pizza ride Horses <3 Mixnot 2
536 schlong The Large Penis Guild Neutral We have only one requirement... Phallusius 3+2
536 YMPA Young Men's Pagan Association Evil Young Men's Reformed Cultists of the Ichor God Bel-Shamharoth the Soul-Eater 2
536 GDZ Gay Dudez Neutral We're gay as hell! JPorphy 2
536 Arcane Arcane Ranger Neutral To track, to hunt, to learn, to improve. Bowpurity 2
534 LMO Little Mormors Evil WE R WIN! IMO FYI! Supersune 6
530 -=[TDB]=- Thunderbrew Distillery Good World of Warcraft on Der abyssische Rat Lesnar 2
529 DBF Dead Body Farmers Neutral Live by the Sword! Die by the Sword! Fredrick Ernst 4
528 OotDF Order of the Drunken Fist Good Killing beasties in true style Benjirii 3
526 =O= The Outcasts Evil Pheer our mad skills. Asmax 2
525 [BlueRage] Blue Rage Good The Rage Always Takes Over. Blue Rage 3
520 Unwanted The Legion of Oddites, Freaks, Romantics+Drunks Neutral Sitting around, killing you, that's life. mr man 26+1
515 Narky Team Narky Good For the Narky! Narky 4
512 BAHAMUT BAHAMUT Good We are goodmen! Gogle 3
511 PkmnFans Pokémon Fanz Neutral I like this game! And Pokémon! erriperry 4
508 MOE'S Anibros Neutral "SEE? IT'S NOT FOR KIDS!" snorgledingus 2
507 PaladinMouse Paladins of the Holy Pointer in the Sky Good I have been chosen, by the large metal hand. TGhost 2
507 GaBo Neutral Play this Game Now! DiesAter 6
502 GAY-BRA The Brazilian Evil Guys Motheruckers of Trento Evil If you are from brazil join us and be a happy gay sininho 2+1
502 MHz searcher The searchers of the lost MHz Good To find and recover each MHz is our task! Commander-001 4
501 Ishmu Ishmu's Guild Good Ishmu 2
501 ADM Aeger Dis Macrocarpusen Evil Laus exsisto ut omnipotens dea! Sonatas 2
501 $$ steffenstinkt Good Ich gebs euch allen Uzwhud 2
501 B.A.D.A.A.S Bread Adventurers Doomed for Aweful Anti Socialnes Good If It's Not B.A.D.A.A.S It's Not Worth Doing! Lava ON 1+1
501 LunNads Lunar Naiads Good ^-^ Kawaii Tsuki 1+1
499 Maverick's Friends Utd Good United we are strong....seperated we are dead MakepeG2002 2+1
497 FHF Forehead Fighters Evil Would you like fries with that? St. Svenneth 2
494 OPP The Oobag Progressive Police Good For the new world! Shouichi 4
491 FZI FZI Guild Neutral for the l00t. Eleon Windflame 3
491 S.B. Soresutaru Biinn Neutral Setsuna iru narasa. Bernia 8
487 Destiny Destiny Good It's not illegal if you don't get caught. phattyG3 2
487 6776 divinitywow Good divinity guild rocks divinity 3
487 Stop. Hammer Time Good Can't touch this. Emms 2
484 TFAROA The Fricking Awesome Riders Of Apocalypse Evil It's good to be bad Ksard 2
484 Free Home The League of Free Humanoids Neutral A place for ourselves. No purdy faces allowed! Kaalgrak 4
483 ArkZ ArkZ Good Stand in the way of our mission, and die. Omedeus 2+1
483 RdA Reflets d'Acide Good Le monde de JBX Lynx Kyrios 7
482 HMC Half-Minded Chemists Evil Syzar 1+5
481 ThatOneGuy That One Guy Productions Neutral ...Eh? Ultimate Carl 5
481 MGoG Murksi's Guild of Glory Good We're better then good! Murksi 3
479 3 Tiers Angry Christ and Three Tiers Neutral leachlife4 1+2
478 SOLIPCIST Da Poison Crew Good We shall slowly drain your life! DrTommyRocks 2
478 ERT Estonian&Russian Team Good Play for Fun Mikilo 7
475 PrimusSucks Primus of the World Neutral ...? TommyTheCat 2
475 Baal The Angel of Baal Evil Destroy the world and resurected Lucyfer Malcom 5
475 GBH Guild of Brutal Heretics Evil It's not a crime, it's just Illegal Zsall 5
474 ktap King Tony Alpha Patrol Good We live to serve our King King Tony 2 2
474 H.B.S.O.E. Harvard Business School Of Echec Neutral Sale pute ta chatte ta chatte ta chatte! Fustel 2
474 -RG- Rven G'harr Neutral All your base are belong to us Shultays 2
474 -=*CS*=- Core Synergy Good The Cloud. Measurable value for any sized business Frootraem 2
473 JKWLD Johkers Wild Evil Johkers Wild Baybee!! Johker 2
472 DBM Deathcleave Bloodslumber Murderpus Good Helping people makes you feel good :) NighTrekr 2
472 ZergS Zerg Swarm Evil We will destroy you! d3m0n1c 3
472 GFL Grithok's Fancy Lads Neutral Ook Ook Grithok 2
471 co to mark Neutral I like rock 'n roll markq2 3
471 DftW Death for the Weak Evil Weak people are useless, They must die Seymour 1+2+1
471 GOK GodKings Evil We pwn Fazal 8
471 FoFtC Followers of Fred the Carrot Evil Did i Do that? leachlife4 3
471 Peep Big Peep Neutral ~8^ Hyst 1+1
470 DEATHSQUAD Einsatzgruppen Evil VIVIVI 2
470 Taco Los Taco Good Make love not war El perro grande 2
470 Sanctus Ira Sanctus Ira Good The Holy Wrath in a land of futile goals. Ehran 2
470 R_forRegress Regressive Guild Neutral Whatever whenever goes up - finally must fall down Akashic 1+2
470 PCF Psycho Chicken Fuckers Evil AFRO POWER! leachlife4 2
470 ALC Amazing League of Curiousity Good Never Give In To Ambivalence Curious Gregor 2
470 SFP! Squids for a Free Pizza Good *Squids can't really write well* Pickle the Wonder Squid 2
470 Attma Legion of Attma Neutral Vi HAR slutat nian. phoz 2
470 Team H Godot's Contagious Band of Thread Slayers Neutral Would you like some raple syrup with our pwncakes? Godot 2
470 YGD Ygsild Evil Punk Mothers! Chirish 2
470 aslmknfja fullbutter Evil we kick buttums lolpoi 2
470 Iva Irken Invaders Evil Snacks!!! Nero Skie 2
470 volandpro volandpro Good volandpro karlmarx 2
469 Selfish Selfish Philosophers Neutral There's no greater purpose than creating a legacy scattymatty 1+1
469 Dirty Horde Dirty Horde Evil Like running Seti, only more productive. Teleph of Azeroth 1+1
469 Quebec monster-best Evil master-davy 1+1
469 SNT Sentero Neutral Ashes to Ashes Seydren 2+1
469 SHIB Sibal Evil Kill all babies Aeja 1+1
466 EMuffin Evil Muffin Evil You can keep da $10G along with da body... peace! Chaaun 2
466 PHYR PHYR Evil Eviltoast 2
466 Kpo-Cln Kupo-Clan Good Can't Touch This Lehn 2
466 BossFite The Knights of Ass Tear Neutral There is no metaphor for how fucked you are Roue Cinnamon 3
465 MolCol Molten College Evil Do not put phone on lamp because you will 噴飯 Jack Leonar 2
465 OACO Onions Are Cool Good Yea, Onions are cool... Robubie 2
463 P.E.T.K. People for the ethical treatment of Kobolds Good We fight to give innocent Kobold back their penis! Crazymofo10383 4
463 Burkey Team Burkey Evil Burkey for the Burkey throne FireCar 4
459 MP Madri Parucche Good ...Madre.... PARUCCAAA!!! Rosiello 3
457 Óàøàêòóí Óàøàêòóí Neutral Çà ïàðàøó! Woogloosker 2+1
455 P.A.N.D.A Panda-men And Northern Djinns of Andar Good Spread peace, destroy all traces of evil. Alabraka 1+1
455 LAZOR Ones who simply Herp da Derp Good We are one and we are many BigHutch75 2
446 [TE] Team Evil Evil We take American medicine to be stronger! hongmao 3
441 BBB Black Bolt Brigade Neutral kthxbye Cowboybot 2
441 I-D IcEsToRmwindDale Neutral "We Cant Decide Weather To Be Good Or Evil!" Nabashin 2
441 JK Jokenian Knights Neutral Trust me, were not joking. Just comedians. Xora 2
435 Chroma Chroma Neutral Zirconium 2
435 Hellraiser Hells angels on bike Neutral Bike, bike, bike and kill Urbanus 2
435 ÒË Òåìíûé Ëåãèîí Evil ÂÑÅÕ ÏÎÐÂÅÌ !!! Bogm 2
435 GBk Group B Good Newcastle College's computers suck! Okonk 2
435 GGooDDoG Guild of Good Dooing Do Gooders Good Seek the Sacred Gimlets and Slay the Ice Devils! Sfartnirbartolemackins 2
434 YellowBoyz Beautiful Yellow Children Neutral If it ain't yellow, it ain't right! YellowPanda 3
432 TDFS Team Dragonflies Good Always be a Dragon! Khrawn 2
431 SaE Selfishness and EVIL Evil We Kill Babies For Money and Fun EVERYONE JOIN US! Maltock the Slaughterer 4
429 [ET] Emerald Tiers Good It Means Nothing!!! Roonast 6
427 *0* abiss Evil *0* imb 5+3
422 Chimpo Vermont Highway Patrol Good Almost Made It Farva 3
422 Wonderland D4rkWoodz Evil Madness roams, and you be mental like me *laughs* Williow 2
421 Team Tugboat Team Tugboat Neutral PeteyX 2
420 Tzarists The Imperial Dynasty of Russia Neutral Strength and Honor Elvenrod 3+1
420 LIRMM LIRMM Good In 0110001101001 we trust Pogerom 2
418 Rodenthood The brotherhood of the Dark Guinea Pig Evil By the Dark Master, give all thy pet food or die! Rabbi-T 3
418 Die for Good Myrtar Good Fight again the Evils Myrtar 1+3
417 MSG Matt Snow Guild Good Try to Make a Guild Matt Snow 4
415 AGA Archers of the Gleaming Arrow Good One Quiver one kill DrivenForwardAgain 3+1
415 Smali Smalarinn Inc. Good cassetti 3
414 CoD? Cake or Death? Neutral Tea and cake or death? Cake please... Distinctly Benign 3+1
412 N.A.D.S. Neutral Acts Deviant of Sanity Neutral For two of a kind! Nad 3
412 K-o-C Knights of Cobbalot Evil I'll bite your legs off Clayeth 2
412 EpMARIA Et poppins MARIA, Good We're Mary Poppins, y'all! Khanageddon 2
411 SP Storuman Progressers Neutral Progress, or fall behind! Ragowit 2
410 TGi The Gilbert Irregulars Evil All for Gilberts, and Gilberts for All! BigSteve03 2
410 chilln chilln Evil asdf Karategott 3
410 TVF The Veilhart Family Good We'll kick reason to the curb! Urya 2+2
410 TGPQ Test Guild Plz Quit Good IDDQD IDKFA SilverAID 2
409 BMW Bissele Mit Was Good alles ist besser als Fiat fahren! Fail 2
409 Cpara Chaos Paradis Neutral Come to be free for the rest of your... Tyrin 2
409 HL House Lymbo Neutral What are we doing here? Selly 2
409 SECKZ Y helo thar buttseckz! Evil Y, hello thar... Buttseckz 2
409 RDC Ridiculous Evil Exterminating Porn Elementals for Justice since 57 leachlife4 2
409 <> Citrus 22 Neutral -- what. Lemon Suzerain Ren 2
409 dasagopqm Damn ass sweet ass guild of Progress Quest masters Neutral You catch it, we cook it. Shinbo 2
409 Sebfin Secret Episodic Banalities For Interesting Name Neutral To do, what one does, is not, doing anything else! Xiphias 2
409 Ba-caw! The Chicken Knights of Release Evil hmmmmm Nineol 2
