Download Progress Quest

System Requirements

Windows: PQ is a Windows program, natively; therefore, the game runs quite happily on Windows. You'll find a link to download the game further down the page.

However, there are options on other platforms.

Ubuntu: For Ubuntu users, this comprehensive guide explains each step of the process of installation on Ubuntu. It uses this Ubuntu package available for Hardy Heron, that seems to work on Feisty Fawn as well. Perhaps it will also work on other Debian-based distros.

Linux & other Unixen: PQ should also run on other Linux distributions and maybe even other Unix distributions, via Wine. Download the game using the link below and give it a whirl.

Mac OS X: Maybe PQ works using Boot Camp? There's been a report that it will work under Darwine on OS X 10.4 Tiger as well.

Legal Preliminaries

Yes, indeed, use of Progress Quest is subject to a very unrestrictive license agreement to which you must agree before downloading any version of Progress Quest.

Meanwhile, the terms of use of all versions of Progress Quest software are presumptive. As such, the following conditions hold:

  • There are presumed to be terms and conditions of use of Progress Quest, and they are further presumed to be exactly what they may reasonably be presumed to be by you, the user, and myself, the developer.
  • Where there is a difference between what the user and myself presume in this regard, my presumption takes precedence.

    Latest Version

    The current version of Progress Quest is 6.2. Observe that there are release notes explaining what's new and cool about PQ 6.2.

    Download Progress Quest 6.2 [320Kb], the very latest version.

    MD5 digest 107b72309b2408fb0081fef8bb077e5e
    SHA1 digest 4b777e72d950be033b5695dd3c202d8f84c84d77

    Somewhat Older Version

    The previous version of Progress Quest is 6.1. If you are a player of version 6.0 of Progrees Quest you are strongly advised not to load games saved in the old version with this version, or vice-versa. Or, make a backup before you do so if you don't want to jeopardise your character and his or her progress. Problems seem to often arise, so it is safer to start a new character with the new version.

    Download Progress Quest 6.1 [322Kb], an older version, for whatever strange reason.

    MD5 digest 8696d0d77174a15b0f3bdfae59dc041b
    SHA1 digest 940d1f879643f12b183c6c3e4d8a011524f6e827

    Even Older Version

    For a limited time, if you have troubles with the newer versions, you may download the old version as well.

    Download Progress Quest 6.0 [355Kb], a very old version, which is so unlikely to be useful that the link to download it has been made very small indeed.

    MD5 digest 208fd843637cd82638390190ce69fed8
    SHA1 digest e1980c0eb1779097f1b92a1301421447f3e8334e


  • Incidentally, here's your chance to donate to the cause... All proceeds directly benefit Progress Quest. A thousand thanks to those who've kicked in!

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