Realm of Pemptus
Guild rankings for Power Leveling Chinese Farmers
Pop. 34

Power Leveling Chinese Farmers

RankNameRaceClassLevelPrime StatPlot StagePrized ItemSpecialtyMotto (Ctrl-M) Guild (Ctrl-G)
11SookThoughtlessDemicanadianUr-Paladin68INT 3481Act XXVII+44 Gilded Impressive ABS CuissesNestor's Bright Idea CCCLXVIVaingloriousPLCF
12Buttered Toast the HotPanda ManPuma Burgular68DEX 5510Act XXVII+43 Festooned Gilded Mithril Mail GreavesHastiness DCXXXIIIPLCF
13Shrieking Cat the FlailingPanda ManPuma Burgular68CON 6434Act XXVII+37 Banded Holy Diamond Mail CuissesBig Sister CCCLXXIPLCF
14Picking Ice the StonePanda ManPuma Burgular68CON 6433Act XXVI+33 Custom Studded Plasma HauberkClever Fellow CDXXVIIPLCF
15Shredding Slug the SupersonicPanda ManPuma Burgular68INT 6528Act XXVI+48 Custom Platemail CuissesCone of Annoyance CDXCVPLCF
16Death WalkerHalf OrcUr-Paladin65STR 2537Act XXI+44 Cambric Fine Splint Mail GambesonSeasick CCCXXXIVLive and let DiePLCF
17W_VPanda ManFighter/Organist65WIS 1959Act XXI+32 Holy Custom Diamond Mail GreavesSpectral Miasma CCLXXXILive and Let DiePLCF
18Druss The LegendBattle-FinchBattle-Felon64CHA 2564Act XXI+41 Cambric Gilded Mithril Mail HauberkEye of the Troglodyte CLLive and Let DiePLCF
19Warlock VulchenLand SquidMage Illusioner64WIS 2660Act XXI+35 Cambric Festooned Diamond Mail GreavesGyp CCCXLLive and Let DiePLCF
20OzPanda ManMu-Fu Monk61STR 1161Act XVII+40 Holy Banded Splint Mail SolleretsHydrophobia CLXXIIPLCF

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