408 G2BB Good to be Bad Evil Who ever said that evil was a bad thing? leachlife4 1+1
408 GANK Griefers and Noob Killers Evil No fair - I was lagging. I'm Ping 3
408 Awsomnia Awesome Awesomers of Awesomeness Neutral Capra vicinum intereo quoque. Dromgrot 1+1
407 MIB for BBB Moderately Insane Badgers Evil For Badgers, Boobs, and Beer! Schutz 4
406 tFWAfH The Fearless Warrior Assasins from Hell Evil We're The Fearless Warrior Assasins. You're not!!! Vanhel 3
406 M's Mingers Evil Feck!!... Arse!!!... Girls!!!!... Feck Off!!!!! MingDaMerciless 2+1
406 PWM Potheads With Motivation Neutral I like milk. Slapdragon 1+1
406 Ŧβ§ team battle star Good guilde a supprime GoGoL 6
405 T.H.H.o.P The Half Halflings of Power Good teh 1337 tim 3
405 PBoD Pink Bunnies of Doom Evil The last to know and the first to be blamed Aleah 3
405 pANDAMAN PANDAMAN Evil woop Bazetts 2
405 CredFood Incrediballistic Food Good To Eat, To Fight... And the combinations Thereof! Moncrief Pedubian 2
405 LWG Lorevi Worship Guild Neutral Praise Lorevi! Lorevi 2
403 KOTBO Knights of the blood oath Good Escape and survive Symbotic 4
402 DairyFarm The Dairy Farm Good Committed to providing quality dairy products CactusFruits 3
401 wasabi wasabi gangsters Evil we are 1337 wasabi man 1+1
401 K-F K S P Guild of the Kung-Fu, Karate, Samurai People Good Qui Valet Sustinet (strength to endure) karate5662 1+1
400 DEADARISEN Cmos Death Squad Evil We kill em, you eat em. Cmos 11
400 YCP Outer Youchew Evil ROCK AND ROLL MCDONALDS RAKninja 1+3
398 HardCorp The HardCorp Neutral Kill the monsters...take their stuff. Goragh 2
398 whom Whom woke rn Evil whom be trying to shag a girl jangler 3
396 PSotA Poor Sportsmen of the Apocolypse Evil Live forever or die trying. Fyuz 1+1
390 RPR Ron Paul For President! Good Ron Paul - The only choice! AnTwan 3
389 League League of Gentlemen Evil An evil petting zoo? Roj Avon 5
388 Woofe RunelorePrincess Good Don't touch the glass. WoofLord 3
387 penis men Penis Men Good dick wangs dickman 2
387 FinSGrp Finite Simple Group Good Life is simple, and possibly nonabelian. Kargaros 2
386 PWN Squad The Epic Pwn Squad of Epic Pwnage Evil DEATH TO YOU ALL r0man 2
385 Woh Elf-up! Evil Mep! Blasphemy 1+2
385 Pig Latin Those who wish to Sleep and be merry Good Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Nyquil_Addict 3
384 LoA2 Legions of Azeroth Good ASD Aeduin 2
384 [Mr] Mr.s of good and evil... Neutral We make the truth what she was not... [Mr]Felon 2
384 don't hurtme napstabot Evil Utsuky 2
383 PmPs Crazy Penguins like Cheesee Good Youll only find the backside of mi hand Penguin 2
383 Dev0 Dev/Null Good There is only 10 kinds of people in this world. Whoudmib 3
383 Hob Hobbiton Good We are hobbits! Cahar04 2+2
381 [-TD-] The Dirtiest Neutral We's don't give no fucks. GhandiJones 4
379 KotEO Knights of the Eleemosynary Order Neutral Eleemosynary behaviour is well-rewarded. DrunkenOaf 4
379 IL07 InformatikLehrgang07 Good PewPew Coila 4
379 HeavenOrHell HeavenOrHell Neutral DevilOrGod GoDeaD 5
379 KoBSP Kings of Boring Stuff Probably Neutral Meh toasterj 2
377 CTHWK Crazy Talking Horses With Knifes Good I'm gonna stab joo! Elreon 21+1
377 EJ Elitist Jerks Neutral We're elite. You're not. Senex 1+2
376 Empire Maer'yn Empire Evil Maer'yn 3
376 <H-o-D> Hamocks of Death Good Rae 3
376 Fem The Magic Feminist Guild Good Smash the Patriarchy! Alice 2
375 bless blessCPU Good 잘먹고 잘살자 oNeToW 5
371 SuSA Super Special Awesome Neutral A WHOLE LOT OF TALK AND NOT A LOT OF ACTION. TomMcMot 2
370 WotBS Warriors of the Broken Stein Good Swabbin' poop decks since 1892. Aphrodesizach 3
370 GoGness Guild Of Guildness Good Yay! charsur 1+3
367 C-Sorci¨¨re Crime Sorci¨¨re Neutral Crime Sorci¨¨re huanxiang 15
366 BA Bad Ass Evil I'm going to kick your ass Lutho 1+4
358 Deal Dealowack Neutral gainx 2
357 Cadre Cadre Evil Zerg Much? Merr 1+3
357 Chamois The Almighty Fellowship of the Chamois Good To uphold the righteous power of the chamois. norp 3
357 BSG75 Battlestar Galactica Good We will find Earth, someday. starbuck99 2
357 TLEB The League of Extraordinary Badgers Neutral Our Badgers are better then your badgers Joludan 3
357 p_h_o_s Phasors On Stun Evil Two the gun, more the fun! Liikaa 2+2
357 SFs Seiko Films Good If it's from Seiko, it must be good! Yogi Bare 3
357 [MaSo] Mariage Sorcière Evil All witches, gather. Bernkastel 3
356 Munchies Doom Munchers Neutral Lets Masticate. Obsidian Teeth 2
356 Unrefined Unrefined Neutral We are Unrefined Parimer 2
355 NMATR Numb Macroers of the Akht Tomm Realm Evil We bring the fun to macroing, we also serve drinks MasterMacro 2
355 .GR Gentle Revolution Good Inconvinience for the Ruling Class! hpr 2
355 Craziness Maligned Engineers Evil World domination Rocket Science 2
355 MMC Meuble Manga café Evil This is Sparta !!! aethna 2
353 EBU El bastardos unidos Evil Fuck em all bastardo 1+2
352 The Lauts Umlaut Heaven Neutral We know the power of the 'Laut. Lillipud 1+1
352 NP Ninja Pirates Neutral Stealth with Scurvey! Arrr! Ashonee 2
352 REISUP Reign Supreme Good If it moves then we reign supreme over it! Noahetrex 2
352 GatoPi Gatos piratas Neutral Do what u want cause a pirat is free, u r a pirat Francio 2
352 TDSWA The Dark Shadow Warrior Assasins Neutral Darkness dominates all. LordShadowknight 1+1
350 Breakdancing Oh Knats Good Your mom Eieken Rahndeka 2+1
347 FCM Fetus Cutter n' His Mates Neutral "Cut the fetus with tongue."--Trans-Kobold proverb Fetus Cutter 3
345 PanSan Panda Sanctuary Neutral Be Safe. Be Free. Hoda 3
344 RGMW Evil "the goggles do nothing" NEd 2
342 Seek Those that Seek Good Seek and you shall find. Lore 74
342 Lib Liberators Good For liberty and progress! Otao 3+1
340 Baszoda Baszoda Evil Perges van ezerrel a g*cibe! leachlife4 1+4
337 EvR Emperor Ravenos Evil Invicti Malum Victoria (Invite Demonic Victory) Demoniak 4
337 &#9829; The Misinformeds Neutral Sorry you were so misinformed. GenericZombie 1+1
336 Deth Mordhouse Evil We will make everything metal! Reili 2
334 SSJ SSJ Good -=[SSJ]Wing.Zero=- 1+1
334 FLP Federated Legion of Pwnzorz Good We pwnz joo. Roc 6+1
334 FdLdP Front de Libération de Poutine Good Liberating the world one bowl at a time Fidgety 2
334 VENT PA Ventrilo Evil WANGALICIOUS! SniperGuy 2
334 Wingua Winter Guardians Neutral We fight for no one but the ice that powers us. Cyro 2
332 GGG Guilding Guilders From Guildville Evil Just Guild It Dinklebutt 4+2
332 F.U.C.K. Feather Using Cat Killers Evil Kill the pussy! Kill all the pussy! Faux Samurai 3+1
331 MoM Masters and Morons Evil To kill and get killed tottebias 2+2
331 Damanegi Onion_knight Good Find a Hikari no buki !!! Hikary 4
329 ss^hl sheep s^hlayers Evil anilingus!!1 panyk 2
329 gumbie noobish Neutral Beefboy 3
329 Spinal None More Black Evil This one goes to 11. Roj Avon 2
329 Grim Grim Evil Heavy Murders - The Godly Work of Art Asm0deY 2
328 Obsidyn House Obsidyn Neutral Sluffers not welcome..Visit Sho Obsidyn 4
328 [WMD] Weapon of Mass Destruction Evil Nuclear Domination [WMD]Cipher 3
325 W.M.D. Wisps of Much Doom Evil Fear the wisps, fleshbags! Harvey the Wonder Wisp 2
325 BraiWun Brainless Wunderkinds Neutral Thinking is no good. Hekatombe 2
325 RNGNo1 Royal Never Giveup Good Royal Never Giveup LEExxxx 2
322 TITS The InToxicated Sinners Evil nobody fucks like me LifeSound 2+1
322 Dir Fork Dirigible Fork Good To do stuff by doing other stuff. Yeah. flatluigi 1+1
322 Bacon Bacon Neutral Citron 2
322 B.A.Y.A.G. Brave And Young Apocalyptic Guild Neutral The mind is willing but the body is lazy. Barurot 4+2
321 S.A Shamballa Alchemist Neutral Shamballa Alchemist Haunting days 4
321 Yod House Yodshouck Neutral Yodshouck 2+2
320 HoU House of Usher Evil The only good halfling is one boiled in stew. forsaken1111 4
319 CAIK We Enjoy Some Delicious Chocolate Cake Good Who doesn't enjoy chocolate cake? The Big Hutch 2
319 Lodoss Record_of_Lodoss_War Neutral ... dciswo 2
318 S.L Scientistic Lunatics Good Giggle and kill! Calius 2
318 Aeronauts The Aeronautics Club Good For Science! Groopshaet 2
317 MHQ Miriams HQ Good Don't touch my breats. ZauberPlume 3
315 MaoMi Mage of Might Neutral leachlife4 2+1
314 Hobbit The Hobbit Home Good All Hobbits are Welcome! Fatsheep 2+1
314 [-SoD-] Soldiers of Darkness Evil We crush, we kill, we live in darkness... ¤-[NiGhTm@rE]-¤ 1+1
314 e-core Warriors of Esteem and Core Good Acarajegue 1+4
312 DoMoet Drinkers of Moet Good Keep it in a fancy cabinet (like Marie Antoinette) Maurin 2+1
311 ToS Temple of Salvation Good Truth, Honor, and Justice Laella 3
311 You Wankers Your All Wankers Evil Everyone is a goddamn wanker fortyfire102 2
311 iNoob iNoob Evil Noob 1+2
310 Hybrid Optix Hybrid{Optix} Evil Mantras are for the weak! SINESTA 2
310 GoG Googlyeyes Evil If it ain't Googly, it ain't Googly Googlyeyes 3
310 Good,Valiant Kh'raáthmorian of the Dërkkaš of Shiikcø Good The Camel Is Green Lord of the Equinox 3
310 TAKONA The Apocalypse knights Good Fear us! Ingemar 2
310 Sol Legion Sol Legion Good World Domination Gaulois 3
310 EDK Eye dunno know Neutral Rape the horses, and steal the women. Wiggles 2+2
309 FmBp Fast Mouse Button Pushers Neutral You Know How It Be - FmBp! .NuKKaH 2
309 SAFOR Saudi Arabia Force Evil A mouth that praises and a hand that kills. Malaak 2
309 BSBB Boyscouts of Bluebottom Good Watch your behinds! Bluebottom 2
309 RKs Royals Knights Good We preserve the order of the digital world! Dukemon 2
309 F-F Forever Faithful Good Coraly 2
309 SLL Shadow Legacy Legions Evil Kill now, Die later shadow legacy 1+1
309 Urgalurg The DInasaurs Evil A friend is the enemy of your enemy Rileius 2
308 iono iono Good iono leachlife4 1+2
