Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Crazy Canadian Jacks
Pop. 9

Crazy Canadian Jacks

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Doktor SputnikHalf OrcJungle Clown71STR 9126Act XXXIII+54 Cambric Gilded Chainmail BrassairtsCone of Annoyance DCCXXXIII hog that hatehedgeOhCanada!
2WaluigiDung ElfTickle-Mimic68DEX 5300Act XXVI+44 Banded Gilded Titanium SolleretsAnimate Nightstand CCXXXIXTOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!OhCanada!
3a Canadian succubusDemicanadianShiv-Knight67WIS 2957Act XXV+35 Gilded Plasma CuissesRevolting Cloud CDXIIHit me baby, one more time!OhCanada!
4Albert the DingusHalf OrcMage Illusioner62CON 1213Act XVII+34 Banded Impressive Mithril Mail VambracesTumor (Benign) CXXVHURR DURROhCanada!
5Steven StalloneTrans-KoboldRuneloremaster59DEX 1171Act XIV+40 Polished Steely BandyclefMulligan LXXXVII'm a goddamn idjit.OhCanada!
6Gregorovic aka GregTalking PonyUr-Paladin59INT 812Act XIV+30 Banded Cambric Diamond Mail GambesonCone of Paste XCVII need some MILK!OhCanada!
7Magnus DraconianEel ManRuneloremaster59DEX 1431Act XIV+34 Studded Festooned Mithril Mail BrassairtsCone of Annoyance CXXXI'm a monster, rawr!OhCanada!
8CraqbuttLand SquidHunter Strangler56INT 494Act XII+25 Festooned Custom Diamond Mail VambracesLockjaw LXXXIIMaster Chuthulhu arise!OhCanada!
9KabungamaWill o' the WispFighter/Organist1DEX 12Act ISharp StickOhCanada!

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