Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for union of merchants of malodorous fare (and death)
Pop. 48

union of merchants of malodorous fare (and death)

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Sjaak TrekhaakEnchanted MotorcycleBastard Lunatic76STR 17982Act XLVI+40 Fine Gilded Plasma BrassairtsMulligan MLIKemo city a nice place to visituomomf (&d)
2Dieter GurkentopfDemicanadianHunter Strangler76STR 13235Act XLVI+48 Impressive Festooned Mithril Mail CuissesAqueous Humor MCCCLVHave you had your hydergyne todayuomomf (&d)
3Drake EdgewaterDouble WookieeVoodoo Princess76INT 10089Act XLVI+39 Festooned Fine Plasma SolleretsCone of Paste MXXXVIOmnicorp is all knowinguomomf (&d)
4Arie DouwpootDung ElfPuma Burgular76CHA 16593Act XLVI+41 Fine Cambric Plasma GambesonHydrophobia MCLXXVThe meek shall inherit zilchuomomf (&d)
5Pieter DrollenschieterHalf HalflingMu-Fu Monk75DEX 14272Act XLI+51 Studded Fine Kevlar CuissesBig Sister DCCCXCIXKeep the opressor opressinguomomf (&d)
6Muhammadu RibaduHalf OrcMu-Fu Monk72STR 7369Act XXXV+40 Custom Fine Diamond Mail CuissesTumor (Benign) DLXIIII am in search of an agent to assist us.uomomf (&d)
7John OduHalf OrcUr-Paladin72STR 6379Act XXXV+44 Banded Cambric Diamond Mail GauntletsRevolting Cloud DCCLVIthis letter will not come to you as a surprise.uomomf (&d)
8Ben AllochuHalf OrcInner Mason72INT 6553Act XXXV+48 Banded Fine Magnetic FieldHoly Batpole DXXXVIt has been long we communicated last.uomomf (&d)
9Mogan BeckleyHalf OrcMage Illusioner72DEX 7800Act XXXV+48 Studded Festooned Mithril Mail BrassairtsMulligan DLXXXIXTWENTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS.uomomf (&d)
10Jaapius AapiusHalf ManMage Illusioner72DEX 10278Act XXXV+52 Fine Cambric Splint Mail VambracesMulligan DCXLVIIIBURPuomomf (&d)

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