306 GA Gyrognome Alliance Good We shall purge evil from the skies of Spoltog Palegloom the Gyrognome 2
306 WHTD The White Hand Evil We have only to remove those who oppose us. SarumanTheWise 1+1
306 Lust Hell Lust Hell Evil fight against the heaven Laofan 2
303 TDlicous Trendelicious's merry band of trendelights Neutral Its not just delicious, its TRENDelicious!!! Trendelicious 2
302 ELTTHBG Everyone Loves Tiddles the He-Bitch Guild Neutral We Love Tiddles! Tiddles 3
299 Kill'um Killuminati Neutral Wraithe,Daemon Ex, and Auron's guild killuminati 1+1
299 SoE Signs of Empire Neutral CJuan 2
299 Abo Abomination Evil Yima 2
298 SD Seven dwarfs Evil Hump a leg .Prosit. 3+1
297 SlKn Sleepless Knights Good Come to where the cheese is free! Kandhar 4
297 Mighty Guild The Mighty Super Tripple Dragon Mega Guild!!!!!! Good Oh what a guild! Ivano 3
297 YAUGH AHNULD Evil OM NOM NOM Elsevier 4
296 ICZ I Cazzoni Neutral se dovessi morire dite a mia moglie... ciao. Sbrillo 2+1+1
296 OHWLC Ye Holy Praisers of the Carp Neutral The Carp, he is all.You are but naught. xanatosz 2
295 D22 D22&Friends Evil Don't believe the Hype! WolfRevo 3
294 GUMBO gumbo watch Neutral is that you father? STELIOS 99 5
293 decepticon ^DeCepTiCoN^ Evil Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies ^StArSCrEaM^ 2
293 PRed Petal Red Neutral With fail all seems silly! [-]er0in 3
293 ABE Abe Lincoln Evil Punk tried to kill the Metal. robownz7 2+3
292 BP50 Belich Plus 50 Evil As modern historians now know, belich + 50 = truth T_T 2
292 PurpPeep Purple People Eaters!!!! Evil Join the best, Fuck the Rest Andrieos 2
291 KtN -KtN- Evil plouc -KtN-Pob5000 1+3
291 TEJEDA Tejeda Survivors Neutral "I beat Turnbo at level 6, LOL" IkasuG 2
290 SAM Sexy Ass Mofos Evil The best things in life are done in bed. Xenos 2
290 LegEnt LegionOfEntropy Neutral Burn then pillage, Best loot is flame resistant. Dragonlord7012 2
290 NPD T3hPhYs1cSpWnZ0rs Evil THE PHYICS KILL YOU!!! Syddiccu 2
290 GoKM Guardians of Khaz Modan Good For Ironforge! AlexW1389 10
289 TenSec Tenebrae Secreta Neutral Umbra occulta secreta Tenebra 3
287 Meat Meat Shields Neutral Standing between you and the enemy... Squiken 2
287 SCP1166 SCP1166 Good am a white labraTory rat. specimen R-82611. Tofu 3
286 M-H Mathe Homies Neutral Taschenrechner sind was für Muttis Klabusterbeere 2
286 Fischsuppe The horribly awesomeness of Fischsuppe! Good Fischsuppe will survive! sosha 2
284 VUM Vocal Unmechanized Mechanics Neutral VUM VUM VUM ZEOUF ZEOUF ZEOUF leachlife4 3
283 UDL Undead Lords Evil Souls for Myrkul Stinky Corpse 2
283 Syphilis Syphilis Evil Haunting your mother's knickers since 11-07-2010. Gimpchump 3
283 RotteR Rebirth of the Ruined Evil RotteR to the core Keada 2
280 KEP KE Pirates Evil Raiders Of The Night! Ezrain 4
279 SMGuild SlayerMage Guild Good Power Overwhelming. -Slewis leachlife4 2
277 SteelFire Steel of Flame Good POWER is belief RedKing 2
276 MR4 Muffins R 4 Sharing Neutral Be cool, buy me a muffin today... Muffins 8
276 -SK- The Shadow Knights Good If in doubt, Hunt it down and Kill it! Meridias 4
276 424-2564 Death Weapon Meister Academy Neutral See our phone number? Dalum 2
275 [UP] Ur-Paladins Good We are Lawful Good, not Lawful Stupid. Lynx Kyrios 2
272 IWAA The Improbably Well-Armed Asylum Neutral We're insane and have lots of big guns! Xaqon Sehvekah 4
272 FPG Fancy Pants Guild Good If they're not Fancy, don't wear 'em. Fruityboots 1+1
271 TAUPA The Almighty, Unstoppable Penguin Armada Good Welcome to HELL.. err.. Nebraska. Same difference Daveo, the Legendary Guy 2
271 fear. Beer drinkin' Bastards Evil Just give me the beer - and no one will get hurt! the_mort 3
271 VoM Voice of Madness Good Aliquando et insanire iucundum est Rhyan 2
271 Haters Haters Evil Hating all cmd 2
271 VIS VIS Evil VIS dass der Tod euch scheidet. Ellesar 3
271 KSMF King Size Motherfuckers Evil Hail and Kill! ectolink 1+1
270 Amphmoon Amphigory Moonface Good Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokiyo! Amphigory 1+1
270 sitting the no gooders Good lets sit here Jackass_of_no_trade 3
270 MnF Mad and Fat Neutral im gonna win the cup micool132 2
269 TJC The j0ey5o1 Confessional Good ph34r 0Ur Pr0gR355! j0ey5o1 2
269 yahar cheesey Evil mmmmmmmm we love cheese stavross 2
269 FaitH Guardians of Faith Good Stra¿nicy Przeznaczenia Reza 2
269 Tehwin 1337 r0x0rz1ng b4s71ch3s Evil STFU n00b! Rethorn 2
269 vRICIOUS vRiCIOUS Evil There is no place without pain. vR_Exxo 2
269 MoT The Ministry of Truth Neutral War is Peace Tricky 2
269 [MA] Mostlyanything Fearless band of whatevers Good News that must matter Etrium 2
269 0 Zero Order Neutral 0 is the complicated complex Reincarnation 2
269 Performous House of Freedom Good & Kasamy 2
269 C-CMCG Coca-Cola Master Collectors Group Neutral "sound of cola pouring into official cola glass" Guitar mechanic 2
268 ZbS ZOMBIES Evil Zombie is... Slonara 3
267 The One The One Good There can be only One hegewizard 2+1
267 Knight Knights of the Order Good Every good Knight needs an order Yashira 2+1
267 Arkham Arkham Inc. Evil For Timecube! StarkRavingMad 2+1
266 Fëar Far Mont et o Good Galadween 1+1
266 =)v(= The Majin Citadel Evil The valiant never taste death but once gromit840 2
266 spongefuck Spongebob's Underwater bordello Neutral Better in than out Spongebob 2
265 4C Serbian soldiers of fortune Neutral There is no spoon! Kerwal 3
264 DHF Drunken Homemade Fuck Evil Watta H e L L is a rofl kombat 2
264 tOoLM The Order of Legendary Meats Neutral Hey, ya gonna eat that? Jax Snax 2
262 Shadi Jagshamesh My Nane is Shadi Good WAH WAH WHEE WAH Peppermint42hat 4
261 CZE Czech Players Neutral Hrrr na nÄ› ;o) EasyVamp 1+1
259 RoboRejects Robot Chicken Rejects Evil Go team Shnuckleberries!! Mr-Ed 4
257 TGOPTTMSP The Guild Of People Trying To Make Some Progress Neutral We're trying to make some progress. Atroan 4
254 KOCK Knights of Courageous Knightlyness Good FUCK YOU Killer_Muffinz 2
253 PvM Przymierze Mrozu Good Raziel musi odejsc!!! PM to zlo. Be pr0. Tantal Hafm 4
253 DISW Double-Inverted Spouting Walrus Neutral Jimmy cracks corn... and we DO care! Scrapyard Ape 4
253 GATO Global Alliance And Treaty Organization Good We come from cybernations. Smashing 2
251 KÄE Käseesser Good Only food matters Ergeron 3
251 Dank Beans Dankadoodle Beans™ Evil Rippy Dippy Doo Da Day thomas_bd 3
249 Twist Twisted Family Evil Recycle your animals oomcron 2
249 Msk Buhaem Good Nu 4to, buhaem? NikitoZzZ 2
249 You2Game You2Game Good ¶«ººÄ©Äê±È¼¦°Í£¬¿´Ë­µÄ¼¦°Í´ó£¡ Surrounding 3
248 TDP The Dark Priests Evil We are the Dark Priests, we will rule your world.. Helious 5
245 AN TITY A Name That Isn't Taken Yet Good HNNNNNNNNNNNG Sonic101 2
244 HEF Happy (Evil) Flowers Evil I'm a happy flower! Krinven 2
244 M. I. Mongoose Infidels Neutral Surrender, or don't! Edmond 2
244 Ford's Land Ford : The king of king! The greatest one! Neutral Get down on your knees.Bow down to the King! Ford 6
242 [DyF] Decide Your Fate Good We have decided your fate..... T ViRuS 3
242 Wings Winged Terror Good We will crap all over your new shiny armor Duskwind 2
240 ToasterTanks The Great Toaster Tanks Neutral fjear |Laz| 1+1
240 DWing Dark Wing Neutral RFrain 2
240 oscar Oscar's guild Good Kill all the girl scouts Scaroficous 3
239 GLJAll-Stars Golden Latin Jazz All-stars Neutral Mambo! Johnny Geo 4
237 U.B.E.R. U.B.E.R. Neutral Ultimate Badass Enraged Radicals - Nuff Said... EV1L T3CH 3
237 YME Executing Your Mom Neutral Selling your kids. Inscaped 5
236 Nethack Nethack Neutral NETHACK FOREVER!!! Arkanoid 2+1
235 Splorfy The Game of Splorfy Good He's right behind me, isn't he? Floopy 3
234 Drgs The Droogs Good Right! Right! Right! Hatch 2
234 RoFT Rakashi of Fate Neutral Its Teh Fate Akujin 2
234 Cami Camisade Good Always wear your banner and squadtag Nockm 2
233 OKS Oppan Korean Style Good Naega jeil jal naga! Highblood 2+1
232 Pustules The Pustulent Punks of Putrid Pastures Evil A-Punk-A-Punk-A-Punk-A-Punk JollyGnome 3
232 TGOATNIOG The guild of anything that's not in other guilds. Good Beware of the robotic monkey slaves. This is my public name 2
232 L I G E i F A C E . D K Good hgab Jacob @ 2
229 JusT TheGoodGuy Evil TO RULE THE EARTH FinalFantasy-7 2
229 JGDD Jay Gatsbys Dirty Dozen Good If its Jay Gatsby and Dirty, theres a Dozen The Great Gatsby 7
229 Silvereyed Awaken Beings Good Kill all yoma! Noctu2ne 4
226 Whatsnap Rengou Good 2 in the pink 1 in the stink puyo 3
226 OitY Ore in the Yogurt Evil i love granulated sugar totepen 2
226 Bill Pony Slaystation Neutral Even The Very Wise Cannot See All Ends. MurderMouse 2
221 F13 Friday the 13th Evil Lad os drikke nogle bajere....! Konan Lurbakke 2
221 H O S Holy Old Smurf Good Respect the old man! Smurfzor 2
220 MUP The Muppets Evil This the solution? ViatTemp 3
220 DH-PT destenyhero-pt Good Nos lutaremos até à morte ! weedy 3
219 Dark Ones Dark Ones Evil Dark One 2
219 =AvL= Clan Avalanche Neutral Feel the Cold Mobius 2
219 Krypton Heroes of Krypton Good For Justice! philipooi666 1+1
217 SG1 Sex Gods Neutral Any orgasm is a good orgasm. Skylance 2
217 OMGWTFBBQ OMGWTFBBQ Neutral mmmmm BBQ leachlife4 2
216 That's Right Dark Star Good Show 'em my motto!!!!11' Omak 3
215 \m/ TMW \m/ True Metal Warriors Evil Like thunder from the sky - sworn to fight and die leachlife4 2+4
215 PS0101 Public Stupidity Neutral Johnny Smythe 4
214 RiB Rainbow Brigade Good Double rainbow all the way! Admiral Hoochiepants 2
213 C of the S Cult of the Spork Evil All hail the Spork! It is our Master! Spork of the Ages 3+1
212 Hoid Humanoids Neutral If it moves, we will love on it until it is dead.. Robo-Sapiens 3+1
