Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for The N-Space North Crew
Pop. 29

The N-Space North Crew

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1WhubwhotEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk83INT 34882Act LXXV+75 Studded Kite ShieldMulligan MMDCCCLVNSpace North
2JohnElwayPanda ManRobot Monk66INT 4674Act XXIV+45 Custom Gilded Platemail GreavesCone of Paste CCXCVIINSpace North
3GrokensteinmansonDung ElfBattle-Felon64DEX 2312Act XXI+42 Studded Holy ABS BrassairtsSpectral Miasma CCLXXVUse my dead body to construct your Beer Golem.NSpace North
4SoxterHalf OrcShiv-Knight62WIS 1308Act XVIII+35 Fine Impressive Kevlar GambesonTumor (Benign) CXXVIIIf you don't know, i must be right.NSpace North
5HedCrashDouble WookieeFighter/Organist61STR 1331Act XVI+33 Festooned Impressive Titanium GauntletsRevolting Cloud CLXIVNSpace North
6NormalDouble WookieeBattle-Felon61STR 2058Act XVI+33 Festooned Holy Mithril Mail GreavesAqueous Humor CLXXXVINSpace North
7ScaramooshDemicanadianRobot Monk59CON 1378Act XIV+35 Holy Cambric Kevlar HelmBig Sister CVIIINothing is Foolproof to an adequatly armed Fool.NSpace North
8IkshukHalf OrcPuma Burgular59STR 829Act XIV+45 Holy Gilded Pleathers HauberkMagnetic Orb CLXVFor the Whore'd!NSpace North
9SpittleGrudgeDouble WookieeTongueblade59INT 851Act XIV+32 Gilded Fine Mithril Mail BrassairtsInvisible Hands CXXXIICandy! Tastes like chicken, if chicken tasted likNSpace North
10Kincaid the KinkyEnchanted MotorcycleRobot Monk59DEX 994Act XIV+26 Impressive Banded Diamond Mail HauberkClever Fellow CXIXOil is my blood. Vroom vroom! I like when hot chNSpace North

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