Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Precedent
Pop. 23


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1IthurtsbadLand SquidTickle-Mimic80WIS 20790Act LIX+59 Festooned Custom Splint Mail GauntletsRabbit Punch MMMLXXIIumm...Pull GuardPrcdt
2Illidanielle CuntrageTalking PonyPuma Burgular79CON 25949Act LVII+53 Impressive Holy ABS CuissesCone of Paste MDCLXXIILulz Ret PallyPrcdt
3Ceiling KittehDouble WookieeVoodoo Princess76CHA 12907Act XLV+54 Dancing Invisible HalberdSpectral Miasma MCCLXXIPrcdt
4ShadowsongWill o' the WispTongueblade70INT 4710Act XXIX+56 Steely Heavy CulverinHydrophobia CDLXXXIVIm really an OP LockPrcdt
5IthirstbadTalking PonyBattle-Felon69CON 4518Act XXVIII+55 Stabbity CulverinBraingate CCCXXVBrohoofPrcdt
6RiftsongWill o' the WispTongueblade66STR 2853Act XXIII+44 Impressive ABS HelmGyp CDXPrcdt
7ArpeggioTrans-KoboldFighter/Organist66CHA 2650Act XXIII+36 Banded Custom Diamond Mail CuissesClever Fellow CCCXIIPrcdt
8SwigelfDemicanadianShiv-Knight63DEX 2550Act XIX+42 Studded Mithril Mail SolleretsGyp CCLVPrcdt
9SmitebladeDouble WookieeUr-Paladin59INT 911Act XV+39 Banded Festooned Splint Mail HelmAqueous Humor CXIXSMITE ANGRYPrcdt
10ApraexGyrognomeSlow Poisoner55WIS 717Act XI+32 Cambric Studded Mithril Mail CuissesHydrophobia LXXIIIPrcdt

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