212 BWD The Backstabbin' Wookies of DOOM Evil We will kill you in your sleep. On Christmas Eve. Snuie 2
211 Death!!!! BloodLines Evil We must destroy all who defile us! Abel3 2
211 B.F.M Big Furry Mammals Neutral ROAR! CardboardFox 2
210 valhalla vahalla Neutral sigmar alastor 5
209 IQ = 0 IQ Forever Neutral We may be fools, but we are smart fools!!! Gossip40k 2
209 Rzgan Thur The Most Esteemed and Incomprehensible Rzgan Thur Neutral Chran Han Bak Tun Shinali 2
209 Hexstral Hexstral Team Evil LoLoLoLoLoLoL =D Oloty 2
208 2112 Rush Good "We are the Priests of the temple of Syrinx!!" Wran Stratner 2
207 UT Undertakers Evil Undertakers guild ! M00X 2
206 technoccult technoccult Neutral putting the "hype" back in hyperspace aeQea 2
206 KofA Knights of the Apocalypse Evil The_Lone_Reaper 2
206 SoK Team SoK Neutral KOREAN Racing Team SoK Nocontrol 2
205 the hoo harbingers of order Neutral for the world revolution! idprism 1+3
204 ~FotB~ Fellowship of the Bling Evil One bling to rule them all! Sdiabm 4
204 QUR quaesitores Evil mors tua vita mea genoma 2
204 .:aNa:. Agg Ninja Assassins Neutral We Kill Pirates BulldoggPb 2
204 ELM Equilibrium Neutral Keep the Balance Othello 2
204 TPFOCC The People's Front of Cthulhu Cultists Evil Cthulhu Is coming! Get your ropes ironed! Sheglaruth 2
204 TradersGuild Guild of Free Traders Neutral "Fools can make rules, but fools follow the rules" fangzero 2
203 ATA Nimda Evil Fuck! Eat! Drink! Sleep! Play PQ! ATA 7
203 BofDrag Bandits of Dragonheartlanddom Evil Please insert more money and try again. Etalyx 2
201 IgorChurch The Church Of The Benevolent And Allseeing Igor Good Esse est percipi Erdferkel 1+3
201 SV Surprise Visitors Good Theres never enough to go round. Massorn Fandangle 4
200 EFIL The Evil Something of Evilness Evil "Do be evil" Skarabaeus Zarboing the Great 4
199 L.C.D.M. La Compagnia Del Mandello Good Alza il gomito.... MA VA A CAGARE!!!! leachlife4 1+1
198 FLC Flight Club Neutral We don't care what you do. 1500gnr 2
196 dEp Demon posse Evil Death Ghost 8
196 GWDRP Guild of Wrong Doing for Right Purpouses Good Just dont do it MrBooyaka 3
195 Rel Serindi Relison Neutral No good deed remains unpunnished Starsend 4+1
194 Good Why? Because we can! Zero Signal 2+1
192 <SAW> Swedish Arctic Wolves Neutral This is our motto damnit! Cim 2
192 STCK Stickers Neutral Talk loud and carry a big stick. Harpuia 2
191 Mohawkin' Rosy Fingered Mohawks Evil "Are you 'Crested'? Join the growing Mohawk army! EvilFungi 4
190 NTANKS The Noise Tanks Neutral Trance Forever Maziasz 3
190 Silverwind Knights of the Silver Dragon Good To Ride the Starborn leachlife4 1+2
190 ---->Rt<---- Ritualists Only Evil No Fawking Hostiles Allowed grrrrrrrenth 3
188 HHH Hastur Hastur Hastur Neutral What could go wrong? Lokijki 3+1
187 Dead bunnies The deathbunnies from other there Evil You call us cute or fluffy you'll be dead to Dias126 3
187 CAKE! The Legion of Cake Neutral I just love cake. LostSoul120 2
186 ACB Absolutly Crazy Basterds Evil we may be crazy but well kill you in your sleep leachlife4 2
184 DRD Dragon Riders of Doom Evil Up in the dark sky you see an evil figure........ Sir Perceval 1+2
183 BloNarc Blotag of Ze Narcophomena Neutral Der Sputminkzik comrade 2
182 OAF Omnipresent Authority Figure Neutral "Once upon a time, always upon a time" Frickcrap 4
181 [KM] Kreuz Midgards Good [KM]Lovwyr 4
181 014 The Greater Alliance of Nuetral Otaku of 014 Neutral Shopsmof! Kallos 2
181 IMoMD II Incredible Masters of Mega Drive II Evil 16 bit Voodooman 2
180 [666] Satans minions Evil OSAMA IS OUR SPIRITUAL LEADER!!! Havox 2
180 urf Urban Rebel Farmers Good I don't like my ferret... He's like a Ninja. Riskbreaker 3
179 <-rFm-> Real Fucking Mudders Evil Doh!!! I died!!!! Poniebouy 1+4
179 GH1 Greenhorns Neutral Hail to the tube! brew 2
178 KoTD Knights of the dragons Evil kill all ilithanos 2+1
177 QJC Cojonúdos Evil Shit happens... quecojones 1+1
177 N.Y.M.P.H. Nine Young Magically Powerful Heroines Good dannward 2
177 cats we r cats irl Evil irl Echoo 2
177 InBetwixt The Mercenary's Union Neutral For the fair treatment of mercs! Sugar Cookie 2
177 Memez Memelords Neutral Memin' and Dremin' Redwing95 1+1
177 ShoAba Ship of Abandon Neutral Take what you can, give nothing back! Captain Pleb 1+1
176 I & I .,x(- Rockers Intl. -)x,. Good Higher Level til' we Bun' out de Devil Captain 7 1+1
176 R&RG Rock & Roll Guild Good i got blisters on me fingers! Ozric 3+8
175 FSG Fat Sweaty Guys Evil To be fat and sweaty and have lot of fun Doron 2
175 TB Thabiz Neutral guild of similarly named characters sirbiz 2
175 0_o SchnickSchnack Evil Traxxx 3
175 dadaa Yu-sion Good live your dreams dont dream your life Yu 2
175 A NS Clan Shadow-Corps Evil "From Within the Shadows We Attack" leachlife4 2
174 WICCA The Clan of W.I.C.C.A. Neutral (WICCA) We're In Compleate Chaos Again! Jamkn Dekno 1+1
174 The-SP The space pigs Evil Ruiiiik Elrad 4
173 YMG Your Mom's Guild Neutral All Hail Cthulhu Akacia 2
172 GoSorr Guardians of Sorrow Neutral Biting the hand that feeds sorrow. Rienes 5
172 Rebellious Rebellious Neutral Critical Thinking. Feric 6
171 N Nuts Inside Good We're Nutters the Ghost who Limps 1+1
167 Para Paranoia Neutral Live for the moment Zipry 3
166 111 Vault111 Evil This is 111! PudgeWiggle 2
164 RIAPAIR RIAPAIR Is A Palindrome And Is Recursive Neutral Share the madness! o_O gehtdichnixan 2
163 BIALO Biola Internet Acolytes Lower Odd Good Drop them Nikes off Yo' Ass! Wangi 3
163 Kupo The Copyright Infringing Moogles Good What am i doing here. I am not good with computer Montblanc 4
162 Hi you all! Sosuke Neutral Be the Stronger Sosuke93 2+1
160 Shitbusters Shitbusters Good Not on my watch Deimosthenes 1+3
159 -=*CAB*=- Chaos army of Bahamut Evil to make chaos in all RPG Strife 2+1
159 Hawesome Guild Hawesome Evil We Har Hawesome drokly 4
158 BHC Black Hawk Cult Evil Stab em it beats talkin milambershima 3
158 Da Weasles BigWeasles Evil Die Quietly please BigWeasle 2
158 FEW Federation of Evil Weirdos Evil The few, the proud... The dirty rotten freaks Flatularia 2
158 Cheeze Cheeze Evil Winner gets a cheese Rumpstek 2
157 Doodz Most Persephonious Knights of Mottled Shadow Crest Good To swerve and protract Decko 2
157 [Futile] Futile Resisters Good Our guild is immortal FlayerSlayer 4
156 DaBest The Best Guild Neutral Our guild is the best guild! Whipllash 1+2
155 CDG o_0 Chicks Dig Geeks o_0 Good Whatever. Trump 2
155 wineos The Philosophical Order of Wine Snobs Neutral En vino, veritas (In wine, there is truth) Garyon the Glib 1+1
155 UdeC Universidad de Concepción Neutral Por el desarrollo libre del espiritu Wadster 2
154 S&M Squid Assassins Evil Lets burn stuff!!!!!! Calamariman 2
154 Swill Beer Swilling Rubes Neutral Don't Get Eliminated! Dipsomaniac 2
154 Hyper Hyperactive >> Good LOLOLOL AHAHAAH ROFLMAO OMG THATS SO FUNNY LOL!!!! leachlife4 2
154 yahoo ringo Good lanymiro 2
154 [ENS7] Einfach nur so Neutral Have fun!!! SaatHahn 2
154 GodWraith Wraith of God. Evil You have sinned. kytsune 2
154 TheCrew TheAznCrew Neutral Ikke! TheAznCrosS 2
153 [Botnet] Zombie Apocalypse Botnet Edition 2.0 Good Enjoy Your Botnet! Devoured By The Mindless Horde origin777 4+6
152 Ethereal Ethereal Neutral ... Tvaan 2
152 PPPP Pretty Pink Prancing Ponies Good I feel pretty. Oh so pretty .. Anker Steadfast 2
152 [SK] Sombre Knights Evil Heavy as a really heavy thing Sombre 5
152 RFB Raiders From Beyond Evil What? Chalis 2
152 S.S. SoulSociety Neutral Ichirin no Hana FantasyFreak 2
152 GoMMM Guild of Misunderstood Maniacal Madmen Evil It's just a big misunderstanding. bhsu69 1+1
152 Thiodrainion Thiodrainion, The Eternal Guardians Good Thiodexal 2
151 Maids Lotus Land Neutral Everything that has a beginning, has an end. huanxiang 7
150 COSI Clarkson Open Source Institute Neutral Black Hole, I barely know 'er! FugitivePlatypus 3
146 square to be voted upon Neutral jiv 1+1
146 BBH Blood Brotherhood Good Jesteś kozak? No to stój! Barthezz666 2
146 NUDE Unfoog Evil The amulet possessed us xororand 3
145 phenix phenix empire Good for phenix heads fall saranik 2
145 >RED< Redempti0n Good Hey ! Guilde Fr Eleri0n 2
144 Angelz ArchAngel Good Defend Our Honor ZXLegionXZ 2
144 CNL~ Conath Ned Lorm Good Vampires dont eat humans ~ Eykha 2
144 goiB goibeegang Evil in garbonzo we trust gormiboTHEbonzo 2
143 [CA] Cerebral Assassin's Evil Watch Your Back When Darkness Falls Garlaanx 2
143 Artists. Shit painting club on the walls Evil Live beautifully, draw beautifully. n5n1m2 2
142 MedShit Mediocre Shit Good The socially inept at their finest. TheDragon 2
142 A.N.A.L. Almighty n00b Alliance & Lunatics Evil Here to kill, and to give children seizures! Rei Nagasorri 3
142 NoTRoNS Ninja's of The Realm of Ninja Stuff Evil I like to slicey slicey with mah katana! xPhoenixeeeee 2
141 XTU extreme underground Evil Your friend in the fridge Mole 1+1
138 Bad Puppers The International Society Of Rude Doggos Neutral Wüf. Bad Pupper 1+2
137 [BKA] BlogKade Evil Megageil ist halb gewonnen! Zinki 3
136 DHARMA DHARMA Initiative Evil Namaste Nivik 2
136 Emnt Einfach mal nix tun! Neutral Lass den mal machen! Zordi 1+3
135 LoEvil Legion of Evilness Evil Jastor 2
135 H.o.P Heroes of Progress Good We fight to save Progress! Hugna 3
134 TCW The Chicken Warriors Neutral We fight to save the chickens of the world! shinzou 1+1
134 Electroshock Electroshock, Therapy? No it's how we cook!! Neutral We likes them burnt leachlife4 2
134 Kikko Kikko-Men Neutral What's not to love? leachlife4 1+1
134 5e 5 Elements Neutral Do I have to?!? Leck 2
134 Sup? SuperBad Good You got the fake id right? McLovin 2
