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Download Progress Quest

Latest Windows Version

Download Progress Quest 6.4 [384K] for Windows. See the release notes to learn what's new in this version. Older Windows versions may be found below.

Other Platforms

On all other platforms I humbly suggest just playing the web version in your browser of choice.

There are a few other options however:

Ubuntu: For Ubuntu users, this comprehensive guide explains each step of the process of installation on Ubuntu. It uses this Ubuntu package available for Hardy Heron, that seems to work on Feisty Fawn as well. Perhaps it will also work on other Debian-based distros.

Linux & other Unixen: PQ should also run on other Linux distributions and maybe even other Unix distributions, via Wine. Download the game using the link below and give it a whirl.

macOS: Maybe PQ works using Boot Camp? There's been a report that it will work under Darwine on OS X 10.4 Tiger as well.

All Windows Versions

If you'd like to download older versions for whatever perverse reason, here's your links. You are not advised to use an older version to open games that were saved with a newer version.
Download link Size Released What changed MD5 digest SHA1 digest
Progress Quest 6.4.4 384K 9/8/2022 Release notes 88a28bc02042ad483991c05afcd31096 76648f688443bc57360f9d6656713a44b7f1d16b
Progress Quest 6.4.3 384K 1/20/2022 Release notes 4f5ebdd6342c889c1639679448dbb471 a947b1ded41752b76dccf45b908d1246e95c230d
Progress Quest 6.4.2 384K 1/13/2022 Release notes 0306b6d9c13e667708f6b0b9b3031155 035467fe4c64b48926328a29de623b2d4ba69144
Progress Quest 6.4.1 384K 1/5/2022 Release notes 985de6355f47affa391da6d2e01f4df4 45c51aa4c7157e4ece5835b16b06f338515c8c50
Progress Quest 6.2 320K 9/27/2004 Release notes 107b72309b2408fb0081fef8bb077e5e 4b777e72d950be033b5695dd3c202d8f84c84d77
Progress Quest 6.1 322K ??? Release notes 8696d0d77174a15b0f3bdfae59dc041b 940d1f879643f12b183c6c3e4d8a011524f6e827
Progress Quest 6.0 355K 1/3/2002 208fd843637cd82638390190ce69fed8 e1980c0eb1779097f1b92a1301421447f3e8334e

Legal Claptrap

Yes, indeed, use of Progress Quest is subject to a very unrestrictive license agreement to which you must agree before downloading any version of Progress Quest.

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