Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for #Videogames
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RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1BaconbabyGyrognomeShiv-Knight71DEX 4361Act XXXII+43 Holy Fine Mithril Mail HelmMulligan DXXII#VG
2DungmanDung ElfTongueblade67CON 2417Act XXV+34 Banded Cambric Plasma CuissesHoly Batpole CCLXDo or die! Or both!#VG
3ZathrasCrested DwarfPuma Burgular67STR 4657Act XXIV+33 Impressive Festooned Diamond Mail GambesonSpectral Miasma CCCLXNo one listen to poor Zathras#VG
4AzalynHDDung ElfMu-Fu Monk66CHA 1985Act XXIV+41 Fine Banded Titanium HelmAnimate Nightstand CCXXXIX#VG
5SQL ServerTalking PonyVoodoo Princess66CON 4622Act XXIV+43 Studded Holy Magnetic FieldLockjaw CCCXVIHuge Memory Footprints since 1994#VG
6Slack3rDouble WookieeHunter Strangler65INT 4375Act XXII+43 Banded Festooned ABS HauberkLockjaw CCLXXINO MOAR HEAD JOKES!#VG
7LapertonLand SquidHunter Strangler65DEX 2061Act XXI+41 Fine Cambric Kevlar GauntletsInvisible Hands CCLXXXVIKattobase, Hamanaka!#VG
8AzalynTalking PonyFighter/Organist65CHA 1871Act XXI+45 Banded Gilded Splint Mail GambesonHydrophobia CCXLIVThis is fun. :|#VG
9DeweyCoXPanda ManTickle-Mimic60DEX 1216Act XV+36 Banded Gilded Titanium GambesonCone of Paste CXIVYour doubt it fills me, Your hate it drives me#VG
10McVaultersonEnchanted MotorcycleBastard Lunatic59INT 705Act XV+29 Gilded Custom Diamond Mail CuissesBig Sister CXVShiver me timber.#VG

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