Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for It's a whole guild of me!
Pop. 10

It's a whole guild of me!

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
1WhovencroftDemicanadianRuneloremaster73CON 11939Act XXXVI+42 Studded Fine Diamond Mail SolleretsBig Sister DCLIIIMotto declared!Mee!
2CapitalistPanda ManRobot Monk71CON 5002Act XXXII+50 Fine Cambric Platemail SolleretsAqueous Humor DCIIMee!
3HovercraftEel ManVoodoo Princess70WIS 7171Act XXXI+38 Festooned Fine Diamond Mail HauberkRevolting Cloud DCXXVIIIMee!
4LaijhBattle-FinchTickle-Mimic53WIS 528Act X+31 Studded Cambric Mithril Mail HauberkClever Fellow LVIMee!
5JimanthaHalf HalflingHunter Strangler47INT 246Act VII+24 Impressive Cambric ABS CuissesTumor (Benign) XXVIMee!
6KivudetHalf OrcFighter/Organist47WIS 271Act VI+13 Cambric Banded Plasma HauberkInvisible Hands XXXIMee!
7CuddlebunsWill o' the WispSlow Poisoner47CHA 264Act VII+25 Gilded Fine Splint Mail GambesonGyp XLVIIMee!
8GeorgabethDouble HobbitTongueblade47CON 201Act VI+27 Studded Holy Chainmail HelmAnimate Nightstand XXIIIMee!
9GeneralDiskErrorTrans-KoboldBastard Lunatic47CHA 168Act VI+25 Banded Cambric Magnetic FieldRoger's Grand Illusion XIXMee!
10TimberlyGyrognomeVoodoo Princess46WIS 163Act VI+21 Banded Fine Kevlar GreavesCurse Name XVIMee!

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