Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Bronze Talon
Pop. 24

The Bronze Talon

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1JaneHalf ManVoodoo Princess73WIS 6658Act XXXVI+48 Festooned Fine ABS CuissesSlime Finger MCLVIIIBest MMORPG parody evah.!!T B T
2LenickDouble HobbitPuma Burgular72STR 10709Act XXXIV+57 Custom Fine PaviseInvisible Hands DCCXCThey call me Lenny!T B T
3XalastarEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk72CHA 4637Act XXXIV+44 Banded Studded Diamond Mail GauntletsCone of Paste DLXXVIIVroomy Vroom Vroom!!!T B T
4AlthrasHalf ManMage Illusioner72INT 7992Act XXXIV+50 Gilded Cambric Titanium GauntletsMulligan DLXVIBy arcane wrath, taste my rabbit punch!T B T
5DJAliGreater GnomeBastard Lunatic65INT 2001Act XXI+53 Cambric Studded Tower ShieldBig Sister CCXXXILoLPWNEDT B T
6Iggy OggPanda ManFighter/Organist62STR 1108Act XVII+47 Gilded AegisBig Sister CXLVIEat Tumor (Benign) III! May it become malignant!T B T
7banuTalking PonyTongueblade57CON 1134Act XIII+21 Gilded Holy Plasma VambracesBraingate LIIYes, I am a CONmanT B T
8XellyLand SquidMage Illusioner57DEX 634Act XII+27 Gilded Banded Diamond Mail BrassairtsTumor (Benign) LXVIIIBenefactor of the Porn Elemental.T B T
9VacknukDung ElfBastard Lunatic56STR 767Act XII+37 Banded Studded Platemail GambesonAqueous Humor LXXXVIIIPlease save the earth, switch off your PCs...T B T
10ShinmumEel ManBirdrider54CON 669Act XI+21 Festooned Impressive Diamond Mail GauntletsNestor's Bright Idea LXIXI'm like a fish outta water~!T B T

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