Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The Lounge
Pop. 24

The Lounge

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1ZodprooxTalking PonyShiv-Knight71CON 5845Act XXXI+37 Studded Gilded Plasma VambracesHydrophobia DLVBe sassy.[Loungers]
2SealomLand SquidBirdrider70INT 3379Act XXX+51 Gilded Impressive AegisCone of Annoyance DCXXIXSealom laughs at Kregmiek's death.[Loungers]
3RudnexDouble WookieeRobot Monk68STR 4823Act XXVI+33 Holy Cambric Plasma VambracesLockjaw CCCLXXXIIIstanding still amidst the progress[Loungers]
4Eternal_TxzeenathSkraelingMage Illusioner67WIS 2766Act XXV+37 Banded Festooned Diamond Mail GreavesClever Fellow CCCLVIIIPutting Holes Into Happiness[Loungers]
5KaranoHalf OrcUr-Paladin67DEX 3742Act XXIV+39 Banded Cambric Diamond Mail SolleretsSlime Finger CDXCVIII[Loungers]
6RolandPanda ManHunter Strangler63WIS 1913Act XIX+45 Venomed Stabbity CulverinRabbit Punch CCCXXVIIImotto get[Loungers]
7CyrilGreater GnomeBastard Lunatic63CON 2130Act XIX+27 Holy Banded Plasma GreavesLockjaw CXCIII <3 WhoreMani[Loungers]
8OrestesCrested DwarfVoodoo Princess62CON 1386Act XVII+46 Cambric Impressive Bearskin BrassairtsRevolting Cloud CXCVII[Loungers]
9RaexivWill o' the WispVoodoo Princess62CHA 2441Act XVII+39 Fine Studded ABS CuissesInvisible Hands CCIII[Loungers]
10SepharothHalf OrcMage Illusioner62INT 1883Act XVII+40 Dancing Serrated BandyclefSlime Finger CCLIVI came. I saw. I progressed.[Loungers]

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