134 EFK Estiah-FK Evil why cant join Magnifier 2
132 LabMonk Lab Monkeys Evil We poop because we care... Recoil 2
132 SoTrog Slayers of TROGDOR Good Pwning Dagrons everywhere. Lucitine 3
132 OotGC Order of the Great Cthulhu Evil Xeezgha 2
132 LYC Lyceum Good be it sunday? monkeey311 2
130 RBC-T Riverbank Titans Good Found People - Find People skulz13 2
129 JatysHouse Jaty's House of Blues Evil It's gotta be fed. leachlife4 4+2
129 Bish Bishers Evil BISH GETS ALL THE BITCHES Byaku 2
128 Elenyali Elenyali Good No smelly dwarves! Fatwise 2
126 EMSF Enchanted Motorcycle Stir Fry Evil Motorcycles can't make stir fry. Shadowhand 2
125 Intarweb The Internet Neutral Responsible for destroying your childhood Judgement Cai aka JustForLols 2
125 Poolparty Drunken Poolparty Evil (drunken)(poolparty) NeiMerci 2
124 W.A.A.B.O.B. We are a bunch of bastards Evil No motto, Just kill shit edders 2
124 Bloodf Bloodfists Neutral Time To Get REKT Sarcouth 2
123 New The Newbies Neutral Kill or be Killed demonchyld 1+3
123 CoTK Crusaders Of The Kingdom Good Merdink 2
123 E0P Elite of Players Good Pro French Team ! KaxGamer 1+1
122 For-Est The For-Est Good Let us eat cake! Oh no for it is Sally Struthers! Thargor 1+2
122 Cambrics Cambric Parasols Neutral All your progress are belong to us bee.squared 2
121 Cool Club Cool Club Neutral Don't you wish you were in Cool Club Xcellon 2+2
121 WFO WFO Neutral Wide Freakin Open!!! rpf41978 2
120 FMP FullMetalPantians Neutral May our pants never rust! Zardoz 2
120 FlyPen Flying Penguins Good Hey! If pigs can fly, then we can too! Space Penguin 3
120 Dark Codex Dark Codex Neutral TheSabotender 3
120 ATGOAT All The Good Ones Are Taken Evil Seriously, There Are No Good Names Left! Goblinkatie 2
119 Garage GG'S Good JET SET RADIO Konola 1+1
119 MonoApoc Monotonous Apocalypse Evil We'll destroy you again and again and again and ag Exarch 3
118 rP ssergorP Evil ssergorp esrever evah ew tub ssergorp sah enoyrevE Thalos 3
118 BoL Blades of Light Good Evil Extermination!! Belrand 3
118 HsF Hunter's Faction Good We Hunt the Evil! tanjoel 2+1
118 P&#9760; Punishment Neutral Take him away-he hath earned his death . Feric 5
117 DC Domus Caliburn Good Caelian 1+1
117 SKA The Skanking Guild Of The Mighty Ska Power Good C'mon all you cats out there, lets skank it up! SkaCat 2
117 Evil army! Killerfox Evil Killing,killing and even more killing. KillerFox 2
117 AHFTW! Ancient Heroes Evil Jeeeeeep! Baijjo 2
117 GrOM Grumpy Old Men Evil Get off our lawn! Suicidal 2
117 PINCER The Pincer Movement Neutral Dial it in Oiseaux 2
117 NCR1R New California Republic 1st Recon Neutral The last thing you never see. Lord Lunarian 1+1
116 sham bandits sham bandits Neutral kind of the real deal. a little bit. brwiz 3
115 MBF Master Brigade Force Good Fighting slug faced creatines to the death Jester Of Tribold 2
115 DWA Dwarfs Good Kill the elves Dego 2
115 HEH HEH Stabby! Evil heh heh heh... lahonda_99 2
115 To Gain Taraka's Home Neutral Don't touch the golden lemon! LemonIsAHe 2
111 SExp Strength Experiment Evil ZNJ high, W low Tiralmo 4
110 [SH] Souls Hunters Evil leachlife4 2
110 DSU Dataspelsutveckling Evil Shit happens. Troovyaeck 2
109 RLM-PQ Guild of Runeloremastery - PQ Chapter Good Never let the Runelore die. Vecos 3+2
109 ²»Ã÷ ÆáºÚÖ®ÃÕ Evil Darkness is the abyss of eternity! ҹѻºÆ×Ó 3
108 Heartless The Heartless Evil To take people souls, and engulf them in darkness. dn4cer 4
108 Fuck u China Taiwan Good Fuck u China StanleyLin 2
108 ABRAHADABRA ABRAHADABRA Evil Русские не сдаются! Frater ALThNVR 2
108 Suicide Suicide Group Evil Kill'em all and Suicide! Faruna 5
107 †NW† New Angells Neutral Só sei que nada sei e nem isso Oxfider 5
106 tjckorea The Jinjo Crew Good #theofficialjinjocrew cexx 3+1
104 KoM Kings of Metal Neutral Shut up Gog 2
104 z0r! z0r!r441z! Evil tis og puha leachlife4 2
104 BvA Brüder von Azeroth Good Roolord 2
104 KNUTZ!! My knutz seem hairy Evil if it ain't hairy chopit staggz 2
104 wispy Wisp clan Evil Wispy dicked for life Civilized Willy 1+1
103 DoMs Defenders of Mediocrity Neutral Pummelling all opposition into dullness flashman 2
103 Avalanche Avalanche Evil Kill 'em. Kill 'em all! ross 3+1
103 Black Legion An Army of The Damned Evil You will suffer... leachlife4 2+1
103 MMOwned MMOwned Knights of Good Evil Sed 1+1
103 OJcheese Oranges with Cheese Neutral Why would you eat that? Jamina1 1+1
102 TW Tenacious Wanderers Neutral Working our way into complete mediocracy bafmodad 2
102 Bomb Lobbers Lollybomb's Bombardiers Neutral When we come in, you go out with a bang. Silly Guy Delta 2
102 CCC Crazy Crazy Canucks Good On my Word, Attack! Canuck 2
102 El Negro El Negro Guildo Evil leachlife4 2
102 Silent Hill SILENT HILL Neutral Heather, you're the BEST! LenduR 2
102 soq Sphinx of Quartz Evil obladi Ernest 2
102 -)>- CC -<(- -)>- Coffee Clubb -<(- Evil Sweet and juicy. :333c -ZARK- 2
101 Collegehumor Collegehumor Good Grinding your academic efforts to a halt Satanklawz 2
101 DemiCan Canadian Demicanadians Good Take off, eh? Kiroh1 2
101 DaBr Dark_Brothers Good Feel daylight inside. nighttigra 2
101 DasAnfall DasAnfall Evil Get dunked, shitty. DAxMeatwad 2
100 ganja smoke da shit... Neutral we make u high spur 2
100 ç±³ Mikoto Good Tomorrow is an another Day Mikoto 2
100 FSLE The Friendly Society for Leprechaun Extinguishment Good This pot o'gold belongs in a museum ! Flabber the Ghast 1+3
99 RB Ranger Brigade Good Sarwen 2+1
99 ! HC ! Hellfire Club Evil Smoke Meth Hail Satan 666 paddyod11 2
96 ZGS Spritis Evil SAUFEN, SAUFEN, SAUFEN Sorriso 2
96 TF2 Team Fortress 2 Neutral TF2, now in legal idling form! Ocatamai 2
95 MORBID The Morbidity Club Neutral Have you kissed your local coroner today? Lady Buffy 2+2
95 Beryl Pirates of Beryl Neutral For Booty, For Beryl, and the great beyond! Berule 2
95 XH Xendex Hoshis Evil Inspiring People brew 2
95 OX Gravy Train Neutral Drown the world in gravy motherfuckers Memer 3
95 CQ CANTQUIT Evil diediedie Harg 2
93 DTP &#394;ebauchery &#430;ea &#420;arty Neutral Freyr Njord 2
92 -SBF- Confederation of Strong Bad Fans Neutral What's so fun about fun-size candy bars? Ali J 3
92 grge Green Geckos Good "We Are Green" Gecks 3+1
91 we kick ass Xaia Evil dont fuck what you cant suck The Flaming Xaratak 2
91 MGB Muppets Gone Bad Evil A hand up a butt deserves a foot in the ass Elmo Likes to KILL!!!! 2
91 Returners Rekam's Returners Good Forget fetching the plank, return the loot. Rekam 2
90 Grr Rypak Neutral Kazdy Rypak dela Grr SFCM 1+1
90 ATS Alternative to Sanity Good The name says it all. Mordak_Winterbeard 3
90 eLit3 -eLit3- Evil l33t? leachlife4 3
89 -Rebel -Rebel Neutral Perfect Neutral Rebellion. Yes? NO! No? YES! *Hic* Cheif Brewmaster 2
89 TLOS The League of Shadows Evil Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a city to destroy Trofius 4+5
89 to drink Drunken Bastards Good I drink therefore I am dufur 2
89 H&H Heaven & Hell Good C'est la fin... Eriatan 2
89 RECK Clan Reckoning Good For glory! Sotalo 2
89 999 The Ninth Plane of Focus Evil Send in number 2! Bob the Carpenter 6
89 IE Inadequate Endowment Good We aren't so good! rfelgate 2
89 Runner Apocalypse Runner Evil Time to Die Kornholioh 2
89 FairyTail FairyTail Good I like pie Ryoku 2
89 A.S.F Artisan Special Force Evil We'll create the apocalypse Puxeli 2
88 Matrix Matrix Conversion Good Defending the emus of today and tomorrow Ultimanium 2
88 Bzzz Bzzzzzzzzz Evil Err... bzz! Exilez 1+1
87 KBM KABOOM Evil Ni Dieu Ni Maître BOUM 4
87 Pathetic... Brandimortis Evil You are alive? Not any more... Brandimorte 3
87 xGCx Guillotine Cross Neutral Because we have a life. Chambers 2
87 T.O.K. The Ornery Kittens Good We will lick ourselves and ignore you once again! InLiquidWonder 2+1
87 TDFC Tony Danza Fan Club Good Who's the boss now, bitches? allenychung 2
87 Krsk Krasnoyarsk Evil Destroy the World Molen 2
87 Flibustiers Flibustiers Neutral Du bist klein bobogagabobo 5+1
86 IRG I are the greetest! Good Addicted to Progress Crack! ForNoRaisin 2
85 NITH NITHbusters Evil A bit is a terrible thing to waste Blistog 2
85 Souple Pepere Evil Skarnwortex 5
84 MKG Mooseknuckles Evil If the flaps ain't flappin', it's not worth tappin Puppy Hakase 3
83 BSRaiders Bedford Street Raiders Evil Double Pistol Time! Bumblebee of Happiness 1+1
81 -B.C.- The Band of Champions Good Scattered champions, unite for good! leachlife4 1+2
81 Neox Non Existant Origins X Good Moving foward towards better life. Starfall 2
81 TheRoom The Room Good You're tearing me apart, Lisa! Spennet 2
80 BeFK Bum F**Krew Good BFK 4 Life leachlife4 3
80 RsR RsRing Good Guilde des RsRing Kenjutsu 2+1+1
80 PSA Pyrus Silvestris Neutral For the good of the pears! Apollinaris 5
79 Black night Black Souls Evil My body is but a vessal Malachi The One Eye 2+1
79 G-W Ghost-Walkers Good Woot!! Carthage 4
78 Affen Affenheim in the skies with diamonds Neutral Vi kæmper affens sag Gouldblum 2
78 happymika happymika Good let it be happymika 2+1
78 Hippo Hippo Neutral Showsjuastbegan DarthJJ777 1+2
77 EVISCERATE Eviscerat0rs Neutral Aye aye, douchebag Xalfor 2
77 >>NI<< Neutral Illusionists Neutral There is no Good or Evil. Nazraek 2
77 Democorp Demosthene Cie Good Life is a leaf Demosthene 2
77 sk_ Skwatt Kore Evil een joint in de morgen, is een dag zonder zorgen! Xaero91 3+1
77 L&F Larry and Friends Good Fake it till you make it Bmovo 1+1
76 Temple Temple of Shadows Neutral A line in the shadow that darkness will not cross leachlife4 2
76 TM17 The Monsters Evil Don't rosik be happy!! The Monster 17 7
75 N-A Neo-Atlanteans Neutral "For the greater glory of the Empire!" Bricridmus 3
74 restricted Fairy Tail Neutral Feel your freedom Makarov 4
