Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Two Wookies are Better the One
Pop. 18

Two Wookies are Better the One

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1RawrrrrDouble WookieeMu-Fu Monk49CHA 227Act VII+21 Festooned Fine Mithril Mail SolleretsHoly Batpole XXVIIIHUUUU-RAAAAAHHHHTWABTO
2MikeyDeeDouble WookieeMage Illusioner47CON 305Act VII+27 Gilded ABS HauberkGyp XXXVIIFreshTWABTO
3WhokrobDouble WookieeUr-Paladin45WIS 244Act VI+26 Holy Festooned Baroque ShieldRabbit Punch XXXIIII'm the wisest wookiee alive!TWABTO
4CrammugDouble WookieeBattle-Felon45WIS 184Act VI+18 Cambric Impressive Mithril Mail HauberkMulligan XVIIDagger Dagger Dagger !!!TWABTO
5WhockxouxDouble WookieeBastard Lunatic37CON 95Act IV+13 Impressive Kevlar GauntletsAqueous Humor IXAre you my father now?TWABTO
6FrimshumDouble WookieeShiv-Knight37WIS 95Act IV+18 Invisible Heavy HalberdRevolting Cloud XVAmen!TWABTO
7YubdrievDouble WookieeBirdrider37WIS 83Act IV+15 Cambric Gilded Magnetic FieldSpectral Miasma XIIKaw Kaaaah !!!TWABTO
8ShogyinDouble WookieeLowling37STR 79Act IV+18 Venomed Invisible SpontoonRevolting Cloud XAARRRRUUUUTWABTO
9VoukzoovDouble WookieeSlow Poisoner37STR 99Act IV+13 Cambric Gilded Mithril Mail HelmSadness XVIIIYou look a little pale there buddy.TWABTO
10RaznoomDouble WookieeTickle-Mimic37STR 113Act IV+11 Gilded Festooned Mithril Mail GreavesBig Sister XIVHee Hee / Jaa JaaTWABTO

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