Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for SomethingAwful Goons
Pop. 192

SomethingAwful Goons

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1KandarWill o' the WispSlow Poisoner87WIS 57738Act XCII+60 Impressive Banded Mithril Mail GauntletsTumor (Benign) MMMCMLXXXVILife is not an event for the faint of heart...[SA]
2Sitten SpynneHalf HalflingShiv-Knight86DEX 34019Act XCI+64 Fine Gilded Platemail GreavesInvisible Hands MMMMMDCXCMaking progress for the good of all.[SA]
3HerbTarlekDouble WookieeFighter/Organist85INT 34770Act LXXXVII+61 Gilded Fine Kevlar GauntletsCone of Paste MMMDCCCXXXI <3 BOOBS[SA]
4Quality AssuranceGreater GnomeBastard Lunatic83WIS 46339Act LXXVI+53 Holy Studded Diamond Mail SolleretsSeasick MMMMCDXXII[SA]
5RicaparDouble WookieeMage Illusioner83STR 52348Act LXXIV+52 Banded Fine Diamond Mail HauberkLockjaw MMMCXXXV[SA]
6JadyaegPanda ManUr-Paladin83STR 41202Act LXXIII+49 Cambric Festooned Plasma HauberkHydrophobia MMMXXXIWTS WoW Gold PST[SA]
7KrigmoomGyrognomeRobot Monk83CHA 42900Act LXXI+57 Holy Custom Kevlar CuissesGood Move MMMMCCCLXVIIISup[SA]
8IthaquaBattle-FinchRuneloremaster82INT 44511Act LXXI+65 Cambric Fine AegisBig Sister MMDCCXXII[SA]
9VikpriexDung ElfMage Illusioner82INT 47290Act LXX+69 Custom Cambric Tower ShieldNestor's Bright Idea MMCDX GO GO )))[SA]
10Feff The LintyTrans-KoboldBattle-Felon82CON 38020Act LXXI+50 Holy Custom Diamond Mail HelmSpectral Miasma MMMXXVIExecuting 8 Dust Rhinoceroses...[SA]

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