73 Kanji Magi The United Kanji Magi of Kamigawa Good Make all you see into a Kanji. Toshi 1+1
73 BETO Betocorp Good beto rulez robertordf 5
73 GooGoo Gooey Gabaloons Evil We sure can try Kitsune Kit 3
72 22nd Choice Twenty-Second Choice Neutral When the first twenty-one aren't good enough. NapalmMan22 2
71 JD Justin Neutral Live now, Die later DeLLaR 1+1
71 blawblawblaw only skillz no equip Evil only uberpimps with apm > 297 Schlardie 3
71 BlBlD Black Blood of Düsseldorf Good Black Blood running through the veins of Düseldor ShivY 3
70 Walri The Walri Good Blubber and Tusks make better powerlevelers Chumley the Happy Walrus 3
70 SWM Scarlet Mansion Good wwwwwwwwわろす Flandre Scarlet 4
69 PFaith Protectors of Faith Good protecting the good. whacking the bad. Duh. leachlife4 3
69 B.A.D 666 The Awesome Killers Of Doom And Destruction Evil Do Drugs!!!!! dansken 2
69 Flintframe Flintframe Good 3 dudes, 2 cities, 1 business Moppo 2
68 snuff schnuffels Neutral We are the schnuff! Resistence is futile! brickwall 3
67 RdCy The Red Cowboys Neutral We are the Red Cowboys. Gustavo 6
67 Dibridulum Dibridulum, Serbian PQ guild Good ...uhm... motto? Matrol Amolinesh 1+1
67 OOA Order of Anglesey Good Climas 1+1
67 CTCA CalmTerror Clone Army Good Strength through force of numbers! CalmTerror 13
67 Ntm Nightmare Evil "This is your worst nightmare!" Kroush 2
67 Evil Ponies Horses of Satan Evil "Life is interesting, if you make mistakes...." FasTer AsTa 3
67 KMC Knights of his Mournful Countenance Good Sterlic 2
66 SwBordom The Swords of Bordom Neutral Unhand me at once and hand me another drink! Flunk 1+1
66 PJ Protectorate of Justice Good Vita Brevis! Altairx1 2
66 TDM The Dark Ministry Evil Darkness will prevail Omghax 1+1
66 flesh&mind flesh&mind Good protection - our credo Alek_NGI 5
66 The Hoob The Hoobus Neutral "I'm a hoob. You're a hoob. We're all hoobs." Jambamtastic 2
65 P4F Play 4 Fun Evil P4F Pav7692 2
63 ^ek^ The EKs Evil Power to the EKs!!! meeeeep 1+1
63 GOPal Guild of Paladins Good Becuase, surprisingly, one hasn't been made yet Konork 1+1
62 A'sFC Andra's fan club Good Te iubesc andra :) Nimeni 2
62 HWN Holy Warriors of Neutrality Neutral Don't attack us, we're neutral! Grael 3
62 Nocturn Nocturn Neutral Anything to pass the time until Warhammer. Notchicken 2
62 F.A.R.T Freedom Against Radical Tyrants Good You can't control us F.A.R.Ters BlueJedi 2
62 pbr Pink Bunny Rabbit Neutral We're Pink. And We're rabbits. Raq 2
62 CQDN Cavaleiros Que Dizem Ni Good Ni Eric The Red 3
62 xKupo Kupowa Neutral Kupo Ytrezar 3
61 KOTRS Knights of the Round Square Good Square pegs, hammering ourselves into round holes. SirGreatNose 1+3
61 W-o-Phyrox The Warriors of Phyrox Neutral For Phyrox! Arcuna 3
60 only swe ppl AbsolutSweden Good eeqweqwe moon-metal 3
60 huh? darc karnival Neutral juggallo fo' life karnivalofkarnage 1+1
60 Yggy's Roots Secret Order of The Plane Of Yggdrasil's Roots Neutral For Strawberries. ElectricWarr 2
60 Winter Winter Madness Good Korangar 2
60 Squancho El Squancho Dancho Evil Squad. Gecko 2
59 I.R.S. Internal Revenue Service Evil Your money is our money. Cough up! LordValance 2
59 LOTF Legion of the Forgotten Good leachlife4 2
59 FOAF Feather of a Fenix Neutral Burning Brightly. ?????? 3
59 LOTL Live Off The Land Good Survive or be my dinner Lobious 2
59 BnT Blood and Thunder! Evil Can you guess where that saying is from? Mechafish 1+1
59 EffT Effective Team Good Are we still an effective team? Matt Kae 2
58 FM Fluffmeisters! Neutral To Fluff or not to Fuff! that is the question... Fluffy 2+2
57 Steeenkeee Stink Ninjas Neutral If it smells bad, it's one of ours. BogOfEternalStenchFiend 2
57 AvGa Avant Garde Neutral Zeus 4
57 B-L Broken Legs Evil If you can't break them, they're not legs! Markussy 2
57 MidHour Midnight Hour Good Kill until the midnight hour, then drink Bob Pitt 2
55 Killaz United Foundation of Awful Killers Evil You can fertilize your lawn with old motor oil. Rafiq 5
55 [TFG] TacForceGuild Good If you can't beat them..kill them Wienrich 5
55 =TTT= TomTomTom Good bäääääääääääääh Squall90 2
54 SamuP Samurai Philosophers Neutral Feel the blade of truth leachlife4 3
54 voft Vestiges of Thralldom Good Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas mmk 2
54 topvocal topvocal Good we are the one nook 2
53 DSX Designated Slayers Neutral Kill, Kill some more, Kill until you kill em all Demonic Soul 3+1
53 GPE German-Polish Evil Evil "Wir sind böse, My jeste?my z?o" R4MMS73IN 6
53 Sinned Sinned against the Horde Neutral Stick to what you know, what you dont can kill you Romtiw 3
52 Anarchia The Anarchist Guild of the B'cau Good Life, Death, Pure Trivialities Indibidiguidibil 2
52 Standard The Standard Neutral We aim to be the average. Status Quo 2
51 ParaSchizo Paranoid Schizophrenics Evil Do the voices in my head confuse you?? Zarkas 2
51 RSC-0 Robot Squid Clan Evil To Kill with Metal Tentacles bobsacks 1+1
51 dw-night Dope war in the night Good Let's have a dope war in the night Lacutis 3
51 TBHOTKKK The Black Hand of the Kookamunga Krakah Klan Neutral We are not affiliated with the KKK. Johnnymac 3
51 Unnatural Mythical Klan of the Unnatural Good If you're going through hell, keep going. Rolphynho 5
51 punx not dea pnd Neutral хой! pnd 2
51 FNAF Five Nights at Freddy's Evil Kill the nightguard laurent987 1+1
50 SSSR Sun Set Squad Robots Good Does not compute leachlife4 3
50 US UnlikedSellout Evil you shall be shot! drokly 2
50 T-Y-R Tyrage Neutral What the f**k is a motto? Tyrage 2
50 ahth aarhustech Good dræb lordchemosh 4
49 WTF??? Talking ponies FTW Neutral WTF am I playing?? Gurplex 3
49 JJ's Jollys Jumper Evil We will jump you all Tyrralir 3
47 LON Lone Derangers Guilde Evil As we strive to progress we derange Nazh 2
47 568 DBZ/GT Neutral Kill, kill all, kill good, kill evil, just kill. SupernaturalGuy9 1+1
47 -TGF- The Guerilla Force Evil OneWingedAngel 2
47 EA Enigmatic Angels Good Everything stems from progression. leachlife4 2
47 MEIN Mein Kraft Evil Ultimate victory CortalUX 2
45 BBRF The Bub-Bob-RoboFish Faction Good It's not that I'm lazy-it's that i just don't care RoboBobble 2
45 HellMaRORx HellMaRORx Evil Fight for Tomorrow leachlife4 2
45 Cruciatus Splintered Blood Diamonds of Cruciatus Neutral Spiralling onwards, onwards towards serenity! Adamus 3
44 MonkeySplat Ninja Monkey Death Squad Evil No spoils are too smelly to eat. Bruendor 2
44 SSE@RIT Society of Software Engineers Neutral SSE St1ny 1+1
43 <TAG> Tuesday Action Group Neutral Fighting against our day-ist oppressors! Hooman 2
43 WPMarduk The Mauraders of Winter Park Neutral Making progress with every action... or inaction.. ObsidianPC 2
43 SpinFate Fate Spinners Army of Darkness Evil All die in the end. We write that ending Lord Brugus of the 19th Argyle 3
43 GO! EXSOUL Good Hi Welcome to EXSOUL please~ Prophecy 2
42 W.D.I. Warriors from the Dark Iceworld Evil Freeze asshole Iceman4Bln 2
42 Junk Bawlz Neutral 42 Swag... Sinkay 2
41 DD2 Double Dragon II Evil This time they've gone too far!!! Cansler 2
41 DoKo Evil Informatik ist mehr als Macht frankenstein91 1+1
41 MRR Mars' Raiders Evil Just kill shit bitches!!!!! Sieg Mars 5
40 TRH Trondheim Evil Trondheim as Capitol Kreegah 2
40 KoC Keepers OF Chaos Evil If it bleeds, we can kill it. KoC_Plague 12+10
40 HACs Halfling Ankle Chewers Good Want to see eye to eye? Cut 'em in half. Argatis 2
40 NSTTL There's No Such Thing as a Time Lord Good "IT'S ME!!" "I Can See That..." Tincan100 2
40 PQTG PQTogether Good Have fun w/ pq all day lol SharpWing 3
40 Ink Inkstone Neutral Cinnabar 3
40 ZeF Zneznaya de Familia Neutral Our name, our honor. Zneznaya 7
39 CoolerDoMal Cooler do Mal Neutral Cooler Do Mal r0x rlz supreme over all! Aarakocra 2
39 trollsex mom, I'll be a good son just after killing illidan Evil mom, I'll be a good son just after killing illidan Sung 3
38 BDz Blue Dingzorz Good CHEEEEEEESE!!! Alanon 2
37 MgRt Morgenrot Good Morris 1+1
37 Day Trippers Shades Who Try to Stab The Sun Unremarkably Evil A drop of sunlight just hit your toe brother. morgansdrought 1+1
36 /WOTA\ Way of the Automaton Neutral The path of the robot monk is strong indeed. Stippy 2
36 poofling Intinerant Fecal Defenestrators Neutral I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe C_Boo 6
36 B2Boys Born to Burn Evil zurritas a domicilio lote 5
36 Rullers Rullers Good We will rule the world one day! Nakmort 4
36 PTK Petelenka Evil We're selling chicks. Super Alpaca 7
35 PinKillers Pink Killers Good Ooooh Pretty colors Lysander@Delphi 2
35 WM3 Free The Three Good Free the west memphis three omfg toast 3
35 EMdBA El Meson del Brazo Amigo Neutral Por las barbas de Cattilina!! Khelgin 2
35 UrbSol Urban Soldiers Neutral dongs dongs dongs Norrock 2
35 S0V Scars of Valor Evil Oh where oh where has my SOE gone? Neoen 2
35 GXWR Galaxy Warriors Neutral What goes around, Comes around... Airstrike999 2+2
34 R.O.B Reapers of Blood Evil Kill everything in sight... Fade 2
34 KSM Knights of St. Manure Evil Viva faeces! leachlife4 1+1
34 Neutralists The Neutralists Neutral A true balance between good and evil. Greyhead 2
34 aaaaahhhhhhh tamaireia Evil die deathroot353 2
34 PGK Gildia Skarbonki Królestwa Medialnie Cyfrowego Evil Aby do przodu Xkswtzer 3
34 Kebekwa La Guilde des Kebekwa Good Adel n'est pas grand, mais il est vaillant Retourable 3
33 Impeach Bush Select Committee to Investigate High Crimes etc. Neutral Imperial Dodos Need Not Apply Tofu Magoo 3
32 Big Unit The Immense Coalition of Mayhem Neutral What are you hiding under there? Big Bob Badonk-a-donk 2+1
32 DAH The Worst Guild in the World Neutral God we're fucked. ThreeHams 21
