Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for PASS
Pop. 13


RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1Bella EfilanaEnchanted MotorcycleBirdrider95STR 109064Act CLXV+80 Fine Banded Tower ShieldNestor's Bright Idea MMMMMMMMMAccess violations are slowly eating up my soul...PASS
2YePhIcKBattle-FinchRobot Monk94STR 92845Act CLVII+58 Holy Gilded Plasma BrassairtsLockjaw MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDLXVIIIMemory violations are eating me like a wormPASS
3GingerbreadDemicanadianUr-Paladin83WIS 41384Act LXXIII+48 Gilded Festooned Plasma VambracesClever Fellow MMMCCLXaccess violations. the end for me. died 8.31.10.PASS
4punch pussLow ElfPuma Burgular74STR 13835Act XXXIX+51 Cambric Custom Titanium BrassairtsNestor's Bright Idea DCCXIVKerPOW!PASS
5GinzooxGyrognomeVoodoo Princess67STR 2804Act XXIV+31 Festooned Gilded Plasma VambracesRabbit Punch CDXCVIIIif only life was this easy.PASS
6Gingerbread the HelplessDemicanadianUr-Paladin65STR 4715Act XXII+33 Banded Impressive Diamond Mail GauntletsBig Sister CCLXXVIHell hath no fury...PASS
7Gingerbread the WiseDemicanadianUr-Paladin65WIS 3922Act XXII+32 Fine Holy Diamond Mail GambesonSpectral Miasma CCXCVIIITalk does not cook rice.PASS
8Gingerbread the SmartypantsDemicanadianUr-Paladin65INT 2783Act XXII+42 Studded Festooned Titanium BrassairtsClever Fellow CCLXknow where your towel is.PASS
9Gingerbread the StrongDemicanadianUr-Paladin65DEX 4056Act XXII+44 Cambric Studded Titanium HelmClever Fellow CCLXXXme kill you now.PASS
10GroggrimTrans-KoboldSlow Poisoner61CHA 1401Act XVI+39 Holy ABS HelmLockjaw CLPASS

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