32 SEWG Slver Ego's Wing Good Welcome NaruseRin 3
31 ~CGU~ Crimson Gunner Unit Evil BOOM! HEADSHOT! J E S U S 2
31 Ekkythump The Ancient Art Of Ekkythump Good Black Puddings Rule Ekkythump 2
31 The End Fantasy Evolution Good Fighto Cadet 2
30 tmoh the masters of hell Evil destroy alex240 5
30 FHD The False Harbingers of Doom Evil Et in Arcadia ego... Xenoc 2
30 FR Fraggle Rock Good Save Gobo ! leachlife4 1+1
30 YITI Yes Its Ten Inches Neutral Wheee pjpajamas 2
29 ahahahaha glooblebumhamsters Evil freeze dry my crotch spurgepants 2
28 F_F FlamingFist Good CHEESE!!! _Dexterity_ 1+2
28 CM5 Champ Man/Orc/Elf/Gnome/Hobbit 5 Neutral It's a Beautiful Game Penguin_Lad 1+1
28 The 9 The Nine Unknown Men Neutral Tekeli-li! leachlife4 2
28 imageboard 2ch Evil Guy Fawkes 1+1
28 Endurance Endurance Good Do what you must Alex Dalzoto 2
27 Scarnites Scarlet Knights Neutral May we live and die by the blade Sytis 2
27 Golden Golden Griffins Good leachlife4 2
27 Elephants Evil Elephants pride Neutral Kill them all!.. oops... RETREAT!!! Evil Elephant 3
27 F.H.P. Squad Friendly Hiker Procreation Squad Good Make spread, and spread love! Dwarterfly 2
27 DarkSouls DarkSouls Evil Me va a comer to er nabo joanpla7 6
26 Vixx Vixx's Guild Neutral Guess whos guild THIS is. Vixx 2
26 - DoS - Defenders of Steel Neutral Felly 2
26 buckcake I LOVE SQUID and CREAMY CAKE! Neutral mmmm... buckcake! and squid! PaleGhost 2
26 NEN No Epsilon Needed, or Dave's since he is the sun. Evil With you strong arm upwards! Octavius404 2
26 Croustillant Semi-Croustillants Good Tavernier, la p'tite soeur ! Turbigot 2
25 MakeShift MakeShift Guild Good We make it up as we go! Rick86 4
25 Nigh Eldi Knights of Elder Neutral Peace is War Virelai 1+2
25 Leet Gamer Leet Gamer Evil Fuxxing with your tubes since '98...or was it '97? LgEnder 2
25 Cores Cores Good Cores 3
25 <TSH> The Silver Horn Good hunting for honor Sydera 2
24 SQU Squirls Unite Good Squirls Unite ZippyTs 2
24 Na02 Amoeba's Among God's Evil Avoid The Masses, Don't Get Eaten! ShockAnAwe 10
23 Jubie's Bike Jubilex's Bicycle Evil I'll have the bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon western. LuftWaffles 2
23 Last Days Last Days Evil Fear us Wargen 2
23 SeSu Sedan Suckerz Evil SeSu rockt dich! Mortiiiis 2
23 The coolness The coolness guildness Good coolness is as coolness does Jiglive 2
23 gura guraklkj Good hi there l15 13
23 CARL Carlbrookians Neutral "Meh..." T Hodge 2
23 Draven Draconic Ventures Neutral Knouvael 2
22 HTB Les Habitants des Terres Brulées Neutral Vive Fallout ! Nimeni 2
22 Hellumber Hell LumberJacks Evil Homo homines lupus est Stan 3
22 FGF Free Gladium Fondation Neutral Olafnyr 6
21 BnY Bunnies Good if i had an indian'd be kickin' ass zell 4+1
21 KS Kriegsschlümpfe Evil Alles plattmachen. Renatus 1+2
21 Tegra OneRedTeg Neutral Now you see me, now you see.....Nothing! IBPimp2U 2
21 Lakers The OSU Lakers Good Too lazy to make an Alma Mater. leachlife4 3+5
21 KONO Konoha Good Never go back on my word thats my way of ninja Sabertoothx 4
21 SlUn Slavic Unity Neutral Slavs unite! Dardakal 1+1
21 VTInc Vorpal Toothpicks Inc Neutral Centuries of beheading through dentistry misc-shock 5
21 845ER Eight For A Fiver Evil Our guild member count... it's OVER 9000! Simsl 2
21 hentaiii Anime Tits United Evil fap fap fap Hawxx 2+3
20 .:O:B:L:. Order of Black Logic Neutral Perdurabo Silence 13
20 [IB] Insane Beasts Evil No remorse. Raging-Poodle 2
20 IO ignition-one Evil What is this work stuff games for life Sy the strange 2
20 sdsd Small dudes Neutral do it for the little guys Loucus 4
20 .:TFS:. The Final Stand Good leachlife4 2
20 MD Manifest Destiny Neutral uuuhhh.. I dunno Hazz 2
20 Chucktastic The Chuck Wagon Neutral Do no Evil..... Maybe Kythosian 2
20 ISIS! Islamic State Evil Allahu Akbar! Vlad The Big Cocked 2
20 voxinn TheFamilies Neutral voxinn 4+2
19 GLA NS-GLA/SOTA/LORDS Good Defeating baddies since Year Zero Fred Radical 4
19 StV Steel Vipers Good Kerinsky 2
19 SGA Star Gate Allience Good Stargate owns Mallarith 4
19 <DOOM> Demonic Order Of Mercenaries Good All hail corny clan names! Remus the Slayer 2
19 SD~ Stranger Danger Neutral Lufi 2
19 PID PoringIdlers Neutral Porings are love Furanky 3
18 Orlovi ©e¹eljevi "Orlovi Cara Du¹ana" iz Èaèka Evil Samo Sloga Srbina Spa¹ava !!! Guzamiro 3
18 PLAYER PLAYER Like Another Year East of the Rainbow Neutral Thou shall steal from the poor and give to thyself Cherub Optimus 6
18 Better guild A guild better than yours Evil We're just plain better. rapingmonkeytesticleburg 4
18 TRagn Team Ragnarok Good Protect the Weak, fight for the sake of the Future Hadai 2
18 Cooljesus Crusades of Heaven's Door Evil We baptize with vodka. King Beeleth 2
17 OTBD Order of The Black Dragon Evil Know our blade will find you Brallin 3
17 Ly Lycanthropy Neutral The animal in us awakes shac1234 2
17 3g1g 3 guys 1 goblin Evil Goblin loot is best Zorgnar 4
17 [H] [H]orde Good ave Horde toymen 4
17 Lies Web of Lies Evil It's a trap! Rizik 2
16 who knows "z" for the world Good the world is not enough zuzezimzulze 2
16 ::O.:.B:L:: Order-of-Black Logic Neutral Perdurabo OneMore 12
16 IoBD Isle of Bad Dreams Evil We are the sick, the suffering, those in control. Nightmare 1+1
16 WoP World of ProgressCraft Good WoW We're cool! leachlife4 1+1
16 WSABI PQ Wassabi Evil Quietus 1+1
16 TPFFF Touhou Party Good Touhou Party Farty Suwako 4
15 SoP Scions of Paradigm Evil Only the weak-mined need comforts of religion. Avangard 2
15 Bulldogs Shadow-Runners Good We are the bulldogs, Bulldogs of BATLEY ! DJ-JESTER 3
15 CofA TheComradesOfAwesomeness Evil Let's Do This Like Buddhists! Awesomeness 2
15 GIT The Guild of Inappropriate Titles Good Not stupid... just 'different' Trendarth 2
15 H K T faszom Hungarian KkPkkFkk Team Evil Evil is good. Julius Heide 2
15 TST The Shadow Team Evil The shadow team shall conquer Sora Kingdom 1+1
15 ssof ssof Neutral ssof rules chezballs 3
15 [GOPS] Gopnicks Evil Gop-stop, u nas poshadi ne prosi Woland 4
15 NasiAyam Hamzah's Nasi Ayam House Neutral The best chicken rice Novindus 3
15 Undead Stuff Wayward Necromancers Evil deidara7710 2
15 SassyDaggers Sassy Daggers Neutral Literal Daggers, Metaphorical Sass Volgeirea 3
15 SoftD Shadows of the Divine Neutral Gatorade Weslamicky 2
15 teste12 testee Good hfgfd powerss456 2+1
14 ABOPon A Bunch O People... or not Good Yea.. we can do it! leachlife4 5
14 PRG Pheonix Royal Guard Neutral lolz, pheonix Krystnallt 2
14 ABCDE Anti-evil Brutally Catchy Disaster Elites Good Uhm, thou shalt not steal! Or sin! firestorm95 2
14 NSCC NSCC IT Evil Suicidal_SNiper 3
14 SPP Society for the Progression of Poop Evil Set Poop Free!!!! groertel 3
13 D.H. Dark Hand Neutral Burgular's of Spoltog Unite Ander 3
13 Forbans Les Forbans Good Thoin 2
12 GofB Guild of Bandits Evil kill, steal, fuck The One 2
12 KilStuf KilStuf Good stuff... kill... dead... again Veshmir 5
12 Harri The noblemen and -women guild of Harrisus Good really? leachlife4 2
12 HABA Hemaulo buudinja Evil Slice N Dice Hemaulo 2
12 ExE+a ExEmmerker + Anhang Evil Bier trinken solange es schaum hat. Entropie321 3
12 H8U Til the end of time Evil Hate everyone equally. moooo 2
12 XOQR Guild Guards Evil XOQR Guard2000 3
12 SNTNL Sentinel Evil The other white meat Orcentex 4
12 MBS The Midnight Bowl Society Neutral Submitted for the approval... BinarySudoku 5
12 Fæg X_d Evil Big dick bob Bigus Dickus 2
11 erroredMySQL errored mySQL entry Neutral Stryderunknown 1+1+1
11 DemOrg Demented Organists Good Sometimes insanity is preferable to facing reality Dementis 2
11 SBLBF The Society of Bastard Lunatic Battle-Finches Evil *random gibberish* Aderyn 1+2
11 mshrm Mushroom Evil No badgers, thank you. deusparadoxi 2
11 PWS&M Pizza Wings Sandwiches and More Good Hot & Fast Delivery Bokwus 4
11 pierdy Popierdolki Neutral Nunc Est Mortis Micku 2+2
10 Shirreyders Shirreyders Good We seek truth and ultimate knowledge! Serkal 2
10 D+D Dark Disciples Neutral Where friends come together and feel like a family soulkain 1+2
10 Pandasp Palace_Of_The_Panda Evil We want pandas DarkHaru 2
10 schlechtums schlechtums Good schlechtums 9
10 maas biolabs maas biolabs Neutral DNA Friendship war21x3b 2
10 PartyPrivada Party Privada Good Party Privada Gastroblaster 4
10 PoiGui Poisoner's Guild Good Seeking all poisoners, slow or otherwise. DrDolphinrider 3
10 GaTa Gamer Table Neutral "What is this? Some kind of... 'Gamer Table'?" PainisCupcake 2
9 D.D.I. The Damn Dirty Irish Neutral Lifes a garden. Dig it. HoHoSanta 2
9 SOT Society Of Thieves Neutral Take what you can when you can! PorkNBeans 1+2+1
9 DJG DarkJoesGuild Evil Better than a Kick In The Fuzzy Warbles DarkJoe 3
9 Chas' au Jas La Guilde des Chasseurs du Jaseroque Neutral As-tu tué le Jaseroque? Vide 4
9 Buffy&Mates TheScoobyGang Neutral leachlife4 2
9 IWIWIWIW I wish i was i wish i was Good nothing to see here Lonate 4
9 KMTN Krakemutten Evil Ryk til side i trussen, så er plads i kussen Spade 4
9 WoWJoshSucks WoW and People Named Josh Suck Evil Where there's a Josh, there's a Noob Manduke 3
9 Butt Buttrumpet Neutral Kill yourself Sharoneedles 2
9 whatever2 WarriorGuild Evil forthehorde naamio 2
9 inc innocuously named conglomeration Evil We're harmless because we say we are Kaethes 3
9 SLWY Sleeping Wyvern Good Falling Asleep Volgeirea 2
9 f O f Fickle of Foxes Good Derp Ahbyss 2
9 DankMemes DankMemes Good You be dank, you be meming Potatoes 2
8 Blaze FireStarters Neutral Let's start some FIRE!!!!! FireStorm 1+1
8 Hells HellBlazers Good Its game time!!!!!!! HellBlazer I 2
8 P05DA1asdasd P05DA1 Evil WE ARE TEH DATAM0NS Rygare 2
8 MoDSquad Merchants of Death Neutral Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! sometimesdee 2
8 FratBroHirHo The Frateral Brotherhood of Hirsute Hominids Good Hairy is as Hairy does. Ziggy the Wonder Chimp 2+1
8 BAG Bobs Avengers Evil No Bob shall go unavenged Pebergehund 2+2
8 Rat Mad rodents Neutral Cheese Jahibby 1+2
8 Torchwood Torchwood Neutral If it's alien, it's ours zephyrwolf 1+1
8 MGH Misguided Heroes Neutral Magic is for Pussies. Doogie Howler 2
8 Hyoutei Hyoutei Gakuen Neutral Be awed by our prowess! Oshitari 3
8 KPB Kobold Penis Burglars Neutral Burgling pumas & penises since 1969. stubbyjoe87 2+1
7 TEK The Eternal Kingdom Good No one lives for ever. Qbic 2
7 <HASH> Heroic Alliance of Stoned Heroes Neutral Ummm... whatever, dude. Coffin Smokemorr 2
7 r0X r0XX0rX Evil nefz 2
7 FLO Fog Light of Oobag Good We live to keep the good order of Oobag Ballister 2
7 Docd Docdoertee Neutral Don´t life tomorrow - life now Docdoertee 3
7 sf4 suxtron force 4 Neutral dizamn Dentron 2
7 Assault Assault Evil Viol-Meutre-Pillage -> Nous aimons notre métier zudzanndjinn 2
7 SDW Sleaze, Drink and Warrrah Neutral To Groow the blundering God of Mayhem leachlife4 3
7 FMA State Alchemists Neutral leachlife4 2
7 Ozface The Oz People Evil Oz? Oz oz oz oz! leachlife4 4
7 OAP Order and Progress Good Order and Progress [BRAZIL 4EVER] ShadownXP 2
7 Munch Munchkin Express Neutral All aboard!! Nuttbucket 2
7 GibGob Gibbelty Gobbelty Good We no gib! Gibblety Gobblety 3
7 ResCom Residential Computing Service and Support Good What's your Penn State User ID? MrMango 2
7 0chan 0chan Neutral We don't care Dogsadvice 2+3
7 CSA Antani Good Come Fosse Antani! El Panda! 2
7 ToxG TOXIN Guild Neutral First playing ТОКСИН 3
7 imconfus lolque Evil what is this I don't even Raijan 4
7 AcqInc Acquisitions Incorporated Evil Live and die by the dice. Kai Hill 2
7 World Domina Kneel and love! Neutral Praise our Lady Bitch of Moaning Tittieslap! Kaboo Tza 2
7 zguild zguild Neutral zhel 6
7 BoEND Bringers of the End Evil We bring the end. Whatever that means. The End 2
6 Right Gents The Right Honorable Gentlemen Neutral Why be wrong when you can be Right? Edison Talley 4
6 -V- The Vault Good Anzerion 5
6 KTP kthxplz Good itm plz? k thx rabb 4+1
6 Tiles The Infinitly Looping Exploding Spankmonkeys Evil KILL KILL HAPPY KILL KILL Captain Fwiffo 2
6 scarbies Performers Guild of Scarborough Faire Good Pay us, or we'll stay and mate with your women. Garyon the Glib 1+1
6 FCMonkey The House of Flying, Crouching Monkeys Neutral To the Kill Barn! leachlife4 1+1
6 nfrms Nintendo Good We are cool and stuff. leachlife4 3+3
6 F.o.H. Fortress of Honor Good Our honor is your disgrace. Alonsus 3
6 TMC The moshing crew Good Beer, sex, more beer!!! Trantor 1+3
6 S R Soul Raver Good Because parties are always better in the afterlife Fyriole 2
6 void * exit Good we shall find the exit, one way or another! Grubem 4
6 atotmbotf Malazan Empire Good beherrschen elpaysanmobmember125 2+1
6 GEEG Guild of Extremely Extraordinary Gentlemen Neutral We're not evil, but we're not good. Azalea 2
6 YTQuest The YouTube Questers Neutral For Questing, For YouTube! The_YoutubeQuester 1+1
6 VODR VanadisODR Evil Uoh Captain Lolicon 2+2
5 FC Fungal Colossus Evil Eat Fungus mAt0 1+1
5 Expodrine Angels of Deception Evil All will fall beneath the Angels of Deception Norin 2+1
5 hlm hlm Good hlm 2
5 jmA Allah Evil jallag mit allah jallah 2
5 Niççers Nigger Paradise Evil NIGGER KICK! NIGGER PUNCH! RAAAAH! Power-Craft 2
5 ORCK Orc Cookies Evil Eburting beddur wid cookiz leachlife4 2+1
5 Cube Cubeboy's Guild Neutral Totally insane. Cubeboy 2
5 PMoD Pineapple Militiamen of Death Evil Death by pineapples? You know who to call! Idshok 4
5 USDINEJ UR SO DED IM NOT EVEN JK Good Really. GregChant 2
5 Shutup Shut Up! Son of Shut Up George! Neutral Because real-life sucks MrZack 2
5 OMEN Cruor Filious Good A Tout Le Monde Zetsumei 2
5 Christianity Christianity Good Holier Than Thou Jesus of Nazareth 2
5 SoScr Sons of Socrates Neutral The unexamined life is not worth living sinewave 2+1
5 Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam Good Repairing the World, One Day at a Time Azumel 2
5 BYBN! Neutrality! Neutral Balance yourself - be neutral! Mnementh 1+2
5 Mando Mandalore Neutral Ba'jur, beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a kiffren 3
5 d20 The Cult of d20 Evil May the will of the dice guide us! Whaleduck 2
5 swan Sporks we are not Neutral why do you care how we are, we don't Fryweed 2
5 Owls Owl world Neutral Hoot hoot XD Axlaex 2
5 Jap Jupiter Good earth chan sux lol MaxTheMighty 4
5 Church Light House Good Sons and daughters of Jesus Christ! takecare 2
4 Alpha&Omega Alpha and Omega Good Protect the ones you love Rynaria 2
4 SG Spanish Guild Neutral parroco 1+2
4 Blah Noob Saibot Good Thou shall not feel Beethoven 1+1
4 jocko Jocko's Guild Good Good is neat, evil...........................isn't Jocko 3
4 XC Hentai Religion Evil Praise our Lord Tenta-Rape!! Kairyu 3+1
4 Welfs Clan of the Welf(tm) Neutral Ow. Rhodin 3
4 G-Knights Gotham Knights Neutral I am the night! Katslover 3
4 PR? Panda Retards. . .? Evil Duhr. . . ErTerD?/!///?//?one! [Core] 1+1
4 DaDragnPrinz Baby DragoN Good Never give up. DjDragoN 1+2
4 501 IDSG 501st Imperial Drop Ship Group Good Charlie don't Surf! leachlife4 3
4 -=KH=- Keadhunters Evil We're gonna win! leachlife4 2
4 yATB Yet Another Tech Blog Good outokainen 3
4 cotm Chaos of the Tickle-Mimics Evil Live fast, tickle free Riken 3
4 tFOG The Future of Online Gaming Good Captain Underpants Pizza Party! Gervon Sesnar 2+1
4 AVAM Aut vincere aut mori Evil Victory or death! Cerebus 3
4 >LoP< Lords of Pwnage Evil pwn in PQ blue5 2
4 Mash Potatoes Good Mash mash mash Phisioni 2
4 wazoo waaaas Evil waaaa run waaa 2
4 WWall Wonderwall Neutral Stefan Yohansson 3
4 KnArt Knights of Artemis Neutral To be gallant is to be honorable. FutileSine 2
4 {G} Geologica Good Anything for the Stones Samu 2
4 <><>Dayz<><> Better Dayz Good Coming Together To Make The World A Better Place! Midnightra 3
3 dumass Dumb Basturds Evil NO, were good... really! shitgrin 2
3 fucker laksfar Evil luder laksfar 2
3 SoS Spellbinders of Swordsmith Neutral We make our spells to create our swords. Xarkan 1+1
3 Uist Natty Men Evil Welly boots go well with woolly hats Natty 2
3 TEPM The Elite Pig Mafia Neutral Porkers For Life leachlife4 2+1
3 DDD Dudes in Dumpy Diapers Neutral We've got DIAPERS! leachlife4 1+1
3 .SiN .sin Good leachlife4 2
3 RCG Rat Catcher's Evil Catch the rats brobpraev 3
3 S.W.E Made In Sweden Good Döda!!! EmilA 1+1
3 Middlemen The Guild of Middlemen Neutral Meh Nanpa 2
3 Sansonians Sansonians Evil What is a motto??? SAnson 2
3 DPTWS Directors of Predestination for The World State Neutral There can be only one... World State! The Golden Armadillo 2
3 BlackHats the Black Hats Evil there is no motto like our motto. cinderblock 2
3 Nibor Evils Nibor Evils only Evil If you aren't a Good Nibor GET OUT!!!!!! Nibor 3
3 D'hara D'Haran Empire Good No mercy to the enemies of life! confetti 2
3 w-hat? W-Hat Good hey what's poppin Loksr 2
3 Tint Thooom's Intellectuals Neutral Can't fuck it or eat it? Piss on it and carry on. Thooom 2
3 SAS-team SAS-team Good SAS-team rulezzz mazafaka! SidRomV 1+1
3 GrBuHu Grid Bug Hunters Evil *splat* GereBear 2
3 ANOG Anonymous Guild Neutral Cant Find my ass (ITS BEHIND A PROXY) Anonymus 2
3 EoI Essence of Incoherency Neutral Because babble is best. Leafish 2
3 HYM Hy-men Neutral Tear and Share Lardman 2
3 RGG Really Good Guild Good We are Really Good Renny379 2
3 world paint The world painters Good we painted the world spaceggs 2
3 Lubieplacki Polkomtelki Neutral Ale urwa³! Aru 2
3 NotGiygas World Domination Neutral We have 8 boxes of money. Thompson Crane 2
3 Jeff my nam be Good Memes are funny lol xddx fancyglassesgamerYT 2
3 tld The lower Dwarfs Neutral Dig, Dig, Dig... Existing2549 1+1
2 BOF-H Bastard Operators From Hell Evil We have the src... hehehe EntZor 2
2 PALE! Ci co pala... i wiedza jak pachnie haszysz! Neutral PALE BO LUBIE! Haszysz 1+1
2 HKn HoreKanon Neutral Ebbex 2
2 R-F Red Faction Evil if its not Red Faction, you know its a fake madman360 2
2 Mages The Mistics Magicians Neutral The Magic will win. Juan 2
2 king kinglionskull Good hi welcome kevin hofer 1+1
2 -nB- Thorazine Dreams Evil Improve yourself and kill the weak. thorazine 2
2 SRPGdTUB Shadow Run Power Gamer der TU-Berlin Neutral fire and forget Snoofer 2
2 Har Sahib's Harem Neutral If you shoot at mimes, you should use a silencer. TrixieRose 2
2 KRKR KaRaKuRa RaNgErS Good Zang will dominate all Zang 2
2 Rogianz Rogain's Heroes Neutral Jeremynr 2
2 S.H.I.T.E. Spotlog's Highly Intelligent Team Elitists Neutral We eat, we sleep, we crap. Jowell 2
2 P.O.O.P Pemptus' Overly Orderly Pessimists Neutral We are all going to die. Jowell 2
2 InFlames Hells Fire Evil We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me blazefade 2
2 SMY So Money Evil F*** B****** get money Sqawlter 2
2 PW_PLU Parallel World Neutral &#25282;&#20928;&#22825;&#31354; EricWang 2
2 darkfuji darkfujis guild Good darkfuji 2
2 BMakerz Boobs Makerz Good Fuck it... I lied. What you gonna do? Aimon Superdck 2
2 Liquid Roost Drip Crypt Evil "Covering the Earth with Mold from the Inside Out" Folgers Mussolini 2
2 SQBU Squid Bois Unite Neutral blbublbublubulbublb Kingfoot 2

3889 Trivialities

The Neverending Battle

Good: 322813306 (36%) Neutral: 282573444 (32%) Evil: 282230089 (32%)

Concerning Guilds

Only players in particular realms may join a guild (just hit Ctrl-G from within the game). More about guilds...

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